D-Link Breathing New `AIR` into Networking

D-Link Breathing New `AIR` into Networking
D-Link Breathing New `AIR` into Networking
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Thursday, 14 December 2000
D-Link has announced the launch of a new family of Wireless LAN products designed to create, or connect
to, a network and share access to the Internet without wires.
The D-Link ‘AIR’ range of Wireless LAN products offer hassle free network connection and internet
access to the SOHO, SME and enterprise markets. The fastest initial take-up of the products, however, is
predicted to be by mobile and home workers.
"The convenience, cost and interoperability of wireless solutions will have particular appeal to those
that need to set up networks fast, with minimal disruption to the working space and with a certain degree
of mobile access," commented Dion Luyk, General Manager, D-Link UK. "This profile is typically a home
and/or mobile worker. However, as access speeds increase and networks are required to be more flexible,
wireless technology will eventually have a huge overall impact on networks within small, medium and
enterprise sectors."
The D-Link `AIR` range of Wireless LAN products consist of the DWL-500 and DWL-650 Ethernet Wireless
Network Adapters, the DWL-1000AP Ethernet Wireless Access Point and the DWL-120 USB Adapter. All of the
products adhere to the most advanced IEEE 802.11b networking standard for wireless connections and are
inter-operable with multi-vendor environments being WiFi compliant.
"Wireless connection, as a technology, has been around since the 1950’s," commented Luyk. "Back then
however it wasn’t fast enough or cheap
enough to become a viable alternative to cabled networks. With recent technological developments we can
now offer speeds of up to11Mbps at efficient cost models, featuring adjustable bandwidth, and allowing
the sharing of files, printers and internet access simultaneously; and this is only the beginning!"
Wireless products are the latest technology that will enable the creation of a LAN or maximise and
extend the capabilities and capacity of an existing network without having to run a single network
About D-Link
Since its inception in 1986 D-Link has forged the way in the manufacture of highly engineered quality
networking solutions that it brings to the market at a cost effective price. D-Link’s understanding of
and commitment to the needs of the "network customer" has enabled D-Link to become a market leader of
products that are acclaimed around the world. D-Link (Europe) Ltd operates in 17 European countries.
D-Link’s commitment to "Building Networks for People" is the driving force behind its success, enabling
it to provide flexible cost effective highly engineered products from LAN and WAN to mobile solutions.
D-Link’s new family of modular routers, switches and innovative USB products provide customers with the
assurance that buying D-Link is synonymous with quality, high performance and prudent investment.
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For further information contact:
David Rowlands/Gwyneth Flatman, Multimedia PRM
Tel: 01291 626200
Technical Notes to Editors:
All four D-Link ‘AIR’ Wireless LAN products connect point-to-point (ad hoc) or can use an access
point (infrastructure mode) to extend the reach of its communications capability. They enable full
mobility and seamless roaming from cell to cell. The range of coverage per cell for indoor use is up to
100 metres and up to 300 metres per cell for outdoor use.
The DWL-1000AP is an 11 Megabits per second Ethernet Wireless Access Point. Once activated with the
network, it provides Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) operation for wireless networks delivering
transparent bridging and roaming capabilities for wireless nodes. It also provides an access point
connections building infrastructure for the network or the ability to extend the reach of the network
communications capability.
The DWL-500 is a high-speed 11 Megabits per second Ethernet wireless network adapter that plugs into a
PC’s PCI bus slot. Whilst, the DWL-650 is designed for a notebook PC and plugs into the notebook's
PCMCIA slot.
Once connected with other networked PCs, both products enable the ability to share hard disk drives, DVD
drives, CD drives, Iomega Zip drives, printers and provide shared access to a modem for Internet access.
The DWL-120 USB Adapter is a high-speed 11 Megabits per second Ethernet wireless network adapter that
plugs into your Notebook or desktop PC via a USB port.
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