Bluetooth® Music Adapters
Bluetooth Music Adapters
A120s A125s A320s
Bluetooth Music Adapters
A 1 2 0 s A 1 2 5 s A320s
J a b r a B l u e t o o t h ® S t e r e o –
now it’s for everyone!
Bluetooth® for everyone! – A125s / A120s
Standard 3.5mm jack
For those who do not have built-in Bluetooth® stereo, Jabra has
produced a selection of adapters that give you instant Bluetooth®
stereo for PCs, music players, iPods and other audio devices.
With the A125s adapter, you can enjoy your iPod with no strings
attached. The A125s simply slots into the end of your iPod and
transmits the music wirelessly to your Bluetooth® stereo headset.
Jabra also has the A120s, which does the same job for most music
players with a standard 3.5 mm jack. Enjoy the freedom!
Provides up to 10 hours music time*
Instant Bluetooth® stereo connectivity for
your PC – A320s
The A320s is a thumb-sized plug-in that provides instant Bluetooth®
stereo connectivity to your PC so you can connect wirelessly to other
Bluetooth® enabled devices such as headsets, mobile phones,
cameras and printers. The A320s is also a Class 1 Bluetooth® product
with a range of up to 300 feet (100 meters). It has Bluetooth® 2.0 EDR
for high speed data transfer and an exceptional stereo audio quality –
so you can enjoy unplugged hi-fi sound wherever you need it.
*device dependent
Up to 250 hours standby time*
S upports following Bluetooth® profiles: Advanced
Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio Video Remote
Control Profile (AVRCP)**
Made for iPod
Provides up to 10 hours music time*
Up to 250 hours standby time*
S upports following Bluetooth® profiles: Advanced
Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)***, Audio Video
Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)***
Bluetooth® stereo USB adapter
CD with installation software included
Light indicator (LED) shows status on Bluetooth®
Bluetooth® 2.0 EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
Class 1 device – range up to 300 feet
(100 meters)*
S upports following Bluetooth® profiles: Headset
Profile (HSP), Hands-free Profile (HFP), Advanced
Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), Audio Video Remote
Control Profile (AVRCP)
*device dependent
** A120s AVRCP profile is limited to mute functionality only.
***To have the benefi t of stereo sound and remote control of the
headset, your other Bluetooth® device must support these profiles
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