Owner`s Manual - Carrito de Paseo

Owner`s Manual - Carrito de Paseo
Owner’s Manual
Patented US 7,845,664 B2
Read and understand the instructions as you assemble and before
using the Weehoo bicycle trailer.
Online assembly and instructional videos are available at:
Read this manual.
Failure to follow these warnings could result in injury to the
Weehoo passenger or bicycle rider.
Read these cautions.
Passenger and cargo weight may not exceed 75 lbs
Passenger must be at least 38 inches tall
Do not roll the Weehoo in reverse with a child onboard
Passenger must wear a helmet and protective eyewear
Seat harness and foot straps must be fastened
Allow for increased stopping distance
Do not exceed 15 mph (5 mph for sharp turns)
Before rides, check for loose hardware and worn parts
Install Weehoo only on round, strong alloy and steel seat posts
The hitch must rest on the seat collar
Do not ride at night
Observe and obey all local traffic laws while riding
Do not over-tighten quick releases
Ensure adequate tire
clearance on small
The Weehoo is designed to fit most bicycles with round alloy or
steel seat posts. This includes mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids,
suspension bikes.
For small bicycles such as those with 13 and 15 inch frames,
ensure the Weehoo provides enough clearance over the rear
Ride your Weehoo in 45 minutes…
Know your Weehoo
Properly Tighten Quick Releases
Quick releases must not be over-tightened. Proper tightness is
determined by the force you feel in your hand when tightening.
During tightening, you should begin to feel the quick release
binding when the handle is just less than 90 degrees from the fully
closed position.
Tighten quick
releases properly. Do
not over-tighten.
Tighten bolts to 50 inch-pounds of Torque
All bolts should be tightened to 50 inch-pounds.
Tighten bolts to
50 inch-pounds.
Tools Required
Tools you will need. 3mm hex wrench, 10mm box wrench, 15mm
box wrench.
Ride your Weehoo in 40 minutes…
It is best to have the
Weehoo assembled
or inspected by an
experienced bicycle
Lay out the parts.
Remove all the parts from the packaging and lay them out.
Ride your Weehoo in 35 minutes…
Install the seat quick release onto the seat frame
Install the seat frame and lower seat support onto the frame.
Tighten the quick release into one of the adjusting notches.
Ride your Weehoo in 30 minutes…
Install the seat base using four bolts and four nuts.
So that the seat base
leans backward,
ensure the ferrule on
the seat base is
installed as pictured.
Install the seat cover onto the seat back.
Slide the seat back
through the nylon
Ride your Weehoo in 25 minutes…
Install the seat back onto the seat base.
Attach the seat cover to the seat base with the double hook-andloop fastener.
Ensure both Velcro
enclosures are
Install arm rests.
Ride your Weehoo in 20 minutes…
Install the pedals.
The left pedal has
reverse threads.
Install the push bar. Install the quick release with the bare handle.
The holes pictured
are to adjust the
Weehoo ride height.
Installing the quick
release into the
bottom hole works
best on most bicycles.
Install the mud flap.
Install here, the quick
release with the bare
Ride your Weehoo in 15 minutes…
Remove the seat post from the bicycle.
Install the receiver on the bicycle seat post using the correct
bushing size.
The bushing flange
goes on the bottom of
the receiver.
With the correct
bushing installed, the
receiver should fit
firmly onto the seat
Bushing sizes include
25.4, 26.8, 27.2, 30.9,
Ride your Weehoo in 10 minutes…
Install the hitch onto the receiver. Install the quick release.
Slide the hitch to the
bottom of the seat
post so that it rests on
the seat collar.
Install the quick
Ride your Weehoo in 5 minutes…
Load the child.
Straddle and sit on
the push bar to load
your child.
Fasten pedal straps.
Using the pedal
straps, align the balls
of the feet over the
pedal axle.
Fasten safety harness.
Secure the child into
the Weehoo with the
safety harness.
Ride your Weehoo!
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