It blows away everything... including the competition.

It blows away everything... including the competition.
Pro Force™
It blows away everything...
including the competition.
The most powerful way
to clear debris with ease.
The Toro Pro Force Debris Blower delivers unmatched air
power*, durability and ease of use, for fast removal of grass
clippings, leaves, aeration cores, sand, gravel, trash, or
other debris from sports, golf, municipal, educational,
entertainment and large scale residential facilities.
The Pro Force™ debris blower
• 20.1 kW (27 hp) Kohler® Command Pro™ engine (Twin cylinder, Air-cooled and
Electronically governed)
• Highly efficient turbine-type axial flow fan design
• Wireless remote control
• Single-piece, impact-resistant plastic nozzle
• Fully enclosed exhaust system
• Rugged steel trailer frame
• Heavy duty trailer and hitch accommodates different towing vehicles
• Two-year or 1,500-hour limited warranty
* Independent tests show the Pro Force generates greater airflow volume than any other single nozzle turbine-type debris blower. Testing per the ANSI/AMCA
210-07 standard for Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Certified Aerodynamic Performance Rating.
Wireless Remote Control
Offers Incredible
Using the remote control provides
increased productivity because
unlike the competition, the
operator doesn’t need to walk to
the engine to start or stop the Pro
Force. It’s easy to reduce sound for
bystanders, plus it’s a great fuel
conservation device.
Unmatched Versatility.
Plus you can legally clear debris on public streets.
Pro Force™ Debris Blower
Road-Ready Model Available for Certain Markets**:
• USA D.O.T approved tires
• USA D.O.T. approved brake lights, taillights and license
plate holder
• Torsion suspension axle
• Side reflectors
• 51 mm (2”) ball hitch receiver
• Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.)
**Customer is responsible for licensing the product through their local transporta authority.
Not available in all markets.
Keep The Power With You.
Operators can also use the wireless remote
control to rotate the nozzle a full 360 degrees in
either direction, or adjust the engine throttle up
or down to match air power to the job at hand.
Now the power of the Pro Force can be applied from
the cargo bed of a utility vehicle, either Toro Workman
vehicles or competitive units. Achieve a more compact,
maneuverable configuration for a variety of jobs.
Unmatched Air Power.
The Pro Force™ debris blower
combines a 20.1 kW (27 hp) Kohler ®
Command Pro® electronically
governed engine with a highly
efficient turbine style fan design to
produce unmatched air power.
Twice The Warranty.
Optional specialty nozzles
provide a more concentrated
air flow to attack various jobs
more effectively.
Toro’s two-year warranty backs up our commitment
to innovative engineering and gives you extra peace
of mind. We are so confident in the durability of the
Pro Force that our warranty offers an additional year of
protection compared to the leading competitors.
Specifications Pro Force™ Debris Blower
Engine Model Kohler® Command Pro™
Fuel Petrol
Fuel Tank Capacity 18.9 litres (5 gallons)
Engine Type 2-cylinder, air-cooled, electronically-governed
Horsepower 20.1 (27 hp)
Displacement 725 cc (44.0 cu. in.)
Nozzle Single-piece impact-resistant plastic with 13” outlet diameter
Fan Design Axial flow
Rotor Diameter 356 mm (14”)
Fan Assembly Diameter 356 mm (14”)
Wireless RF Controller Engine start, Engine stop, Adjust engine throttle from low to high RPM range, 360 degree nozzle directional control
In 3rd party independent testing per the ANSI/AMCA 210-07 standard for Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for
Air Flow Certified Aerodynamic Performance Rating, the Pro Force test results demonstrated greater air flow volume than any other
single nozzle turbine-type debris blower.
Weight 215 kg (475 lbs)
Standard 246 cm (97”) from adjustable tow hitch to nozzle outlet. 457 mm (18”) adjustable length for length range of
201 cm - 292 cm (79” – 115”).
Width 122 cm (48”)
Height Standard 84 cm (33”). 152 mm (6”) adjustable height for height range of 69 cm (27”) to 99 cm (39”)
Pull-behind Trailer Lawn-tractor style hitch (Category 1)
Tire Size 20 X 10-8, 4-ply turf tire
Fenders Custom injection molded plastic
Warranty Two-year or 1,500 hour limited warranty*
The Toro Pro Force™ meets the specifications of your messiest jobs. *Refer to the Operator’s Manual for further details. For more information, visit
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