Dual-Stage Hybrid Drive (DHD)
School Bus & Pupil Transportation Applications
Dual-Stage Hybrid Drive (DHD)
Video Storage Technology
DHD Technology combines the reliability of
Solid-State recording with the cost-effective
capacity of Hard Disk Drives, into one compact unit.
90% of the problems with typical school bus camera
systems are caused by hard disk drive failures.
Dual-Stage Hybrid Drive (DHD) is a new patent-pending
video storage technology, developed by 247Security to
eliminate issues associated with conventional hard-diskbased camera recording systems.
www.247securityinc.com 1.866.693.7492
School Bus & Pupil Transportation Applications
A Look Inside DHD
Video Storage Technology
In typical mobile applications, both solid state and hard drives have inherent weaknesses. Hard drives are sensitive to vibration and solid state
drives are sensitive to the excessive read/write functions required for a digital recorder.
For solid state drives, this high activity often leads to file corruption requiring re-formatting which can result in lost data. Hard drives also have
a life cycle in part dictated by number of revolutions and exposure to heat generated by the spinning hard disk.
247Security has overcome these weaknesses by combining both into one system: DHD
www.247securityinc.com 1.866.693.7492
School Bus & Pupil Transportation Applications
How DHD works
RECORD to Solid-State Drive
while in motion
Video is always safely recorded to the rugged
solid state first, thus eliminating data corruption
due to rough vehicle movements, commonly
experienced by conventional direct-to-hard-drive
 BACK UP to Hard Disk Drive
when steady and the ignition
is turned off
Once the vehicle is steady, and if the ignition
is off, video is safely backed up from the Solid
State Disk to the Hard Disk Drive, giving you
the benefit of massive storage capacity, while
ensuring integrity of your recorded video.
www.247securityinc.com 1.866.693.7492
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