Open Standard Simplifies Digital Signage Development and

Open Standard Simplifies Digital Signage Development and
Fujitsu* Q550 Retail Slate*
Intel® Atom™ processor
Retail Solutions
Point-of-Sale Meets Mobility
and Functional Flexibility
Increasing customer service and operational efficiency with
Fujitsu*’s ultra-light tablet, based on the Intel Atom processor
Wireless POS Device
Figure 1. The Fujitsu* Q550 Retail Slate* on a Stand
“Our ultralight, yet very powerful
Q550 Retail Slate* enables
retailers to deliver a higher level
of service to customers.”
Bruce Donis Vice President of U.S. Retail
Sales Fujitsu America
The retail industry is entering a second
wave of wireless technology deployment,
called mobile retail, which follows the
widespread build-out of WiFi hotspots by
businesses seeking to provide customers
an enhanced level of service. The end
result will be a more connected retail
environment, with mobile devices, like
tablets, smart phones and digital signage,
enabling customer-facing and storeoperation functions anywhere on site.
Customers will find an improved in-store
experience, including faster checkout,
real-time product information and better
coordination between online and physical
storefronts. Employees can carry out
operational tasks, such as inventory,
checkout and price lookup, using a single
wireless device.
Designed to redefine mobility in retail, the
Fujitsu* Q550 Retail Slate* is a wireless
device that supports all the functionality
of a full point-of-sale (POS) terminal,
and more. It gives retailers the ultimate
flexibility, whether used for managing
inventory, running a kiosk, browsing
the web, connecting to social media,
line busting or other things. The tablet,
pictured in Figure 1, is based on the
Intel® AtomTM processor, which delivers
exceptional performance while consuming
a mere three watts of power. For specialty
stores, the Q550 Retail Slate offers the
convenience and economy of a multi
function device; and for large chains, it
enables sales assistants to give customers
the information they want from anywhere
in the store.
Incredible Flexibility
The Q550 Retail Slate is capable of
serving several roles in the retail
environment, including:
Price Lookup
Attach a scanner to the tablet to let sales
assistants and customers look up prices
Carry out inventory operations, whether
on the floor or in the stockroom
Consultative Selling
Stand next to customers and show them
product comparisons
Mount the tablet to the counter, execute
POS functions, and undock when desired
Self Service
Use the tablet to run a self-service kiosk
that provides information and plays ads
Line Busting
Checkout customers while they are
waiting in line
Mobility and Usability
Covering all the bases, the Q550 Retail
Slate was engineered with portability,
mobility, battery life and usability in mind.
It’s lightweight, just 1.6 pounds, which
makes it easy to carry around. All the
standard wireless connectivity options are
available: WiFi (a/b/g/n), Bluetooth and 3G
(optional). The energy-efficient Intel Atom
processor works all day on more than 8
hours of battery life1, or longer with a
second quick-swap battery.
The tablet is easy to use with a large,
bright, 10.1 inch, capacitive touchscreen
supporting multi-finger input (e.g., zoom
in/out) and pen capability. The screen
has a 160-degree viewing angle, both
horizontal and vertical, so customers can
view content from practically anywhere
they’re standing when the tablet is used
for line-busting, consultative selling or in a
kiosk. There is also an on-screen keyboard
with a prediction engine. The tablet can
be mounted to a checkout counter or
kiosk, placed on a stand or held by its hand
straps. An optional sled accessory wraps
around the tablet and provides MSR and/
or barcode scanning capabilities for mobile
POS functionality.
Productivity Features
Designed from the ground up with
the key features businesses demand,
the Q550 Retail Slate comes with
enterprise-friendly Microsoft* Windows*
7 Professional and is easily deployed in
corporate environments. The system is
capable of running multiple applications
simultaneously, such as retail back office
or Microsoft* Office*. Retailers can utilize
their existing Windows* applications to
avoid retraining.
The tablet’s hot-swappable battery
enhances availability by providing service
continuity in all situations. For instance,
if the unit runs out of power during
a transaction, it will go into suspend
mode and allow a charged battery to be
swapped in, and subsequently, transaction
processing can be resumed and completed.
Retail Hardened
Built tough, the Q550 Retail Slate meets
nine military standard tests (i.e., MILSTD-810G), due in part to its chemically
strengthened glass and magnesium
alloy back cover. For greater reliability,
the tablet is fanless and uses solid state
drives. To provide robust security, the
tablet incorporates an embedded Trusted
Platform Module (TPM), which facilitates
hardware-based, full disk encryption and
device-to-device authentication. Further
protecting data, unauthorized access to
smart cards can be prevented with the
integrated fingerprint sensor.
Remarkably power efficient, the Intel®
AtomTM processor Z6xx series enables the
Fujitsu Q550 Retail Slate to deliver high
performance and extended battery life
at the same time. Part of the credit goes
to ground-breaking power management,
which conserves energy by turning
off unused portions of the processor
whenever possible. Other power savings
come from integrating the memory
controller and a 3D graphics engine on
the processor. Boosting performance, the
Intel Atom processor can perform multiple
POS tasks, like executing transactions
and playing advertising on the customer
display, at the same time.
“The Intel® Atom™ processor
allows our tablet to easily
integrate into a retailer’s
existing IT environment.”
Bruce Donis
Vice President of U.S. Retail Sales
Fujitsu America
1Battery operating time will vary depending on the type of content being captured or played, usage conditions such as screen and flash settings, as well as environmental factors such as temperature.
As the battery ages, anticipate lower operating duration.
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*Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
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