Your HTC Flyer Quick guide Email Keep in contact Lock screen

Your HTC Flyer Quick guide Email Keep in contact Lock screen
Connect a Bluetooth®
Android Market™
Capture your big moments
Keep in contact
Lock screen
Listen to music over a Bluetooth headset.
Android Market is the place to go to find a variety of free
and paid apps for your tablet.
1. On the Home screen, tap
��� Market.
Use your tablet’s rear camera to take 5 megapixel photos
and capture HD videos with stereo audio. You can also
switch to the front camera to take your closeup shots or
In the People app, you’ll see your contacts from your
Google Account, Facebook®, and even your Exchange
ActiveSync® account if you’re signed in to these accounts
on your tablet.
If you signed into your Google Account when you first set
up your tablet, you’ll be able to send and receive Gmail
messages. From the Home screen, tap
> Gmail.
When your tablet becomes idle, it turns the display off and
goes to sleep mode to save battery power. Simply press
POWER to turn the display back on.
Use the Mail app to set up and manage your other email
accounts such as POP3, IMAP, or Exchange ActiveSync.
You’ll then see the Lock screen. To unlock the screen,
you can:
1. From the Home screen, press
, and then tap Settings
> Wireless & networks > Bluetooth settings.
> Camera to open the
2. Select the Bluetooth check box to turn Bluetooth on.
1. From the Home screen, tap
camera in photo mode.
3. Make sure that your Bluetooth headset is discoverable
so that your tablet can find it.
Or, tap
> Camcorder to open the camera directly in
video mode.
Aside from their contact details, you’ll also see their status
updates and birthday reminders if they’re your Facebook
or Twitter™ friends.
Refer to the instructions that came with your headset
to find out how to set it to discoverable mode.
2. On the Choose a mail provider screen, choose the type
of email account to set up.
3. Enter your email address and password.
Your tablet will then search for Bluetooth devices within
4.Follow the onscreen instructions to finish setting up
your email account.
5. When you see the name of your headset, tap it.
In the Mail app, you can check your email messages just in
one place without having to switch to different accounts.
Just choose the All accounts inbox. Email messages are
color coded so you can easily distinguish which email
accounts they belong to.
Your tablet will then try to pair with the headset
If automatic pairing fails, enter the passcode supplied
with your headset.
1. From the Home screen, tap Mail on the launch bar.
If you don’t see this screen, press�
, tap More > New
account, and then choose the type of email account.
4.Tap Scan for devices.
91H0xxxx-xxM Rev.A
Your HTC Flyer
Quick guide
2. Browse or search for an app.
To zoom in or out of your subject, slide your finger up
or down the onscreen zoom bar.
3. Tap an app that you like.
3. Press
Read the app’s description and reviews to make sure
the app is compatible with your tablet.
4.When you’re ready to capture, tap the Shutter release
button onscreen to take a photo.
4.To download the app, tap Free (for free apps) or the
price shown below Buy (for paid apps).
Or if you’re in video mode, tap the Record button
onscreen to start recording video. Tap the button again
to stop recording.
5. If you agree to the conditions, tap OK to begin the
If you chose a paid app, you’ll be redirected to the Google
Checkout™ screen.
to change settings such as resolution.
For the complete user guide, download it from
support. Please also read the Safety and regulatory guide
that’s included in the box.
Adding a new contact
1. On the Home screen, tap People.
2. Tap
, and then enter the contact information in the
relevant fields.
3. When done, tap Save.
Drag the ring upward.
Drag an app down to the
ring to unlock the screen
and directly go to that app.
U.S. Cellular® Customer Care: 1-888-944-9400
Your username: ______________________________
Personalizing the Lock screen
You can change the apps on the Lock screen to your
favorite ones. From the Home screen, tap the personalize
and then tap Lock screen.
Your password: ______________________________
Before you do anything else,
please read this
Get to know your tablet
3.5mm headset jack
Before you turn on your HTC Flyer
Make sure you prepare your tablet correctly before you
press the POWER button.
Replacing the top cover
Inserting a microSD card
2. Place the top cover, gently press down on the cover
with your thumbs, and then push it in until it clicks and
locks into place.
Charge the tablet
Your tablet hasn’t been charged yet. Please use the supplied power
adapter to do a full charge before using it. Also, please don’t try to
take your tablet apart. (If you do, it may invalidate your warranty.)
Your tablet already has internal storage for saving data
and files. But, if you want even more storage space, you
can purchase and use a microSD card with your tablet.
Choose a rate plan wisely
Depending on how you use your tablet, it can use up a lot of
Internet bandwidth really quickly. Before you use your tablet, we
strongly recommend that you talk to your mobile operator about
data rates.
Volume control
1. With your thumbs, push the top cover out to remove it.
Connect to the Internet
Almost anything you want is only a swipe and a tap away
on your Home screen. You’ll see your favorite apps and
widgets that show live updates of social network feeds,
weather forecasts, email, and more.
Rearranging icons
To adjust the volume, do one of the following:
Get online using your tablet’s data connection or Wi-Fi.
To move an app or shortcut on the Home screen, press
and hold its icon and drag it. When you drag it to a
slot that’s occupied by another icon, the occupant
automatically moves away to give room.
 To adjust the volume to your desired level, press the
VOLUME UP or VOLUME DOWN button on the right
panel of your tablet.
Using a data connection
There’s a total of eight Home screen panels. Smoothly
roll around the screens by just swiping your finger left or
right. And when you’re holding your tablet in landscape
orientation, you get a sneak peak of what screen is on
your left or right.
Sending a message
1. From the Home screen, tap Messages on the launch bar.
2. Tap
4.Tap “Add text”, and then enter your message.
Charging the battery
2. Insert your microSD card into the storage card slot with
its gold contacts facing down, and push it in until it
clicks into place.
Customizing the launch bar
Your tablet has a built-in (non-removable) rechargeable
battery. Connect the supplied power adapter to charge
your tablet.
You can personalize the launch bar at the bottom of
the Home screen and replace it with different apps or
shortcuts that you often need to use.
To check the battery charging status, look at the battery
charging light on the POWER button.
1. Remove an app that you don’t need from the launch
bar. Press and hold its icon, and then drag it out to the
Home screen or to the remove button
USB connector
The HOME, MENU, BACK, and PEN OPTIONS buttons light
up when your tablet is on (and is not in sleep mode).
There are two sets of these buttons on your tablet. One
set lights up when you’re holding your tablet in portrait
orientation. The other set lights up when you turn your
tablet to landscape orientation.
to create a new message.
3. Enter the recipient in the To field.
Touch screen
And finally, a few important words from our legal team
 From the Home screen, you can also press
then tap Settings > Sound > Volume to adjust the
notification, media, and alarm sound volume separately.
Set up your tablet
The first time you turn on your tablet, you’ll be guided to
transfer contacts using Bluetooth, set up your email and
social network accounts, and more. Be sure to sign in to
your Google™ Account so you can use Google apps such
as Gmail™ and Android Market™ on your tablet.
Personalizing your tablet
Customize your tablet just the way you want it. You can
change the wallpaper, skin, widgets, apps, or shortcuts.
You can also choose a sound set that uses different
notification sounds for different types of events such as
incoming messages, email, and calendar reminders.
From the Home screen, just tap the personalize button
and choose what you want to customize.
It’s simple. When you turn your tablet on for the first time,
it should connect automatically to your mobile operator’s
data service.
Using Wi-Fi
Front camera
lens and on/off
Using data services while roaming will be costly. Check with
your mobile operator for data roaming rates before you use data
To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event
shall HTC or its affiliates be liable to you, any user, or third party for
any indirect, special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages
of any kind, arising in contract, tort, or otherwise, including, but not
limited to, injury, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill, loss of business
opportunity, loss of data, and/or loss of profits, regardless of the
foreseeability thereof or whether HTC or its affiliates have been
advised of the possibility of such damages. And in no event shall the
total liability of HTC or its affiliates exceed the amount received from
you, regardless of the legal theory under which the cause of action
is brought. The foregoing does not affect any statutory rights which
may not be disclaimed.
1. Align the two teeth underneath the top cover (one on
each side) with the two notches on top of the tablet.
Adjusting the volume
Your Home screen
5. To include a photo, video, or other information, tap
and choose what you want to attach.
This automatically turns your text message into a
multimedia message.
6. Tap Send.
1. From the Home screen, press MENU and then tap
Settings > Wireless & networks.
2. Select the Wi-Fi check box to turn Wi-Fi on.
3. Tap Wi-Fi settings, and then choose a Wi-Fi network to
connect to.
Fast browsing
Enjoy fast web browsing
on your tablet. With the
powerful processor, you
can be sure that viewing
web pages will be smooth.
Also, with Adobe® Flash®
support, no websites are
From the Home screen, tap
Internet on the launch bar
to open the web browser.
2. Press and hold on the empty slot, and then choose
whether to add an app or a shortcut.
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