Visual Voicemail User Guide

Visual Voicemail User Guide
Telesystem Visual Voicemail
iOS/Apple User Guide
Visual Voicemail - iOS/Apple
The Visual Voicemail app allows you to listen/delete/read your messages1
from your iOS device.
Before downloading the app from the App Store please contact Business Relations
at 419-724-9898.
NOTE1: You must subscribe to the transcription service to read voicemail messages.
Upon opening Visual Voicemail for the first time
• Click on the Visual Voicemail icon
• The installation wizard will appear.
• On the Account page enter the information requested.
• Account Number - 10-digit phone number associated with the
voicemail box you wish to access.
• Pin/Password - The Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the
voicemail box. This is the same PIN you would use to access
your voicemail over the phone.
• Organization ID - Must display “Commercial” (this should be
Initial Setup
• From the Greeting Setup page you may record a voicemail greeting by
clicking on the Record Greeting button or record a name announcement by
clicking on the Record Name Announcement button. If you already have
recording a greeting and/or name announcement when you setup your
voicemail box prior to installing this app and you do not wish to make new
recordings just click Next.
• Read through the tutorial which will provide you with
information on how to play messages and view contacts
by clicking Next, or skip the tutorial by clicking the Skip
To Play a Message
• After the message has finished loading into the Inbox, click on the message
to open it.
• Depending on your settings, the message may start to play automatically or
you will need to click the Play button at the bottom of the screen. If you have
subscribed to the transcription service, a text copy of your voicemail will also
• Transcription: If you have the transcription service assigned, your voicemail
will be transcribed into text and a short preview of the text will show in the
inbox view of the message. To view the full transcription, just click the
message to open it and see the full message.
NOTE: Based on the length of the voicemail, the transcription may not appear at
the same time as your message. Once the voicemail has been fully transcribed, it
will appear when you open the message.
• You can then navigate the control bar to pause, restart, fast forward or
rewind the message.
To Call Back from a Message
Open the message from your inbox then click the Call Back button
left you the message.
to automatically return the call of the person who
NOTE: This feature will call back the number shown on your Caller ID. If the number is blocked or unavailable, you will not be able to use
this feature. Also, the number show may be a mail number of a company and not the direct number of the individual.
The device you are using the app on must have the ability to place outbound calls. If you are calling from your cellular phone, the person
you are calling will see your cell phone information on their Caller ID.
To Delete a Message
• Open the message from your inbox then click the Trashcan icon
at the bottom, right corner of the screen.
• Or, from the inbox, swipe from right to left on the message you with you
delete and a Delete button will appear. Click the Delete button.
NOTE: Once deleted, your voicemail cannot be retrieved.
To SMS (text) From the Message
• Open the message from the Inbox.
• Click on the icon
to show more options at the bottom of the screen.
• Choose SMS from the menu.
• The New Message screen will open and populate a text
message with the phone number the individual called
from. Enter your message and then click Send.
NOTE: The individual must have called from a device
capable of receiving text messages for this feature to work.
Outgoing text message will show that they came from your
mobile phone, not your Telesystem Hosted VoIP Phone
System number.
To Email the Voicemail Message
• Open the message from the Inbox.
• Click on the icon
to show more options at the bottom of the screen.
• Choose Email from the menu.
• An email will open with the voicemail attached as a .wav
• If the caller is part of your contacts and an email
address is stored, the “To” field will be populated. For all
others, you will need to enter the email address to send.
To Add a Contact to Your Device
• From the Inbox, click the “+” sign to the right of your message. This will
open up your device’s contact screen.
To Add a Contact to Your Device - continued
• Enter the information you wish to be associated to the contact and then
click Done.
To Change Your Settings
• From the Inbox, click the Settings button.
The Greetings section allows you to review/record the greetings and change the greeting currently being played to callers. The
options available are:
• System Default: The system default greeting cannot be modified, but when selected, it
will play the following message to callers:
“Hello, the party you are trying to reach is unavailable. Please leave a message after the beep.
When finished, you may press the pound key for more options. Thank you for calling.”
• Custom: The custom greeting overrides the system default and when recorded, will play
to callers.
• Extended Absence: The Extended Absence greeting allows you to record a secondary
greeting that can be played to callers when you will be away for an extended period of time.
• Name Announcement: This will play the name associated with the mailbox (Example, John Doe).
Recording/Re-recording/Playing Greetings
1. Record a new greeting by clicking on the blue arrow for the greeting you wish to modify.
2. Press the Record button and speak into the microphone for the device you are using (you
must allow the app to access the microphone).
3. Press the Stop button once you are done.
4. Listen to the greeting you recorded by pressing the Play button.
5. Save the greeting by pressing Save or cancel your changes by pressing the Cancel button
Activate Greetings
Activate a greeting by clicking on the greeting you wish to be played from this menu. A check-mark will indicate which greeting is
selected. Click Done to save your changes and return to the Settings menu.
Call Forwarding
This feature allows you to use your Visual Voicemail App for both your office phone and mobile devices. In order to do this you must
forward calls from your cell phone to you Hosted VoIP Phone System when they would typically go to your mobile provider’s
voicemail system. After the call is forwarded, your office phone will also ring the preconfigured amount of times before the caller is
eventually sent to your Hosted VoIP Phone System Voicemail box.
For example, if your cell phone rings 5 times before it sends the call to voicemail and your office phone rings 4 times before it sends
a call to voicemail, with this configuration someone who calls your mobile phone will here 9 rings before they reach your voicemail
The Call Forwarding section of the Settings does not contain any configurations.
When you install the Visual Voicemail App on your iDevice, it will create a new contact in your local contact directory named “Visual
Voicemail”. From this contact you may enable the Call Forwarding change by calling the entry marked “home” which uses a feature
access code to change the way calls are handled by your cell phone carrier.
To disable this feature and change the call forwarding of your mobile provider back to depositing calls in your cell phone provider’s
native voicemail system call the number listed for “work”.
Change Password
From the change password section you can update your Voicemail PIN. To do this, enter
your current PIN and then enter your new PIN twice in the designated text boxes. Click
Done to save your changes.
The app will update your PIN on the device that it was changed. However, if you also have
the app on other devices, you will need to update your PIN on each device manually. This is
the same PIN you use to access your voicemail when dialing into the voice portal.
Organization ID
This field should show Commercial. Do not change this field, as it will result in errors when trying to access the app.
This should be the 10-digit phone number associated with your Telesystem account.
This field stores your password. If you need to update the stored password for logging in, enter it here.
NOTE: This is not where you would change the configuration of the system setting for the PIN, that is done in the ‘Change Password’ setting
option. This is strictly for updating what the app has stored for the login credentials.
Do not change this setting, as it will result in your app becoming unstable. If you have deleted/changed this setting, you will need to
uninstall/reinstall the application.
Auto Play Message – When enabled, the app will automatically begin playing the selected voice mail. When disabled, you will
manually need to press the play button to listen to each message.
Ask Before Deleting – When enabled, the system will prompt you when you delete a message.
NOTE: once a message is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.
Salesforce – This is a future enhancement to allow your messages to be linked to a account.
Support – Provides version number and contact information.
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