Ultra SCSI Card 2930
Wor ld’s #1 Choice For SCSI Cards
PCI card for desktop PCs
Product Benefits
n Gain
Ultra SCSI speed:
20 MB/sec data transfer rate
n Save
time with multitasking
n Achieve
broadest compatibility
n Connect
up to 7 SCSI
peripherals with one card
n Manage
peripherals with
Adaptec® EZ-SCSI® software
Boost Your CD-Recordable or Jaz Drive
To Its Best Performance
Gain Ultra SCSI Speed
Harness the power of Ultra
SCSI* and improve your
productivity. SCSI moves information between your computer
and peripherals much faster
than with standard interfaces.
Save Time With Multitasking
With this SCSI Card, your
computer can talk to several
peripherals at once, performing
multiple tasks simultaneously—
a great time saver.
Achieve Broadest Compatibility
Adaptec SCSI Cards are tested with
hundreds of computer systems and
peripherals to ensure the widest possible
support, now and in the future. And
since peripheral manufacturers design
to Adaptec products, you can count on
broad compatibility.
Upgrade Your PC Quickly
SCSI makes it easy to add a peripheral
to your system. Daisy-chain up to 7
internal or external peripherals to this
SCSI Card and enjoy the same great performance. This SCSI Card is ideal for
connecting SCSI CD-R, DVD, removable,
or hard drives, and can be used to connect
Fast and Ultra SCSI peripherals like scanners, tape, CD-ROM, and Zip drives.
Manage Peripherals With Adaptec
EZ-SCSI Software
EZ-SCSI software takes you step-by-step
through the installation process and
provides a full suite of applications for
maximizing your SCSI peripherals,
playing CDs, backing up with tape, and
scanning documents.
Trust Adaptec—The World’s #1 Choice
For SCSI Cards
Adaptec is the industry standard in SCSI
Cards. And all Adaptec SCSI Cards are
backed by a 5-year, limited warranty and
full technical support for two years.
*SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface and is pronounced “scuzzy”.
Adaptec, Inc.
691 South Milpitas Boulevard
Milpitas, California 95035
Tel: (408) 945-8600
Fax: (408) 262-2533
Technical Specifications
Operating Systems:
Adaptec Europe - Belgium
Tel: (32) 2-352-34-11
Fax: (32) 2-352-34-00
Adaptec Japan - Tokyo
Tel: (81) 3-5365-6700
Fax: (81) 3-5365-6950
Adaptec Singapore
Tel: (65) 278-7300
Fax: (65) 273-0163
1-800-934-2766 (USA and Canada)
or (510) 732-3829
Pre-Sales Support:
1-800-442-7274 (USA and Canada)
or (408) 957-7274
Windows NT®, Windows® 95/98, Windows® 3.1,
PC Bus Type:
32-bit PCI
Total Devices Supported:
7 total (internal or external)
Data Transfer Rate:
20 MB/sec
Supported Protocols:
SCSI-1, SCSI-2 and Fast SCSI-2, SCSI-3, and
Ultra SCSI
Boot Support:
On-board BIOS
External Connector:
50-pin high-density (SCSI-2 female)
Internal Connector:
50-pin standard (male)
Interface Transfer Method:
Bus Master DMA (Direct Memory Access)
Card Size:
4.75” W x 5” L
Package Size:
7.75” H x 11.5” W x 2.88” D
Approximately 1.5 lbs.
7 60884 13464 1
World Wide Web:
System Requirements
Internet ftp server: ftp.adaptec.com
Adaptec USA Bulletin Board
Service (BBS): (408) 945-7727
(up to 28,800 baud, using 8 bits,
1 stop bit, no parity)
• IBM-compatible PC-486, Pentium or above
• Windows NT, Windows 95/98, Windows 3.1, or DOS operating system
• PCI expansion slot
• SCSI peripheral
Interactive Fax: (303) 684-3400
Package Includes
• AHA®-2930 SCSI Card
• EZ-SCSI software
• 50-pin internal SCSI cable (external cable not included)
• Quick installation guide
• Reference guide
• Registration card
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product design or specifications. Information is subject
to change without notice.
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