Tool Balancer, 3.0-5.0 Tool Stand Tool stands are

Tool Balancer, 3.0-5.0 Tool Stand Tool stands are
Tool Stand
Tool stands are recommended to protect your investment and decrease
clutter on your workbench. This tool stand will support a maximum of 10
lbs (4.5 kg). Combined with the appropriate tool balancer will keep your
screwdriver at the ready over the work surface. Features: Aluminum
construction Supports up to 10 lbs (4.5 kg) Height adjustable to 44 in (110
cm) Sliding tool hanger for horizontal motion Reach to 24 in (60 cm) Arm
pivots 180 degrees. Mount stand without drilling holes using bench clamp
Tool Balancer, 3.0-5.0
Tool balancers, used in conjunction with our tool stand
or existing overhead support, will keep your screwdriver at
the ready, leaving your work area clear when the driver is
not in use. These balancers are easy to install and adjust.
Choose the appropriate model to suit the weight of your
Electric Screwdriver & Hii/Lo SPD Controller
Torque Ranges: 7 - 26.4 In Lb Speed Ranges: 550 RPM Lockable External
Torque Adjustment - optional torque locking sleeve makes it easy to set up
and secure Wide Torque Range - single model versatility Rare Earth
Magnet Motor - high torque output Low Torque Reaction Compact - light
and easy to handle Ergonomic - less operator fatigue
Custom Drill Chuck Head -
Bench Clamp: (Not Shown)– optional if you wish not to screw down the
Tool Stand
Affix the Tool Stand main post directly or using
the optional Bench Clamp to work bench in the
desired area.
2. Connect the Swing Arm to the main post using
an Alan Key.
3. Hook the Tool Balancer on to the Swing Arm’s
sliding hook.
4. Hook the Drill on to the Tool Balancer.
5. Attach the custom Drill Chuck Head to the Drill.
6. Connect electrical cords to drill and the
7. Adjust torque setting on drill for proper balance.
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