Intel Technical Advisory
This Technical Advisory describes an issue which may or may not affect the customer’s product
Intel Technical Advisory
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September 30, 2009
Intel® Server Chassis SC5299BRP Power Supply Failures
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applications. Intel may make changes to specifications and product descriptions at any time, without notice. The Intel® Server
Chassis SC5299BRP may contain design defects or errors known as errata which may cause the product to deviate from published
specifications. Current characterized errata are available on request.
Products Affected
Product Code
Intel is experiencing a higher than expected return rate on the power supplies for the Intel® Server Chassis SC5299BRP
built before January 2008. Failures do not occur during run-time but may be encountered after the system is running for
some time and it is powered off. The affected power supplies may not power back on. Only power supplies falling in
the following serial number ranges are affected by this issue: M706XXXXXXXX and M707XXXXXXXX where
XXXXXXXX are the sequential serial numbers.
Root Cause
The issue has been root caused to defective components in the startup control circuitry. A capacitor, from one specific
vendor, did not meet the vendors’ capacitor life projection.
Corrective Action / Resolution
Intel will replace affected power supplies built before January 2008 that are in the affected serial number ranges listed
above. Power supplies built in January 2008 and after are not affected by this issue. Customers wishing to query their
system for power supply serial numbers to see if they are affected by this issue can do so by running the following
command line using the FRUSDR utility: “frusdr /d fru IMBDEVICE 02”
This will display the FRU area that contains the power supply serial number, see below for an example, the power
supply area is highlighted in bold:
FRU & SDR Load Utility Version 2.0.1 Build 11
FRU IMBDEVICE on bus FFh, Device ID 02h, IPMB address 20h, Lun 00h
Displaying Header Area
Common Header Area (Version 1, Length 8)
Copyright © 2009 Intel Corporation.
* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
Internal Area Offset
= 00h
Chassis Area Offset
= 00h
Board Area Offset
= 00h
Product Area Offset
= 01h
MultiRecord Offset
= 09h
= 00h
= F5h
Displaying Internal Use Area
Internal Use Information Area not present in FRU Device
Display Chassis Area
Chassis Information Area not present in FRU Device
Display Board Area
Board Information Area not present in this FRU Device
Display Product Area
Product Information Area (Version 1, Length 64)
Unicode Country Base
= 19h
Manufacturer Name(ASCII)
Product Name (ASCII)
= HP-R650FF3-LF
Part Number
= D23019-008
Product Version (ASCII)
= 00F
Serial Number (ASCII)
= M70649000782
Asset Tag
Mftr FRU File ID (ASCII)
For replacement power supplies affected by this issue, please contact Intel using your normal warranty process,
indicating that you are calling regarding TA# 0936-1. Have the following information when you call: the serial number(s)
of the system(s) or chassis(s); and the part number and serial number of the affected power supply(s).
For customers that have power supplies outside of the affected serial number range and encounter power on issues,
make sure that the power supply is seated well in the power supply cage. Power the system down, remove the power
cord and remove the power supply and reseat the power supply in the cage.
Please contact your Intel Sales Representative if you require more specific information about this issue.
Enterprise Platforms & Services Division
Intel Corporation
Copyright © 2009 Intel Corporation.
* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.
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