Hardware Installation
Hardware Installation
TV dongle
Step 1.
Take the TV dongle out of the box, and securely insert it into
the USB slot.
Step 2.
Connect the TV signal adaptor and digital TV antenna to the
TV dongle.
USB Cable
Digital TV Antenna
USB TV Dongle
TV Signal Adapter
Desktop System
AV(Composite) input
Analog Signal Source
Step 3.
Extend digital TV/FM antenna and place it nearby windows can improve signal reception. Then the
hardware installation is completed!
All the drawings in the guide are diagrams.
About accessories' quantity and style shall depend on substances.
PCI/PCI-E card
Step 1.
Take the TV card out of the bag, and securely insert it into the
PCI slot.
Step 2.
Connect the IR cable, TV signal adaptor or digital TV
antenna, FM antenna, and video capture cable to the TV
Remote Signal input
DVB-T digital signal input
analog signal input
FM Signal input
TV Signal
AV(Composite) input
Stereo sound input
S-Video input
Step 3.
Extend digital TV/FM antenna and place it nearby windows can improve signal reception. Then the
hardware installation is completed!
All accessories' quantity and style may vary with different TV card models.
Software Installation
Step 1
After you installed GIGABYTE TV tuner card (PCI card or
USB dongle), you will see this notice “Found New
Hardware Wizard”
Step 2
Please insert driver CD to CD-ROM. Then you will see
the GIGABYTE CD menu. You can simply mark “Quick
Installation” to make sure all necessary software
applications will be installed.
Step 3
Generational please choice “Typical Installation” then
click “Install” to continue.
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Press “Start” button to start installation.
Please choice the language to use during the installation.
This block shows out your computer has no installed .Net
Framework 3.0 or version has to update.Please follows
next step to install when you meet this block during
installation process.
Press “Next” button to continue install .Net Framework 3.0
Step 8
Step 9
Please choice “No, I will restart my computer later” then
press “Finish” button.
Mark “.Net Framework 3.5 “ to install on your computer.
(During this process, please make sure your computer
connect to Internet.)
Step 10
Click “EXIT” button to finish .Net Framework 3.5 installation
Step 11
Press “NEXT” button to continue installation process.
Step 12
Press “Finish” to start ViVoTM TV player setting.
TV Player Setting
Step 1
Click “ ViVoTM TV” icon
on your desktop, you can
start to set up this software.
Click “Source Input” icon
to select your device and
signal source such as Digital, Analog (Cable or
Antenna), Video (Composite, S-Video).
Step 2
Step 3
Please select the device type (e.g. digital, analog
or hybrid) you purchased and click “Next”.
Select the signal source (the signal strength may
vary depending on the product you purchased
and the area you live), and click “Next”.
Step 4
Step 5
Please select the country where do you live then
click “ Scan”.
Click “Exit” to finish the setup process after
scanning completed.
Note: you may load in default channel list to watch
TV without the waiting time for channel scanning.
Step 6
Finally, you will see all the available channels
listed and start enjoying this product.
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