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Learn Over Lunch (LOL) 2012 Series – Tip #4
Switch Company Information Adaptivation
www.adaptivation.com Notes $35 , $38, $40
Pal Pads are true switches with a 1/8‐inch plug. One needs only 1.2 ounces of force to activate any Pal Pads. They can be activated with the slightest touch, whether it comes from directly above or at a shallow angle. The rigid and durable Pal Pads are flat membrane switches approximately 1/10" thick. They are available in 6 colors and in 3 sizes: 2” x 2”, 2.75” x 4” and 4.5” x 6”. Pal Pads Adaptivation
www.adaptivation.com $49
The Flexible Switch can be activated with the slightest touch (less than two ounces), whether it comes from directly above or at a shallow angle. The Flexible Switch has a 1/8‐inch plug. Each Flexible Switch Set includes one 2" x 4" switch and one 3" x 5" switch. Flexible Switch Adaptivation
www.adaptivation.com TableTapper $139
By tapping on nearly any surface the TableTapper is in contact with, a battery‐
operated device can be activated. It is suitable for individuals with limited movement or motor control. The TableTapper has two modes of control (latch and timing) and a variable sensitivity ranging from a light tap to a hard pound (performs best on hard surfaces). Adaptivation
www.adaptivation.com Bright Box $129 The Bright Box has a large‐display for visual cues that is activated when the user presses the top surface of the switch. A 1.75" x 3.75" area of the switch glows a bright bluish, green color. Good for low vision, any nighttime use or to simply attract the user's attention. The Light Switch has three functions: Off, On and Continuous. The Power Switch has three functions: Lo, Hi and Flash. 4.25” x 2.5” x 1” $149 The Bright Box Tactile adds tactile feedback which may be sued independently of the auditory feedback and vice versa.
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Learn Over Lunch (LOL) 2012 Series – Tip #4
Switch Company Information Notes Adaptivation
www.adaptivation.com $49 Pneumatic Switch Kit Adaptivation
www.adaptivation.com Dipsy Switch The switch is activated by air movement. You can create your own object‐based switch to activate baby toys, dog toys, squeeze balls and more. Activity sheets and squeeze toys are included. $59 This tilt‐sensitive switch can be attached to the head, arm, finger or any appropriate object. It can be used for posture training and other access needs. The Dipsy is activated by a 30‐degree tilt (head, finger, etc.) which makes it less prone to false activation. It can also be adjusted for sensitivity by increasing or decreasing the switch's mounting angle. It includes a headband and two finger mounts Don Johnston, Inc.
www.donjohnston.com BASS Switch Don Johnston, Inc.
www.donjohnston.com Sensor Switch $48
Large surface switch (6” x 3.75” x 1”) with non‐skid bottom. It requires 3‐5 oz. of pressure. It comes with 5 color overlays. $295 Adjustable sensitivity detects the tiniest muscle movements enabling position for forehead, eyebrow, finger or any muscle. Delay feature prevents accidental activation from unintended movements. Can be used with one or two switches, there are 3 switch modes (momentary, latch and timed,) and it includes battery, two sensors, one headband, and two 1/8" plug cables 2 Switch it on!
Learn Over Lunch (LOL) 2012 Series – Tip #4
Switch Company Information Notes Infogrip
www.infogrip.com $59 This is a standard mouse with two standard 1/8" plugs for two switches. Its left and right mouse clicks have been adapted so that you can use a switch for activation. Switch Adapted Mouse Infogrip
www.infogrip.com $40
A durable mono‐jack switch designed as a foot or floor switch since you can rest the activating body part on the top of the switch between activations. Pressing down on the hinged top surface activates the Foot Switch Foot Switch Enabling Devices
www.enablingdevices.com $35.95
3/8" low rim makes it easy to activate. Just touch the sensitive outside rim or anywhere on the top surface and you can activate any toy or device. Comes with a clear cover for photographs or icons. Size 5 3/8" diameter Enabling Devices
www.enablingdevices.com $125.95
A set of three textured switches that are activated with a slight touch. Modified Pancake Switch Textured Saucer Switch Enabling Devices
www.enablingdevices.com Gooshy Switch $65.95, $97.95
Gooshy Switch, a Gooshy Switch with Vibration and a Gooshy Switch with Lights, Vibration, and Music. The Lights, Vibration and Music Switch has a special control which allows the user to select any or all of the rewards. It can be used alone as a sensory toy. 10" x 4½" x 2". Most switches are available from multiple sources. Enablemart at www.enablemenart.com is on The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) list of approved vendors for the state of Texas at www.tcpn.org. 3 Switch it on!
Learn Over Lunch (LOL) 2012 Series – Tip #4
Computer Switch Interfaces (USB Switch Interface) There are a number of USB switch interfaces available from different manufacturers, and not all work in the same way. When you plug a USB device (keyboard, digital camera, joystick, etc.) into a computer, the USB device tells the operating system (Windows, Mac, etc.) what it is. The operating system can then find the driver and install the device. A switch is not a recognized computer device. The software being used (i.e., various switch software or PowerPoint) identifies a keyboard, mouse or joystick as an input methods. The switch interface must act like one of these devices when the switch is pressed. This is important because you must be sure that the software you are using supports the device the switch interface is emulating (keyboard, mouse or joystick). If it does not, then check to see if the switch interface comes with software to make it compatible. The safest choice is to get a USB‐based adaptor because these come with software that imitates the mouse and keyboard types. Switch Interface Company Information Don Johnston, Inc.
www.donjohnston.com Notes $94.99 Five ports allow you to plug in multiple switches and provide the flexibility of emulating everything from a single‐click to a return. Just push a button to change function sets. Bright indicator lights tell which functions are active. Connects to USB ports and is 2.5” x 2.5”. Each interface comes with the cables needed for connecting to the computer. Switch Interface Pro 6.0 Origin Industries www.orin.com $83.99, $199.95
Swifty includes an integrated wireless receiver. With Beam, an infrared transmitter, someone can use adaptive switches without being tethered to the computer. Beam also has an additional input for up to three adaptive switches. Swifty R. J. Cooper
www.rjcooper.com Mini‐SwitchPort $79 There are 2 switch inputs in Mini‐SwitchPort. When you plug a switch into a the Mini‐SwitchPort jack, the switch ‘becomes’ standard mouse‐clicks (Win: left, right; Mac: click, click), and with installation of the accompanying Switchhopper software, you can configure each button to 'be' any mouse‐button event or keystroke you’d like! And the cable is retractable! 4 Switch it on!
Learn Over Lunch (LOL) 2012 Series – Tip #4
Switch Interface Company Information Notes R. J. Cooper
www.rjcooper.com $119
Switcheroo is a nice button, designed to help teach pointer‐finger use. Pressing the button acts like a mouse‐click within any software. Switcheroo also provides a place to plug switches into a computer. There are 3 switch inputs in Switcheroo. When you plug a switches into a Switcheroo jack, the switches ‘become’ standard mouse‐clicks (Win: left, middle, right; Mac: left, drag, control‐click), and with installation of the accompanying software, you can configure each button to 'be' any mouse‐button event or keystroke you’d like! $99
There are 3 switch inputs. For use with free SwitchHopper software for Mac and PC. Switcheroo R. J. Cooper
www.rjcooper.com SwitchHopper The Quiworks Company
www.quizworks.com USB Switch Interface‐Plus The Quizworks Company
www.quizworks.com $99
Supports 1 to 5 switches. Cord is removable and no additional software is required. $230
Wireless support of up to 100 feet and supports 1 to 5 switches. Uses a 9‐volt battery. Wireless Switch Interface Ablenet
www.ablenetinc.com $99
Hitch has no software to load and is immediately ready to deliver five sets of functions to as many as five switches at a time. Rows of functions are chosen with a single push of a button. Hitch 5 Switch it on!
Learn Over Lunch (LOL) 2012 Series – Tip #4
Connecting Switches to the Computer Most of the switch interfaces that don’t have software to load (Hitch, Quizworks and Switch Interface Pro 6.0) work on the same principles. You “program” the interface to emulate the function the software requires for activation. The Swifty has toggles you will manipulate and the R. J. Cooper interfaces use software to control what functions each switch port emulates. Click button on top to change LED colors Set LED color to the row which has the functions your software program uses Place your switch(es) in the port(s) which correspond to the function of the row activated 6 Switch it on!
Learn Over Lunch (LOL) 2012 Series – Tip #4
Commercial Software Plug ‘n Play Options Programmable Interfaces iTunes Click or Spacebar = play/pause, page up/down and Enter for step‐scan Program sequence for favorite songs QuickTime Spacebar = play/pause PowerPoint Arrow right/left or up/down Use # keys +Enter to jump to specific slides Windows Media Player Mouse click on skip = moves forward and starts to play Mouse click on visualization changes visual effects www.starfall.com Tab/enter to move through selectable items Mouse click www.tarheelreader.org 1 switch access Space key/arrow right/mouse click with partner assisted scanning 2 switch access‐ partial scanning system Right arrow/left arrow or Space/enter • Choosing a book – One switch moves through the choices (“mover” switch) and the second switch picks the choice (“picker”.) • Reading a book – the “mover” switch becomes “go to the next page”. The “picker” switch changes to “go back a page.” 3 switch access Right arrow – go through choices or go to next page Up arrow – goes back through choices or goes back a page Down arrow – picks/selects choice Control+shift+G = fast speed Control+shift+N = normal speed Control+shift+S = slow speed Control+P = pause/play Volume Up = F10 Volume Down = F9 Mute = F8 7 
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