fact sheet improving the notebook experience

fact sheet improving the notebook experience
What our customers are saying
“The Fujitsu Tablet PC provided the best combination
of price, features, and warranty. Combine those
decision factors with Fujitsu’s years of experience in
Tablet PC technology, and the Fujitsu Tablet PC came
out a clear winner.”
Robert Busboom, Vice President, Corporate Systems, and IT, Farmers
Mutual Insurance of Nebraska
“We selected the Fujitsu LIFEBOOK® Tablet PC based
on its reliability and flexibility, and Fujitsu’s years of
corporate experience with Tablet PCs. Fujitsu Tablet
PCs also provided the best balance of price, weight,
service and screen size.”
Glenda Scales, Associate Dean for Distance Learning and Computing,
College of Engineering at Virginia Tech
In today’s fast-paced world, the need for easy access to information
and to the internet has made the mobile PC an indispensable tool in
everyday life. It would be to hard complete all we need to accomplish
without having a world-class notebook computer in our hands. This
reality has created a tremendous need for top quality and highly
reliable notebooks and Tablet PCs. As prices of notebooks have
stabilized and the costs of lost productivity due to failed systems
remain high, the key criterion for many customers when choosing a
mobile PC is the level of dependability proven by the manufacturer.
As one of the top five worldwide suppliers of mobile PCs, Fujitsu is a
leader in providing customers with proven, high quality, and highly
reliable notebooks and Tablet PCs.
Fujitsu takes a unique approach to product development which
addresses the concerns of customers who are frustrated with
reliability issues when using mobile PCs. The company combines
innovative designs, world-class manufacturing, and rigorous testing
to drive higher quality and increased reliability.
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“We use a lot of different brands of technology at Shaw
and track failure rates. Failure rates with our existing
Fujitsu tablets were the lowest of any vendor we have
worked with.”
Steve Abernathy, Director, Marketing Technology, Shaw Industries, Inc.
“Fujitsu notebooks are well-engineered products that
have stood up to every challenge our students have
put them through,” said John Jones, vice president of IT at Indiana
Wesleyan University, which has supplied its students, instructors, and
administrators with more than 5,000 Fujitsu notebooks over the years.
“When you are sending out thousands of notebooks
each year to students who rely on them for their
education, you simply cannot tolerate a high failure
rate. Year after year, Fujitsu notebooks continue to
perform well. They last longer and need fewer repairs
than notebooks reviewed from other vendors.”
LIFEBOOK AH500 series Notebook
Many of the choices that notebook and Tablet PC vendors make
have a huge impact on the quality and reliability the customer
experiences. Combining exceptional design and world-class
manufacturing is essential to building a quality product, yet few
vendors focus on design and manufacturing skills in the same way
Fujitsu does. Fujitsu does not cut corners or rely on other parties to
do the testing. This approach results in a better user experience.
As the mobile PC industry started to become concentrated around
pricing, a few things occurred that negatively impacted quality and
reliability for many manufacturers. A key contributor to this was the
trend toward the separation of design, manufacturing, and testing.
In some cases, three different companies were chartered with these
different tasks, creating divisive problems. Fujitsu has always made it „„ Intel® Core™ i3 or i5 Processor— Faster. Smarter. Adaptive.
a point not to separate these disciplines. Instead, Fujitsu combines its
„„ Offered with Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium
world-class skills in all three areas to build reliable systems.
operating system
Maintaining control and preserving the necessary feedback loops
„„ Configurations offering Intel HD graphics with shared memory
among people who work in design, manufacturing, and testing
or NVidia® GeForce® with dedicated graphics
means that problems are quickly identified and addressed before
reaching the customer. This is a core Fujitsu competency.
„„ Fast and long range 802.11 BGN wireless
Desktop Replacement
LIFEBOOK E700 series Notebook
Dual Layer DVD-RW for playing DVDs or 8.5 GB of storage
HDMI jack lets you enjoy your high-definition on larger
hi-def TV screens
High-resolution 2 mega pixel webcam
MemoryStick®, SD card slot and USB ports to easily transfer files
Spill-resistant, full-size keyboard with separate 10-key keypad
User-cleanable dust filter
The LIFEBOOK NH500 series Notebook
Powered by the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor with Turbo
Boost Technology
Comes with Genuine Windows® 7 Professional operating system
15.6” High-Definition display w/optional Webcam
Optional NVIDIA® GeForce GT 330M (1 GB dedicated memory)
for great graphics performance
Modular bay versatility: easy-to-swap out an optical drive for a
modular bay battery for extended computing experience
Flexible security with Trusted Platform Module (TPM),
integrated Smart card Reader, fingerprint sensor, HDD & BIOS
password protection, Security Panel and Computrace support
eSATA port for a blazing fast connection to a compatible
external hard drive
Optional New Port Replicator
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Large 18.4” high-resolution display
Offered with Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium with
Microsoft® Office Starter 20101,
Powered by the high-speed Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Very fast NVidia® GeForce® GT graphics with 1 GB of
dedicated graphics
Integrated HDMI port
Fast e-SATA and USB 2.0 ports
Built-in webcam and wireless 802.11BGN
Gesture-enabled touchpad
Full-size spill-resistant keyboard with separate 10-key keypad
User-cleanable dust filter
Thin and Light
LIFEBOOK LH530 series Notebook
Industry–leading reliability with hard drive Shock Sensor,
Magnesium-Alloy cover, and spill-resistant keyboard
Flexible security with Trusted Platform Module (TPM),
fingerprint sensor, HDD & BIOS password protection, Security
Panel and Computrace support
Fujitsu product development practices are designed to improve the
customer experience, and product reliability. Many models now
come with a spill-resistant keyboard, significantly increasing their
survivability when used around liquids. Another example of this
design practice is the dual system of protection that Fujitsu builds
around hard drives. The company uses a soft material to buffer
drives against vibrations that come from the system or motherboard.
This helps to reduce vibrations, minimize errors, and extend drive
life. Additionally, the drives have a hard covering, designed to
minimize damage due to shock and increase reliability by relieving
pressure on the drive connections. Some models come with
intelligent Shock Sensor technology that protects the hard drive
from accidental bumps, vibrations, and drops that could otherwise
destroy valuable data.
Powered by the Intel® Core™ I3 Processor
Offered with Genuine Windows® 7 Professional
operating system
Fast and long range 802.11 BGN wireless connectivity
Dual-Layer multi-format DVD writer for playing DVDs or 8.5
GB of storage
Standard Webcam with digital microphone
MemoryStick®, SD card slot, and USB ports to easily transfer files
Spill-resistant, full-size keyboard
One look at the battery of tests that Fujitsu uses during
manufacturing makes clear why such great reliability and quality
ratings are given to Fujitsu notebooks and tablet PCs. Here are some
examples of Fujitsu Product Tests:
Drop Test:
Systems are dropped from various heights to determine how best to
build cases and mount components.
LIFEBOOK P770 series Notebook
LIFEBOOK S700 series Notebook
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Genuine Windows® 7 Professional
Road-ready at only 3.6 pounds with the 13.3 inch widescreen
display and optional optical drive.
Powered by the Intel® Core™ i7-640UM vPRO™ Processor
Eco Button and Gesture Touchpad
Reliability features including Shock Sensor, Magnesium-Alloy
cover, and spill-resistant keyboard
Flexible security with Trusted Platform Module (TPM),
fingerprint sensor, HDD & BIOS password protection, and
Computrace® support
LIFEBOOK PH520 series Notebook
Ambient Light Sensor to help extend your battery life –
(available only with Genuine Windows® 7 Pro)
LIFEBOOK T730 series Tablet PC
Just over 3 lbs. and a little over 1” thick
Energy Efficient AMD Athlon® II Neo Processor K125
(1.7 GHz, 1 MB L2 cache)
11.6” Crystal View wide-XGA LED backlit HD display
Runs standard Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional
operating system
Featuring 82-key spill resistant keyboard with
enlarged touchpad
HDMI port for connecting to a large screen TV
Dual functionality for notebook and tablet use
Powered by the new 2010 intel® core™ VPro™ Processor
Optional dual digitizer display supports both pen and multitouch screen for on-screen touch gesture actions
Optional 12.1-inch led bright display offers wide-viewing angles
for a better outdoor viewing
Bi-directional display hinge for sharing information and
convenient conversion
Transmit stereo CD quality sound to Bluetooth headphone or
Bluetooth speakers
Modular bay supports optical drive, bay battery, hard disk drive,
or weight saver
Fast and long range 802.11BGN wireless
Wi-fi certified wireless lan, gigabit ethernet, and
optional bluetooth
Tablet PC
LIFEBOOK T900 series Tablet PC
Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family: The intelligence of security
and manageability on every chip
Bi-directional display hinge allows for easy sharing of the
unmatched 13.3-inch widescreen LCD
Optional dual digitizer supporting on-screen touch gesture for
more natural interaction with your Tablet PC
Built-in modular bay for flexible working with user
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Fujitsu MH380 Mini-Notebook
10.1 inch HD (LED backlit) display
Genuine Windows® 7 Starter
1 GB memory, 250 GB 5400 rpm hard drive
Intel® Atom™ Processor
Integrated webcam, digital microphone and 802.11 b/g/n WLAN
Bluetooth (V2.1) technology provides for wireless personal
area network communication with other Bluetooth compatible
Gesture supported touchpad pointing device and dedicated
scroll wheel
Compact design
Light weight, 2.97 lbs.
Single Point Load Test:
Many LCD panels are destroyed when a point of pressure is applied
to the top of the case; Fujitsu designs and tests their products to
prevent this from occurring.
Shock Test:
Fujitsu subjects its mobile PCs to sub-100G shock tests to ensure that
Fujitsu products can easily survive the rigors of daily use.
Case Opening/Closing Test:
The display lid of a mobile PC goes through a lot of stress as it is
opened, closed, and on some models rotated during its lifetime;
Fujitsu does extensive reliability tests in this area; opening, closing
and rotating display lids much harder and more often than an
average user.
Two-level hard drive password protection keeps the data on the
hard drive secure
BIOS support for Computrace and LoJack can offer tamperproof theft protection
Security lock slots keep your notebook or tablet
from walking away
Fujitsu carries out environmental activities based on the Fujitsu
Group Environmental Protection Program. Over the years, these
activities have resulted in the strengthening of environmental
activities at business sites and the development of environmental
activities in all business units in the Group.
In creating the Stage V program, Fujitsu recognized (1) the
importance of having all employees grapple with environmental
activities in their daily work and (2) the necessity of expanding
the scope of our environmental activities throughout our
entire supply chain from the standpoints of fulfilling our social
responsibilities to our diverse stakeholders and fully complying
with global environmental regulations. With this awareness, Fujitsu
established the following two basic policies.
Develop environmental activities in which all employees can play an
active role in their daily work.
Insertion/Withdrawal Testing:
Expand the scope of environmental activities to encompass the
Fujitsu tests insertion and removal of all connectors in its systems, so entire supply chain.
customers can expect them to function properly for a very long time.
An Extensive Line of Mobile Products
A good mobile PC provider should offer appropriate product
solutions for each and every type of customer. Fujitsu has a broad
and capable product line with options for every usage pattern.
This wide range of products is typified by commitment to quality
and reliability.
Fujitsu provides a rich array of security features that are easy
to use yet hard to defeat. From a Fujitsu Security Panel to a
sophisticated Trusted Platform Module, Fujitsu mobile products
offer a combination of hardware and software security solutions that
provide an extremely high level of mobile computer protection. Some
security features and options are listed below:
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Integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) can be used to help
users encrypt data and authenticate them onto their network
LIFEBOOK Security Panel offers pre-boot user authentication
with 800,000 possible password combinations
A Smart Card slot supports a wide range of
third-party applications
Portshutter, software developed by Fujitsu, helps prevent against
data leakage within an organization
Fingerprint Sensors eliminate the need for managing
multiple passwords
A great customer experience requires not only quality products,
but a commitment to service. Fujitsu is keenly focused on
providing a wide range of world-class services that enhance
the customer experience.
For the mobile business professional, Fujitsu offers its
Executive Mobile Service. This executive level of support
provides on-site PC repair for Warranty failures—as soon as
the next business day in many cases. The Executive Mobile
Service means business professionals won’t be without their
notebook for days on end.
Fujitsu also provides a number of business-critical services
to simplify customer lives. Our Mobile Systems Engineers
help customers deploy their new systems, including
deployment planning, custom image assistance and in-service
training. They also provide Wireless LAN and Wireless WAN
troubleshooting and support.
Fujitsu bundling experts can help customers choose the
hardware, software, and peripherals that are best suited
to their needs. All customers need to do is provide their
specifications and Fujitsu will develop a high-quality, costeffective solution to meet their specific standards—from
monitors, printers to bar code scanners USB adapters, and
vehicle mounts.
Fujitsu offers a growing list of mobile PCs that comply with the new stricter ENERGY STAR®
guidelines, and the company is an early participant in the Climate Savers® Computing
Initiative1. Fujitsu also currently has several Silver-rated products registered on EPEAT.
For customers who are frustrated with reliability issues when using mobile PCs, and for
those spending thousands of dollars for systems that don’t meet expectations, Fujitsu has the
solutions. the Fujitsu commitment to high-quality design, manufacturing, and testing will help
many organizations and individuals get more done each and every day.
For additional information on Fujitsu Green Initiatives, please visit the following:
Free Recycling and Trade-In Program:
To learn more about the expansive product line from Fujitsu
please visit http://solutions.us.fujitsu.com/
or call 1-800-831-3183.
Fujitsu America, Inc. provides a complete portfolio of business technology services, computing
platforms, and industry solutions. Fujitsu platform products are based on scalable, reliable and
high-performance server, storage, software, point-of-sale, and mobile technologies. Fujitsu
combines its renowned platform offerings with a full suite of onshore, near shore and offshore
system integration, outsourcing, and datacenter services covering applications, operations,
infrastructure, customer service, and multi-vendor lifecycle services. Fujitsu provides industryspecific solutions for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, government, education, financial
services, and telecommunications sectors. For more information on the business scope of
Fujitsu America, visit http://us.fujitsu.com/solutions.
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1250 East Arques Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085-3470, U.S.A.
Telephone: 800 831 3183
or 408 746 6000
Fax: 408 764 5060
Web: solutions.us.fujitsu.com
Email: solutions@us.fujitsu.com
1) The Climate Savers Computing Initiative brings together
industry, consumers, and conservation organizations to
significantly increase the energy efficiency of computers and
servers. Visit http://www.climatesaverscomputing.org/.
Fujitsu, the Fujitsu logo, and LIFEBOOK are registered
trademarks of Fujitsu Limited in the United States and other
countries. ENERGY STAR is a registered mark owned by the U.S.
government Environmental Protection Agency. Climate Savers is
a trademark or registered trademark and Computing Initiative is
a service mark of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). All other
trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective
owners. Product description data represents Fujitsu design
objectives and is provided for comparative purposes; actual
results may vary based on a variety of factors. Specifications are
subject to change without notice.
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