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Strut Disassembly and Assembly Procedure
This is a gas pressurised unit. Do not heat or puncture.
The strut suspension spring is under load and must be restrained. Use a suitable
spring compressor designed for the specific vehicle to disassemble and reassemble
strut. Be sure to exactly follow the instructions of spring compressor manufacturer.
Strut Removal
1. Place ignition key in the unlocked
Position to permit free movement of the wheels.
2. Open engine hood. Mark the position
of one (1) of the mounting bolts ® ah
in the upper mounting plate @ in
relation to fender well, then lift
the vehicle to working height.
3. Remove wheel and tire assembly.
4. On certain vehicles it may be
necessary to mark the position of
the lower mounting bolt which has an
eccentric washer.
5. Remove lower mounting bolts, and
also brake hose line if it is
necessary. It will not be
necessary to disconnect the brake
hose in all cases.
6. Remove nuts from upper mount assembly.
7. Remove strut assembly from the car.
- Strut Disassembly Procedure
1. Compress the spring by using a suitable
compressor until there is no tension
load on the upper mount.
2. Remove piston rod nut D . Hold
top binder to remove nut. Discard
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