YST-SW015 - Subwoofers -...ther European Countries - Moj

YST-SW015 - Subwoofers -...ther European Countries - Moj
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Advanced YST
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The YST-SW015 is a compact subwoofer with surprising power, excellent bass dispersion
characteristics, and the fine sound quality you expect from Yamaha. It incorporates two of the same
technologies as Yamaha's top-line subwoofers: Advanced YST and QD-Bass. It also offers a Bass
Action Selection System, phase control, and other useful functions.
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Advanced Advanced Yamaha Active Servo Technology (Advanced YST) is a unique system in which the
speaker and amplifier work together to cancel out impedance so the speaker unit has a perfectly
linear motion. Advanced YST helps to ensure the highest levels of sound pressure and overall
QD-Bass Technology
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LC) DD: Ba «= ©, QD-Bass (Quatre Dispersion Bass) technology uses down-firing drivers with square, pyramid-
shaped reflective plates to radiate the sound efficiently in four horizontal directions. The reflective
plates negate any effects caused by the floor surface and reduce resonance between sound waves
reflected from the floor and the unit.
Technology Specs Support
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