BJC-55/85 Printer Installation Guide As printers that have a USB

BJC-55/85 Printer Installation Guide As printers that have a USB | Manualzz
BJC-55/85 Printer Installation Guide
As printers that have a USB interface, the BJC-55 and BJC-85 will be recognized and installed
automatically by Windows. Windows 7 and 8 download the correct driver from Microsoft, so be sure
your PC is connected to the internet before hooking it up to the computer and turning it on. This
process may take several minutes. In some countries, this function may be disabled, and will not work.
We have installable drivers for Windows 7 and 8, both 32 and 64 bit versions, and make them available
for our customers. Please send us a request for the driver files using the contact form.
The Windows XP driver for the BJC-55/85 USB printers sets the default printing options for color
printing, and printing default preferences must set and saved by the user. If default printing preferences
are not properly set for the print head you are using, when the printer is disconnected, it will revert to
'Color Printing'. So if you are using the high-capacity black cartridge, you will have to set the printing
mode to Black and White every time the printer has been turned off or disconnected!
Install the Canon driver if you are using Windows XP. It has several more options and functions for
the printer than the default Windows driver, and it saves your default preferences easily.
According to Canon, IR printing with the BJC-85 is disabled in Windows XP. This is not true. The
Canon driver will not print with IR in Windows XP, but the Windows driver does it just fine. To set it
up, allow Windows to automatically detect and install your BJC-85, then change the port setting from
USB to IR. You can then install the Canon driver normally.
If the Canon driver is installed first, add the BJC-85 manually as a new printer. In Control Panel's
Printers and Faxes, click Add a Printer, choose Local Printer, and select 'IR (LocalPort)' from the ports
list. Then choose the correct printer from the Canon list.
Change the new printer name to include ‘IR’. If you wish to use both Parallel and IRDA, add
another printer and change the new printer name to include ‘Parallel’. This makes it easy to instantly
choose IR or Parallel printing when the USB cable is not used.
Check the IR port communication speed setting. Right-click 'My Computer', choose 'Properties',
'Hardware', 'Device Manager', and find the IR port in the list. Right-click the IR port, choose
'Properties', 'Ports', and ensure that the IR port speed is set to 115,200 bps or higher.
If you need to use the BJC-85 in DOS or Windows 3.1, install it as a BJC-80 using the Canon driver,
and connect it with the parallel cable.
On the end of the BJC-55, by the power plug, there is a lock/unlock switch that controls the battery and
power supply. Make sure it is not 'off' when you want to use the printer, as it disables the top panel
power button. If set to the Lock position when the printer is on, you will not be able to turn it off.
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