QuickStart Guide

QuickStart Guide
Pogo Boards
QuickStart Guide
Signing up for Pogo Boards is quick
and easy! Once you have signed up simply use your username and
password to access your account
from any computer.
If you forget your password:
Click on “I forgot my password” and a new, temporary password will be automatically emailed to you.
Hint: You can only try to log in with the wrong password five times before your account will be “Locked out.” Contact
[email protected] for assistance.
Pogo Boards Homepage:
Your Pogo Boards subscription comes with thousands of pre-made boards, ready to be printed or downloaded to
your iPad, iPod, or iPhone.
Your boards can be organized into three types of folders.
This folder is completely private! Only YOU
can see the boards saved here.
myCommunity Folders:
These boards are shared with other users on
the same account.
Global Community Folders:
Browse these folders to find pre-made
boards, and share the boards you’ve made
with other users. These folders are public.
Search for premade boards using the search feature near the
top of the screen. Boards can be located by name or by
Or, use the Pogo Quick
Search to sort boards in
the Global Community
folders by most popular
boards or ones that
have been recently
Use the Pogo Boards Wizard to
create a new board using a
premade template or using
custom dimensions.
To Create a Custom Board:
If you want to use your board on an iPad or iPod, make sure you select either the iPad or iPod template. Otherwise,
choose “Create Custom Board.”
Then, use the arrows to select the
number of rows and columns
Hint: Choosing the iPad or iPod template will allow you to view your board in the correct dimensions on your device
using the Pogo Boards app
Pogo Boards automatically resizes
your buttons to fill the page. If you
would like your buttons to be a
specific size, select ‘custom size’ and
adjust the button width and height.
Name your board, and add a
description of it. You can add
keywords to make it easy to find
your board later, if you wish.
Then, choose the folder where
you would like to save your board.
Your board has been
created! Click ‘continue’
to view and edit your
To Create a Board that fits a Communication Device:
Use the same process to create a board that will fit a communication device.
Simply select
‘Create for
Then, select the
manufacturer and the
template type you
want to create.
(Ex: Saltillo; ChatBox 40)
Hint: Communication Device templates are preset with the number of buttons and dimensions that will fit a specific
device. Because of this, there isn’t an option to adjust button size or the number of rows and columns.
Editing controls are located within the tabs at the top of your screen. Search for images using the controls to the left
of your board.
Selecting All Buttons
Click on ‘select all’ under the home tab to select all your buttons at once. This gives you a quick and easy way to edit
all your buttons at one time. For example – make all your labels bold.
Select a single button
To edit a specific
button, click within the
button to select it.
Drag and Drop
Rearrange your board quickly and easily by dragging
and dropping your buttons.
Roll your mouse over the top of the button you want
to select. A horizontal bar will appear – click on it to
select that button, and drag it to a new location.
Hint: Hold down the ‘ctrl’ button of your keyboard while clicking on additional buttons to select more than one
button at a time. Or, use the ‘Select All’ button under the ‘home’ tab.
Pogo Boards offers a wide variety of symbol options, including:
PiCS (Color)
PiCS (B/W)
Mulberry Symbols
My Images (add your own!)
AbleNet Symbols
Hint: Click on “Search Options” to specify your image search. For example, if you want a SymbolStix image of an
apple, uncheck all symbol libraries except for “SymbolStix,” and type ‘apple’ in the search box.
Google Images
Click on “Google Search” at the bottom of the search area.
Search for…
My Images
Clip Art
Line Art
For Example:
You can search
for a mediumsized photo of a
brown dog.
Click on “Images” at the top of your screen. This will open a new window with tools that allow you upload and name
your images.
Use the drag
and drop
feature to
quickly and
Double click to add the
image to the first blank
button; or check the
box(es) of the images you
would like to add, and
click on ‘add images’ to
add them to your board.
Multiple Images
Select the button on which you would like more than one image. Double click on the additional image(s), then click
‘add’ on the pop up window. You can then drag and resize the images around the button.
Adding an Image to Multiple Buttons
Quickly populate your board by selecting a button and typing. Pogo Boards will know you are typing a label.
Hit “enter” when
you are done and
Pogo Boards will add
an image for you,
Hint: Use the ‘tab’ key on your keyboard to quickly move to the next button on your board.
Edit text by
selecting it,
then using the
controls at the
top of the page
to change
things like font,
color, or size.
Use the copy & paste
feature to copy your
button content, style of
your button, or both!
Select the button
you would like to
link to a new board.
Then select “Link to
Hint: You can also right-click on your button, then choose “link to board” from the drop down menu
A pop-up window will appear. Choose the board you would like to link to, or choose “create board” to create a new
board. When you have linked a button to a new board, a green dot will appear in the upper right hand corner of the
Hint: When you link a button to
another board, the button will
automatically be muted. If you
want the button to speak, right
click on the button and select “unmute.”
Upload custom sounds
to Pogo Boards by
opening “my sounds.”
You can add sound files
or record your own
To add a custom sound to a button, right click on the button and choose “add custom sound.”
Choose the sound you would
like added to your button.
Once the sound has been
added, the ‘speak’ icon will be
added to the upper right hand
corner of the button.
Change your board to Free Form
Mode at any time, by clicking on
‘board settings’ and then checking
‘Free Form Mode.’
Hint: Once you have changed your board to Free Form mode, you cannot change it back to Grid Mode.
The ‘delete’ key clears a selected button
Right-click to link boards, copy
‘Tab’ or arrow keys select the next button
Hold ‘ctrl’ while clicking to select multiple buttons
To print your board:
Click ‘save’
Click ‘print’
This will create a PDF which you can print on any printer.
Hint: Before printing, make sure your printer settings are NOT set to ‘fit to page,’ especially when printing from a
template. This will make your board smaller than the device it is designed to fit.
Click ‘Speak Mode’ to use the speaking feature of Pogo Boards
Use these settings to select a voice and change the volume when using Speak Mode:
You can use the free Pogo
Boards app on up to 3 different
iPad/iPod devices. Simply
download the app from the App
Store to get started!
Hint: You may see these screens when attempting to download the Pogo Boards App. Please note that this is asking
for your Apple ID, NOT your Pogo Boards log in information.
Once Pogo Boards has been
downloaded, use your Pogo
Boards log in credentials to log
into the app.
The Pogo Boards App (for iPad or iPod) comes with a set of sample boards for you to try, or
download the boards you have customized on www.pogoboards.com.
Search for and download a board from our Global Community Folders containing thousands of pre-made boards. Or,
download boards that you have created from your own private myFolder
You can set
your own
home page on
a set of linked
Viewing Your Board
Use these commands to navigate when viewing your board on the app:
Syncing to pogoboards.com
The Pogo Boards App will
automatically sync with
your account at
for seamless viewing and
use of your boards.
Hint: App doesn’t seem to be syncing?
Make sure your device is connected to the internet
Syncing may take 10-15 minutes to complete,
depending on your connection
Questions? Comments? Contact Us at: [email protected]
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