Lamitek LamiPro 13” Pouch Laminator

Lamitek LamiPro 13” Pouch Laminator
Lamitek LamiPro 13” Pouch Laminator
The LamiPro 13 features hot & cold lamination up to 10 mil
thickness and 12.5 inches wide and can also be used for
foil fusing. The patented 4 roller system provides excellent
lamination quality.
- An innovative and patented 4 roller heating system
- Heated front roller helps eliminate bubbles, clouds
and haze in your finished products.
- No carrier required, just insert pouch directly into
- The semi-double heating system of the Lamitek LamiPro
restores the surface temperature of the front roller right
away without time delay.
- The Lamitek LamiPro13 also comes equipped with heated
plates for flawless lamination.
- The four roller system keeps the laminating pouches straight and flat.
- Adjustable temperature control allowing for the lamination of
materials from 3mil to 10mil in thickness
- Digital temperature control for accurate control of +/- 3 Degrees Celsius
- A convenient reverse feature assists in unjamming.
- The Teflon coated heat plate ensures that the heat plate does
not accumulate glue allowing for smooth trouble free lamination.
Max Laminating Width:
13 inch (330mm)
Max Laminating Speed: 18 inch (450mm)/min
Max Pouch Thickness:
10mil (250mic)
No. of Rollers:
Temp. Control:
Speed Control:
Preheating Time:
5 min
Power Supply:
Rated Wattage: 400Watt
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