Thermapen™1 Thermometer
Thermapen™1 Thermometer
Instrument Operation
The instrument is switched on by unfolding the probe until the display illuminates. Folding the probe back
in will turn the unit off. If the probe is left open, the Thermapen will shut itself off after several minutes to
preserve the battery. Apply the tip of the probe to the substance, medium or surface to be measured. The
instrument reading may take a few seconds to stabilize, depending on the nature of the measurement.
The probe measures the temperature very near the tip. It should be immersed or penetrated at least
1/8 in. or more (Fast Thermapen).
Care and Cleaning
Don’t immerse any part of the plastic housing. It is NOT waterproof.
Do not bend the stainless steel probe shaft.
Do not leave the Thermapen in an oven. Instead, open the door, insert probe to the center of the thickest
part of item being measured (avoiding bone). Observe the reading after display stabilizes, remove the
Thermapen and close the oven door.
Clean the Thermapen with a slightly damp cloth and mild cleaner. Anti-bacterial cleaners are best. Do
not let liquid pool on the display window.
Open Circuit/Faulty Probe
If the probe has developed an “open circuit” fault the instrument will display “-1”.
Battery Replacement
Replace the battery immediately if the “Low Bat” illuminates, using a MN21 or a direct 12 volt
equivalent. The battery is located under the sliding battery cover at the rear of the instrument.
Battery Insertion
Open the battery cover at the end of the instrument by applying a little downward pressure while
pulling the cover horizontally away from the instrument. When it hits the stop, tilt the cover and lift
clear. To remove an old battery, pry the positive end up first and withdraw the battery. Insert the new
battery ‘negative end’ first and then push down on the ‘positive end’ until it is firmly in place. Note the
correct polarity on the battery matches the instrument (marked on the rear label and inside the battery
compartment.) Finally, replace the cover.
Instrument readings may be affected if the unit is operated within a radio frequency electromagnetic field
strength of approximately 3 volts per meter.
This instrument is guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase against mechanical and
electrical manufacturing defects. There are no user serviceable parts inside the instrument. Any attempted
repair by unauthorized persons voids warranty. Return to your supplier for service/repair.
Thermapen 1 0.1°C
Thermapen 1 0.1°F
--49.9°C to +199.9°C
-49.9°F to +199.9°F
Test Temperature
Instrument Indication
Serial Number
Calibrated by
This Thermapen has been checked or calibrated against reference instruments(s) calibrated by a UKAS
accredited calibration laboratory. Traceable to NIST.
Manufactured in the UK by E.T.I. Ltd. for
Utah, U.S.A.
Ph: 801-756-7705
Fax: 801-756-8948
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