e-Print - Amadeus

e-Print - Amadeus
Save money. Save time. Save the environment
Amadeus e-Print Helps You Save More Money by Printing Less
Printing excessive documents is not only damaging to the environment, but also to your profits! Now with the help of
Amadeus e-Print, you can ensure you print only the documents you really need, without wasting paper.
Amadeus e-Print is a simple easy to use solution that runs directly on your PC. You only need a one-time set up, and there is no
change in the way your agents work with the Amadeus Selling Platform.
Cost saving for your office
Improves operation efficiency
Going green - No more wasting paper
Where money is concerned, every little
bit adds up! By saving a few cents today,
you could save a lot more in the long term.
Imagine if you could print 100 pages less
per day. That means you could save printing
more than 30,000 pages per year. Factor in
the rising cost of paper, ink cartridges and
printer maintenance and you will soon see
the immediate cost benefit that Amadeus
e-Print can bring to your business.
Documents are automatically created and
stored in your local network. Your agency
can retrieve these documents immediately
via the easy to use Amadeus e-Print search
module right from their workstation or
seamlessly use the “Send Email” feature
to send the required document to your
Do you know how much money is wasted
printing documents that might not even get
read? A few pages a month may not seem
to make a difference, but as your business
grows, more and more paper is wasted. With
wasted paper comes wasted money, which
surely can be put to better use!
Print to any printer
a hard-copy. The more paper you save, the
fewer trees will be cut down. As global
warming becomes more and more of a
concern, you can do your part to help the
environment, starting in your own office.
No change to the way your agents work
Your agents can still print documents
using familiar commands such as “WRA/RT,
IEP, IVP and TTP”, so there is no re-training
required. Without even realising it, your
agents will be helping your business to
become more environmentally responsible
as well as cost effective.
With Amadeus e-Print, now you can print
your document at any printer in your office
network. This means you can select the
printer, whether locally-connected or
network connected, that will print at the
quality you require.
Easy to install and upgrade
The Amadeus e-Print is very easy and quick
to setup. Installation is completed in just
a few clicks. Version upgrade to e-Print is
equally simple as new version is
automatically pushed to your local version
Contact your Amadeus sales representative to
learn more about how Amadeus e-Print can help
improve your bottom line.
With Amadeus e-Print, you can choose to
print only the documents that require
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