Wireless LAN PC Card

Wireless LAN PC Card
IEEE 802.11g Turbo Mode
Wireless LAN PCI Adapter
Quick Installation Guide
Version 3.0 April 2006
Multi-Languages QIG in Driver CD
Český : Anglického průvodce rychlou instalací naleznete
na přiloženém CD s ovladači
Deutsch: Finden Sie bitte das englische QIG beiliegend
in der Treiber CD (German)
Españ ol: Incluido en el CD el QIG en Ingles.
Franç ais: Veuillez trouver l’anglais QIG ci-joint dans le
CD driver
Italiano: Incluso nel CD il QIG in Inglese.
Magyar: Az angol telepítési útmutató megtalálható a
mellékelt CD-n
Nederlands: De engelstalige QIG treft u aan op de
bijgesloten CD
Polski: Skrócona instrukcja instalacji w języku
angielskim znajduje się na załączonej płycie CD
Portuguê s: Incluído no CD o QIG em inglês.
Tü rkç e: Ü rün ile beraber gelen CD içinde Türkçe Hızlı
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English Version.
Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP:
I. Install the Hardware
1. Turn off your computer and remove its cover.
2. Insert the PCI card to an available PCI slot firmly.
3. Secure this card to the rear of the computer chassis and
put back the cover.
4. Secure the antenna to the antenna connector of the
5. Turn on the computer.
II. Install the Driver and Utility
The following installation operates under Windows XP.
Procedures are similar for Windows 98SE/Me/2000.
“Found New Hardware Wizard” is displayed after the
PCI card is installed and the computer is restarted.
Click “Cancel”.
Insert the Installation CD to your CD-ROM Drive. the
setup programs will appear, select the “EW-7128g”
”Execute the “Product Utility” and the setup program
will be star.
Click “Yes” to process the installation if you accept the
license agreement.
The system starts to install the software of the card.
The system will automatically detect the card and
display “Hardware Installation” screen. Click
“Continue Anyway” to continue.
G. Please click “Finish” to complete the installation.
II. Use the Configuration Utility
When the card is installed, the configuration utility will be
displayed automatically. This card will auto connect to
wireless device which has better signal strength and no
wireless security setting.
There is an icon will also be displayed in the system tray.
You can double click the icon in the system tray to open
the configuring utility.
In Windows XP, there is a “Windows Zero Configuration
Tool” for you to setup wireless clients. By default, this
“Windows Zero Configuration Tool” is enabled. If you
want to use the Utility for the card, please follow one of
the ways as below.
First Way
Right click the icon in the system tray and select “Use
RaConfig as Configuration Utility”.
Second Way
Right-click the icon and select “View Available
Wireless Networks”.
Click “Advanced”.
Uncheck “Use Windows to configure my wireless
network settings” to enable the utility for the card.
Note: If “Wireless Zero Configuration” is enabled, you can
only configure the advance setting or check the link status
and statistics from the configuration utility of the card.
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