Toro 1100 Electric Trimmer, 1200 Electric Trimmer, 900 Electric Trimmer User manual

Toro 1100 Electric Trimmer, 1200 Electric Trimmer, 900 Electric Trimmer User manual
Form No, 3320-113
e Fully-Automatic Line Feed
e Light Weight for Easy Handling
e Full One Year Warranty
TORO Quality
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Safety Instructions
1. Read and understand Operator's
Manual before using Trimmer. Be thor-
oughly familiar with proper use of the
2 Never allow children to operate the
Trimmer. It is not a toy. Never allow
adults to operate unit without first read-
ing the Operator's Manual.
3. Always wear safety glasses or other
suitable eye protection.
4. Never operate the Trimmer in wet
or damp conditions.
5. Do not use in rain.
6. Keep the area of operation clear of
all persons, particularly small children
and pets.
7. Dress properly — Do not wear loose
clothing or jewelry. They can be caught
in moving parts. Always wear substan-
tial footwear and long pants.
8. Use the right appliance — Do not
у the appliance for any job except
1 for which it is intended.
9. To prevent shock hazard use only an
extension cord suitable for outdoor use.
You may obtain extension cords from
your Toro retailer.
10. Avoid unintentional starting — Do
not carry plugged-in Trimmer with
finger on switch.
11. Don't Abuse cord — Never pull
cord to disconnect from receptacie.
Keep cord away from heat, oil and
sharp edges. Replace damaged cords.
12. Dor't force the Trimmer — It will
do the job better and safer at the rate
for which it was designed.
13. Always be sure of your footing;
keep a firm hold on the handle and
walk, never run.
14. Stop the motor and unplug the
supply cord whenever you leave the
Trimmer, before cleaning the housing,
and when making any repairs or in-
15. When not in use, store your Trim-
mer in a dry place out of the reach of
16. Keep all fasteners tight to be sure
the Trimmer is in safe working condi-
tion. Follow maintenance instructions
provided on page 5 of this manual.
17. Never operate without proper
guards or other protective safety devices
in place.
18. Do not put hands or feet near or
under rotating parts. Keep clear at all
19. If the Trimmer should start to
vibrate abnormally, stop the motor and
check immediately for the cause. Vibra-
tion is generally a warning of trouble.
20. Do not operate your Toro Trimmer
after it has been dropped or damaged.
Return it to your nearest authorized
service dealer for inspection and repair.
Assembly Instructions
Installing Grass Shield
1. Place grass shield over motor hous-
ing with the raised tab on shield centered
with right motor housing side.
2. Lock shield into position by firmly
turning 1/4 turn so raised tab on shield
meets raised tab on motor housing back.
Mounted on the shield is 3 cutting knife
used to automatically cut line to proper
cutting length. The use of too long a
line can result in shortened motor life.
CAUTION: Grass shield should be kept
on Trimmer to prevent foreign material
or debris from being thrown into opera-
tor zone,
NOTE: Cutting knife is sharp and care
should be taken when handling shield.
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Cutting Line
1. For shipping purposes the c 19
line has been looped through the evelet
of the spool drum. Before operating,
pull looped cutting line out of eyelet.
2. When Trimmer is tapped on
ground, line is automatically fed and cut
to its proper length while operating. See
Lengthening Cutting Line for more
3. After each use, loop cutting line
back through eyelet to prevent unravel-
ing. Remember to pull looped cutting
line out of eyelet before using your
Trimmer again,
Operating Instructions
( TION: Always wear safety glasses
or other suitable eye protection and
long pants while operating Trimmer.
1. The Toro Trimmer will cut grass
and small weeds in difficult and hard-
to-reach places. However, since this tool
provides a totally new method of cut-
ting, you will most likely experience
some line breakages during your first
few usages. As you learn the trimming
techniques, you will be able to cut areas
around trees, shrubs, foundation walls,
along fences, sidewalks, patios, етс.,
with minimal line fatique or line break-
Inspect area to be trimmed for any wire,
cord, or string-like matter which could
become entangled in the rotating line.
2. Angle unit slightly with reference
to area being cut.
3. Do not force the unit — Allow the
very trip of the nylon line to do the
4, Whenever possible cut to your left.
When cutting to the left, the unit's cut-
ting efficiency is somewhat better since
the line is contacting the grass as soon as
it leaves the guard, and the clippings are
moving away from the operator.
5, Slowly move unit into and out of
area being cut, maintaining unit at de-
sired height. This can be either a for-
ward-backward or side-to-side motion as
6. Grass in excess of 8 inches tall or
small weeds should be cut by working
from the top to the bottom in small
increments to avoid premature line
7. As cutting line wears, for best per-
formance, lengthen as indicated in Line
Lengthening procedure. Trim only when
grass and weeds are dry.
8. The life of your cutting line is de-
pendent upon following the above trim-
ming techniques, as well as what is being
cut, and where the cutting is being
done. EXAMPLE: Line will wear faster
Operating Instructions (cont.)
when run against a foundation wall as
compared to trimming around a tree.
Some line breakage will occur from
moving unit too fast, from entangle-
ment with foreign matter, from normal
line fatigue, and from attempting to cut
thick, stalky weeds in excess of 5
9. Lay out the extension cord so that
it won't be in your way and to prevent
kinking or tangling.
Lengthening Cutting Line
Toro Trimmers are equipped with an automatic line feeding
device so the line can be lengthened WITHOUT STOPPING
THE MOTOR. With your Toro Trimmer you need not stop
and unplug the Trimmer, measure the proper length of line,
and cut it off. Simply tap the Trimmer on the ground WHILE
IS RUNNING and line will automatically
lengthen and be cut to the proper length.
NOTE: The spool cap may wear during
normal use of the line advance feature
and may require occasional replace-
ment. Spools prewound with 50 feet of
cutting line are available through your
Toro Trimmer retailer.
1. To lengthen line, firmly tap spool
on the ground while the motor con-
tinues to run. The line will be fed from
the spool and cut off to the p: “er
length by the cutting knife attact o
the shield.
Remember to keep the Trimmer ‘on’
while lengthening the line. Just tap the
Trimmer on the ground; do not hold it
on the ground. After the tap and the
line has fed out, wait until you hear the
line being cut to the proper length be-
fore continuing to trim.
2. Lengthen line only when necessary;
over lengthening will waste line.
Replacing Cutting Line
1. To replace cutting line when your
factory furnished supply runs out, you
may purchase replacement line to re-
wind the empty spool or prewound re-
placement spools from your Toro
CAUTION: Always unplug Trimmer
from power source before inverting it.
2. To remove empty spool, insert med-
ium blade screw driver in one of two win-
dow slots on spool hub and twist screw
driver 1/4 turn. Spool will snap off.
Keep line tight on spool by making a
hook in the line and secure in notch.
NOTE: Before reassembly, be sure to
thoroughly clean out drum area and
visually inspect for any damaged or
worn parts.
The spool and the core are keyed. Be
sure they are properly aligned when put-
ting spool back on. Thread end of line
through eyelet, place spool on keyed
core and push in place until you hear it
click. Pull line free from notch in spool.
Unwind no more than three inches from
4. If line should break at eyelet,
refeed cutting line through eyelet by
pushing spool in as far as it will go and
thread line back through eyelet. Or you
may remove the spool completely,
refeed the cutting line through eyelet
and reassemble spool to Trimmer fol-
lowing instructions above.
General Maintenance
1. Always be sure your Toro Trimmer
is unplugged before attempting any
2. To keep the exterior clean, just
wipe it off with a damp cloth — don't
ever hose it down.
3. Wipe debris away from air intake
holes in motor housing.
4. Wipe or scrape clean the spool area
anytime there is an accumulation of dirt
or cuttings.
5. Check and tighten all fasteners. If
any part is damaged, repair or replace it.
Important Notice!
If the monofilament cutting line unwinds from the spool, simply
remove the spool following the instructions in your operator's
manual. Rewind the line onto the spool, and put the spool back on
the trimmer,
Note: When removing the spool, be sure to use a screwdriver as wide
as the slots in the spool. This assures ease of spool removal and
guards against spool damage,
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420 USA
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Electric Trimmer у
Warranty х
The Toro Company promises to repair or replace, at our option, any r
TORO Electric Trimmer if defective in materials or workmanship. -
Tangled line or spools which may require replacement as the result К
of normal wear are not considered warranty. The following time
period from the date of purchase applies:
Residential Use . ............... .
The cost of the replacement unit is included, but the customer is
A responsible for the return of the unit to the selling dealer. This
4 product is not warranted if used commercially.
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