36 sec.
Fulfills all of the requirements demanded of today's printers.
The convenient Advanced Media Handling makes printing even easier.
ink droplets
2 pl
4,800 dpi
22 ppm
15 ppm
4" x 6" borderless
36 sec.*
2-Way Paper Feeding
Auto Duplex Printing
DVD/CD Direct Printing
Advanced Media Handling
Camera Direct
High-Speed and Photo-Quality Printing
PIXMA iP3000 featuring the FINE
high-performance print head
The "engine" of an inkjet printer, the
print head, determines image quality
and print speed. The PIXMA iP3000
incorporates Canon's "FINE" (Fullphotolithography Inkjet Nozzle
Engineering) print head.
Total 1,600 nozzles
1,200 dpi
5 pl
2 pl
FINE (conceptual diagram)
2 pl ink droplets and 4,800 dpi resolution for high image
quality rivalling that of 6-colour printers
The PIXMA iP3000 features FINE, allowing simultaneous printing with
2 pl and 5 pl ink droplets. Skillfully combining these two ink droplet sizes
ensures both speed and beauty without compromise. As well as
achieving image quality with an absence of graininess comparable with
6-colour printers, 4,800 x 1,200 dpi high resolution clearly delineates
even the finest details without blurs.
Fastest-in-class 36-second printing of
4" x 6" borderless photos*
The PIXMA iP3000 uses the Advanced Precision Colour Distribution
Technology with symmetrically arranged colour nozzles, which
improves image quality without reducing print speed. It also
offers increased black density and contrast in plain paper
printing. In addition, incorporating 1,600 multi-nozzles, the
FINE print head is capable of ejecting up to 19 million ink
droplets per second. Coupled with the independentdrive 4-motor system, high-speed paper feed
mechanism, and an optimised sequence and motor
margin, the PIXMA iP3000 is capable of printing
monochrome text documents at up to 22 ppm
and colour documents at up to 15 ppm. The
PIXMA iP3000 boasts the fastest print speeds of
any high-quality photo printer in its class.
4" x 6" borderless
* Draft mode with Photo Paper Plus Glossy.
36 sec.*
Advanced Media Handling
To deliver a comfortable printing environment with improved printing speed and convenience,
the PIXMA iP3000 comes standard with a wide array of convenient functions to meet the needs of diverse printing styles.
Auto Duplex Printing
The built-in Auto Duplex Printing Unit handles
both plain paper and photo paper. Auto
Duplex Printing is compatible with both the
Auto Sheet Feeder and Cassette feeding.
2-Way Paper Feeding
Auto Sheet Feeder feeding
Cassette feeding
The Paper Feed Cassette is built into the
printer unit. Combined with the conventional
Auto Sheet Feeder, this offers 2-Way Paper
Feeding convenience as a standard feature.
Creating a photo album
Create photo albums easily using
PhotoRecord 2.2 or Easy-PhotoPrint 3.0 and
the new Photo Paper Plus Double Sided.
Paper Feed Switch
The Paper Feed Switch shifts the
paper-feed location from the Auto
Sheet Feeder to the Cassette and
back. Detailed settings for the
paper feed method can be set
using the printer driver.
Advantage of 2-Way Paper Feeding
1. Can be used with plain paper and photo
paper simultaneously
2. Max. 300-sheet large-volume printing
DVD/CD Direct Printing
The built-in tray-guide lets users directly print
on DVD and CD. Known for precise, highspeed, high-image-quality printing, Canon's
DVD/CD Direct Printing has been made
easier to use.
Auto Sheet Feeder: Plain paper (Max. 150 sheets),
Cassette: Plain paper (Max. 150 sheets)
3. Space-saving configuration
Paper can be fed and ejected at the front, allowing the printer to
be positioned right up against a wall.
Faster Camera Direct
The Camera Direct feature — incorporated
into the PIXMA iP3000 — supports PictBridge
and Bubble Jet Direct. In addition to
achieving approx. 50% faster print speeds*, it
allows 2-Way Paper Feeding for enhanced
printing convenience.
* 4" x 6" borderless printing / Compared with i560
Printing Method
Bubble Jet Printing, Serial
Camera Direct Printing Function (PictBridge)
Resolution (dpi)
Ink Tank
Max.: 4,800 (horizontal) x 1,200 (vertical)
BCI-3e BK (Pigment), BCI-6 C/M/Y (Dye) <From left to right>
Ink Capacity *1
(Approx. figures)
Bk: 740
Print Speed (Approx.) *2 Monochrome
Paper Handling
(Auto Sheet Feeder/
Cassette *3 )
"PictBridge" compliant digital cameras & camcorders
Compatible Paper
Fast Photo** Photo Paper Pro: PR-101 A4/Letter/4" x 6"
Photo Paper Plus Glossy: PP-101 A4/Letter/4" x 6"*/5" x 7"***
Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss: SG-101 A4/Letter/4" x 6"
Glossy Photo Paper: GP-401 A4/Letter/4" x 6"/Credit Card
Photo Stickers: PS-101
22 ppm (Text pattern)
15 ppm
Plain paper
High Resolution Paper
Approx. 150 (13 mm)
(HR-101N) A4=80
Photo Paper Pro
(PR-101) A4=10, 4" x 6"=20
Photo Paper Plus Glossy
(PP-101) A4=10, 4" x 6"=20, 5" x 7"=10
Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss
(SG-101) A4=10, 4" x 6"=20
*=Default setting
**=Displayed function name on the Canon Digital camera and Digital video camcorders.
***=Specified Canon Digital cameras only.
1-up bordered, 1-up borderless* #2, Index Print *Default setting
2-up, 4-up, 9-up, 16-up (bordered)****
Glossy Photo Paper
(GP-401) A4=10, 4" x 6"/Credit Card *3=20
Photo Paper Plus Double Sided (PP-101D) A4/5" x 7"=10
Print Quality
Fixed (High)
Photo Stickers *4
(PS-101) 1
Image Optimise
T-Shirt Transfer
(TR-301) 1
(CF-102) 30
OFF*, ON (Exif Print), Vivid**, Photo Noise Reduction**,
Vivid & Photo Noise Reduction**
Envelope Auto Sheet Feeder
European DL and US Com. #10 = 10
European DL and US Com. #10 = 5
Compatible Digital Camera
Bk: 1,500 / C: 570 / M: 440 / Y:380
USB (B Port)
Camera Direct
Direct Print Port (PictBridge/Bubble Jet Direct)
Compatible OS
(Printer Driver)
USB: Windows XP/2000/Me/98, Mac OS 9.x/Mac OS X v 10.2.1 or later
Acoustic Noise
Approx. 35dB (A) in the best quality mode
Operating Environment Temperature: 5-35°C, Humidity: 10-90% RH (no condensation)
Storage Environment
Temperature: 0-40°C, Humidity: 5-95% RH (no condensation)
Power Consumption
AC Approx.: 0.5W (Print Standby) / AC Approx.: 0.25W (Off) /
AC Approx.: 15W (Printing)
Power Source
220-240V 50/60Hz
Durability (Pages)
Dimensions & Weight
418 mm (W) x 286 mm (D) x 170 mm (H), 6.5 Kg
*1: 1,500 characters per page, normal text, at standard and plain paper mode with Windows XP printer driver.
Based on printing the ISO/JIS-SCID N5 pattern at standard and plain paper mode with Windows XP printer driver. Print
capacity specifications are based on manufacturer's test conditions. Actual number of pages may very depending on
usage conditions. Colour ink consumption may occur even when black-and-white or grayscale printing is specified. Also,
colour ink is consumed in the head cleaning and refreshing processes, which are necessary to maintain the printer's
*2: Print speed may vary with the content of the document and the processing speed of the host computer.
*3: The paper corresponding to cassette feeding is a maximum of 297 mm (equivalent for A4 size).
*4: Auto Sheet Feeder only
Canon Hongkong Company Limited
Domestic Sales Office
19/F., The Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
****Only for 4"x6" size paper using ASF.
Function depends on the connected digital cameras or camcorders.
*=Default setting
**=Specified Canon Digital cameras only.
Date Print
Supported #1
Not Supported #4
Resume from "No paper"
error status by Camera
Supported #1
Print Speed #3
4" x 6" borderless: Approx. 75 sec.; A4 borderless: Approx. 3min 15sec.
#1: Function depends on the connected digital cameras or camcorders.
#2: The amount of image extension beyond the paper cannot be adjusted.
#3: Image: normal shooting settings with 3 million pixels camera
Time from pressing the print button to the end of print delivery.
Print mode: Photo. When image optimising functions OFF.
Print Speed depends on the connected camera or video.
#4: When the camera can direct each print job according to DPOF settings,
printing based on DPOF setting will be available.
Resolution may be changed between Camera Direct print and printing from PC.
Ink Tanks
(BCI-3eBk /
BCI-6C /
BCI-6M /
Enquiry Hotline : 2170 2888
Website : www.canon.com.hk
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