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Introducing IPEVO's new IW2, an ultra simple,
super affordable and extremely versatile wireless
interactive whiteboard system.
How It Works
Interactive Pen
Affordable: At $169, IW2 is thousands less than convential interactive whiteboards.
Compact: 3-piece system is lightweight and portable, and can be easily swapped between classrooms.
Wireless: Cutting the cord between Sensor Cam and computer means it adapts to any classroom setup.
Easy: Set up and calibrate in less than 5 minutes.
Intuitive: Effortlessly control mouse cursors or freely annotate with IPEVO's Annotator software.
Compatible: Works with PC, Mac and all types of projectors, including short-throw and most flat surfaces.
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Sensor Cam
Power Adapter
Works with All Projector Types
Wireless Receiever
Interactive Pen – Draw, annotate and control
software apps, remotely and right at the board with
the Interactive Pen. This includes mouse drags and
both right and left button clicks.
Sensor Cam – This small device receives infrared
signals from your Interactive Pen and translates them
into cursor movements and mouse button presses.
Wireless Receiver – Plugged into an open USB
port, the Wireless Receiver allows the Sensor Cam to
communicate with your computer, all without wires
getting in the way.
For ceiling-mounted projectors, affix the Sensor Cam
directly to the projector
For short-throw projectors, just place the Sensor Cam
on a table or AV cart
Note: Computer and Projector not included.
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Design For Learning
IW2 WIRELESS Interactive whiteboard system
Easy Setup, Fast Calibration
Download the software, position the Sensor Cam, plug
in the Wireless Receiver, and spend about a minute
calibrating the Pen for accuracy. That's it! The Sensor
Cam also includes a ceiling mount and tripod mount to
ensure maximum flexibility when you place it.
Three ways to secure IW2’s Sensor Cam
It’s important to make sure the Sensor Cam is steady and secure before use. There are three ways
to secure the Sensor Cam, depending on your setup:
Table or AV cart
2 Ceiling
Take it to the Next Level with an
With one of IPEVO's signature document cameras, you
can capture real-time video of documents, 3D objects,
and devices with screens. You can then project that
video and annotate it using IW2 and IPEVO Annotator.
Presentations have never been more interactive.
For ceiling-mounted projectors,
affix the Sensor Cam directly to the
For short-throw projectors, just place
the Sensor Cam on a table or AV cart
IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System
The IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System,
or IW2, is the next revolution in our interactive
whiteboard system technology. IW2 takes all the
well-liked features of its predecessor, the IS-01,
and adds wireless convenience. You'll enjoy the
same affordability, the versatility to transform most
any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard, the
capability to draw and annotate in real time, and the
compatibility to work seamlessly with a wide variety
of third-party software. But now with IW2, you
can leave the wire behind as you add an interactive
element which truly brings lessons to life.
A Wireless Classroom Revolution –
No WiFi Required
IW2 opens up new possibilities for student interaction
and engagement. And because IW2 uses technology
similar to a wireless mouse, you don't need WiFi to
benefit from IW2's wireless convenience.
The Superior Alternative to Traditional
Interactive Whiteboards
Traditional interactive whiteboards can cost
thousands of dollars, may require regular
maintenance, and are bulky, permanent fixtures.
With its low price, no-hassle setup, and lightweight
portability, the IW2 system is simply the smarter
The Interactive Pen is Your "Magic Wand"
The Interactive Pen transforms any surface into a
touchscreen. Clicks, double-clicks and drags can all
be accomplished either with a button on the Pen
shaft or by using the contact-sensitive tip. In no time,
drawing and controlling apps will become second
Works with All Projector Types and
Most Surfaces
If you have a classroom projector and a flat surface,
chances are IW2 is right for you. Even portable and
short/ultra-short throw projectors are no problem.
And IW2 also works with soft projection screens.
Bring Lessons to Life with IPEVO Annotator
With IPEVO's free drawing and annotation software,
you can use the Interactive Pen to draw directly onto
projected teaching material. Highlight key points of
interest, add text notes, label parts of a diagram, and
so much more.
Model #5-870-1-08-00
IW2 Versus Traditional Interactive Whiteboards
$ 169
· Effective Board Area: 40″ - 100″
· Effective Distance (to Board): Up to 20 ft (600cm)
· Operation Temperature: 32~104°F (0~40℃)
· Up to 20 ft (600cm)
· Power Supply: DC Adapter (Input Rating 5V/2A)
· Dimensions L x W x H (folded): 3.78” x 1.73” x 0.85”
(96 x 44 x 21.5 mm)
· Weight: 3.7oz (106g)
· Operation Temperature: 32~104°F (0~40℃)
· IR Trigger: Contact Sensitive Tip or Button Press
· Battery Type: 2 AAA (Alkaline Battery)
· Dimensions L x W x H (with Wireless Receiver):
14.64” x 0.77” x 0.87” (372 x 19.6 x 22.2 mm)
· Weight: 2.5oz (72g)
· Operation Temperature: 32~104°F (0~40℃)
· Wireless Receiver is powered by USB connection
(Input Rating 5V/0.5A)
· Operation Temperature: 32~104°F (0~40℃)
IW2 Wireless Interactive Whiteboard System
Wireless between existing whiteboard/projection screen/
most any flat surface to Sensor Cam, and from Sensor Cam
to computer.
Free to place computer anywhere in the classroom.
1 | Tel 1-408-490-3085 Fax 1-408-516-8168 Email
IPEVO Annotator
for PC and Mac
Need a wired connection between the interactive whiteboard
and computer.
Restrictions on where to place the computer.
Traditional Interactive Whiteboard Setup
IW2 Wireless Setup
Thousands of dollars.
Lightweight and portable.
Easily swapped between classrooms.
Bulky, fixed to the wall.
Can hardly be swapped between classrooms.
Turns existing whiteboard/projection screen/most any flat
surface into an interactive whiteboard.
Permanently fixed interactive whiteboard.
Customizes classroom layout and turns any wall surface into
an interactive whiteboard.
60" & 70" Projection Screen
with Magnetic Backing
Other traditional interactive whiteboards
Existing whiteboard/ projection screen/flat surface less likely
to fail.
Fixed classroom layout once the traditional interactive
whiteboard is installed.
Interactive whiteboard filled with electronic parts that
require regular maintenance.
Design For Learning
The $149
Interactive Whiteboard
IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System
Accessories for IS-01 Interactive whiteboard system
Projection Screen with Magnetic Backing
for IS-01 IWB System
Available in Two Sizes: 60-Inch and 70-Inch
Model #5-866-1-08-00
$ 149
Model #5-138-1-8006
Model #5-148-1-8004
A Perfect Companion to the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System.
The Projection Screen with Magnetic Backing is a high-quality, nonadhesive
sheet which turns any flat surface into a whiteboard projection screen. With nohassle magnetic backing, the screen can be affixed to an existing whiteboard or
to any magnetic surface.
Unlike standard whiteboards, the Projection Screen's unique surface material can
effectively reduce harmful glare. Use dry erase markers just as you would with
a traditional whiteboard. A perfect companion to the IPEVO IS-01 Interactive
Whiteboard System. Choose from two sizes: 60" (great for shorter elementary
school learners); or 70" (designed for students in middle school, high school and
Note: The Projection Screen with Magnetic Backing is an accessory for the IS-01
Interactive Whiteboard System, which is sold separately.
*60-inch projection screen
35.2" x 47.2" (60"), 43.3" x 57.9" (70")
Extension Wand for IS-01 IWB System
No Whiteboard? No Problem.
The Interactive Whiteboard System, or IS-01,
transforms most any flat surface into an interactive
whiteboard. Pair IS-01 with a computer and
projector, and in just a few simple steps you can
draw and annotate on a projected "board" large
enough for the entire class — up to 100″! Your
drawings, gestures and highlights will all appear on
the live image in real time. IS-01 is even compatible
with a wide variety of software programs, meaning
you'll be able to control what's on screen, just as if
you were at the computer. With its teacher-friendly
operation and ease of use, IS-01 is sure to become a
favorite in your classroom.
Use Any Projector
Because the sensor simply tracks the position
of the pen, you can use any make and model of
projector. If you have a projected image that fits the
customizable 40″ - 100″ board area, you have an
interactive whiteboard.
Draw, Annotate, and Interact
Direct focus and give proper emphasis to whatever
your projector's showing from your computer —
including software programs. And because the pen's
tip sensor and button act as mouse clicks,
you can also control software with just the pen.
Invigorate Your Lessons with
IPEVO Annotator
The included IPEVO Annotator software can be
used in combination with any other application.
Draw, write and annotate onto images on the screen
using an intuitive drawing toolkit. Or, create a blank
whiteboard to turn your projector screen into a true
interactive whiteboard.
USB Plug-And-Play Compatible, Setup in
3 Steps
IS-01 is USB plug-and-play compatible. Install the
software, plug the sensor cam in, and spend less than
a minute calibrating the board for accuracy. That's all
there is to it, and that's also why IS-01 is so easy to
swap between rooms.
The Anywhere Classroom
Turn any flat surface into your teaching space. As
long as your projector can project onto the area and
it's between 40″ and 100″ measured diagonally, IS01 will go to work for you — or for your students
when it's their turn at the board.
· Effective Board Area: 40″ - 100″
· Effective Distance: About 3.7' - 13.1'
(112 cm - 400 cm)
· Interface: Micro USB
· Dimensions (W x H x D): 1.9″ x 1.6″ x 3″
(48 x 40.4 x 75.8 mm)
· Micro USB Cable Length: 6.56ft (200 cm)
· Weight: 2.5oz (72.5 g)
· Pen Trigger: Tip Sensor or Button Press
· Battery Type: AAA Battery x 2 pcs
· Dimensions: 7.9″(200mm)/ Φ - 0.6″(16mm)
· Weight: 0.85oz (24 g)
What You Need :
Model #5-862-3-08-00
Take Advantage of the Convenience and Versatility of a Longer
Interactive Pen with the Extension Wand.
The Extension Wand is a special add-on accessory for IPEVO's IS-01 Interactive
Whiteboard System. Effectively extends the length of the IS-01 Interactive Pen
from 7.9" (20cm) to 23.8" (60.5cm). With extra length from the Extension
Wand, it's useful for reaching all areas of larger and taller screen surfaces.
Younger and shorter learners can use the Interactive Pen like a "magic wand"
to control teaching material with a wave of their hand. The wand is connected
and disconnected by a simple snap-on, snap-off action and without having to be
screwed on.
Note: The Extension Wand is an accessory for the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard
System, which is sold separately.
IS-01 Interactive
Whiteboard System
Your Mac or PC
Projection Screen
with Magnetic Backing
A Projector
You Will Get A
Portable Interactive Whiteboard.
IPEVO Annotator
for PC and Mac
Projection Screen with Magnetic Backing
Interactive Pen
60" & 70" Projection Screen
with Magnetic Backing
IS-01 Sensor Cam
Extension Wand
Lauren Veale, Lakeview Elementary
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Marita Schroeder, Bosco Catholic School System
Design For Learning
Unleash The Full Potential
Of iPad For Education
iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera
The Wireless Doc Cam for iPad.
iZiggi-HD — the document camera designed for
iPad — is the next evolution in affordable doc cam
technology from IPEVO. Traditional doc cams
often need to be connected to a computer via USB.
iZiggi-HD connects wirelessly to iPad and skips the
computer to stream live, high-resolution images of
documents, textbooks, handwritten notes, pictures,
devices and 3D objects for teaching and presenting.
So whether you're in the classroom, in the office, or
anywhere else, iZiggi-HD is the best way to share
material with iPad.
Share and Present Like Never Before
Teachers are creating new ways to learn with iPad, and
now you can take that learning even further. Stream
multimedia materials wirelessly to iPad to increase
engagement and interaction.
Stunning Real-Time HD Capture
A 5 Megapixel CMOS sensor delivers exceptional
images for fine details and small text. Achieve
resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 pixels wirelessly and
an incredible 2592 x 1944 when directly connected to
PC or Mac.
Expand Your Teaching Horizons
Interact with students at their desks, share
artwork or essays for the class, or even take
iZiggi-HD on a special field trip. For both
individual and group sessions, iZiggi-HD
gives you a wealth of options.
Transform iPad into an
Interactive Whiteboard
With IPEVO Presenter (for iPad) or IPEVO
Whiteboard, you can customize live view and
annotate directly onto it. Augment lessons and
put the attention right where it belongs, all with
simple touchscreen controls.
Designed for Hassle-Free Capture
Because time should be spent on your lesson, not
on fiddling with the camera, iZiggi-HD makes
capture easy with a multi-jointed swing arm and
swiveling head.
PC and Mac Compatible
You can also use iZiggi-HD with your PC or Mac,
either wirelessly or via wired USB connection.
On your computer, IPEVO Presenter software
delivers even more customizations and features.
Model #5-863-2-08-00
To iPad
· True 5.0-megapixel CMOS sensor
· Resolutions:
Up to 1600 x 1200 wirelessly on iPad
Up to 2592 x 1944 directly connected to PC or Mac
· Full autofocus lens
· Up to 2.2″ (5.5 cm) macro focus
· Up to 30 fps live video capture (at 640 x 480)
· USB 2.0 Video Class (UVC) interface
· iPad, Mac & Windows PC compatible
· Max shooting area: 12.4″ x 9.1″ (315 x 230 mm)
· LxWxH (when folded): 9.3″ x 2.2″ x 2.5″
(237 x 55 x 63 mm)
· Weight: 1.25 lbs (566 g)
· USB extension cable length: 3.9ft (120 cm)
· Ports: USB 2.0 x2, RJ-45 x1
· Inputs: DC 5V 2A
iZiggi-HD captures all your teaching material documents, textbooks, artworks, devices
and 3D objects - and wirelessly streams
real-time video directly to your iPad.
IPEVO Presenter
For iPad / PC or Mac
IPEVO Whiteboard
For iPad or
Android Tablet
IPEVO Presenter
For Chromebook
$ 159
Maximize iZiggi-HD's Potential with
IPEVO Presenter
Packed with intuitive tools and features, IPEVO Presenter is the very best way
to get the most from your iZiggi-HD.
Share From Anywhere
Explore Near-Limitless Image Options
Customize many different aspects of iZiggi-HD's live stream with free IPEVO Presenter software for iPad,
PC and Mac. No matter which platform you use, you'll enjoy an easy-to-use toolkit which gives you the power
to change resolution, exposure, zoom, white balance, and focus with just a click or two. Full Screen mode, a
Freeze function, and custom image rotations are just a few more handy features. You'll never fight or fiddle to
obtain the right look and orientation for your subject. Every tool you need is right at your fingertips.
Share, Teach, Annotate and Archive – All in One!
Whether it's e-learning videos, science demonstrations, or just saving your material for later reference,
Presenter has everything it takes to help educators innovate and inspire. Straightforward annotation
functions allow you to draw, write and annotate onto the live images in order to highlight, emphasize or
clarify key areas of interest. You can also take snapshots or record video (including audio and voiceover!) of
the live stream, then manage your media in a special Review mode. An integrated and multimedia approach
has never been easier, or more fun!
Everyone Can Participate
Magnifying Lens for
IPEVO Doc Cams
A Perfect Tool For Seniors And
The Visually Impaired
Scan Kit
Stream teaching material wirelessly to iPad to increase engagement and interaction.
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Design For Learning
VGA/USB Doc Cam Delivers
Dual-Mode Versatility To Educators
VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera
Model #5-861-2-08-00
$ 139
The Dual Mode Doc Cam.
The VZ-1 HD Doc Cam puts the choice in your hands
for teaching, demonstrations and presentations —
no computer required. Use a VGA connection
to stream high-def live images directly to your
projector, or connect to PC or Mac via USB. With
its combination of affordability, ultra-intuitive
operation, and light weight, VZ-1 HD holds a decisive
edge over conventional standalone Doc Cams.
· True 5.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor
Direct Projection Without the Clutter
Connect to Your Computer via USB
Single Focus Brings iPad to Life
VZ-1 HD captures documents and live images
and sends them directly to your projector —
no computer required. VZ-1 is also compatible
with most TVs and monitors with a VGA input.
Easily share documents, textbooks, artwork,
3D objects, and devices with digital screens.
Turn VZ-1 HD into your own personal
assistant by connecting to your computer
via USB. Scan tests and worksheets, capture
material for demonstrations, share educational
apps on iPad and much more. You can also
take advantage of IPEVO Presenter software,
which is packed with additional features and
image customizations.
The Single focus mode of VZ-1 HD is ideal for
demoing educational apps on the iPad. Capture
hand gestures, drawing, writing, and all types
of interactions without having to worry about
High-Def Capture,
Swing-Arm Convenience
270° Swivel Head, Perfect for
Hands-On Learning
VZ-1 HD features a 5.0 Megapixel camera and
offers a range of high-definition resolutions
— up to 2592 x 1944 pixels on PC or Mac, and
1920 x 1080 pixels using VGA. And with the
camera's special multi-jointed swing-arm,
it's never been easier to adjust your shot and
capture your subject in stunning detail.
VZ-1 HD's multi-jointed swing-arm and
swiveling head give you the freedom to place
the camera anywhere you need it without
the hassle of tightening knobs or otherwise
locking the stand. VZ-1 HD's uncomplicated
design ensures your time is spent on teaching,
not on fiddling with controls.
Small Footprint, Big Impact
VZ-1's small footprint allows you to do more
with a limited amount of space. Its base won't
take up too much of your desk, and the unit can
be folded together and transported between
home and office or between classrooms.
· Full autofocus lens
· 6x digital zoom (USB mode only)
· Up to 30fps live video capture (at 640x480)
· USB 2.0 Video Class (UVC) interface
· Mac & Windows PC compatible
· Max shooting area: 13″ x 9.6″ (330 x 245 mm)
· L x W x H: 3.54″ x 3.54″ x 10.24″ (90 x 90 x 260 mm)
· Weight: 2.2lbs (985 g)
Magnifying Lens for
IPEVO Doc Cams
Conventional Doc Cam VS. VZ-1 Doc Cam
Scan Kit
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Design For Learning
Point 2 view usb document camera and accessories
Education's Premier Document Camera
The Most Affordable Document Camera
Ziggi-HD Plus USB Document Camera
Point 2 View (P2V) USB Document Camera
Model #5-868-3-08-00
$ 99
Model #CDVU-03IP
$ 69
Education’s Premier Document Camera Under $100
Comes with 8MP and Up to 30 fps
With its powerful 8.0 Megapixel camera that allows you to capture, present and explore the
smallest details in HD clarity; up to 30 fps to deliver stunning silky-smooth live streaming;
excellent low-light performance, and a faster focus speed for frequent switching between
different materials, Ziggi-HD Plus is the premier document camera for education and
business, yet still costing hundreds less than conventional document cameras.
· An 8.0 Megapixel camera captures documents, artwork, textbooks, 3D objects, and
devices with screens with astonishing high-definition clarity
· A variety of high definition and standard definition resolutions up to 3264 x 2448 pixels
· Enjoy smooth, lag-free live streaming at up to 30 fps (at full HD)
· Excellent performance under low-light conditions
· 12x continuous digital zoom to capture small text and other fine details
· Multi-jointed stand and swiveling head for effortless, versatile capture
· Built-in microphone for web conferencing, podcasting and demonstrations
· Comes with free IPEVO Presenter software with a wide range of useful tools and
customizations to maximize your capture
Live image projected onto big screen
Mac, Windows PC
or Chromebook
Versatile, Powerful, and Compact USB Document Camera
— At a Price That Will Surprise You
· Multi-jointed stand positions camera for documents, objects, and hands-on demonstrations
· 2 Megapixel camera; macro mode for exceptional images from as close as 2” (5 cm) away
· Custom software and one-touch snapshot feature for capturing images to your hard drive
· Continuous or single-click autofocus for sharp, clear text and details, every time
· Robust IPEVO Presenter software with a complete image capture toolkit
Ziggi-HD Plus
USB Document Camera
LCD projector
Microscope Adapter
for P2V USB Document Cam
Height Extension Stand
for P2V USB Document Cam
Height Extension Stand
for Ziggi-HD Plus USB Document Cam
Model #5-857-2-08-00
Model #5-831-2-01-00
Model #A-854-2-08-00 $ 19
· Attach your Point 2 View (P2V) camera to the
microscope eyepiece to share with the whole class
$ 24
· Four flexible adapters in total to fit the majority of
· Gives your Point 2 View extra height for capturing
larger documents and objects
$ 24
· Adapters for both straight eyepieces and angled
(reflected) eyepieces
· Heavy-gauge steel construction provides a sturdy and
durable mount for the Point 2 View
· Add extra height to your Ziggi-HD Plus document camera; capture larger documents than ever
· Ziggi-HD Plus becomes high enough to capture an entire A3 / tabloid-sized document (11" x 17")
· Effortless magnetic mounting — Just attach stand to
base, adjust camera, and capture
· Increased versatility — capture entire docs and close-up details, all from the same height
· Hinged stand folds flat for maximum portability
· Safe and sturdy construction keeps Ziggi-HD Plus secure at any angle
· Perfect for your own classroom or office, or as a smart
gift for a Point 2 View owner
· Compact stand folds up flat for easy transport and storage — take it on the go
· Note: This accessory is intended for use with the Ziggi-HD Plus Document Camera, which is sold separately.
· Fits both 28mm- and 33mm-diameter eyepieces
· NOTE: This is an accessory for the Point 2 View USB
Document Camera, which is sold separately.
Magnifying Lens for
IPEVO Doc Cams
Scan Kit
9 | Tel 1-408-490-3085 Fax 1-408-516-8168 Email
Extension Stand
Magnifying Lens for
IPEVO Doc Cams
Scan Kit
Extension Stand
Design For Learning
Document Camera Accessories
Ziggi-HD Plus
VZ-1 HD Dual Mode
iZiggi-HD Wireless
(directly to projector)
USB or WiFi
2.0 Megapixel
8.0 Megapixel
5.0 Megapixel
5.0 Megapixel
Highest Resolution
1600 x 1200
3264 x 2448
VGA Mode: 1920 x 1080
USB Mode: 2592 x 1944
WiFi Mode: 1600 x 1200
USB Mode: 2592 x 1944
Max Shooting Area
9.4" x 7.2"
(240 x 182 mm)
13.46" x 10.04"
(342 x 365 mm)
13" x 9.6"
(330 x 245 mm)
12.4" x 9.1"
(315 x 230 mm)
Max Shooting Area
with Extension Stand
(450 x 340 mm)
19.37" x 14.37"
(492 x 365 mm)
Bulit-in LED Lights
Bulit-in Microphone
Yes (works on USB Mode)
Snapshot Key
Digital Zoom
Macro Focus
Up to 2" (5 cm)
Up to 3.94" (10 cm)
Up to 2" (5 cm)
Up to 2" (5 cm)
Video Recording
Camera Detachable
Anti-glare Shield
· Art, science, history, or mathematics — you'll find dozens of uses for the Magnifying Lens
Multi-jointed Stand
· Built-in LED light gives your subject the illumination it needs for projection
IPEVO Presenter
IPEVO Presenter
IPEVO Presenter
IPEVO Presenter App (for iPad)
IPEVO Whiteboard App (for iPad
or Android Tablet)
IPEVO Presenter (for PC or Mac)
0.89lbs (402 g)
1.62lbs (737 g)
2.2lbs (985 g)
1.25lbs (566 g)
Magnifying Lens
Microscope Adapter
Height Extension Stand
Scan Kit
Magnifying Lens
Height Extension Stand
Carring Case
Scan Kit
Magnifying Lens
Scan Kit
Magnifying Lens
Scan kit
System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Minimum Requirements
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.4GHz
CPU or higher
OS X 10.8 or higher
200MB of free hard disk space
256MB of dedicated video
(For lag-free live streaming
up to 1280 x 720)
Recommended Requirements:
Intel® Core™ i5 CPU or higher
OS X 10.10
200MB of free hard disk space
256MB of dedicated video
(For lag-free live streaming
up to 3264 x 2448, and
video recording of 1920 x
1080 and above)
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
1.4GHz CPU or higher
(2.4GHz recommended)
512MB RAM (1GB
iOS 6.1 or later
256MB of dedicated video
1.4GHz CPU or higher (2.4GHz
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
Magnifying Lens for IPEVO Doc Cams
Model #A-864-2-08-00
·2X magnification to bring tiny details to life with your P2V, VZ-1, Ziggi-HD or iZiggi-HD Document Camera
· Hold it flat against your subject; mounts on the front of the document camera body
· Note: This is an accessory for the P2V, VZ-1, Ziggi-HD or iZiggi-HD camera. Camera sold separately
iZiggi HD Wireless
Point 2 View
Microsoft Windows 8, 7,
Vista or XP
1.4GHz CPU or higher
512MB RAM (1GB
Scan Kit for IPEVO Doc Cams
Model #5-856-2-08-00
Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7
· Upright support for faster, more convenient capture
· Mount documents, books, iPads, receipts, business cards, and more
· Project teaching materials and swap them quickly and easily
iZiggi HD Wireless
Point 2 View
· Note: This item is intended to be used with an IPEVO document camera, which is sold separately
11 | Tel 1-408-490-3085 Fax 1-408-516-8168 Email
Microsoft Windows 8, 7,
Vista or XP
1.4GHz CPU or higher
(2.4GHz recommended)
512MB RAM (1GB
200MB free hard disk space
64MB of dedicated video
Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
200MB free hard disk space
256MB of dedicated video
Microsoft Windows 8, 7,
Vista or XP
1.4GHz CPU or higher (2.4GHz
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
200MB free hard disk space
64MB of dedicated video memory
Intel® Core™ i3 CPU 530 @
2.93GHz or higher
· Can also be used to aid in digital magnification and text enlargement
· Eliminates unwanted glare and camera shadow
200MB free hard disk space
Android Tablet:
Kitkat or Lollipop
200MB of free hard disk
256MB of dedicated video
Design For Learning
ACCEssories for tech-enabled classrooms
iPad Charging Station for Classrooms
A Better Way To Charge Mutiple iPads
How To Put A Charge Into Your Classroom
With The USB SuperCharger
The 72W High-Speed 6-Port USB SuperCharger
Model #5-869-2-08-00
$ 69
Charging Station in Action
Are you using multiple iPads or other USB devices in your classroom? Then
you know that keeping all your devices charged can be a pain. The 72W
High-Speed 6-Port USB SuperCharger is designed for tech-savvy educators
like you. Charge up to an incredible six iPads at once, lightning-fast and all
with just a single electrical outlet. The SuperCharger offers tons of utility and
convenience with none of the compromises.
Safety is always our number one concern,
and that's why the 6-Port SuperCharger has
been rigorously tested and certified by the
Underwriter Laboratories. UL certification
is the consumer's assurance of safety and
quality, and it means that the SuperCharger
conforms to current UL standards for both heat
and current. Beware cheap imitators who use
flimsy materials and who do not seek out UL
certification, and enjoy peace of mind with the
6-Port SuperCharger.
High Speed, Full 2.4A Charge Ports are Faster than
the Competition
Each of the SuperCharger's 6 USB ports are rated at 2.4 amps and 5 volts
for a total of 72 watts of total power. This massive wattage means you'll be
able to charge 6 iPads (or most any other device which charges via USB) at
the same time and at the same charge speed as the original factory power
adapter. Competing chargers often spread 2.4 amps over multiple ports,
resulting in less power for each iPad and a significantly slower charge. You
won't experience any such slowdown with the 6-Port SuperCharger.
IPEVO 72W HighSpeed 6-Port USB
Apple's USB
Power Adapter
Wall Charger
Total Watts
Total Ports
6 ports
6 ports
4 ports (only 3 can be iPads)
12W (5V 2.4A)
2.625 W (5V 0.525A)
Watts per port / 12W (5V 2.4A)
Amps per port
In the same
time frame,
% of charge
for each
The Superior Alternative to Charge Carts
iPad charge carts rarely make sense for all but the largest of groups. Carts
are simply too large and too expensive. And because of their high cost,
most organizations can only afford one and have to share it. The 6-Port
SuperCharger is just a better choice, with a much lower price and much
higher portability. Why lug around a single bulky charge cart when you can
have multiple mobile charging stations?
Tips on the Right Charger
Safety First
UL certified with over-heat and over-current protection
When it comes to electrical products, safety always comes first. So, when
choosing the charger, don’t forget to check the UL certification on the label,
which tells you that the device has been tested and won’t short out or do
anything electrically funky.
High Speed
Four Full 2.1A Charge Ports faster than other brands
Some charging devices can charge multiple iPads, but they might have
only 1 or 2 charge ports rated at a full 2.1 amps, which is what iPads need
to charge at the fastest speed (as with the standard Apple adapter). So,
finding a charger with all ports rated at 2.1 amps is essential for maximum
- A full charge here meaning charging starts from 5% or lower to 100% battery.
- iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 3 are the 6 iPads used for 6 iPad simultaneously charging test
- All 6 iPads are charged with screen off and Wi-Fi enabled.
ore and more teachers are using
iPads in the classroom, whether
it's for special projects or for everyday
lessons. And when you get that many
tablets together — and that many young
students who may or may not have
perfect charging habits — keeping all
the iPads charged throughout the day
becomes a huge challenge.
That's why IPEVO introduced
the USB SuperCharger. The USB
SuperCharger is a convenient 4-slot
charging station that will keep those
iPads juiced. Using just a single wall
socket, teachers can keep up to 4 iPads
And the best part is that each of
the USB SuperCharger's 4 charging
slots can charge at the full 2.1 amps
an iPad needs for the quickest and
most efficient charge. Other brands
cut corners by spreading that same 2.1
amps out to 2 or more slots. But with
Kati Dunton, Memorial Elementary
USB SuperCharger, all four slots give
an iPad maximum charge.
Given its 4 slots and full charge
speeds, the USB SuperCharger is all
about smart battery management. You
can keep the USB SuperCharger out
on a desk or tabletop as a dedicated
charging station. Neither the teacher
nor the students have to fish around
for an extra adapter or hunt for a spare
wall socket.
When's the best time and what's
the best schedule for charging? You'll
quickly discover what works best
in your classroom. Keep the iPads
plugged in while students are using
them, and you'll never have to worry
about dead batteries stopping a lesson.
Or, plug the iPads in between activities
(or at night) so they never get low.
You can even keep a few extra iPads
charging on reserve so you can swap
out any iPads on low batteries. That
way, the lesson is never interrupted.
Through the IPEVO Wishpool
program, we learned how teacher
Dee Hamlet from St. Joseph Catholic
School in Marion, Iowa uses the USB
SuperCharger in her classroom:
Now we are able to use multiple iPads
in our classroom throughout the day
without worrying about the batteries
dying. Charging 4 of my 7 iPads at one
time each night is helping free up more
iPads for center, group, and individual
work. My students are able to create
movies, use the web, and interact with
one another more on their blog now
that they have more iPads available to
use each day."
And here's how teacher Nancy
Hoatson from Sutherland Public
School in Nebraska characterized her
use of the USB SuperCharger:
I am astounded by the speed and
versatility of the IPEVO USB
Jean Johnson, Washington Academy
SuperCharger. I am able to charge
four of my iPads at the same time in a
fraction of the time it takes to charge
one device. I can charge any device
that has a USB charger. I have 5 iPads
and 25 students and this charger has
changed my classroom, making all my
resources accessible all day long."
How will you use your USB
SuperCharger? Check it out at www. and discover
how it could change your classroom.
USB SuperCharger For
Charging Up To 4 iPads At Once
Model #5-148-2-8001
$ 59
· Charge four iPads at the same time using a single wall socket
· Great for conference rooms, classrooms, and any space with multiple iPads
· Ideal for keeping your students' iPads charged in 1-to-1 iPad programs
· Maximum power output of 2.1 amps for each USB charge port - no power compromises!
The Perfect Charging Companion for Your Classroom
As iPads become more common in K-12 education through initiatives like
1:1 iPad programs, multiple quick charges become essential in keeping the
lessons going. The 6-Port SuperCharger gives you an instant charging station
to keep spare iPads charging throughout the day, or to charge iPads during
breaks. And with the SuperCharger's weighted base and stair-step design,
it's easy to plug in and swap cords. The learning never has to stop when your
classroom has its own movable charging station.
Staci Sizemore, River Ridge Elementary
UL Certified for Your Safety
Charge Six iPads at Once!
· Also works with a range of other USB devices, like iPhone, iPod and other smartphones
· Portable size — swap between tables, offices, and classrooms
· UL certified with over-heat and over-current protection
No Overheating
13 | Tel 1-408-490-3085 Fax 1-408-516-8168 Email
No Over-Current
Design For Learning
Let’s turn that floor (or table) interactive!—Part One
Let’s turn that floor (or table) interactive!—Part Two
s an educator, most of you would probably be very much familiar with the idea of
teaching using an interactive whiteboard, but how about an interactive floor or
table? Imagine your students writing, drawing, annotating or playing interactive games
on a normal floor/table turned interactive, doesn’t that sound cool and fun? As a matter
of fact, students learn better when the learning is fun, and this is what we have in mind
while designing our Interactive Whiteboard Systems — the wireless IW2 and the wired
IS-01. Both of them enable you to transform most any flat surface in your classroom into
an interactive whiteboard, instantly adding that “cool” and “fun” element to better entice
your students.
Having said that, we decided to put IW2 to the test by creating an interactive floor with
it right in our office. Along the way, we will be noting down the challenges, difficulties,
fun and excitiment that we had, and not forgetting tips here and there. Though up to this
moment we are still unsure of how things will turn out, we are super excited about the
idea. But before we begin, there are a few points that we (and you) need to get it right.
See IPEVO interactive floor in action!
Getting the necessary equipment
Finding the right surface
First on the list, getting the necessary equipment. For those who are already using
the IW2 or IS-01, you would know that the IW2 is a 3-piece device consisting a Sensor
Cam, an Interactive Pen and a Wireless Receiver, while the IS-01 is a 2-piece device
without the Wireless Receiver.
You would also know that they both require a computer or laptop (Mac or PC), and a
projector to work. It’s pretty much the same here, but there’s a catch. Depending on the
type of projector you have, you’ll need to mount it differently. And in some cases, your
projector might not be suitable for projecting an interactive floor. Ok, before you guys
start drilling us with questions about the compatibility of your projectors, we are going
to move on and leave the detailed explanations to the section on “Setting it up”.
The next on the list is to find a suitable floor projection surface. Don’t try
anything reflective, fanciful or uneven, as these surfaces are likely to affect
the pen trace of the Interactive Pen and result in inaccurate operation. Do
also take into consideration the color of the floor surface as colors that are too
contrasting may affect the visibility of the projected image. If it happens that
the most appropriate floor surface that you can use is either too reflective,
fanciful or having contrasting colors, there’s a workaround. You can either
tape a big sheet of white paper onto the floor, or consider using the IPEVO
70” Projection Screen with magnetic backing as your projection surface.
Standard projector
IW2 Sensor Cam
IW2 Sensor Cam
n the previous page, we had shared with you some
vital points to check before attempting to create an
interactive floor, and now we are going to walk you
through the process of setting it up!
But, just as we have our equipment ready and feeling
excited to start experimenting, it suddenly dawned on
us that we do not have the appropriate space to set it up!
The only space that is available to us is a 8ft x 6.3ft x 10ft
corner of the office. And that space is EMPTY. No ceiling
mount for mounting the projector or the Sensor Cam,
no table for putting our laptop… and adding on to the
problem, the floor is laid with wood flooring! Arghhh…
Tip 1: Stay calm and think.
Ok, think. Let’s think. Hmm, wood flooring,
shouldn’t be a big problem. We can place the 70”
Projection Screen over the wood flooring and use it
as our projection surface. This will ensure that we
can have a good projected image, as well as accuracy
for the Interactive Pen.
First surface mirror
Standard projector
IW2 Sensor Cam
Ultra short
throw projector
Placing the Projection Screen over the wood flooring
Projection area
Sensing area
Projection area
Sensing area
Projection area
Sensing area
Setting it up
Depending on your projector type and classroom
layout, it can be a challenge and does require
some quick thinking on your feet to create a most
appropriate and workable interactive floor, but fret
not, we are here to share some vital tips.
Mounting your projectors
Back to the point on projectors. There are a few
different ways to mount your projectors depending
on its type.
The first way involves an ultra short throw projector. It
is the easiest setup. You’ll just need to place your ultra
short throw projector on a stand near the ground.
The second way is for a standard projector. You can
mount your standard projector on the ceiling and
point it vertically downwards at the area on the floor
that you want to project on. Do refer to your user
manual or check with your projector manufacturer
to ensure that your projector can point straight down
before attempting to set it up in this way. Damage to
your projector may occur if it is not.
IW2 Sensor Cam
However, there’s another problem. We need a power
source for the Sensor Cam. But we do not have an
outlet running 8ft high in the air. We could have
drawn the power from the USB port of the projector,
yet it’s a double whammy as our projector does not
have a USB port. As such, we looked to the USB port
of our laptop to provide the power required. An USB
extension cable is required too, as the included 11.8ft
(3.6m) Micro-USB cable is not long enough.
The third way also works for a standard projector.
It involves using a mirror to deflect the projection
downwards. Mount your standard projector to the
ceiling and place a first surface mirror near the lens.
The mirror has to be at a 45 degree angle so that the
projected image is not skewed.
You can tell if the mirror is a first surface mirror by
placing a pen on the surface of the mirror. If there is
a space between the pen and its reflection then it is
not a first surface mirror.
As we are using a standard projector — Dell 1610HD,
we are going with the second way to mount it. Oh,
and not forgetting to mention, we have already
checked that our projector can point straight down.
Mounting your Sensor Cam
Now that we are done with choosing the most appropriate way to mount our projector,
let’s move on to the Sensor Cam. Do remember that as the Sensor Cam of IW2 (and IS01) acts as its “eye”, it is necessary for the Sensor Cam to “see” the entire projection area
so that any tappings or movements made with the Interactive Pen can be detected. Thus
when setting up the Sensor Cam, do position the Sensor Cam directly above the middle of
the projection area pointing down. This Sensor Cam position is the same for all three floor
projection setups.
And now, you are all set to have fun!
15 | Tel 1-408-490-3085 Fax 1-408-516-8168 Email
Tip 2: Try using the IPEVO 70” Projection
Screen, or tape a big sheet of white paper onto
the floor if your floor surface happens to be too
reflective, fanciful or having contrasting colors
as these will greatly affect the accuracy of IW2
and the visibility of your projected image.
The next problem to solve: how and where to mount
the projector? With absolutely nothing on the ceiling
to mount the projector, we have to come up with an
alternative. That’s when someone in the team suggested
using the tripod that has been left lying around in the
meeting room to mount the projector. There we go
grabbing that tripod. And much to our delight, our
projector comes with a tripod mount that allows it to
be easily attached to the tripod! But we have another
concern: Is it safe to mount the projector this way? Can
the tripod withstand the weight of the projector and not
topple? Well, we did some trial and error and luckily
for us, it turned out all well. The tripod can hold our
projector’s weight even when it’s fully extended to 4ft
above the ground. So, we decided to stay with this setup.
Tip 3: Check whether your tripod can hold
the weight of your projector. Add some
counterweights if necessary.
Tip 4: Check whether your projector can
point straight down.
Hurray! The tripod can hold the weight of our projector!
USB extension cable in work
So now, we’ve got the projector and the projection
surface set up, next on the list will be mounting IW2’s
Sensor Cam. Depending on the projected area, the
Sensor Cam needs to be placed at various distances to
ensure its proper operation. Hence, in order to gauge
the minimal distance to place it, we’ll need to know the
actual size of our projected area. We switched on our
projector (mounted 4ft above the ground) and measured
the actual projected area. 50’’ is the number we got.
After some rough estimations, we figured that we need
to place the Sensor Cam at least 7ft away from the
screen, yet this poses another challenge for us. There is
NOWHERE we can mount the Sensor Cam! And we do
not have any tripod that can extend up to 7ft!
Just as we are giving up, a random beam running
across the office up above our heads caught our sight.
A quick glance estimated it to be at least 8ft high. The
IW2 comes with a ceiling mount. And when we put
these together, voila! We have the answer! Without
any hesitation, we attached the Sensor Cam to the
beam using the included ceiling mount. We adjusted
its position too, as it needs to be facing directly at the
projection screen, and pointing towards the center of
the screen.
Do note that we are using the normal USB extension
cable and not those with active repeater, as this only
involves the transmission of electric power. On the
other hand, if you are using the IS-01, you’ll need
an active USB extension cable as it involves both the
transmission of data and electric power.
Tip 8: The Sensor Cam needs a power
supply. You can draw the power from the
USB port of your projector.
Tip 9: Normal USB extension cable works
for IW2 but not IS-01. You’ll need the active
USB extension cable instead.
As we pressed on with our perseverance, we have all
the challenges conquered. The rest are pretty easy
job. Finding a table to put our laptop, connecting the
projector to the laptop, plugging in IW2’s Wireless
Receiver to the computer’s USB port, switching on
the projector and laptop…
IW2 Wireless Reciver
IW2 Sensor Cam
Projection Screen
IW2 Sensor Cam
Tip 10: Perseverance wins the race.
Tip 5: Do not give up hope.
Tip 6: Check the size of your actual projected
area to determine the minimal distance
required to place the Sensor Cam.
Tip 7: Adjust the Sensor Cam to face
directly at the projection screen and
pointing towards the center of the screen.
Well perhaps there’s just one more adjustment needed
if your projector is not set perfectly perpendicular
to the screen and causing the resulting projected
image to be trapezoidal in shape. Adjustments can be
easily done with your projector’s keystone correction
function. And when all these are done, we are left
with one final step — calibration.
The calibration process for the IW2 (and IS-01) is pretty
easy and straightfoward, and it only takes a couple of
steps. Turn on the Interactive Pen, plug in the Wireless
Receiver, turn on the Sensor Cam, run the calibration
program, follow the steps onscreen, and you’ll be
done in a few minutes. But do note that re-calibration
is needed if you accidentally moved the projector or
Sensor Cam along the way.
Tip 11: Re-calibration is needed if the
projector or Sensor Cam has been moved.
And now you can start enjoying the fun of an interactive
floor just as we did!
Design For Learning
39 Interesting Ways For Using The IS-01
Interactive Whiteboard System In Your Class
hat's the IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System? It's a simple and affordable
two-piece system that can turn your whiteboard (or other projector surface)
into an interactive whiteboard. It does so by interfacing with your computer to
control mouse movement and software apps. But explaining how IS-01 works is
one thing. What can it actually do? Here are 39 real-life examples (many inspired
by stories from our customers) of the IS-01 in action as it transforms learning in
the classroom.
1.Control your computer
remotely – use the Interactive
Pen as a computer cursor
One half of IS-01, the Interactive Pen,
behaves like a mouse, transforming any
surface into a touchscreen. Because the
Pen is compatible with so many apps,
the only limit is your imagination.
If you can run it on your computer,
chances are you can project it and then
interact with it at the board.
4. Power through your
PowerPoint presentation
Have a PowerPoint presentation or
something similar? It's easy to step
through your presentation with IS01. Plus, use the Interactive Pen as a
pointer to focus your viewers on key
points of interest.
5. Offer software tutorials –
Excel, Word, Photoshop and so
much more
9. Improve their handwriting
Create a handwriting worksheet or
template, or grab one from an online
resource. Project the worksheet,
then have students go to the board to
complete the worksheet. They'll be
practicing their handwriting for the
benefit of themselves and everyone else.
10. Go on a virtual field trip
This interactive tour of the White
House ( is just
one of many interactive tours you can
take of famous and noteworthy places.
For all those places you can't physically
visit, why not bring the images and the
facts to the classroom in an interactive
way instead?
13. Build a library of annotated
You can use IPEVO Annotator's
capture function to take screenshots of
webpages, reading material, or pretty
much anything that appears on the
screen. Then, you can annotate over
the top of it and then save those images
(with annotations) into an archive or
library for later use – either for you or
for your students to refer to. Just make
sure you have the proper permissions
for those images!
Demonstrate software on the big
screen so your students can see each
step as you do it – and all without
being tied to the computer.
"Magic Wand," "Magic Pen," "Special
Pen" – we've heard the IS-01's
Interactive Pen called all sorts of
things. And what it does really is a sort
of magic. Students can interact with
material directly and see immediate
results from their very own wave of the
"magic wand." The result? Excitement
and engagement like never before.
6. Annotate real-time images
from an IPEVO doc cam
How cool is this? With an IPEVO
doc cam like the Ziggi-HD, you can
capture real-time video of documents,
textbooks, artwork, 3D objects, math
equations, or anything else. Then, take
it to the next level by using IS-01 to
annotate the image. Add text boxes,
lines, circles, highlights and more.
IPEVO's free Annotator software has it
all covered.
7. Annotate and interact with
videos, too
Wilkins Elementary School, Justice, IL
3. Teach drawing, including
hands-on practice and exposure
to art concepts
Interactive whiteboards give students
a chance to virtually arrange objects,
digitally draw, and otherwise get "hands
on" in order to visually understand the
concepts taught in class. For example,
read Sandra's account (
wishpool/story/338) of how she used
IS-01 to teach the concept of one-point
Did we mention you can also annotate
live videos to enhance lessons?
IPEVO’s IS-01 is compatible with
YouTube and any media player. Add
notes or call attention to certain parts
of the screen.
Interactive games can really reach
reluctant learners or simply those who
learn in a different way than others. has some highquality (and free) interactive resources
for whiteboard use, from math and
English exercises to puzzles that
improve thinking skills. Check them out.
Nikki Childers, @Ms_Childers_
With its comprehensive maps and
integrated photographs, Google Earth
can help students explore the Earth's
surface in a way that just wouldn't
be possible with a world atlas book
or a plastic globe. Virtually explore a
national park, for just one example.
15. Explore the solar system
Here's just one of many interactive
apps ( that let
you see the planets in orbit as well as
constellations, moons and other cool
interstellar stuff. Astronomy apps are
made to be played with while students
learn through experimentation and
discovery, and that's what IS-01 does
really well.
12. Rub and reveal
16. Have students present their
own work in a creative way
Cover the answer to math problems,
history questions and more with a
colored pen trace or shape. You can
then reveal the answer by using an
eraser tool. It's an elegant way to add
a touch of excitement to the usual
question and answer session.
Want to add a little spice to a book
report? Task students with creating
a simple multimedia presentation
to accompany their report. They can
then use the IS-01 to step through the
By incorporating interactive elements
to the classroom, behavior can actually
improve at the elementary school
level as students wait their turn for
a chance at the board. Check out
wishpool story 317 (
wishpool/story/317) to see how Ms.
Gunnell characterized the change in her
classroom after the IS-01 was put to use.
Have students take turns contributing
to a running story by adding their own
sentence or word to the board. It's
an effective way to build storytelling
skills and get everyone involved.
20. Identify parts of speech
What's a virtual manipulative? These
are objects that can be manipulated
digitally (in this case, with the
Interactive Pen). This can include, for
example, cubes which can be separated
and moved to help teach fractions,
measurements, geometry and more.
21. Teach music
Virtual pianos, interactive sheet music,
and apps like GarageBand are just
some of the options out there when it
comes to teaching and creating music.
Whether it's serious songwriting or
playful experimentation (like the
mesmerizing ToneMatrix tool website),
interactive music never gets old.
Students love those times when
they're in control of learning. With
just a little bit of know-how and time,
students can be taught to create their
own interactives to challenge fellow
students. They can even create games
like mazes, trivia, vocab builders and
matching games.
Holy Family -St. Ludmila, Cedar Rapids, IA
17 | Tel 1-408-490-3085 Fax 1-408-516-8168 Email
Amboy Middle School, Amboy, WA
25. Mark up an essay
Take an essay from one of your
students and correct it in real time
for the benefit of the class. You'll get
the chance to teach about better essay
construction as well as introduce
students to proofreaders' marks.
During independent study time,
encourage students to approach
the board and write down anything
they've found interesting or useful
(like a math formula) for the day's
lesson. Save these "group notes" in
order to refer back to them later. has an easy and free
program to make photo collages with
a few clicks. Collages are great as "icebreakers" for students to introduce
themselves (their interests, their
family, their pet) at the start of the
school year, for just one example.
34. Group objects together
Which of the animals depicted on the
screen are mammals and which are
reptiles? Students can approach the
board and move the animal images into
distinct groups using the Interactive
Pen. Of course, this could work for
many other subjects, too.
Nikki Childers, @Ms_Childers_
30. Develop an interactive
dashboard for the class
iGoogle may have been discontinued
in 2013, but there are still good
alternatives out there (like NetVibes)
for creating dynamic, customizable
content on a single page (dashboard)
or small handful of pages. Today's
schedule, slide shows, learning app of
the week, important notes, monthly
calendar, quotation of the day – these
could all be displayed and interacted
with through your IS-01 system. It'd be
an awesome way to start the day and
get everyone on the same page.
31. Host a Poetry Session
Create and share poems, individually
or as a class. Discover age-appropriate
poems from students and from
professional poets through a site like Also try Seussville.
com for colorful, interactive activities
based on the work of Dr. Seuss.
26. Make algebra more interactive
When you use a math app that makes
numbers and mathematical symbols
movable, you have a way to manipulate
and solve algebra problems at the
board. Students can come to appreciate
order of operations, the fact that
negative signs travel with numbers,
and much more.
Create an interactive scoreboard for inclass competitions to keep the lessons
fresh and exciting. You can also use
a digital stopwatch for time-sensitive
28. Solve virtual jigsaw puzzles
There are some fun resources (like
JigsawPlanet) that take images and
break them into puzzle pieces which
can then be manipulated and moved.
Great as a reward or recreation activity.
35. Pump up word skills with a
word builder
Place a couple dozen word fragments
on the board and see how many words
the students can make by combining
the fragments into a single word. For
example, if "chem," "i," and "stry"
appeared as three of the fragments,
students could combine them with the
Pen to form the word "chemistry."
36. Supplement your normal lesson
The IS-01 can complement and enhance
your regular lesson. If you're doing a unit
on Edgar Allan Poe, why not use Google
Earth to see where Poe lived? Check out
images on the web of Poe himself or of
artistic renderings of scenes from his
famous stories. Navigate and listen to
a reading of "The Raven" performed by
a professional actor. The possibilities
really are endless.
37. Demonstrate a calculator or
other instrument
While students are using their own
graphing calculators at their desks,
use your own interactive version of
the calculator on the whiteboard
so students can understand the
operations and follow along.
Capitol Hill Gifted & Talented Magnet, Saint Paul, MN
27. Keep score, mark time
Paul Revere Primary, Blue Island, IL
29. Create and share photo
24. Empower students to create
their own interactives
Put a jolt into English class by making
it interactive. Many apps out there
feature "parts of speech" questions
in which students must pick out the
correct word or punctuation mark.
22. Encourage group note taking
8. Write and draw over posters
and props
Affix real objects to your whiteboard
surface and interact with and annotate
them. For example, make a clock face
and draw hour and minute hands to
teach time to young students.
18. Improve classroom behavior
19. Create group stories
11. Try a different approach with
interactive games and apps
2. Give the students control –
engage and excite your class
There's nothing like a little Trivial
Pursuit or Jeopardy!-style trivia to add
variety to the day while still keeping
the learning going. Post questions
and categories on the whiteboard and
select (or eliminate) answers with the
Interactive Pen.
23. Take advantage of virtual
Crosby middle school, Louisville, KY
14. Take a trip with Google Earth
Bosco Catholic School System, Gilbertville, IA
17. Enjoy trivia time
32. Recreate a scene with dragand-drop
How would a famous scene from a
play or book be staged? What props,
costumes, scenery and actors would be
involved? This is just one of countless
scenes that could be recreated through
creative use of drag-and-drop images.
33. Wiki it!
With IS-01, you have the full power
of the Internet at your disposal, so
why not use it? Navigate Wikipedia
or anything else with ease. Or, pose a
question and conduct a group research
session to find the answer with the
Internet to prepare students for doing
the same at home.
38. Enhance your foreign
language lessons
Have students match up foreign
language phrases to images, label
diagrams, identify parts of speech,
click on audio samples and video clips,
or engage in any number of activities
to make foreign language study more
multimedia and more meaningful.
39. Assist students with limited
motor skills
Students with limited motor skills, as
well as younger students, may have an
easier time using the Interactive Pen to
start and use applications rather than
a mouse. These students might also
enjoy drawing or writing with broader
gestures on a larger surface.
Design For Learning
IPevo wishpool
IPevo wishpool
-Tami Rondeau, Willowbrook &
Mitchellville Elementaries, IA, USA
...with the USB SuperCharger we have
not had one delay due to a 'dead' iPad
battery! We are able to charge the iPads
right in our classroom and if the batteries
get low the students know where to go!"
-Michelle Hubbard, Three Creeks
Elementary, Lowell, IN, USA
- Dawn Schechtman, St. Francis
Xavier School, IA, USA
Sayers, Lowell Middle School, IN, USA
My students were very happy to be
able to charge more than a couple of
iPads at one time. Now we are able to
use multiple iPads in our classroom
throughout the day without worrying
about the batteries dying."
-Dee Hamlett, St. Joseph Catholic
School, IA, USA
Deborah Highfill, Cannon Elementary, Texas, USA
The IPEVO Document Camera has
changed the way I introduce projects in
the art room. Instead of having students
squishing around a table to see how to
work with clay or how to apply paint,
they can see the demonstration through
the IPEVO camera projected on a screen.
The overall behavior of the classrooms
has improved, as well as the quality of
student work! We now have the ability
for all students to see how a project can
be created without getting out of their
seats or finding a space to view the work!"
-Heidi O'Hanley, Wilkins
Elementary, IL, USA
USB SuperChargerCharge 4 iPads
We have been enjoying using our
Interactive Whiteboard System. The
kids call it our "Magic Wand" and
always want to know when they can
use the magic wand. It really engages
them in the learning and keeps them
moving and interactive."
-Bethany Piety, Capitol Hill Gifted &
Talented Magnet, MN, USA.
-Jennifer Miller, Fairview Clifton
German Language School, OH, USA
- Angela Manalli, Cliff Valley School,
The students can manipulate shapes and
figures, play interactive games, and make
some awesome presentations."
... the most exciting use I have found this
fall has been for my students with vision
issues. I have several students with
vision limitations that make it difficult
for them to look back & forth between
their work and the big screen. While
still projecting the image for the whole
class, I can connect iPads to the iZiggi's
wifi and those students can see the same
thing much closer to their eyes. This s
such a useful and flexible product."
-Sayers, Lowell Middle School, IN,
Felicia Lee, Pearl High School, MS, USA
The size of the camera is perfect for a
teacher's busy desk and it's very easy to
use. My students will benefit from this
tool in many ways. I am also allowing
students to share class projects and
class daily activies using the ZiggiHD. They will not have to go to the
board anymore, they will just place
their paper under Ziggi-HD and they
will be able to correct and evaluate the
activities for further learning."
IT is great to be able to use around the
classroom. I can take the camera to the
object to show on the whiteboard. It is
great to highlight children's work. It's a
lot easier than having to hold up a book
so that the other children can see."
-Paul Morton, St Joseph's RC
Primary School, Mossley, UK
-Madeline Rodriguez, Starr's Mill
High School, GA, USA
Microscope Adapter
for P2V USB Doc Cam
With my new IPEVO document camera
and microscope adapter, I am able to set
up an integrated science and language
arts station. Students can visit the center,
read about cells, and then respond to
creative writing prompts related to the
different types of cell images projected
on the computer screen."
-Sally Webb, Mt. Mourne Middle
School, NC, USA
Paul Morton, St Joseph's RC Primary School, Mossley, UK
Wow!! We are so excited that our wish
was granted for our new HDMI to VGA
converter. This product allows us to
use our Yoga app on the iPad to project
on the board for everyone to see and
participate in at one time!"
-Michelle King, Overdale
Elementary, KY, USA
Heidi O'Hanley, Wilkins Elementary, IL, USA
Jennifer Burnett, Cliff Valley School, GA, USA
Sarah Reiss, St. Athanasius, IA, USA
-Betsy Lewis, Oakboro Elementary
School, NC, USA
Jodi Johnson, Lakeview Elementary School, MI, USA
Once we got the USB SuperCharger they
can keep on creating and if need be I can
create an iPad station. Students can sit
and work; not stand at the cabinet by
the wall outlet while the iPad charges.
Multiple classes could work on the iPad
without me worrying about when I need
to charge it."
I don't know how I ever taught with
out a document camera!! "It's the best
thing since sliced bread"! I use it with
every class I teach! In this photo I am
teaching an EC class to tear colored tape
and fill in a shape. The large format and
the fact that students can watch as I
work is spell binding for them."
Barb DeMeulenaere, Holy Family -St. Ludmila, IA, USA
We used the camera as a way for
students to show off a project that they
were working on in class. I was able to
move the camera from group to group,
and thus minimize the amount of
distraction due to transitioning an entire
group of middle school children from
one part of the room to the other. The
kids were able to share what they were
working on as a group, garner feedback,
and adjust their practices as needed."
Daphne Hayer, Central Elementary School, NC, USA
-Maija Veihl, Lakeview Elementary
School, MI, USA
-Sarah Reiss, St. Athanasius, IA,
-Jodi Johnson, Lakeview
Elementary, MI, USA
-Felicia Lee, Pearl High School, MS,
-Deborah Highfill, Cannon
Elementary, Texas, USA
- Jennifer Burnett, Cliff Valley School,
My students LOVE using this new
Wireless Document Camera. We used
it with our Coding lessons. They really
enjoyed being able to see how each other
helped their bee get to the flower."
It is easier to show the whole class
student examples, and has cut down on
copies I need to make, because we can
do the worksheet together using the
document camera to project the work
page. The students love that I can go
from table to table and show off their
- Barb DeMeulenaere, Holy Family
-St. Ludmila, IA, USA
My class used this tool for interactive
science games that go with our FOSS
curriculum, as a center during guided
math and guided reading."
Giving teacher demonstrations in the
art room on the dry erase board is not
very effective. Now with my new IPEVO
document camera and Wireless station,
I can give demos on actual paper and
project it up for my students to see. It
also helps to show students work to the
iZiggi HD Wireless
Document Camera
One of the challenges with iPads in the
classroom is being able to keep them
charged. The Supercharger solved this
problem for us. It has a nice long cord so
that students can stay in their own space
and continue working while the iPad
It is amazing how these two little
pieces act just like a regular interactive
whiteboard system, without taking
up the space. Plus, it's easily portable.
This system is super easy to use and
our students love it!"
These gifts have not only changed how I
teach, but also the learning that goes on
in my classroom. Each item is literally
utilized everyday. With the document
camera, I use it to demonstrate my art
lessons and techniques. My students use
it to get a closer look at the brush strokes
in famous paintings and to share with
their peers their completed art projects.
I've used document cameras before but
never have I seen a document camera
display such clear, crisp, high quality
images on the screen like this one. It can
even display images from an iPad, which
was something the document camera I
had before could not do."
Keri Bath, Lakeview Elementary, MI, USA
We use it in both our reading skills
class and math class. Whenever they
come in they want to know if they get
to use the "special pen" that day. Any
activity or game I find on the computer
we can do now with the whole group
on the whiteboard."
One assistant came to me to find out if
we had an opaque projector. She was
amazed to see how easily the Ipevo
Point 2 View could do the same thing.
Several teachers have borrowed the
camera for demonstrations in their
classrooms. I use it to make How-To
videos in the media center."
-Daphne Hayer, Central Elementary
School, NC, USA
As of December 2014, Wishpool has received over 4,100 technology “wishes” and
has fulfilled over 2,250 of them. To read these inspiring wish stories and to make
a wish at no charge, visit
IS-01 Interactive
Whiteboard System
WS-01 Wireless
ishpool is a pioneering program from IPEVO with one goal in mind: getting
education technology into the hands of more teachers. We do this by
giving away IPEVO teaching tools to deserving educators at no charge. By simply
"making a wish" through Wishpool, educators from kindergarten to college can
enjoy access to modern technology which makes their jobs easier, and which also
makes a real difference in the education of their students.
Ziggi-HD USB
Document Camera
-Keri Bath, Lakeview Elementary,
Point 2 View USB
Document Camera
IPEVO Wishpool Helps Educators Create
Tech-Enabled Classrooms
This SuperCharger enabled me to use
many iPads at once with small groups
even with low power to several of them.
Just another little thing to make life a bit
The IPEVO Document
Camera has changed
the way I introduce
projects in the art room.
Jennifer Miller, Fairview Clifton German Language School,
Dawn Schechtman, St. Francis Xavier School, IA, USA
Tami Rondeau, Willowbrook & Mitchellville Elementaries,
19 | Tel 1-408-490-3085 Fax 1-408-516-8168 Email
Michelle Hubbard, Three Creeks Elementary, Lowell, IN, USA
Dee Hamlett, St. Joseph Catholic School, IA, USA
Sally Webb, Mt. Mourne Middle School, NC, USA
Michelle King, Overdale Elementary, KY, USA
,, Tel 1-408-490-3085 Fax 1-408-516-8168 Email Tel 1-408-490-3085 Fax 1-408-516-8168 Email
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3. I am a U.S. citizen or other U.S. person (defined below); and
4. The FATCA code(s) entered on this form (if any) indicating that I am exempt from FATCA reporting is correct.
Certification instructions. You must cross out item 2 above if you have been notified by the IRS that you are currently subject to backup withholding
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• Form 1099-C (canceled debt)
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• Form 1099-MISC (various types of income, prizes, awards, or gross proceeds)
• Form 1099-A (acquisition or abandonment of secured property)
An individual or entity (Form W-9 requester) who is required to file an information
return with the IRS must obtain your correct taxpayer identification number (TIN)
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you, or other amount reportable on an information return. Examples of information
returns include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Form 1099-DIV (dividends, including those from stocks or mutual funds)
By signing the filled-out form, you:
1. Certify that the TIN you are giving is correct (or you are waiting for a number
to be issued),
2. Certify that you are not subject to backup withholding, or
4. Certify that FATCA code(s) entered on this form (if any) indicating that you are
exempt from the FATCA reporting, is correct. See What is FATCA reporting? on
page 2 for further information.
• Form 1099-K (merchant card and third party network transactions)
Cat. No. 10231X
Form W-9 (Rev. 12-2014)
My students and I love using the IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard! The whiteboard makes it easy for
us to list ideas, draw, and create together. It's great to be able to start brainstorming together and
instead of erasing the marker board, we can save what we put together and come back to it later.
The kids love using the whiteboard to play math games on ‘the big screen’ and really helps to keep
them engaged. ,,
- Lauren Veale, Lakeview Elementary, MI, USA
I am an art teacher and I use this amazing product (i.e. IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System) to
make my projector images come to life. I can click through powerpoint presentations easily, mark
artworks, and draw on images when I am giving presentations. My students can do the same things
when they are giving presentations. They call it the ‘Magic Wand’.
- Casey Kirk, Taylor Mill Elementary, KY, USA
It (i.e. IS-01 Interactive Whiteboard System) has enabled us to turn a wall into an interactive white
board. We can now take children into another room and still have the full resources of a whiteboard.,,
- Paul Morton, St Joseph's RC Primary School, UK
My first graders LOVE our Point 2 View Document Camera! We use it for modeling lessons, taking a
closer look at manipulatives, breaking down step by step directions, and for students to share their
work and receive immediate feedback from the group. ,,
- Lauren Glaser, Dryden Elementary, IL, USA
The IPEVO P2V USB Document Camera has been a fabulous asset for my Kindergarten classroom!
It has afforded me the opportunity to create more engaging and enriching language experiences
for my ELL students. All of the students are able to view the items that we are speaking about in
class, so the opportunity for comprehending the concepts is greatly increased! It makes those very
important ‘teachable moments’ even more valuable!,,
- Laurel Rodriguez, IWES-Danforth, IL, USA
Simple, Powerful, Affordable.
IPEVO is a whole new approach to classroom technology. We believe that
classroom technology should allow educators to do more at a lower price.
IPEVO’s interactive teaching tools empower educators and teachers with radically
affordable and compact technology that is simple, intuitive and flexible, so that
precious time and resources can be wholly dedicated to teaching.
440 N Wolfe Road, Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Tel 408-490-3085
Fax 408-516-8168
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