207 / 207 SW
207 / 207 SW
THE NEW 207 –
Today’s technologies are transforming our world. And with its
simple lines, avant-garde looks
and dynamic design, the re-styled
207 is the perfect expression of
this transformation.
The 207’s lively character is clearly
visible in the taut lines of its plunging bonnet, its new, even more
elegant front end and new LED
rear lights*. Its feline appearance
gives it a balance and poise that
suggests power, strength and
robustness – even when the car
is at a standstill.
the high level of comfort
throughout the interior, and the
sophistication of the equipment
designed for your enjoyment and
your safety. In the re-styled 207,
you will see the world differently.
And from the moment you take to
the wheel, your first impressions of
the 207 will be confirmed. You’ll
immediately notice the benefit of
its advanced economic engine,
*Available on the 207 Hatchback.
NEW 207 SW,
With its increased effective space, exceptional brightness
and superior practicality, the re-styled 207 SW stands out
from its rivals.
In an extension of the front windscreen, the 207 SW’s
astonishing panoramic glass roof* – with a generous surface
area of 1.1m2 – brings light into the car’s interior and adds
fluidity to its exterior design.
The 207 SW’s rear more than hints at its impressive volume
and robust design. The attention given to the lights and tailgate
confirm its sporty and spirited nature. The split level rear tailgate**
is perfectly aligned with the windows to create a feeling of
openness and brightness.
Every detail, such as the special finish given to the rear bumper
and lights, sets the New 207 SW apart and illustrates its dynamic
style and lightness of touch, combining practicality and good looks.
*Available as standard or optional according to versions.
**Available according to versions.
Everything from the fascia panel and the sports styled steering wheel to the dials of the instrument panel are an expression of the 207 Hatchback and
SW’s unique personality.
Adding to the car’s good looks, you’ll find new stylish details and trims complemented by chrome-like touches on the ventilation control panels.
In-car technology
Several driving assistance systems
are available to enhance your
driving enjoyment and actively
contribute to your comfort and
safety; cruise control and speed
limiter*, automatic front windscreen
wipers**, Electrochrome rear-view
mirror** to prevent glare, acoustic
and visual rear park assist**, door
mirrors that fold automatically**
when the central locking is
activated. In addition, the 207 &
207 SW are equipped with an
impulse direction indicator as
standard. The direction indicator
flashes three times only, allowing
you to indicate a change of
direction without having to switch it
off manually. It’s a system that
really comes into its own on
*Available as standard or optional according
to versions.
**Available according to versions.
Peugeot Connect USB with
Bluetooth®* is available on both
207 and 207 SW. A USB module
allows you to connect an MP3
player and thanks to the integral
Bluetooth® hands-free kit, you can
make and receive phone calls in
complete safety. All information
appears on the multi-function
display with access to the various
functions via the controls on the
steering whee Column.
Peugeot Connect Navigation
(RNEG)** offers all of the benefits
of the latest advances in new
communication, information and
satellite navigation technologies:
MP3 RDS CD radio, an integral
Bluetooth® hands-free kit allowing
communication via a compatible
Bluetooth® mobile phone. It
features a 7" 16/9 colour display
for European GPS satellite
navigation. An auxiliary RCA audio
connector located in the glove box
lets you listen to mobile audio
*Available as standard or optional
according to versions.
**Available according to versions.
Panoramic roof
The dark-tinted panoramic glass
sunroof* increases the already
exceptional glazed surface area of
the 207 and enhances the comfort
of you and your passengers. It can
be darkened with a sliding blind
and has been thermally treated to
reduce heat build-up in the
passenger compartment while
optimising air conditioning
*Available as standard equipment or as an
option according to version.
*Available as standard or optional equipment
depending on version.
Roof bars (top visual): available as standard or optional according to versions.
The 207 SW gives you access to a new dimension in space and
comfort. Its modular design allows you to transform the interior of your
car according to the circumstance - accommodating the entire family and
their luggage for long holidays, or transporting large or bulky objects.
A folding rear bench seat
The 70:30 rear bench seat folds
completely flat at the touch of the
control on the backrest. It creates
a flat, practical loadspace for
transporting bulky loads.
A spacious boot
The boot volume of the 207 SW
ranges from 428 litres under the
rear parcel shelf with the rear
bench seat raised to 1433 litres
with the bench seat folded. The
split level rear tailgate* allows easy
and rapid access to the boot,
which is extremely useful in difficult
parking conditions.
*Available as an option or standard equipment
depending on version.
Clever storage spaces
Like the 207, the 207 SW offers
numerous storage spaces
throughout the passenger
compartment; inside and on top
of the glove box, on the front panel
under the radio, on the centre
console, where there are 2 cup
holders, and also in the front and
rear doors.
The 207 SW Outdoor is the ideal car for those in search of new experiences. It is particularly well suited to
adventurers or sports enthusiasts in need of a versatile car.
Its robust appearance is enhanced by extensions to the front and rear wings combined with the front and rear
bumpers as well as roof bars – underlining its spirit of adventure.
207 GTI –
Representing Peugeot’s advanced technology, the exclusive 207 GTi
provides a level of performance and safety rarely attained by vehicles in
this category. With its elegant, sporty style and the characteristic purr of
its exhaust, the 207 GTi is guaranteed to capture the imagination of
motorists and sporting connoisseurs alike.
A resolutely sporty
passenger compartment
Front and rear bucket seats*
offer excellent lateral support.
Alcantara®* is used in the seat
design and door panels with white
visible stitching. It also features a
unique design of steering wheel
and an instrument panel with
chrome surrounds – everything
about the 207 GTi’s interior hints at
its sporty performance.
*Available on the 207 RC only.
1.6 litre THP 16V 175bhp engine
Equipped with this advanced
engine, the 207 GTi delivers
remarkable driveability, lively
acceleration, and responsive,
continuous power at all speeds.
With a wide choice of distinctive new engines the 207 and 207 SW lets you match your personality to that of your car. So whatever your choice,
diesel or petrol, you can be sure there’s an engine that offers the driving enjoyment, flexibility and dynamism you desire.
1.4 litre petrol 75bhp*
It gives you the performance you
need to exploit the 207’s dynamic
qualities to the full. This engine is
also exceptionally efficient in terms
of fuel consumption.
*Available on the 207 Hatchback only.
1.4 litre petrol 16V 90bhp*
With a capacity of 1.4 litres,
a power output of 90bhp and
16 valves this modern engine, in
combination with an electronicallycontrolled 5-speed manual
gearbox provides an excellent
blend of performance and
*Available on the 207 Hatchback only.
1.4 litre VTi 16V 95bhp
This 1.4 litre engine with a power
output of 95bhp offers VTi (variable
valve lift and timing injection) on
the intake and exhaust. This technology increases engine power
and torque while at the same time
reducing fuel consumption.
1.6 litre HDi 16V 90bhp FAP*
Fitted with energy saver tyres and
an engine featuring optimised
management, this 207 is
equipped with a spoiler, a front
grille, under-body panels and
1.6 litre VTi 16V 120bhp
This direct-injection 16-valve
engine with its 1598 cm3 capacity
is both lively and easy to drive.
Its high power ensures lively
acceleration and intense driving
enjoyment, This engine is also
available with an automatic
gearbox to suit your requirements.
1.6 litre THP 16V 175bhp*
Offering a level of performance
superior to the best naturally
aspirated 2 litre engines on the
market, the 207 GTi’s turbocharged
engine is a fusion of innovative
technologies; direct injection for
maximum power combined with
measured fuel consumption;
overboost**, which provides extra
torque by increasing the turbocharging boost pressure; and Twin
Scroll technology*** which reduces
turbo response times.
*Available on the GTI only.
**Temporary additional torque.
***Double intake.
special wheel trims enhancing the
car’s aerodynamics to offer SCx
reduced from 0.670 m2 to 0.580
(or a Cx of only 0.27). As a result,
this version emits just 99g of
* Only available on 207 hatch Économique
1.4 litre HDi 70bhp*
Here, you enter a new realm of
efficiency thanks to HDi technology
and its superb versatility.
*Available on the 207 Hatchback only.
1.6 litre HDi 16V 90bhp
This HDi engine takes advantage
of its reduced weight to offer
added dynamism and reduced
fuel consumption.
1.6 litre HDi 16V 110bhp FAP
This engine delivers plenty of
power and lively acceleration, yet is
particularly environmentally friendly
thanks to its particle emissions filter
(FAP). With this engine, you can
physically feel all the benefits of
advanced technology in terms of
performance and environmental
For many years,
Peugeot has been
committed to
developing cars with
the future in mind. As proof of this
commitment to future generations,
Peugeot has created the
"Blue Lion®" scheme.
The Économique range has been developed to be the most fuel efficient and environmentally friendly car within the range. A number of modifications have
been made to help achieve a CO2/km figure of only 99g and minimise fuel consumption. Peugeot is fully committed in the fight against greenhouse gases
and is continually working to develop cars that provide the lowest possible emissions. Launched at the Geneva Motor Show, the new 207 Économique is
proof of this commitment.
Since 2000, Peugeot has sold
more than 2,000,000 private cars
equipped with a Diesel Particle
Emissions Filter (FAP).
120g of CO2/km with a market
share of 15.4 %. In 2008, one car
in six sold in Europe* with a rate
of CO2 emissions per kilometre of
less than 120g was a Peugeot.
All of Peugeot’s vehicles are
manufactured in ISO14001
accredited factories and are
designed to be 95% recyclable at
the end of their life.
*Europe of 14 countries – source A.A.A.
In 2008, Peugeot strengthened its
position as the leader in Europe*
for vehicles emitting less than
Automatic gearbox
Gear change paddles
available with the 2-Tronic gearbox.
The Particle Emissions Filter
Peugeot was the first manufacturer
to equip certain vehicles with the
Particle Emissions Filter (FAP) as
standard. A combination of HDi
technology and a highly efficient
anti-pollution system, it eliminates
diesel particles once and for all by
reducing them to below
measurable limits (0.004 g/km).
The FAP unit is a self-cleaning
system which processes gases
produced by the combustion of
diesel in the engine. This
technology makes the Diesel a
more environmentally-friendly
Gear Shift Indicator*
This indicator lets you play your
part in protecting the environment
by allowing you to select the best
gear and therefore obtain the
lowest possible fuel consumption.
*Available on models equipped with Euro 5
engines and manual gearbox.
Energy saver tyres*
The design of the tyres available
for the 207 and 207 SW helps
reduce rolling resistance and
therefore the amount of fuel
needed to propel the vehicle, while
preserving the qualities of traction
and adherence.
*Available on specific models throughout the
The active and passive safety equipment on the New 207 and 207 SW gives you maximum confidence in your car.
Braking system and ESP®*
To preserve optimal balance
and driving enjoyment in difficult
situations, the 207 and 207 SW
are equipped with a comprehensive braking system that
combines several functions:
SSP system**
(Steering Stability Program)
This technology couples the
electric power steering with the
ESP®*. This function takes full
advantage of the car’s braking
potential, increasing its stability
and reducing stopping distances.
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
helps you to control any loss
of traction during emergency
• Electronic Brake Force
Distribution (EBFD) controls
braking wheel by wheel for
greater efficiency, particularly
when braking in corners
• Emergency Brake Assist (AFU)
increases the efficiency of your
braking if necessary.
ESP®* (Electronic Stability Program
/ Dynamic Stability Control) adds
a further two functions to the three
• Traction Control (ASR) acts on
the brakes and the engine
management to limit wheel slip in
the event of loss of traction
• Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
continuously compares
information transmitted by the
steering wheel and yaw sensor
to detect any incipient under or
oversteer, then returns your 207
to its initial trajectory as far as the
laws of physics allow.
Automatic activation
of hazard warning lights
In the event of rigorous braking,
the hazard warning lights are
switched on automatically, enabling
you to remain focused on the road
ahead. They are switched off when
you re-accelerate.
Static directional
For greater road safety, you’ll find
static directional headlamps are
particularly effective when used for
urban driving and on winding
*Available as standard or optional
according to models.
**Available according to engines.
***Available according to models and
combined with the ESP.
Reinforced body structure
The 207 and 207 SW are
equipped with a programmed
deformation structure designed
to absorb as much impact energy
as possible. The presence of a
second absorption beam located
at the front of the engine subframe offers protection in the event
of frontal impact, while reinforced
front and rear doors improve side
impact absorption.
Air bags
The protection offered to
occupants is completed by:
• Driver and passenger front air
bags whose pressure is adapted
to impact intensity
• Front side air bags intended to
protect the chest, abdomen and
pelvis of the driver and front
• Curtain air bags* to protect the
heads of side passengers.
*Available according to versions.
Seat belts
The front seat belts are equipped
with pretensioners and force
limiters. All seat belts are
connected to fasten seat belt
ISOFIX fixtures
Rear side seats are equipped with
two 3-point ISOFIX fixtures and the
front passenger seat has a control
to de-activate the front air bag to
allow a child seat to be installed in
a rear-facing child seat in complete
safety and in conformity with
Metallic, plain or pearlescent, classic or avant-garde, the 207 and 207 SW offer a wide range of colours and wheel variations.
According to the level of finish, you can choose the trim most suited to your style.
Inari Blue**
Montebello Blue**
Slate Grey**
Shark Grey
Onyx Black
Bianca White
Flamenco Red*
Thorium Grey**
Aspen Cloth – Available on SW Outdoor only
Savana cloth* – Available on Urban
Mistral cloth* – Available on S
Spa cloth* – Available on Sport
Please consult Pricing and Specification sheets for full
information regarding colour availability.
Moroccan Red
Hobart 15” wheel trim
Brisbane 15” wheel trim*
Monaco 15" Alloy Wheel*
*Available on Hatchback
and SW according to
Canberra 16" Alloy Wheel*
Melbourne 17" Alloy Wheel***
(not chain compatible)
Outdoor 16" Alloy Wheel***
(not chain compatible)
*Available on Hatchback and SW, according to versions. **Available on Hatchback only, according to versions. ***Available on the RC only. ****Available on the SW Outdoor only.
Black Alcantara® – Available on GTi only
Optional Perforated Mistral Black Leather(1)*
At the front: front top part of backrest, front of head restraints and inner parts of side extensions of backrest and seat cushion in leather. The top of the seat cushions and middle and bottom of
the seat backs are in perforated leather. At the rear: top part of backrest, front of head restraints, backrests, central seat cushion and inner parts of side extensions of backrest and seat cushion in
leather. The top of the seat cushions and middle and bottom of the side seat backrests are in perforated leather.
When you choose Peugeot, you have the reassurance of knowing that your vehicle has been designed and manufactured to give you years
of worry-free motoring. What’s more, as a Peugeot owner, you can rely on a comprehensive range of customer care services from your
Dealer. So you can be sure that you’re talking to a specialist who’ll listen to you, understand your problems and respond efficiently – someone
who also has the expertise to maintain your Peugeot correctly, using trained technicians, Peugeot Diagnostic Equipment and Peugeot Original
Equipment Parts.
Peugeot Warranties
As well as the 2 year unlimited
mileage manufacturer’s Warranty, all
vehicles first registered in the UK
and purchased from a UK Peugeot
Dealer come with a free, optional
additional year of Warranty through
the Peugeot UK Dealer network.
The mileage limit on this additional
Warranty is 60,000 miles (100,000
miles for Boxer vans excluding
Motorhomes and other converted
vehicles) from first registration. At the
end of the 3 year Warranty period
(or after 60,000 miles) you have the
option to purchase a Peugeot
Platinum Extended Warranty.
Our cars also come with a 12 Year
Anti- Perforation and 3 Year Paint
Warranty (6 and 2 years on vans).
For full terms and conditions on all
of these, please contact your
Peugeot Dealer.
Peugeot Assistance
All new Peugeots come with 12
months’ Peugeot Assistance – our
breakdown assistance service (36
months for the 308 CC and
607).This covers all incidents involving vehicle-based faults for you and
anyone else driving your car with
your permission. It is available 24/7,
365 days a year.
Peugeot Assistance includes
European cover, homestart, roadside assistance, vehicle recovery
and a free replacement car or hotel
accommodation if required.
It can be extended for a further 12
months, or 24 months, and to
protect you against non-vehicle
faults (such as punctures) at specially discounted rates, by calling
0870 752 7050.
Peugeot service care
Peugeot vehicles benefit from extended service intervals of up to 20,000
miles or 2 years (12,000 miles for
1.6 HDi diesel and 2.0 litre 180 bhp
petrol engines; 24,000 miles or 2
years on Boxer, 10,000 miles or 1
year on 107). Please refer to the
maintenance book for details of the
service intervals for specific models
and vehicles operating in arduous
Finance – Let the Specialists help
Peugeot Financial Services offer a
number of flexible finance plans that
make owning a new Peugeot easy.
We specialise in car finance and
can provide you with choice, convenience and flexibility direct through
your local dealer.
Written quotations are available on
request from Peugeot Financial
Services, Quadrant House, Princess
Way, Redhill RH1 1QA. Over 18’s
only, a guarantee may be required.
Peugeot Insurance
Peugeot Insurance has been designed specifically for Peugeots and
offers tailored cover at a competitive
price. If you are unfortunate enough
to have an accident, one of our
Peugeot Approved Accident Repair
Centres will repair your car, using
only Peugeot original parts. Plus we’ll
give you a courtesy car while yours
is being repaired (subject to availability when you use an approved
When the time comes to renew your
insurance cover, why not try
Peugeot Insurance?
You can call Peugeot Insurance for a
quote on 0870 0240 206.
Lines open 8am-8pm weekdays,
9am- 5pm Saturdays.
Max call charge from a BT landline is
8p per minute. Calls from other networks may vary. Calls may be recorded.
Peugeot Insurance is underwritten
by UK Insurance Limited. Conditions
Peugeot and the Environment
Our website has full details on all
Peugeot products, and offers available in the UK. You’ll also find information about our environmental and
recycling policies.
Peugeot Accessories
Peugeot Accessories are designed
specifically for each model which
means there are no compromises
on fit or function. In addition they are
rigorously tested to our own high
standards giving you complete confidence and peace of mind.
About this brochure
The information contained in this brochure is
based on the data and images available at the
time of printing.
Some feature combinations may not be available in the UK. Also, some photography may
feature vehicles which are left hand drive. As
part of our policy of continuous specification
improvement, Peugeot reserve the right to
modify technical equipment, the options available, and colours at any time. For full specification ask your Peugeot Dealer, or click on
Please note that print and photographic processes used in the creation of this brochure may
alter the depth and tone of the colours shown.
This brochure is not a contractual document or
offer of sale. The details in this brochure cannot
be reproduced without the expressed authorisation of Peugeot.
Issued by:
Sales and Marketing
Peugeot Motor Company plc
Pinley House
2 Sunbeam Way
For details of HM Forces tax-free military sales
contact: Peugeot Export, 454-490 Mile End
Road, London E1 4PE
Telephone: 020 7791 9044
Email: peugeot.export@peugeotmail.co.uk
Customers seeking End of Vehicle Life information should call 0845 257 3233
For all other enquiries please call 0845 200
1234 (Calls will be charged at local rate and
may be recorded for training or quality purposes.)
SINCE 1889
Backed by more than a century’s experience, Peugeot has developed
recognised expertise in designing cars that meet drivers’ expectations.
Peugeot cars have always left their mark on history by combining
inventiveness and motoring passion with rigorous engineering standards.
With the 207 and 207 SW, I invite you to discover new sensations,
new emotions and new pleasures.
Christian Peugeot
Dealer stamp
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