XAV-601BT - Datatail
XAV-601BT A/V Receiver with Bluetooth®
Control smartphone features and apps directly from your receiver thanks
to MirrorLink™ technology6,7, which brings command of select audio,
video and navigation features directly to the receiver’s touchscreen
display. Elevate your mobile experience with Bluetooth® technology4,
SiriusXM™ compatibility3,7, Pandora® app control5, dual USB inputs and
CD/DVD playback1.
• Detachable Double DIN 6.1” WVGA Touch Screen Display
• MirrorLink™ enabled smartphone connectivity6, 7
• Pandora® internet radio control5, 7
• Telenav® GPS app7 control for iPhone® (update Aug 2012)
• Dual USB 1-Wire input for iPod®2, iPhone®2 & USB devices
• Integrated Bluetooth® with Simple Secure Pairing4
• Passenger App Control for iPod®2 and iPhone®2
• iPod®2 and iPhone®2 playback (with optional RC-202IPV)
• Advanced user interface with 3D screen visualizers
• DVD/CD and multiple digital file1 playback
• SiriusXM™ satellite radio connector ready3, 7
• TomTom® Navigation direct control (optional XA-NV100T)7
• Firmware upgradable through the USB input
• Dynamic Color Illuminator with sound synchronization
• ZAPPIN™ music search feature
• Advanced Sound Engine with EQ7, iTA, CSO and RBE
• Dynamic Reality Amp with 52 Watts x 4 High Power
• 5V front, rear and sub pre-amp out with HPF/LPF
• Zone x Zone source output for rear seat entertainment
• Front aux input, 2 rear AV inputs and rear camera input
• SensMe™ app creates music channels for your mood7
• Digital Clarity Tuner with RDS
• RM-X271 Wireless remote and Hands Free mic included
• 2 year warranty
6.1” Touch Screen Display
The detachable, high-resolution TFT (WVGA) 6.1” touch screen display will inform and entertain
you. Gesture command and on-screen touch buttons make everything easier to control and
separate audio and video power supply circuits provide added clarity.
MirrorLink™ smartphone connectivity6, 7
MirrorLink™ technology7 offers seamless connectivity between smart phones6 and your XAV-601BT
receiver. The technology is extremely simple to use: approved applications, content and controls
are mirrored from the smartphone onto the receiver.
Pandora® internet radio Control5, 7
Pandora® is the leading internet radio service, giving people music they love anytime, anywhere,
through personalized radio stations. The XAV-601BT provides complete access to your Pandora
account using your iPhone2®, Android™ or Blackberry® phones5.
Telenav® app control7 for iPhone®2
Simply connect your iPhone® Telenav®7 GPS app via USB input to the XAV-601BT and see
directions on your receiver’s screen while hearing them over the car speakers. Telenav app7
control for iPhone available as of Aug 2012 via firmware update.
Dual USB 1-Wire Inputs
With dual USB 1-Wire inputs, you can connect, control and charge your iPod®2, Walkman® player
and other compatible USB devices with the rear USB input and connect your phone directly to
the front panel’s USB input.
Integrated Bluetooth® technology4
Easily take calls and stream audio with the XAV-601BT receiver featuring Bluetooth® technology4.
Connect to compatible devices and choose between hands free phone access, phonebook
access, Pandora® internet radio control5 or audio streaming.
Passenger App Control7
Connect your iPhone®2 or iPod® Touch2 via the optional RC-202IPV cable to display compatible
app content on the XAV-601BT receiver’s display and control the app directly from your iPhone or
iPod Touch with passenger app control7.
iPod® and iPhone®2 content playback
Playback audio/video from most iPod®2 models via the RC-202IPV video cable (sold separately).
Also view stored album artwork during audio playback on the screen of the XAV-601BT receiver.
Advanced Response User Interface
Select between 2D or 3D icons and screen visualizers and enjoy fast touch screen response when
selecting sources, transitioning between menu screens and searching through your USB music
Plays DVDs/CDs and digital files1
Multi-format playback1 lets you play MP3, WMA, AAC music files, JPEG’s or MP4 videos.
SiriusXM™ Satellite Radio Ready3, 7
The on-board SiriusXM™connector3 simplifies satellite radio installation by eliminating compatibility
issues and providing direct connection to the new platform of tuners.
Optional TomTom® navigation control7
Connect the optional TomTom® XA-NV100T navigation for direct access to built in GPS control.
TomTom is the only company to incorporate real world, real-time feedback, providing the most
accurate maps available.7
Firmware upgradable with USB input
Easily upgrade the XAV-601BT’s firmware. Use a PC to download updates from Sony® support to a
flash drive and load them on your receiver via the USB input.
Dynamic Color Illuminator
Match your radio’s illumination to complement your existing vehicle lighting components with
the Dynamic Color Illuminator. With selectable Sound Synchronization, the timing of the color
change is synchronized with the audio source.
Intuitive ZAPPIN™ search feature
Use the ZAPPIN™ feature can play 6, 15, or 30 second intro clips to help you find a specific song.
Advanced Sound Engine with EQ7
The Advanced Sound Engine uses EQ7 equalizer, adjustable LPF/HPF crossovers, Listener Position
calibration, Center Speaker Organizer, Rear Bass Enhancer, and Dynamic Loudness volume
leveler to create an ideal in-car listening environment.
High-powered Expansion
Dial in the output for optimum sound using the internal 52W x 4 high power Dynamic Reality
amplifier for your speakers or the 5 Volt front, rear and subwoofer RCA pre-amp outputs to feed
an external amplifier.
Zone x Zone for rear seat
Zone by Zone control allows users to independently select between sources for the front seat
passengers while enabling separate DVD playback for rear seat passengers when connected to
additional rear seat video monitors (sold separately).
Auxiliary Audio/Video inputs
Two dedicated rear auxiliary AV inputs provide additional AV source playback and a connection
for the Sony® XA-800C rear view camera (sold separately) for visibility when backing up,
especially with larger trucks or SUVs.
SensMe™ Music App
SensMe™ application can organize your music into playlists that perfectly match your mood,
scene and location, making it easier to choose the music that fits the moment.
Digital Clarity Tuner with RDS
Sony® receivers are known for exceptional tuning and we’ve made them even better with
the new Digital Clarity Tuner. RDS enables artist and title information that accompany the FM
broadcast to be displayed on the receiver.
Included Accessories
The included hands-free microphone and integrated echo and noise canceling circuitry assure
your conversations are clear while the RM-X271 wireless remote lets you control the basic
functions of the XAV-601BT.
The XAV-601BT includes a comprehensive 2 year warranty.
Amplifier Section
Max power output
52 watts x 4 at 4 ohms
Speaker Impedance
4-8 Ohms
AMP & General Feature
Yes (Rear A/Vx2)
7 Band EQ
High Voltage Pre Out
Yes - 5 volt
EQ7: 7 band EQ with +/- 6 dB adjustment at: 63, 160, 400, 1000, 2500, 6300 and 16000 Hz
Format(s) Supported
MP3/WMA/AAC/JPEG/MP4/XviD files1
Frequency Response
DVD / CD: 10-20,000 Hz
Preout Impedance
100 ohms
Preout Voltage
5 volt
S/N Ratio
Audio Power: CEA2006 S/N 80 dBA
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (dB)
DVD/CD Player: 120dB
Station Preset(s)
18 FM / 12 AM
Tuner Frequency Range
FM: Tuner Frequency Range(MHz): 87.5-107.9
AM: Tuner Frequency Range(kHz): 530-1710
Tuner Type
Wow and Flutter
Below measurable limit
Bluetooth Audio Features
Audio Codec
Audio Level Adjustment
Yes(-8dB to +18dB)
Meta Data Indication
Secure Simple Pairing
Bluetooth Version 2.1
Tilt Range
0-45° mounting angle
Convenience Features
CD Text Display
CD/MP3/WMA/AAC data displayed
Dimmer Adjust
Selectable Auto/on/off
Key Illumination
Variable Key Illumination
On-Screen Clock
Display Technology
Text Displayed
Source, artist, album, track, playback time, menu and clock
CEA2006 output power
CEA2006 S/N
Preout output level (V)
Other Features
Device Name
Sony Automotive
SMS Indication
HFP 1.5
Tuner Feature
RDS/EON (NA Only:RBDS, Others:RDS)
Panel Type
6.1" TFT Active Matrix LCD Color Monitor
Picture Modes
Normal, Wide, Full and Zoom
800 x 480
Video Features
Color System
1. Not all files may play back due to file variations. Copy-protected ACC-LC files not supported.
2. Compatible with iPod®with video, iPod Classic®, iPod nano® 1st through 5th gen., iPod Touch® 1st & 2nd gen., iPhone®, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Passenger
control not available for iPod nano 1st gen. or iPod with video.
3. Requires satellite radio tuner and service subscription, sold separately.
4. Interoperability and compatibility among Bluetooth® devices vary.
5. Works with iPhone® 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S via USB port, and compatible Blackberry® and Android™ based smartphones via Bluetooth®.
6. MirrorLink™ enabled smartphone required. MirrorLink is a technology standard developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) that allows consumers to use their smartphone in
a car without looking at or touching their phone. The technology achieves this through two-way communication between the smartphone and the in-vehicle infotainment system. CCCapproved applications and content are mirrored from the mobile device onto the automotive in-dash receiver.
7. Feature is subject to change or termination without notice. Subscription, fee and/or PC registration may be required.
© 2012 Sony Electronics Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Sony, Walkman, SensMe, ZAPPIN, and the Sony and ZAPPIN logos
are trademarks of Sony. iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc. Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners.
Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Non-metric weights and measurements are approximate and may vary. Updated: April 5, 2012
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