Hamilton - Resultco

Hamilton - Resultco
The Heritor Hamilton Automatic Timepiece
(HR4101-HR4106 series watches)
Mechanical automatic watches harness the kinetic energy contained within the natural movement of your arm to
generate the force required to operate. The watch will commence operation after a sufficient volume of initial
power has been generated by handling / wearing or by manually winding the crown. Supplemental winding through
wear or manual winding will ensure sustained functionality and increase the duration in which the watch will
continue to operate when unworn.
Setting Instructions:
1) Pull the crown out one click.
2) Rotate the crown counterclockwise until the date indicator changes.1
3) Set the current time by rotating the crown counterclockwise;
- for AM hours do not advance the hour hand past the 12 o’clock position,
- for PM hours advance the hour hand past the 12 o’clock position once.
4) Push the crown in one click.
5) Manually wind the movement by rotating the crown clockwise 10-20 times.2
6) Set the current day of the week by pressing Button A until the correct value is displayed.
7) Set the current date by pressing Button B until the correct value is displayed.
No Marking
Water Resistance Guidelines
Capacity of Resistance
Splash/light contact only.
Hand/dish washing.
Low depth and short duration only.
Short duration diving up to 5 meters.
Average depth and duration diving.
Setting the time to AM / PM accordingly ensures that the date indicators change at midnight rather than noon. If the date indicators are
changing in the afternoon advance the hour hand one full rotation (12 hours), then reset date indicators as necessary.
Although manual winding is not necessary, generating an initial power reserve and occasionally winding the movement manually will increase
the duration in which the movement continues to operate when the watch is not worn.
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