Owner`s Manual
Owners Manual
Model LXT 300 FRS/GMRS Radio
22 Channels
Channel Scan
Auto Squelch
Auto Battery Save
Keypad Lock
Roger Beep
Mic/Headphone Jack
+ 3 Call Alerts
Keystroke Tones
Water Resistant
Backlit Display
Silent Operation
Index Introduction
Introduction ........... e... eee ver nero eee eee er ee ene e reeDs 3 Congratulations on your purchase of a high-quality Midland GMRS radio.
FCC Information .......................eee2cerresrcicon rare eeeeee nera eeeroeeeeneeonanacera 4-5 Your LXT-300 represents the state-of-the-art in high-tech engineering.
Controis and BUttONS .…......….….…..mcerscneencencennnsernnennennnnnnnnnnnne 6-7 Designed for General Mobile Radio Service operation, this compact package
0 reer erasers esses sees anes ree sats snes eens 8 is big in performance. It is a quality piece of electronic equipment, skillfully
Belt Clip............. DT as 9 constructed with the finest components. The circuitry is all solid-state and
со taliing tr e Lm er eee o mounted on a rugged printed circuit board. Your LXT-300 is designed for
arging the ErieS.......e... ene nncooneoonesreevoo e eennennenan ener necanee
Operation, Volume, Talking/Listening and Monitor ....................... 12 reliable and trouble- free performance.
Call Alert, Scan and Keypad Lock.....................e.eeseiee ee 13
User Interface .........................eeercrnarcecorerie e eee eee eee ener once 14
Channel Selection, Keystroke Tone, and Roger Beep .................. 15
External Speaker/Microphone JaCK.…...……..…….…..…..………serserrsescenmensencanse 16
TroubleShOOtiING..….….…..........….….….…crecerersorensenrsmssessnenseraranaanenaarensaccerans 17
Technical Specification ….........…...…..…...…..seseererereneenençnnnnnnnn"nnne 18
Channel Frequency Chart ..….….…......….….….…rrrerserearrensanemnensacranranccereanemcnne 19
ACCESSOFÏES ..…......……scoserrarenresmeansensansentarnessancancansean eeroneeneneoreenee reee. 20
Accessories Order Form .............e. ==. =eeciesenccae en Re Ree 21
N eee eee cernen ener a eee ner recenacen e rereanneraceonmananms 22
-2- http://www.midlandradio.com
http://www.midlandradio.com -3-
FCC Information
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject
to the following two conditions: (1) this device does not cause harmful
interference, and (2) this radio must accept any interference received,
including interference that may cause undesired operation.
To maintain compliance with FCC's RF exposure guidelines, for body-
wom operation, this radio has been tested and meets the FCC RF
exposure guidelines when used with Midland Radio Corp. accessories
supplied or designated for this product. Use of other accessories may not
ensure compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines.
-4- http://www.midlandradio.com
FCC information Cont...
Your LXT-300 operates on General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)
Frequencies and is subject to the rules and regulations of the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC requires that all operators
using General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) frequencies obtain a radio
license before operating their equipment for business, personal, or
recreational use.
A GMRS license held by an individual may be shared by immediate family
members. To obtain the application forms and instructions or for questions
concerning licensing, please contact the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-
225-5322), or go to http://www.fcc.gov/wtb/prs/genmbil.html.
Use and Care
1. Do not use alcohol or cleaning solutions to clean the radio.
2. Do not immerse the radio in water.
3. Use a soft damp cloth to clean the radio
4. Dry the radio with dry lint-free cloth should it get wet.
5. Turn off the radio and remove the batteries during long-term storage.
http://www.midlandradio.com -5-
Controls and Buttons
Talk/Call - |
a [7] lier
Scan/Lock 8 Ntra Taca
Vol. Down Hy A
Speaker 0.909 I
o 000 o
Ext. Spkr/Mic
Power on/off
Vol. Up
Controls and Buttons Cont...
Button Description
« Talk on the radio Ня
Talk/Call « Senda call tone
- Save a setting
+ Scan for active channels
Lock the key pad
Volume Down
Decrease the volume
Scroll through the menu
Volume Up
Increase the volume
Scroll through the menu
Enter/Exit the menu
To monitor channel activity
Power on/off
Turn on/off the radio
To use external ear-microphone
LCD Display
Transmit(TX)Icon Beep tone icon
Receive(RX}icon Roger beep Icon
Key pad lock Icon
Channel indicator Low battery level indicator
Scan Icon Power level indicator
Belt Clip
To install the belt clip, slide the clip up into the slot on the back of the radio
until the latching mechanism clicks. To remove the belt clip, pull the latching
tab outward, then gently slide the belt clip down toward the bottom of the
Remove Belt Clip
http://www.midlandradio.com -9-
Installing Batteries
Your LXT-300 radio operates with either four AAA alkaline batteries or a
NiMH rechargeable battery pack. To install the batteries:
1. With the back of the radio facing you, remove the belt clip by sliding it off of
the unit. Then un-lock the locking-latch, and remove the battery cover.
2. Insert four AAA batteries or the battery pack, observing the polarity as
shown. Installing the batteries incorrectly will prevent the radio from
operating and can damage the unit.
3. Return the battery cover and lock the locking latch.
Remove Belt Clip
Insert Batteries
Charging the batteries
Your LXT-300 is equipped to allow using a rechargeable NiMH battery pack
which can be recharged by the A/C desktop charger. Batteries must be
charged when the low battery icon flashes on the display. Do not charge
alkaline batteries of any kind in the radio.
To charge through a desktop charger: (included in the LXT-300VP3 only)
1. Connect the AC adapter into an A/C wall outlet.
2. Insert the adapter jack into the desktop charger jack.
3. Place the radios into the desktop charger slot and note that the desktop
charger lights up to indicate charging function.
Note : Only use batteries indicated in this manual.
1. Do not attempt to charge alkaline batteries or any batteries/ battery packs
other than the ones indicated in this manual.
This may cause leakage and damage the radio.
2. For long term storage of the radio, turn the radio off and remove the
batteries from the radio.
http://www.midlandradio.com -11-
Operation Call Alert
Power On/Off Your LXT-300 can transmit a call alert for a fixed length of time. To send a call alert, press
Press the “Power button” for more than 2 seconds to turn the radio on.
Press “Power button” again for 2 seconds to turn the radio off.
Press the “Up” button to increase the volume, and press the “Down” button
to decrease the volume during normal operation.
Talking and Listening (Receiving)
To communicate, all radios in your group must be set to the same channel.
« For maximum clarity, hold the radio two to three inches from your mouth.
* Press and hold the PTT button and speak in a normal voice into the
microphone. The TX icon appears continuously on the LCD display when
» To receive messages, release the PTT button. The RX icon appears on the
display when your radio is receiving a transmission.
To enable the monitor function, hold down the menu button for 2 seconds.
To take the radio off monitor, repeat process.
the PTT button twice rapidly. The TX icon appears during the transmission of a call alert and
the alert can be heard on the speaker for confirmation. To choose a call alert, press the
menu button to scroll through to the call alert screen. Then using the “Up” or “Down” buttons,
select one of the three alerts. To save your selection, press the PTT button.
Your LXT-300 can scan all of the 22 channels to observe for any activity. To enter the scan
mode, press the “SCAN” button. Your radio rapidly scans each of the 22 channels and stops
on any active channel for about 5 seconds before resuming scan. When you press the PTT
button to transmit on an active channel, the scanning function will stop and remain on the active
channel. To resume scanning, press the “Up” or “Down” button. When you are in SCAN mode,
the “SCAN” icon on LCD will be on. To exit the scan mode, press the “SCAN” button again.
Keypad Lock
To avoid accidentally changing the radio settings, press “SCAN” for 2 seconds. The “Lock”
icon appears on the display. When the “Lock” is active, the menu button and the volume
up/down buttons are disabled. However, you are still able to tum the radio off and on,
TX/RX, and send a call tone when the radio is locked. To unlock, press the “SCAN button”
for 2 seconds.
-12- http://www.midiandradio.com
http://www. .midlandradio.com -13-
User Interf
ace Channel Selection
Your LXT-300 has 22 channels available. To change channels:
* With the radio on, press “Menu button” until the current channel segment flashes.
* Use “Up” button or the “Down” button to change the channel.
* Press the PTT button to save the new channel.
Menu Channel Beep tone Roger Beep Call tone Keystroke Tone
| | Whenever you press a button, a “Beep” tone may be heard when this function is
selected. To enable the “Beep” tone, press “Menu” repeatedly until the “Beep
tone Icon” appears on the display. Press the volume up or and volume down
button, to set the beep on or off. To save your selection, press “Menu” again.
To access the advanced features of your LXT-300 radio, it has the following
menu functions:
1-22CH On/Off On/Off 3 call alerts
Roger Beep Tone
Whenever you release the PTT button, a “Roger Beep” tone may be
transmitted to let your friends know you are finished talking. To enable the
Roger Beep, press “Menu” repeatedly until the “Roger Beep Icon” appears on
the display. Press Vol. Up or Vol. down button to set the Roger Beep tone on or
off. To save your selection, press PTT.
http://www.midlandradio.com http://www.midlandradio.com -15-
External Speaker / Microphone Jack
Your LXT-300 can be used with an optional external speaker / microphone or
headset. To use an optional speaker/microphone or headset:
1. Insert the plug(s) into the SPK/MIC jacks.
2. Place the earbud into your ear, and adjust the mic into your desired position.
Problem Solution
No Power Check battery installation and/or replace batteries
Cannot Receive * Confirm the radios have the same channel settings.
Messages * Make sure that you are within range of the other.
* Buildings and other obstructions may interfere with your
Radio is not responding
to button presses
* Make sure key lock is not on.
* Radio might need to be reset. Turn radio off then on.
* Ensure accessory microphone is set properly.
Charger not functioning
* Contacts on the bottom of the radio may require cleaning.
* Ensure the outlet that the charger is plugged into is
functioning properly.
* Check that the batteries are installed into the radio
-16- http://www.midlandradio.com
Technical Specification
* Channels : 22 channels
* Operating Frequency : UHF 462.5500 - 467.7125 MHz
* Power Source: four AAA alkaline or rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
* Power Output: typically 1 watt HI, 0.5W on FRS channels
Current Drain
* Receive: 120mA max
* Transmit : E00mA max
* Standby: Average 20mA max
Operation Time
* Talk Time : 1.75 hours (With 4 “AAA” Alkaline batteries)
* Receive Time : 9 hours
* Standby Time : 53 hours
* Combined(5-5-90 duty) Time : 22 hours
CH.No CH. Freq. CH.No CH. Freq.
1 462.5625 12 467.6625
2 462.5875 13 467.6875
3 462.6125 14 467.7125
4 462.6375 15 462.5500
5 462.6625 16 462.5750
6 462.6875 17 462.6000
7 462.7125 18 462.6250
8 467.5625 19 462.6500
9 467.5875 20 462.6750
10 467.6125 21 462.7000
11 467.6375 22 462.7250
Accessories - Accessories can be purchased at www .midlandradio.com or
fill in the form on the foliowing page and mail it to our address.
Surveillance Headset
Open face helmet
microphone kit
Closed face helmet
microphone kit
AVP-H5-$39.99 AVP1-$19.99
Behind the Head Headset Pair of Headsets
y =
Ear Wrap Headsets
Accessories Order Form
Please send Money Order or fill in Visa/Master Card information and mail to the address below.
Please DO NOT send cash or checks. Make Money Order to Midland Radio Corporation.
-20- http://www. .midlandradio.com
City: State Zip Code
Tel. email:
CC# Type Exp.
Qty Item Price Total Mail To:
AVP-1 $19.99 Midland Radio Corporation
AVP-H1 $49.99 Consumer. Dept.
AVP-H2 $49.99 5900 Parretta Drive
AVP-H3 $39.99 Kansas City, MO 64120
AVP-H4 $3999 | N nn
AVP-H5 | $39.99 Or Call 816.241.650
Sub-Total - To order online go to
Tax (MO, CO, IL, FL only) — www.midlandradio.com
S&H (U.S. only) $9.50
Total $
http://www.midlandradio.com -21-
Limited Warranty
Midland Radio Corporation will repair or replace, at its option without charge, any Midland FRS/GMRS
transceiver which fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within Three Years following the initial
consumer purchase. This warranty does not apply to water damage, battery leak or abuse.
This warranty does not include any carrying cases, earphones, or antennas, which may have been part of
or included with the warranted product; or the cost of labor for removal or re-installation of the product in a
vehicle or other mounting. Accessories (batteries, AC adapter, dual desktop charger) have a limited 90 day
warranty. Under this warranty retum the wamanted product, freight prepaid, along with proof of purchase to:
Midland Radio Corporation
Warranty Service Department
5900 Parretta Drive
Kansas City, MO 64120
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.
Note : The above warranty applies only to merchandise purchased in the United States of America or any
of the territories or possessions thereof, or from a U.S. Military exchange.
Midland Radio Corporation
5900 Parretta Drive
Kansas City, MO 64120
Tel: (816) 241-8500
E-mail: [email protected]
URL: www.midlandradio.com
Come see our COMPLETE PRODUCT line at http://www .midlandradio.com
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Midland Radio Corporation
5900 Parretta Drive
Kansas City, MO 64120
Call 816.241.8500
visit us at http:/www.midlandradio.com
Note: Features & Specifications are subject to Change without notice. MIDLAND is
not responsible for unintentional errors or omissions on its packaging.
rs PT mms IET
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