2004 Maserati Coupe

2004 Maserati Coupe
2004 Maserati Coupe
Report Run Date: 23/04/2017 18:46:17 AEST
Please note: This report does not provide proof of ownership
Variant / Series
Year of Manufacture
Country of Origin
Above based on what the user / advertiser has told us about this car
Snapshot – Refer to PPSR Certificate (attached) and relevant section below for further detail
Finance Check
No financial interests reported
Stolen Status
No record of vehicle as stolen
Written Off
No write off incidents reported
Odometer Check
No Odometer rollback reported
Finance Check, Stolen Status, Written Off Status and Registration Check: Government sources
Odometer Check: Information from the carsales Network and third party records
Green & Safety Ratings
Colour (Exterior)
ANCAP Rating
Registration Number
Green Star Rating
Registration State
Air Pollution Rating
Registration Expiry
Less than 7 months remaining
Green House Rating
Vehicle Details
Fuel Type
Petrol - Premium ULP
Engine Size
4.2L (4244cc)
Cylinders / Rotors
Fuel Consumption Combined
- Urban (L/100km)
- Extra Urban (L/100km)
- Combined (L/100km)
CO2 Emissions
6 speed, Sports Automatic Single Clutch
287KW @ 7000RPM
451Nm @ 4500RPM
Drive Type
Rear Wheel Drive
Certificate ID: 1704-2367-5739-0145-8565
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2004 Maserati Coupe
Report Run Date: 23/04/2017 18:46:17 AEST
VIN: ZAMBC38D000013862
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How this Maserati compares to the market at the date of this report.
This Maserati
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Averages of matched cars:
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The cars used in the market comparison tool have been matched on the following attributes:
2003 – 2005
Variant / Series
4.2L (4244cc)
Fuel Type
Petrol - Premium ULP
Rear Wheel Drive
The vehicles shown in the Market Comparison tool are an indicative sample of vehicles listed for sale on the carsales Network (currently and in the
previous 12 months). Not every vehicle matching the parameters may be shown. Vehicles used in the sample may have different attributes such as
optional extras, features or others.
All prices represented in the Market Comparison tool are indicative 'Drive Away Prices', which may include dealer and government costs borne by the
consumer, such as stamp duty and transfer fees. Drive Away prices shown are indicative only and are based on information provided by a certificate
applicant and/or a vehicle seller - actual government charges will vary according to a purchaser's personal circumstances.
Certificate ID: 1704-2367-5739-0145-8565
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2004 Maserati Coupe
Report Run Date: 23/04/2017 18:46:17 AEST
VIN: ZAMBC38D000013862
Reported Odometer History
Date Reported
January 2012
October 2014
April 2017
Average odometer reading for this category of vehicle at this age is 130,000km to 240,000km (source: Redbook.com.au).
Utilises information from the carsales Network and third party records. List may not be exhaustive and a full mechanical check is recommended when
buying a used car.
Important: This report has been prepared based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and vehicle variant supplied by the user / advertiser. It is provided
by carsales.com Ltd (CarFacts) utilising information from Automotive Data Services Pty Ltd (RedBook), Government sources and other third parties. While
CarFacts has used its best efforts to provide correct information, it does not guarantee or make any representations regarding the accuracy or suitability of
this report for your needs. To the full extent permitted by law, CarFacts will not be liable for any loss or damage relating to your use of, or reliance on, this
report. In all instances you should revert to the Serial Number Search Certificate from the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) within this document.
Certificate ID: 1704-2367-5739-0145-8565
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Buyer’s Guide
The CarFacts Buyer’s Guide aims to help you understand the details of your CarFacts Report and
identify the key things to look out for when buying a used car. This way, you can ensure that you
have all the information you need to make a safe and informed purchase.
Here are some of the terms you may find in your CarFacts Report and what they mean for
you as a buyer:
Security interests reported:
A security interest reported on a vehicle is perfectly normal. If you are buying from a
private seller, be sure to discuss with them how this interest will be removed before
finalising the purchase. For your peace of mind, make sure all security interests are
cleared and encumbrances removed before finalising the purchase. It is also a good idea
to request proof of repayment from the seller and to be extra safe, contact the financer for
Vehicle reported as ‘stolen’:
If your vehicle is reported as ‘stolen’, this can mean the car has been stolen either
currently or previously in its life. For more information, contact the state or territory law
enforcement listed on the PPSR certificate included in your report.
Vehicle reported as ‘written off’:
A vehicle that has been ‘written off’ has been in an accident or suffered some form of
damage. In some cases, cars which have been written off are unable to be re-registered
and are declared as ‘statutory write-offs’. In other cases, they can be repaired and reregistered, provided they pass the necessary safety inspections – these are known as
‘repairable’ or ‘economic’ write-offs.
It is important to remember that just because a car has been written off, does not
necessarily mean you should not buy it. It does mean that you should do some thorough
checks to ensure that it is safe – and is owned by the person selling it. Your state or
territory road authority will be able to assist with any specific questions you have about
the ‘write-off’ information provided in your CarFacts Report.
Odometer discrepancy reported:
Powered by the trusted carsales Network and our associated partners, the CarFacts
‘Odometer Check’, allows you to find any inconsistent odometer records for the vehicle. You
can then determine whether the odometer may be faulty or may have been tampered with.
Report it:
If your CarFacts Report shows an odometer discrepancy, always contact us and ask for
advice. If you suspect that odometer tampering has occurred or notice any suspicious
behaviour, report it to your State’s consumer protection agency.
Odometer tampering is a serious crime and those found guilty face large fines and/or
imprisonment. The offence of misrepresenting the accuracy of an odometer reading also
carries significant fines.
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Buyer’s Checklist
To keep you safe when buying a second hand vehicle, we recommend following our buyer’s
checklist which will ensure you have covered all the important steps:
Enlist a mechanic to carry out an independent inspection
Check the vehicle’s log book for its history of odometer readings and when it was bought, sold
and serviced
Inspect the overall condition of the vehicle – look out for any signs of wear and tear on the
seatbelts, carpets and/or the steering wheel. If there are signs of heavy use on a low-mileage
vehicle, it may be an indication of odometer tampering so do not be afraid to investigate further
Check the build year to ensure the vehicle is being advertised correctly. The build year can be
found on the build plaque in the engine bay
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Serial Number Search Certificate
This is a serial number search certificate for a serial number search
This search certificate is provided under section 174 of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009
Search certificate number:
Search number:
This search certificate reflects the data contained in the PPS Register at 23/04/2017 18:46:15 (Canberra Time)
Search Criteria Details
Serial number search type:
Motor vehicle:
Registration state:
Registration Details
There is no security interest or other registration kind registered on the PPSR against the serial number in the search criteria details.
NEVDIS Details
Vehicle information is requested from Austroads’ NEVDIS database for each transaction involving a vehicle VIN or Chassis Number on the
Personal Property Securities Register. The data is not part of interests registered on the Personal Property Securities Register and it is
presented without any guarantee regarding its accuracy.
The NEVDIS data is intended to assist users with checking that the VIN or Chassis Number they entered, along with information they have
about the vehicle from other sources, is accurate and to provide users with any data held on NEVDIS about a vehicle’s stolen or written off
If you require further information regarding the NEVDIS data please look at the PPSR website: www.ppsr.gov.au.
Access to and use of data provided through the PPSR is subject to the PPSR General Conditions Of Use and applicable third party data
conditions (which can be obtained at www.ppsr.gov.au ). To the extent permitted by law, all data provided through the PPSR is made
available without any representation or warranty of any kind (without limitation in respect to accuracy) and the Commonwealth, and our third
party data providers (which includes any person mentioned in the Third Party Data Conditions as providing information through the PPSR),
have no liability to you in respect of any loss or damage that you might suffer no matter how arising (including negligence) that is directly or
indirectly related to the NEVDIS Data.
Identifier number:
Identifier type:
Vehicle type:
Body type:
Engine number:
Registration plate number:
State vehicle registered:
Registration expiry:
16 Nov 2017
Year of manufacture:
Written off:
no data
no data
Year/Month of compliance:
A stolen vehicle notification, or the absence of one, does not necessarily mean a vehicle is or is not stolen.
If there is a stolen vehicle notification you wish to enquire about, you should contact the police force in the State or Territory indicated
immediately after the date in the notification. The reference number at the end of the notification should be quoted as a part of your enquiry.
Please note that there may be multiple stolen notifications shown. A stolen notification can be for a VIN, Plate, Chassis and/or Engine.
Tasmanian stolen vehicle information is currently unavailable from this service. For information about the status of Tasmanian vehicles, go
to: http://www.transport.tas.gov.au/pls/apex/f?p=202:200:60523886732710 (Note: you will need to provide the vehicle registration plate
number to search this site).
This search certificate reflects the data contained in the PPS Register at 23/04/2017 18:46:15 (Canberra Time)
How to verify this certificate on the PPS Register
You can use the search number from an original search (as shown on this certificate) to retrieve the original search results and to issue a
copy of the search certificate at https://transact.ppsr.gov.au/ppsr/Home.There is no fee; however this process will not provide any update to
the information in the original search.
Privacy and Terms and Conditions
The Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia is subject to the Privacy Act 1988 which requires that we comply with the Information Privacy
Principles (IPPs) set out in the Act. The IPPs set out how Australian Government agencies should collect, use, store and disclose personal
information and how individuals can access records containing their personal information.
Access to and use of the PPS Register is subject to the General Conditions of Use, as well as other relevant terms and conditions. All
relevant terms and conditions can be found at www.ppsr.gov.au
End of search certificate
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: www.ppsr.gov.au
GPO Box 1944 Adelaide City SA 5000
1300 00 77 77
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