Philips CC5059 User manual

Philips CC5059 User manual
When using an electrical appliance, basic
safety precautions should always be followed,
including the following:
Read all instructions before using this
To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric
shock or injury to persons:
1.Close supervision is necessary when
this appliance and accessories is used by, on,
or near children or invalids.
2.Use this clipper and accessories for its
intended household use as described in
this manual. Do not use attachments not
recommended by Philips Electronics North
America Corporation.
3.Never operate this clipper if it has a
damaged cord or plug, if it is not working
properly, if it has been dropped, damaged,
or dropped into water. For assistance call
4.Do not rinse or immerse the clipper
handle in water or any other liquid.
5.Keep the clipper, cord and any attachments
away from heated surfaces.
6.Never drop or insert any object into any
7.Do not operate, charge, clean or plug in
clipper outdoors or where aerosol (spray)
products are being used or where oxygen
is being administered.
8.Always check cutters, cutting unit and
combs before using the clipper. Do not use
the clipper if cutters, cutting unit or combs
are damaged, as injury may occur.
9.Always attach plug to clipper first, then to
outlet. To disconnect, turn clipper OFF, then
remove plug from outlet.
10.To prevent possible damage to the cord, do
not wrap cord around the clipper.
11.Never put clipper in direct sunlight or
store at a temperature above 140°F.
12.This clipper is for use on human hair only.
Do not use this clipper for any other
13.Always store your clipper, attachments and
power plug in a moisture-free area. Make
sure the cord is disconnected from the
14.Only use the power plug and other
accessories supplied with the appliance.
IMPORTANT: The power plug contains
a transformer. Do not cut off the power
plug to replace it with another plug as
this will cause a hazardous condition.
Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips Norelco!
To fully benefit from the support that Philips Norelco offers, register your product at
Like many new products, your Philips Norelco Kids
Hair Clipper may take a little getting used to. If you
are using an electric Clipper for the first time, or if
you’ve been using a different brand, take the time to
acquaint yourself with your new Hair Clipper.
Your Kids Hair Clipper is quiet and easy to use with
rounded blades and comb tips that help prevent
scratching the skin for a safe and pleasant haircut
every time.
Put your new Hair Clipper to the test. We guarantee
precise, professional results or Philips Norelco will
refund you the full purchase price as long as the
request is received within 45 days of purchase.
To reduce the risk of electric shock:
1.Do not reach for a clipper that has fallen
into water. Unplug immediately.
2.This appliance is NOT a toy. The appliance
is an electric hair clipper. Keep the
appliance out of reach of young children.
3.Use clipper only in a dry condition. Do not
use while bathing or in a shower.
4.Do not place or store clipper where it can
fall or be pulled into a tub or sink. Do not
place in or drop into water or other liquid.
5.Always unplug this clipper from the
electrical outlet immediately after using,
except when clipper is (re)charging.
6.Unplug clipper and remove power supply
cord from clipper before cleaning.
7.The batteries used in this device may
present a fire or chemical burn hazard if
mistreated. Do not disassemble, heat above
100°C (212°F) or incinerate.
Put It To The Test
To Charge/Recharge
wFully charge Clipper before using for the first I
A Large Comb
B Cleaning Brush
C Appliance Plug
E Small Comb
F Hair Length Selector
G Cutting Unit
H On/Off Button
I Adaptor Cover
J Charging Light
Full Two-Year Warranty
45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
time, after non-use for a long period of time or
when the green charging light turns orange.
wCharging or recharging at temperatures below 40˚F or higher than 95˚F adversely affects lifespan of the battery.
wDo not charge Clipper in a pouch.
wAlways unplug Clipper from the electrical
outlet immediately after use, except when
Clipper is (re)charging.
1 Be certain Clipper is OFF.
Open the adaptor cover and insert the
adaptor directly into the Clipper (fig. 1)
and plug the appliance plug into any 120V AC
outlet. Use only the cord provided.
wAn adaptor plug may be necessary for
cord usage in some foreign countries. Use
an attachment plug adaptor of the proper
configuration for power outlet.
3 Slide the selected comb into the guiding grooves on both sides of Clipper and push until you hear it ‘click’ into place (fig. 6).
Make sure the comb attachment locks properly
into position.
4 P
ress the Hair Length Selector (1) and slide it
to the desired setting (2) (fig. 7).
5 The setting indications on the sides of the comb show the selected setting.
When you are clipping for the first time, start at
the maximum clipping length setting (7/8 in./21mm
or 1 3/4 in./42mm) of the small or large comb to
familiarize yourself with the appliance and prevent
accidentally trimming hairs too short. As you
become familiar with the settings, adjust the Hair
Length Selector to desired trimming length.
6 Make sure that the flat part of the comb is always in full contact with the scalp to obtain an even result.
Since all hairs do not grow in the same
direction, move the appliance slowly over the
crown from different directions (i.e. upwards,
downwards and across) to achieve an even result.
8 Always move the appliance against the direction of hair growth.
4 After the Clipper is fully charged, the green Charging Light goes off.
11 Turn the Clipper off regularly during clipping
and remove the hair comb to blow and/or
shake out hair that has accumulated.
5 Disconnect the cord and unplug from
electrical outlet.
2 Turn Clipper ON by pressing the ON/OFF Button once (fig. 3) and begin clipping.
Cordless Hair Clipping
2 Turn Clipper ON by pressing the ON/OFF Button once (fig. 3) and begin clipping.
Select the comb attachment. The remaining
hair length after clipping is indicated on the
sides of each comb (fig. 5).
– Small comb: 1/8 – 7/8 in. (3-21mm)
– Large comb: 1 – 1 3/4 in. (24-42mm)
10 For best results with curly, sparse or long
hair, use a styling comb to guide the hair
towards the Clipper.
1 Charge according to directions. Unplug Clipper from outlet and remove cord.
wIt will take approximately 8 hours to fully charge the Clipper for a cordless clipping time of up to 45 minutes.
3 Turn Clipper OFF and unplug.
1 Be certain Clipper is OFF.
9 M
ake overlapping passes over the head to
ensure that all hair that should be cut has
been cut.
1 Open the adaptor cover and insert the
adaptor provided to Clipper and plug
Clipper into electrical outlet (fig. 1).
Clipping with small or large comb
3 After a few moments, the green Charging Light on the appliance will blink to indicate the Clipper is charging (fig. 2).
Corded Hair Clipping
3 If the charge runs low while clipping, the green Charging Light will turn orange.
The Clipper still contains enough power for
approximately 15 minutes of cordless clipping.
4 If the motor starts to run slowly, simply connect cord provided to Clipper and outlet to continue clipping.
Hair Clipping
wUse this Clipper for its intended household
use as described in this manual.
wMake sure that the appliance is fully charged before you start clipping hair.
wBefore you start clipping, make sure that the head of the person whose hair you are cutting is at the same level as your chest so that all parts of his/her head are clearly visible and within easy reach.
wOnly use the appliance on clean, dry hair.
wDo not use on wet hair.
wBefore you begin, comb the hair in the direction of growth (fig. 4).
wTo achieve optimal clipping results, always move
the appliance slowly through the hair against
the direction of hair growth.
wREMEMBER: You must reset the hair length selector back to your desired setting every time you replace the hair clipping comb on the appliance.
TIP: Write down the settings you have used to create
a certain hairstyle as a reminder for future clipping
Remove the hair comb if you are:
wDefining hair lines
wTrimming nape of neck
wRemoving single, unwanted hairs
Be careful when you are clipping without comb
attachment as when the Clipper is turned on it
will remove every hair it touches.
1 Be certain Clipper is in the OFF position.
2 Remove the hair comb attachment by pressing the Hair Length Selector (1) and
sliding the comb off the Clipper (2) (fig. 8).
Never pull off a comb by grasping the flexible top
portion. Always pull off by the bottom part of
3 To contour the hairline around the ears,
comb the hair ends over the ears.
4 Tilt the Clipper in such a way that only
one edge of the cutter blades touches the hair ends when you shape the contours around the ears.
Only cut the hair ends. The hairline should be
close to the ear.
5 To contour the nape of the neck or sideburns, turn the Clipper and hold it with the cutter blades pointing downwards.
6 Move the Clipper slowly and smoothly
following the natural hairline.
wClean the Clipper and combs after each use.
wAlways switch Clipper OFF, unplug and remove
power supply cord from the Clipper before
wDo not use compressed air, abrasive cleaning agents, scourers or liquids such as alcohol,
benzene, bleach or acetone to clean the Clipper and attachments.
wNever clean, replace or remove Clipper
attachments with motor ON.
wNever rinse or immerse the Clipper handle in
water or any other liquid.
wDo not apply pressure to cutters.
wDo not touch cutters with hard objects as this may damage them.
wUse a soft, dry cloth to clean the Clipper
transition from longer hair on top of the
headto shorter hair on the back and sides
of the head.
During Use:
wIf cut hairs have accumulated in the comb
area, remove hairs by shaking, blowing or using
cleaning brush provided. Remember to adjust
the clipping length back to your selected setting
where you replace the comb on the Clipper.
The Fade
wThis cut allows you to achieve a smooth
Contouring without a comb attachment
After Each Use:
1 Make sure the Clipper is switched OFF and disconnected from the electrical outlet.
1 Slide the large comb into the guiding grooves on both sides of the Clipper and push until
you hear it ‘click’ into place (fig. 6).
2 Remove the hair comb attachment by
pressing the Hair Length Selector (1) and
sliding the comb off the Clipper (2) (fig. 8).
2 Press the Hair Length Selector (1) and slide it to the maximum setting (2) of 1 3/4 in./
42 mm (fig. 7).
3 Push the center top end of the cutter
blade upwards with your thumb until it
opens (fig. 9).
3 Clip the desired areas of the head.
4 Clean the cutting unit with the cleaning brush supplied (fig. 10).
4 Then choose a shorter setting and cut all parts of the head except the top where you want the hair to be longer.
5 Repeat until all hairs have the desired length.
Cutting over a Styling Comb or Fingers
wThis technique can be used to obtain hair
lengths over 1 3/4 in./42 mm.
1 Remove the hair comb attachment by
pressing the Hair Length Selector (1) and
sliding the comb off the Clipper (2) (fig. 8).
Never pull off a comb by grasping the flexible top
portion. Always pull off by the bottom part of
2 Comb a small section of hair upwards.
5 Clean the inside of the Clipper with the brush supplied (fig. 11).
6 Clean the handle, combs and the adaptor
with the cleaning brush supplied or with
a dry cloth.
7 Close the cutting unit until it ‘clicks’ into place.
Replacing The Cutting Unit
If your cutters become damaged or worn, do
not continue using the Clipper. Replace cutters
1 Open the cutting unit (fig. 9).
2 Remove the old cutting unit by pulling it upwards and then pull off the Clipper.
3 Lift the hair with a styling comb and hold it between your fingers.
The amount of hair you wish to cut should extend
beyond your fingers.
3 Place the notch of the new cutting unit into
the slot.
4 Cut the hair extending from the fingers
or comb.
4 Push the cutting unit back onto the Clipper
until you hear a ‘click’.
5 Continue this procedure, working from the front to the back of the head.
This Clipper has no other user-serviceable parts.
For assistance call 1-800-243-3050.
6 Comb hair often to remove trimmed hair and to check for uneven areas.
wBe sure the Clipper is turned OFF. Remove
cord from outlet and Clipper before storing
in a safe, dry location where it will not be
crushed, banged, or subject to damage.
wDo not wrap cord around the Clipper when storing.
wStore cord in a safe location where it will not be cut or damaged.
wDo not place or store the Clipper where
it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink, water or other liquid while plugged in.
Hair Clipper
For assistance, call toll free:
or visit our website:
Information is available 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.
Battery Removal
wThis Philips Norelco Clipper contains a
rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which must
be disposed of properly (Fig. 12).
wBattery may only be removed when the Clipper
is to be discarded.
wFor assistance, visit our website, or
call toll free: 1-800-243-3050
1 Unplug electrical cord from outlet and Clipper before dismantling Clipper.
2 Allow Clipper to run until the battery is empty/depleted.
3 Turn Clipper OFF.
4 Remove any comb attachment.
5Push the middle part of the cutting unit
upwards with your thumb until it opens
(Fig. 13).
6Undo the two screws in the hair chamber
(Fig. 14).
7Use both hands to separate the front part of
the housing from the back part and remove
the front part of the housing (Fig. 15).
8Undo the 4 screws next to the battery
(Fig. 16).
Always here to help you
Register your product and get support at
4222 002 8401 1
Full Two-Year Warranty
Philips Electronics North America Corporation warrants each new Philips
Norelco product, Model CC5059 (except cutters and combs) against
defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the
date of purchase, and agrees to repair or replace any defective product
without charge.
IMPORTANT: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from
accident, misuse or abuse, lack of reasonable care, the affixing of any
attachment not provided with the product or loss of parts or subjecting
the product to any but the specific voltage.* Use of unauthorized
replacement parts will void this warranty.
In order to obtain warranty service, simply go to
norelco or call 1-800-243-3050 for assistance. It is suggested that for
your protection you return shipments of product by insured mail,
insurance prepaid. Damage occurring during shipment is not covered by
this warranty. NOTE: No other warranty, written or oral, is authorized
by Philips Electronics North America Corporation. This warranty gives
you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary
from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation
of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion and
limitations may not apply to you.
*Read enclosed instructions carefully.
Manufactured for:
Philips Consumer Lifestyle
A Division of Philips Electronics North America Corporation
P.O. Box 10313, Stamford, CT 06904
This symbol on the product’s nameplate means it is
listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc.
9 Remove the bumper (Fig. 17).
Norelco is a Registered Trademark of Philips Electronics
North America Corporation.
10Undo the 2 screws of the socket at the
bottom of the appliance (Fig. 18).
PHILIPS is a Registered Trademark of Koninklijke Philips N.V.
© 2013 Philips Electronics North America Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
11Remove the socket from the appliance
(Fig. 19).
12Lift the rechargeable battery and the printed
circuit board out of the appliance and cut the
connecting wires (Fig. 20).
3Do not attempt to replace battery. Insulate
battery ends by covering with tape and/or
place battery in a small plastic bag.
4Discard your Clipper. Do not attempt to
plug electrical cord into the outlet or
recharge the Clipper after the battery has
been removed.
15 Contact your local town or city officials
for battery disposal information or call
1-800-8-BATTERY or for
battery drop-off locations.
If you are not fully satisfied with your Philips Norelco
Clipper send the product back and we’ll refund you the
full purchase price.
The Clipper must be shipped prepaid by insured
mail, insurance prepaid, have the original sales
receipt, indicating purchase price and date of
purchase, and the money-back guarantee return
authorization form enclosed. We cannot be
responsible for lost mail.
The Clipper must be postmarked no later than
45 days after the date of purchase. Philips
Norelco reserves the right to verify the purchase
price of the product and limit refunds not to
exceed suggested retail price.
To obtain money-back guarantee return
authorization form, call 1-800-243-3050 for
Delivery of refund check will occur 6–8 weeks AFTER
receipt of returned product.
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