View PS3 Kit Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

View PS3 Kit Setup and Troubleshooting Guide
PS3 Kit
Setup & Troubleshooting Instructions
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Sound System
Important Note: More detailed operating instructions for the projector appear in the instruction manual. If you
need to view the full manual at anytime, just visit this item on our website and click the link to the manual on the
Item Details tab.
1. Remove the items from the box and place them on a stand or table facing the screen or wall you want to
project the picture onto. Remove the lens cover from the projector.
2. Turn down the master volume and the channels 1,2, and 3 volume controls on the sound system.
3. Connect each item's power cord to the item and to power. The sound system and the projector use the
same type of power cord, they are interchangeable. A three-way power adapter is included if needed.
4. Connect the HDMI cable to the back of the PS3 and the other end into the HDMI port of the projector.
5. Connect the A/V cable to the back of the PS3. Plug the red and white audio cables into the red and white
connectors on the front of the sound system.
6. WHEN USING PROJECTOR AT HIGH ALTITUDES: From the Menu, select Options, then High
Altitude. Select On. Please ensure that High Altitude mode is on each time you power on the projector to
make sure the fans cool properly.
1. Press the power button on the PS3 system to turn it on. Press the power button on the projector to turn it
on. In about a minute an image should start to appear on your screen as the projector warms up. If after a
few seconds, the screen still shows a small image that says “searching”, press the “Source” button on top
of the projector until the image says “HDMI Searching” . A few seconds later the PS3 crossbar should
appear. (See troubleshooting below if it does not.)
2. Move the projector closer to the screen if the image is too large, and farther from the screen if the image is
too small. Adjust the foot on the front of the projector to point the image up or down to match the height of
your screen.
3. Use the menus on the projector (keystone settings) to adjust the shape of the image if it is not square with
your screen.
4. Turn the lens ring on the front of the projector to adjust the focus until the image is sharp.
5. Flip the power switch on the back of the sound system to the on position. Turn the channel 3 volume
control about halfway up and the master volume control about one-quarter of the way up (it can be very
loud otherwise).
6. Insert a blu-ray or DVD into the PS3 system. Use the remote control to get to the video section of the
crossbar and press play on the disc. You should start to hear sound from the sound system and screen
should be projecting an image.
Questions? Call 1-815-686-2687 or email [email protected]
For urgent technical support outside of business hours call 1-815-230-1911.
PS3 Kit
Setup & Troubleshooting Instructions
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Network Set-up
1. Go to second area on the crossbar. This is the settings area.
2. Select Network Settings, then select Internet Connection Settings. Select Easy to begin.
3. Select Wired if you are using an Ethernet cable. Select Wireless if you are using a router.
4. If you know your network name, select Manual. If you do not, then select Scan. A list will then pop up
displaying all available
networks. Select
your network and press X.
5. Select the security type that matches what you use on your router. If none, then skip the security settings.
6. Enter your security code. If you selected easy from the start it will automatically assign an IP address.
In most cases you will not need to set the DHCP host name, so select Do Not Set.
Select automatic for the DNS and MTU. Set Proxy Server to Do Not Use. Select Enable for
UPNP. Press the X button to save.
Test the connection. If you have any issues, please contact our technical support.
1. Nothing appears on the screen at all, screen is dark:
◦ Make sure the lens cap is removed from the projection lens.
◦ Make sure there is power to the projector and it is turned on (power button should be lit up).
◦ Turn the projector all the way off and back on. If the screen is still dark, the projector may be
2. Projector only says “searching”, and does not show the image from the PS3 system.
◦ Make sure the PS3 system is turned on. (Light should be green.) Make sure the HDMI cable is
connected from the back of the PS3 to the back of the projector. If the connection is ok, review step 1
3. No sound from the sound system.
◦ Make sure your disc is playing and there is sound on that portion of the movie.
◦ Make sure the sound system is turned on and has power (blue light should show on front.)
◦ Double-check the connections in Setup-step 5.
4. Disc skips or won't play.
◦ Make sure the disc is clean. Some discs are difficult to play or incompatible.
Press the power button twice to turn the projector off, then wait until the cooling fan turns off before
unplugging the projector power cord. This allows the projector to cool safely before losing power.
Disconnect all cords and re-package in the original box.
Questions? Call 1-815-686-2687 or email [email protected]
For urgent technical support outside of business hours call 1-815-230-1911.
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