Wi AudioStream EL2 Product Info front Final.ai

Wi AudioStream EL2 Product Info front Final.ai
Stereo, Mono & Dual Microphones Miking
Singing, Spoken Word, Vocals & Ambient Miking
Video Camera, DSLR & Handheld Recorders Miking
Stringed, Brass & Acoustic Instruments Miking
Performance Monitoring & Audio Listening
Stereo line level Applications
MAC, PC, iPad & VoIP Audio Applications
(With optional USB transmitter model (JM-UST01)
AudioStream EL2
Transmission Format: 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless
Bit Rate: 16-bit , 48 kHz Stereo CD Audio Q
( Uncompressed Audio)
Frequency Response: 15Hz -20kHz
Frequency Selection: Auto
Connectors: 1/8” TRS Stereo
Input impedance: 3.3K ohm
Max input level: 1V RMS
Output impedance: < 10 ohm
Max Output level: 700mV RMS
Stereo Line-in NR: >89 dB
Stereo/Mono MIC-in NR: >84
4 dB
Distortion: 0.12 % THD
Wireless Range: Up to 100 Feet
(May be dependent on line of sight;
Range may vary due to local conditions)
Input : Dual-Input/Stereo/Mono
Mono Mini MIC-in & Stereo Line-in
Rechargeable Battery Life: 4 ~ 6 hours
(10~13 Hours with optional AA battery power booster)
Power Input: 5V DC, 500 mA (USB Bus Power)
Maximum Units Operating at Same Time : 10
Computer Compatibility: MAC, PC, iPod, iPad, iPhone and VoIP
(With optional Wi Pad model JM-IPT01
PT01 & Wi USB model JM
UST01adapters )
Dimensions: 1.2”x 0.6”x 3.34”
Weight: 0.068 lbs (1.08 Oz)
Ear Mount Type: Sure-Fit™ Silicon Ear Mount
Ear Placement: Simple-Twist™ Left & Right Ear
Lavalier Miking: Clothing, In Hair & Instruments
Boom: Sure-Fit™ Flexible, Adjustable Length Boom
MIC Capsule : Removable 3.5mm
Element: Back Electret Condenser
Cable Type: Detachable Cable
Weight: 0.012 lbs (0.2 Oz)
Omnidirectional Capsule Specs:
• Frequency Response: 20Hz -20kHz
• Operating Voltage: 1.5V - 12V DC
• Sensitivity: -45dB+/-3dB/Pascal
• Maximum SPL: 140 dB SPL max
Unidirectional Capsule Specs:
• Frequency Response: 50Hz -15kHz
• Operating Voltage: 1.5V - 12V DC
• Sensitivity: -51dB+/-3dB/Pascal
• Maximum SPL: 130 dB SPL max
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Small Houses of Worship
Videographers & News
Musicians & Singers
DJ & Night Clubs
Health & Fitness Clubs
School Classrooms
Community Theaters
Corporate Presentations
AudioStream EL2
The Wi AudioStream™ EL2 is the first stereo digital wireless
system ever to combine all the features required for mini MIC and
in-ear monitoring in a small, rugged, lightweight design. The
entire system can fit into the palm of your hand!
The Wi AudioStream™ EL2 delivers uncompressed 48KHz stereo
digital audio with crystal clear tones free of potential crackle,
signal loss and RF interference inherent in UHF/VHF systems.
The Wi AudioStream's 15Hz to 20kHz frequency response covers
the full harmonic spectrum and delivers crisp highs and
thundering low tones to satisfy the most demanding users.
The Wi AudioStream™ boasts 4 power options!
- 4~6 hours internal rechargeable battery use
- 13 hours with AA battery adapter (optional)
- Continuous use with AC power adapter
- Continuous use with USB port bus power
Two powerful internal antennas that seek the signal individually
for fewer dropouts. In the rare event of a dropout, the 'Auto-Mute'
feature kicks in to prevent intermittent static.
Choose from a variety of optional removable MIC capsule models
with different polar patterns and frequency response for use with
different miking configurations and added control over your
This combination of audio performance, simplified setup and
portability lets you set up quickly and easily!
- No complicated frequencies to assign
- No heavy cables to route
- No tangle of cables
- No bulky gear to haul
- No clumsy antennas
- No knobs to tweak
AudioStream EL2
Pocket Portable Stereo/Dual-Input Digital Wireless
Microphone, Lavalier & Audio Monitoring System
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Designed by Wi Digital Systems in California USA
US and Foreign Patents Pending
© 2012 Wi Digital Systems by Jangus Music, Inc. All rights reserved. Stylized Wi and Jangus Music Logos are registered
trademarks of Jangus Music, Inc. in the United States and may be registered trademark or trademarks in other countries.
Wi, AudioStream, Sure-Fit, Simple-Twist and Digital Wireless Stereo logo are trademarks of Jangus Music, Inc. All other
trademarks included herein are the property of their respective owners. US and Foreign Patents Pending.
(Design and specifications subject to change without notice).
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In-Ear Headphone Handheld Video
deo Camera
Mono & Stereo
Lavalier Miking Microphones Monitors Monitors Recorders
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The Smallest, Most Advanced,
All-in-One Stereo Digital
Wireless Microphone &
Audio Monitoring System.
So Small It Can Fit In
The Palm Of Your
Pocket Portable Stereo Digital Wireless System
Delivering unmatched value, comfort, sound quality and secure fit,
the Wi AudioStream™ EL2 pocket portable stereo digital wireless solution
offers exceptional value and flexibility. Weighing in at only 1.08 Oz, this
high-quality, plug-and-play system quickly interchanges from an Ear-worn
microphone to Lavalier MIC to audio monitoring system or VoIP* device
with a simple press of a button and swap of accessories, giving you
the versatility and value of an all-in-one wireless solution for all types of
sound system and computer applications. This fast-to-setup, high-quality
2.4GHz stereo digital wireless system provides up to 100 feet of secure,
uncompressed 16bit, 48kHz CD quality wireless audio connectivity and
operates without radio frequency (RF) interference, signal loss, or crackle
inherent in UHF/VHF systems.
Designed For Stereo/Dual-input Digital Wireless MIC
& Audio Monitoring Applications!
Earset and Lavalier System
The Wi AudioStream’s ultra lightweight
system supports discreet, unobstrusive
miking applications with comfort and
flexibility. Designed for active and
energetic users, the Wi Sure-Fit™ EL2
Earset can easily be adjusted to capture
the closest near-the-mouth vocals
clearly and consistently while keeping
the boom securely in place even when
the head moves. The ultra-thin lavalier
easily accommodates alternative
mounting applications such as ties,
shirts, in hair and behind the button.
Ideal for broadcasters, pastors, artists,
fitness instructors, speaking
and singing performers.
Simple, Elegant, Ultra-Light Design
This elegant, ultra-light, pocket size digital wireless
system is the first ever to combine all the features
required for Mono and Stereo mini microphones
and in-ear monitoring applications in a
pocket portable, ultra small, rugged,
light-weight design. This combination
of audio performance, simplified setup and
portability lets you set up quickly and easily!
• Line-in (Stereo)
• MIC-in (Mono)
• MIC-in (Stereo/Dual-input)
The Wi AudioStream’s 15Hz to 20kHz frequency
response covers the full harmonic spectrum of
vocals and musical instruments to deliver crisp
highs and thundering low tones that will satisfy
the most demanding users.
Ultimate Cross Platform Compatibility With
Integrated Podcasting & VoIP Capability
Two Users Dual-input Miking
Simultaneous Vocals & Instruments Miking
The Wi A
AudioStream™ EL2 lavalier MIC is designed
to attac
attach easily to any acoustic instrument without
impeding body movement or posing any risk to
the instrument.
Stereo Vocals & Instruments Miking
Nature is NOT Mono! The Wi AudioStream™ EL2 is
designed to capture the realism, articulation,
breathiness and openness of a live sound in stereo
for superb sound recording that is full and clean.
Wi Sure-Fit Stereo Lavalier
(Optional Accessory)
In-Ear Personal Monitors
and Studio Headphones
In-Ear Monitors
(Optional Accessory)
Maximum Audio Input Connectivity
The Wi AudioStream™ EL2 transmitter boasts three (3)
different power up modes to support the following
input connections:
The Wi A
AudioStream™ EL2 transmitter can support
two sim
simultaneous microphones’ connection allowing
users to share the same transmitter or configuration
two use
system for vocal and acoustic instrument miking
of the sy
transmitting the microphones’ audio signals on
while tr
separate channels.
two sep
* VoIP application with the optional USB transmitter JM-UST01
Designed To Provide True Digital Wireless Freedom!
The Wi AudioStream™ EL2 provides the freedom of
wireless movement to any conventional studio
monitor headphones or in-ear personal monitors.
You can use up to 10 Wi AudioStream™ EL2 systems
simultaneously without having to select frequencies.
This makes the Wi AudioStream™ EL2 an excellent
choice for performance monitoring including houses
of worship and installations requiring assistive
listening devices.
The Wi AudioStream™ EL2 system is designed to remove
all communication barriers between your gear, personal
computers, Tablet PC, iPad and MP3 players. This dynamic
system can be linked to any PC or MAC using the optional
Wi USB AudioLink adapter.
The Wi AudioStream™ receiver puts all of your computer’s
essential audio controls including volume, mute and
Wi USB AudioLink Transmitter
audio track control in the palm of your hand.
Model JM-UST01
(Optional Adapter)
With the built-in MIC on the Wi AudioStream™ receiver,
you can use the same product to conduct video-conferences,
Podcasting, and voice chats over the Internet or take
advantage of the latest speech recognition technology
in your studio. Just plug in your favorite headphones or
in-ear monitors to the Wi AudioStream™ receiver and
connect the optional Wi USB transmitter to the USB port
on your MAC, PC or iPad and get started immediately.
Wi Pad AudioLink Transmitter
Model JM-IPT01
iPods, iPads and iPhones can also be wirelessly integrated
(Optional Adapter)
with your studio and on stage gear via the optional Wi Pad
AudioLink adapter.
Extreme Power Flexibility
The Wi AudioStream™ EL2 power source’s flexible
design boasts an internal rechargeable battery
for 4~6 hours of battery operation. Add the
optional USB AA battery adapter for up to 13
hours of extended use. No need to power down
the system to charge or replace the batteries.
There’s also an AC power adapter for continuous
operation. You can even use USB bus power to
charge and operate your Wi AudioStream™ EL2 system.
Enjoy true freedom from power concerns.
Audio Matrix Signal Routing
Video Cameras and Handheld Recorders
Package Conten
Contents Include
Wi AudioStream™ Transmitter & Receiver
Wi Sure-Fit™ Earset & Lavalier Microphones
Wi Omnidirectional & Cardioid MIC Capsules
Universal USB Power Adapter & Power Cable
Transmitter/Receiver Surface Mounting Brackets
1/8” to 1/8” TRS Stereo Cable & 1/4” Adapter
1/8” to 1/8” Y-Split TRS Dual MIC Input Cable
1/8” to 1/4” Y-Split TRS Stereo Cable
1/8” TRS to XLR Mono Cable
Detachable Earset Cable
Camera Hot Shoe Adapter & Clip
Two MIC Windscreens
Instrument MIC Clip & Lavalier MIC Clip
Hard Shell Carrying Case
The Wi AudioStream™ EL2 brings the convenience
of hands-free stereo and dual miking to DSLR, video
cameras and handheld recorders . This powerful
solution lets you capture superb vocals and
amazing ambient sounds easily
and accurately. No need to reach
out, stretch your arm, worry
about position or
recording angle.
The audio routing feature allows users to send the audio
output from their instrument to up to eight (8) different
digital wireless receivers sequentially with a simple press
of the Link button. This powerful feature completely
eliminates the hassle of swapping or disconnecting cables.
AA Battery Adapter
Model JM-WBA01
(Optional Adapter)
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