ScreenBeam™ USB Transmitter 2 - Actiontec Support

ScreenBeam™ USB Transmitter 2 - Actiontec Support
USB Transmitter 2
Catalog# SBWD200TX02
This installation guide provides instructions on how to
set up and pair your ScreenBeam USB Transmitter 2 to
a ScreenBeam wireless display receiver. This will enable
users to wirelessly display content from a PC or laptop to
a monitor or projector.
Note: ScreenBeam wireless display receiver is not
included. Visit for more information.
A. Install the Application Software
1. Download ScreenBeam wireless display software to
your PC or laptop from
2. Click ScreenBeam_Setup.exe and follow the
onscreen instructions.
Note: The software supports silent install/uninstall
mode to run the setup.exe from the command line.
Install command line:
ScreenBeam_Setup.exe -sp"-s"
Uninstall command line:
ScreenBeam_Setup.exe -sp"-s -x -v"/qn""
B. Set up the ScreenBeam Receiver
1. Place the receiver next to the monitor or projector.
2. Using an HDMI cable, connect one end to the
receiver’s HDMI port and the other end to the HDMI
port on the monitor or projector.
3. Connect the power port to the receiver and plug it in.
4. Turn on the monitor or projector and select an
HDMI input.
5. Wait about 30 seconds, then verify that the monitor
or projector displays a Ready to Connect screen.
C. Pair the Transmitter and Receiver
1. Plug the USB Transmitter 2 into a USB port on your
PC or laptop.
2. Launch the ScreenBeam wireless display software by
clicking the icon on the Windows desktop.
3. Click Add a Receiver on the control panel of the
software, and find your receiver name. This is the
same name that appears on the Ready to Connect
screen on the monitor or projector.
4. A PIN appears on the screen.
5. Enter the PIN in the software, and click Next to pair
your transmitter and receiver.
Visit for more information
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