NW-S4 Notice for using this product

NW-S4 Notice for using this product
Notice for using this product
When using this product, be sure to read the following and other supplied operating
For the latest information, go to the support Web site at:
Before operating the unit
Be sure to install the OpenMG Jukebox software on the supplied CD-ROM before
connecting the unit to your computer.
If you connect the unit to your computer before installing, your computer selects an
inappropriate driver and the unit may not work correctly.
If you connect the unit to your computer before installing OpenMG Jukebox, and
[Add New Hardware Wizard] appears, click [Cancel].
Before installing the software
Before installing, be sure to quit all other Windows® programs, otherwise problems may occur.
Note on installing OpenMG Jukebox
If the “Installing:” message continues to appear without advancing to the next step for several
moments, click the [InstallShield Wizard] icon on the taskbar. The taskbar is displayed when
] Windows key on the keyboard.
you press the [
Importing MP3 files
To import MP3 files to the supplied OpenMG Jukebox software using the Windows® 98
operating system, Microsoft® Windows MediaTM Player Version 6.4 or later is necessary.
If Windows MediaTM Player is not installed on your computer, it can be downloaded from the
OpenMG Web site (http://www.openmg.com/us/).
If your operating system is Windows® 98 Second Edition, Windows® Millennium Edition, or
Windows® 2000 Professional, Windows MediaTM Player Version 6.4 or later is already installed.
When you are using the Microsoft Windows MediaTM Player 7
• The OpenMG format music file checked-out from OpenMG Jukebox is displayed as “song
title.WAV” on the Windows Media Player 7 screen.
• Do not use the OpenMG Jukebox software and the Windows Media Player 7 software at the
same time. The system performance may become unstable.
Furthermore, set the “Startup” option of the OpenMG Jukebox software off so that it will not
start up automatically when the portable player is connected.
Backing up songs
When operations that modify the operating system (e.g., operating system recovery or system
restoration, etc.) are performed, be sure to use “OpenMG Jukebox Backup Tool” beforehand to
make a backup and then execute the operation.
See reverse side.
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When OpenMG Jukebox Version 1.x is installed
• If you have OpenMG Jukebox Version 1.X (older than 2.0) on your computer, select [Install
OpenMG Jukebox Ver. 2.0 and Driver] to install OpenMG Jukebox 2.0.
Follow the instructions in the supplied “OpenMG Jukebox Operating Instructions.”
When you install it, OpenMG Jukebox Version 1.X will automatically be uninstalled.
• Songs registered using OpenMG Jukebox Version 1.X can automatically be converted to
Version 2.0, so you can continue to use them. However, to be safe, it is recommended that
they be backed up using OpenMG Jukebox Backup Tool.
• Be sure to check-in any songs checked-out using OpenMG Jukebox Version 1.X before
upgrading. You may not be able to check-in a song checked-out using OpenMG Jukebox
Version 1.X after upgrading.
• If you are using an external device/media other than this product, select the appropriate
external devices/media (multiple selection is available) after selecting [Install OpenMG
Jukebox Ver. 2.0 and Driver]. Alternatively, restart the installer and select [Install Driver only]
to install the appropriate driver.
After you have installed the OpenMG Jukebox Version 2.0 software, do not install OpenMG Jukebox Version 1.X to
overwrite the existing Version 2.0. If OpenMG Jukebox Version 2.0 is overwritten, registered songs may be lost.
If installation is accidentally started, be sure to halt the installation.
Use only size AA (LR6) alkaline battery.
If you use a manganese dry battery, it may considerably shorten the total playback time.
A song in the Network Walkman player cannot be checked-in to the computer.
cSongs can only be checked-in to the computer from which they were checked-out. You
cannot copy or transfer those songs to another computer.
Some songs are automatically checked-in when the Network Walkman player is connected
to the computer.
cIf you delete a song from the Network Walkman player using OpenMG Jukebox on another
computer (other than the one from which you checked the song out), the next time you
connect the player to your computer (the one from which you checked the song out), it will
register the song as checked-in, and the remaining number of checked-out times is
automatically restored.
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