AUX Battery Flyer - East Penn Manufacturing

AUX Battery Flyer - East Penn Manufacturing
Auxiliary Power Solutions For Today’s Versatile Battery Demands
If there was ever a battery that was built to deliver multi-purpose
auxiliary power solutions, it’s the East Penn’s AUX battery design.
That’s why the leading automotive manufacturers from around the
world are integrating this product as an essential component in their
complex electrical systems.
Individual Cell
Venting System
Exclusive Molded
Terminal Design
The East Penn AUX Battery is specially designed
and uniquely capable to deliver dependable auxiliary
support to critical vehicle functions. Premium AGM
technological innovation optimizes valve-regulation and
recombination efficiency through an individual cell
venting system. This ensures unquestionable reliability
while maximizing cycling performance.
A durable, reinforced case, cover, and terminal design
further protect the battery’s critical performance in
almost any location of the vehicle.
Premium AGM Technology
Superior glass mat electrolyte retention and protection against vibration
maximizes long-term capacity.
Individual Cell Venting System
Optimized valve-regulation and internal moisture creation process extends
battery performance at maximum efficiency.
Exclusive Molded Terminal Design
Ensures best electrical connection and the spillproof durability critical for the
variability of installation locations required.
Reinforced Poly Composite Case and Cover
Resists heat and damage while enhancing internal compression to extend life.
Power-Perform®, Full-Frame Plates
Combine a highly efficient current network with high-energy storage to
optimize power performance.
Illustration does not depict exact battery location.
Location of auxiliary battery may vary. Check owner’s
manual for correct location.
Q. Where are AUX batteries located?
A. The location of AUX batteries varies. This is not your
standard under-the-hood installation. Automotive
manufacturers continue to find new locations to fit these
batteries as their use progresses. Some places these batteries
are found : Under the seat – The front bumper – In the trunk.
Q. The AUX battery looks like an ETX battery.
Are they the same? Can the AUX be
substituted with a Power Sports battery?
A. No. The AUX battery has a different design. One
major differences is in the venting system. Do not
substitute an ETX or other Power Sports batteries
for an AUX! The ETX has a single point venting
system that works great for Power Sports
applications. However, the AUX has an Individual
Cell Venting System that optimizes valveregulation to maximum efficiency in auxiliary
power support functions.
Q. How are AUX batteries used in the vehicle?
A. The use of the AUX battery also varies. These batteries are
being integrated as an essential part of complex electrical
systems and can serve multiple functions. It is extremely
important to follow all individual manufacturer’s instructions
for each vehicle when installing these batteries. Some of the
functions these batteries serve are:
• Start-stop functions in micro hybrids
• Starting assist
• Powering cabin accessories
• Drive-by-wire power backup
• Brake-by-wire power backup
• Other smart controls or enhanced electrification functions
Q. Do all vehicles that have Start-stop
capabilities or other additional electronic
controls have an AUX battery?
A. No. While many do use the same size battery
found within the AUX battery line, some vehicles
use a traditional sized automotive battery to start
the engine and provide auxiliary power. It is
always important to reference the specific
manufacturing instructions to assess each
vehicle’s battery size and power needs.
Q. Aren’t AUX batteries always used to power accessories
or electronics and not for engine starting?
A. No. It is unwise to make any blanket assumption about the
role of AUX batteries. Some AUX batteries are used for
starting purposes.
5 7⁄8"
3 7⁄16"
5 3⁄4"
8 1⁄8"
3 9⁄16"
6 3⁄8"
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