Panasonic HX-A100MKA4SD-K, HXA100E, HXA100GN Operating instructions

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Basic Operating Instructions
Wearable Camera
Model No.
Please read these instructions carefully before using this product, and save this manual for future
This document explains basic operations of the unit. For more detailed
explanation, please refer to “Operating Instructions (PDF format)” which
is recorded in the enclosed CD-ROM.
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Information for Your Safety
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or
product damage,
≥ Do not let water or other liquids drip or
splash inside the unit.
≥ Do not expose accessories (battery pack,
battery charger, AC adaptor, SD memory
card and etc.) to rain, moisture, dripping or
≥ Do not place objects filled with liquids,
such as vases, on accessories.
≥ Use only the recommended accessories.
≥ Do not remove covers.
≥ Do not repair this unit by yourself. Refer
servicing to qualified service personnel.
To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or
product damage,
≥ Do not install or place this unit in a
bookcase, built-in cabinet or in another
confined space. Ensure this unit is well
≥ Do not obstruct this unit’s ventilation
openings with newspapers, tablecloths,
curtains, and similar items.
≥ Do not place sources of naked flames,
such as lighted candles, on this unit.
This unit is intended for use in moderate
For E only
∫ EMC Electric and magnetic
This symbol (CE) is located on the rating plate.
Product Identification Marking is located on
the bottom of the unit.
∫ Cautions for use
Keep this unit as far away as possible from
electromagnetic equipment (such as
microwave ovens, TVs, video games etc.).
≥ If you use this unit on top of or near a TV, the
pictures and/or sound on this unit may be
disrupted by electromagnetic wave radiation.
≥ Do not use this unit near cell phones because
doing so may result in noise adversely
affecting the pictures and/or sound.
≥ Recorded data may be damaged, or pictures
may be distorted, by strong magnetic fields
created by speakers or large motors.
≥ Electromagnetic wave radiation generated by
microprocessors may adversely affect this
unit, disturbing the pictures and/or sound.
≥ If this unit is adversely affected by
electromagnetic equipment and stops
functioning properly, press the reset button.
Do not use this unit near radio transmitters
or high-voltage lines.
≥ If you record near radio transmitters or
high-voltage lines, the recorded pictures and/
or sound may be adversely affected.
About connecting to a PC
≥ Do not use any other USB cables except the
supplied one. 3 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
Hereby, “Panasonic Corporation” declares that this product is in compliance with the essential
requirements and other relevant provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.
Customers can download a copy of the original DoC to our R&TTE products from our DoC server:
Contact to Authorized Representative:
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH, Panasonic Testing Centre, Winsbergring 15, 22525
Hamburg, Germany
This product is intended for general consumer. (Category 3)
This product on purpose to connect to access point of 2.4 GHz WLAN.
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-If you see this symbol-
∫ Information for Users on Collection and Disposal of Old Equipment
and used Batteries
These symbols on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying
documents mean that used electrical and electronic products and
batteries should not be mixed with general household waste.
For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products and used
batteries, please take them to applicable collection points, in
accordance with your national legislation and the Directives 2002/96/
EC and 2006/66/EC.
By disposing of these products and batteries correctly, you will help to
save valuable resources and prevent any potential negative effects on
human health and the environment which could otherwise arise from
inappropriate waste handling.
For more information about collection and recycling of old products and
batteries, please contact your local municipality, your waste disposal
service or the point of sale where you purchased the items.
Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in
accordance with national legislation.
For business users in the European Union
If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please
contact your dealer or supplier for further information.
[Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European
These symbols are only valid in the European Union. If you wish to
discard these items, please contact your local authorities or dealer and
ask for the correct method of disposal.
Note for the battery symbol (bottom two symbol examples):
This symbol might be used in combination with a chemical symbol. In
this case it complies with the requirement set by the Directive for the
chemical involved.
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∫ How to open the Operating Instructions (PDF format)
When you insert the CD-ROM and open the [INDEX.pdf] in the CD-ROM, the Operating
Instructions list will be displayed. Click the document name of the Operating Instructions you
would like to open.
≥ Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF file. Please download it from the homepage of
Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Information for Your Safety......................2
(Important) About the Waterproof/
Dustproof................................................... 6
Read this first ..........................................10
What you can do with this unit .............. 11
Wearing this unit..................................... 12
Power supply........................................... 14
Charging the battery ......................... 14
Charging and recording time............. 15
Recording to a card ................................ 16
Cards that you can use with this
unit .................................................... 16
Inserting/removing a microSD
card ................................................... 16
Turn this unit on/off ................................ 17
Wi-Fi® function........................................ 18
Connecting directly with a
smartphone .............................................19
Installing Image App.......................... 19
Connecting this unit with a
smartphone ....................................... 19
Starting Image App............................ 20
Setting up with Setup Wizard ................ 21
Setting date and time.............................. 22
Recording ................................................23
Recording motion pictures ................ 23
Recording still pictures ...................... 23
Playback ..................................................24
Recordable time/Number of recordable
pictures.................................................... 25
Requests when disposing of this unit ...... 26
Specifications ......................................... 28
About copyright ...................................... 29
Limited Warranty
(ONLY FOR AUSTRALIA) ....................... 30
For United Kingdom and Ireland
∫ Sales and Support Information
Customer Communications Centre
≥ For customers within the UK: 0844 844 3899
≥ For customers within lreland: 01 289 8333
≥ Monday–Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Excluding public holidays).
≥ For further support on your product, please
visit our website:
Direct Sales at Panasonic UK
≥ Order accessory and consumable items for
your product with ease and confidence by
phoning our Customer Communications
Monday–Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Excluding public holidays).
≥ Or go on line through our Internet
Accessory ordering application at
≥ Most major credit and debit cards accepted.
≥ All enquiries transactions and distribution facilities
are provided directly by Panasonic UK.
≥ It couldn’t be simpler!
≥ Also available through our Internet is direct
shopping for a wide range of finished products.
Take a browse on our website for further
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(Important) About the Waterproof/
Waterproof/Dustproof Performance
This unit’s waterproof/dustproof rating complies with the “IP58” rating. Provided the care
and maintenance guidelines described in this document are strictly followed, this unit
can operate underwater, to a depth not exceeding 1.5 m for a time not exceeding
30 minutes. *
This does not guarantee no destruction, no malfunction, or waterproofing in all conditions.
* This means that this unit can be used underwater for specified time in specified pressure in
accordance with the handling method established by Panasonic.
∫ Handling of this unit
≥ Waterproofing is not guaranteed if the unit is subject to an impact as a result of being hit or
dropped etc. If an impact to this unit occurs, it should be inspected (subject to a fee) by a
Panasonic’s Service Centre to verify that the waterproofing is still effective.
≥ The waterproof performance may be degraded due to the strong water pressure when this unit is
used deeper than 1.5 m underwater.
≥ When this unit is splashed with detergent, soap, hot spring, bath additive, sun oil, sun screen,
chemical, etc., wipe it off immediately.
≥ Do not rinse with running water, such as tap water.
≥ Waterproof function of this unit is for sea water and fresh water only.
≥ Any malfunction caused by customer misuse, or mishandling will not be covered by the warranty.
≥ Cards are not waterproof. Do not handle with a wet hand. Also, do not insert wet card into this
≥ Do not open or close the side cover when your hands are wet or water droplets are present on
this unit. Failure to do so may lead to damage such as rusty terminals caused by water droplets.
≥ Foreign objects may adhere to the inner side of the side cover (around the rubber seal or
connecting terminals) when the side cover is opened or closed in places with sand or dust
etc. If you close the side cover with foreign objects adhering to it, water may enter the
inside. Be very careful because doing so may cause malfunctions.
≥ Do not leave this unit for a long period of time in places where temperature is very low (at high
altitude etc.) or very high (inside a car under strong sunlight, close to a heater, on the beach, etc.)
Waterproof performance may be degraded.
≥ The inside of this unit is not waterproof. Water leakage will cause malfunction.
≥ If any foreign object has adhered to the inner side of the side cover, remove it.
≥ If any liquid such as water droplets has adhered to this unit or inner side of the side cover,
wipe off with a soft dry cloth. Do not open or close the side cover near the water, when
underwater, using wet hands, or when this unit is wet. It may cause water leakage.
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∫ When inner side of the lens is fogged (condensation)
Condensation may occur and the inner side of the lens may be fogged when this unit is moved to a
warm area from a cold area, such as at high altitude.
It is not a malfunction or failure of this unit. It may be caused by the environment in which
this unit is used.
≥ Be careful of condensation since it causes lens stains, fungus and unit malfunction.
What to do when inner side of the lens is fogged
≥ Turn off this unit and open the side cover in a place with constant ambient temperature, away
from high temperatures, humidity, sand and dust. The fog will disappear naturally in about 2 hours
with the side cover open when the temperature of this unit gets close to the ambient temperature.
≥ Contact Panasonic’s Service Centre if the fogging does not disappear.
Check before using underwater
Do not open or close the side cover in places with sand and dust, close to water, or with wet
hands. Sand or dust adhering may cause water leaks.
Open the side cover.
Slide the LOCK switch A to the left to
unlock the side cover.
B: Unlocked when the red indicator is visible
2 Slide the side cover downward to
open it.
Check that there are no foreign objects on the inner side of the side cover.
≥ If there are any foreign objects, such as lint, hair, sand, etc., on the surrounding area, water will
leak within a few seconds causing malfunction.
If there is foreign matter adhering to the unit, remove it.
≥ Be extremely careful to remove any sand etc. that may adhere to the sides and corners of the
rubber seal.
≥ Wipe it off with a dry soft cloth if there is any liquid. It may cause water leaks and malfunction if
you use this unit with liquid adhered.
Check for cracks and deformation of the rubber seal on the side cover.
≥ The integrity of the rubber seals may decrease after about 1 year, with use and age. To avoid
permanently damaging this unit the seals should be replaced once every two years. Please
contact Panasonic’s Service Centre for related costs and other information.
Close the side cover securely.
Close the side cover and slide it
Slide the LOCK switch to the right to
lock the side cover.
≥ Lock securely to the points where the
red portion of the LOCK switch is no
longer visible.
≥ Securely close it until it clicks.
≥ To prevent water seeping into this unit, be careful not to trap foreign objects such as
liquids, sand, hair or dust etc.
VQT4X90 8 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Using this unit underwater
≥ Use this unit underwater at a depth of down to 1.5 m with the water temperature between 0 oC
and 35 oC.
≥ Do not use this unit at a depth of over 1.5 m.
≥ Do not use it in hot water over 35 oC (in a bath or hot spring).
≥ Do not use this unit underwater not longer than 30 minutes continuously.
≥ Do not open or close the side cover.
≥ Do not apply shock to this unit underwater. (Waterproof performance may not be maintained, and
there is a chance of water leak.)
≥ Do not dive into the water holding this unit. Do not use this unit in a location where the water will
splash strongly, such as rapid flow or waterfall. (Strong water pressure may be applied, and it may
cause malfunction.)
≥ This unit will sink in the water. Take care not to drop this unit.
Caring for this unit after using it underwater
Do not open or close the side cover until the sand and dust is removed by rinsing the
camera with water.
Make sure to clean the camera after using it.
≥ Thoroughly wipe off any water droplets, sand, and saline matter on your hands, body, hair, etc.
≥ It is recommended to clean the camera indoors, avoiding places where water spray or sand may fall.
Do not leave this unit uncared for longer than 60 minutes after using it underwater.
≥ Leaving this unit with foreign objects or saline matter on it may cause damage, discolouration,
corrosion, unusual odour, or deterioration of the waterproof performance.
Rinse with water with the side cover closed.
≥ After use at the seaside or underwater, soak the unit in fresh water pooled in a shallow container
for about 10 minutes.
Drain water by holding this unit and shaking it lightly a few times.
≥ After using this unit at the seaside or underwater, or after washing it, water will remain at
the speaker site or mic site of this unit for a while and it may cause lower sound or sound
≥ Pay careful attention to prevent this unit from dropping.
Wipe off water drops on this unit with a soft, dry cloth and dry this unit in a
shaded area that is well ventilated.
≥ Dry this unit approx. 1 hour or more.
≥ Dry this unit on a dry cloth.
≥ Do not dry this unit with hot air from dryer or similar. It will deteriorate the waterproof performance
or cause failure due to deformation.
≥ Do not use chemicals such as benzine, thinner, alcohol or cleanser, soap or detergents.
Confirm that there are no water droplets, open the side cover, and wipe off
any water droplets or sand left inside using a soft, dry cloth.
≥ Water droplets may adhere to the card, etc. when the side cover is opened without thoroughly
drying. Also, water may accumulate in the gap around the card slot or the terminal connector. Be
sure to wipe any water off with a soft, dry cloth.
≥ The water droplets may seep into this unit when the side cover is closed while it is still wet,
causing condensation or failure.
In case water enters this unit, stop the use and consult your dealer.
Malfunctions resulting from water leakage due to wrong handling by customers are not subject to
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Check the accessories before using this unit.
Keep the accessories out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
Product numbers correct as of January 2013. These may be subject to change.
(Including Adjuster
Adjuster (Large)
Adjuster (Large): VGQ1L74
Adjuster (Small): VGQ1L38
* Join the earhook parts together before
Slide the adjuster (small) A into the opening
beneath the tabs B and C and push it in until
it clicks into place.
Armband Case
Extended Band
Optional accessories
USB cable
Multi Mount (VW-MKA100)
Operating Instructions
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Read this first
∫ About recording formats and compatibility of this unit
≥ This unit is an MP4 format (MPEG-4 AVC file standard) Wearable Camera for recording highdefinition motion pictures.
≥ AVCHD and MPEG2 motion pictures are different formats, and are not therefore supported by
this unit.
∫ About the portrait rights
Be sure to pay special attention to the privacy, the portrait rights, etc. of the subject when you use
this unit. Use it at your own risk.
∫ Indemnity about recorded content
Panasonic does not accept any responsibility for damages directly or indirectly due to any type
of problems that result in loss of recording or edited content, and does not guarantee any
content if recording or editing does not work properly. Likewise, the above also applies in a case
where any type of repair is made to this unit.
∫ About the clock setting
Make sure to set date and time before recording. (l 22)
∫ For the purposes of these Operating Instructions
≥ Pictures may be slightly different from the original.
≥ Depending on the firmware version you are using, captured screens described in these operating
instructions may differ from the actual screens.
≥ Names, icons, contents and services of applications may be changed with no prior notice. Please
note that they may differ from the descriptions of these operating instructions.
≥ microSD Memory Card and microSDHC Memory Card are referred to as the “microSD card”.
≥ Smartphone and tablet computer are referred to as the “smartphone”.
≥ Pages for reference are indicated by an arrow, for example: l 00
∫ Cards that you can use with this unit
microSD Memory Card and microSDHC Memory Card
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What you can do with this unit
You can enjoy a variety of functions by connecting this unit to a smartphone or an access point.
For detail, refer to the Operating Instructions. (PDF format)
DLNA-compatible devices
Playback on DLNA-compatible
You can play back the contents stored in
this unit on the DLNA-compatible
Connecting to Access Point
Live broadcasting *1
Using the “LUMIX CLUB” and
USTREAM services, you can
broadcast live motion pictures.
Connecting direct to the
≥ Live view
≥ Facebook
≥ YouTube™, etc.
≥ Remote control
≥ Playback
≥ Deletion/Copy
≥ Data uploading to web
Once you make the settings, you can perform a live broadcast with only the button operation on
this unit from the next time on.
The functions available for the direct connection to the smartphone are also available for the
connection via an access point.
You can record motion pictures or still pictures without connecting to the smartphone.
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Wearing this unit
Wear the main unit and camera unit.
≥ If you have felt discomfort after a long period of use,
stop the use or loosen the tight fit by slightly
loosening the adjuster, etc.
≥ For the direction of the camera, check the actual
image on the Live view screen.
Camera unit
Main unit
Fastening the main unit using the Armband Case
Insert so that you can see the
buttons on the main unit.
If the band is not long enough,
attach the extended band C.
A: Hook and loop fastener
≥ Attach by passing the tip of the armband
through the buckle portion B of the extended
Fasten to your arm.
∫ About the Armband Case
The Armband Case can be used as a portable
≥ When fastening the main unit, try not to drop
the camera unit to avoid a shock and try not
to scratch the lens.
≥ When fastening to your arm, remove the
camera unit from the armband case.
≥ When removing the camera/main unit from the Armband Case, avoid pulling the camera/main
unit connection cable.
≥ You can use an optional Multi Mount (VW-MKA100) for a variety of scenes.
VQT4X90 13 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Attaching the camera unit to the earhook to wear
Insert the camera unit until it
clicks into place.
Loosen the camera/main unit
connection cable B to the
shape of an ear, and fit it in the
holder C.
≥ Insert so that the projecting part A of the
camera will face up.
Hook the earpieces D to ears
so that the camera unit will be
positioned on the left, and
adjust the size.
Hold the camera attachment
portion F , and adjust the
direction of the lens.
≥ Adjust by slowly pulling the adjuster E
≥ If you adjust in such a way that the camera
unit comes into close contact with the cheek,
you can record less blurry images.
≥ If the direction of the lens cannot be changed,
loosen the adjustment knob G slightly and
tighten it after adjusting the direction of the
≥ If the camera unit is shaky, tighten the
adjustment knob G.
∫ How to remove the
∫ How to attach the adjuster (Large)
Hold the camera attachment
portion as shown in the figure,
and remove the camera unit in
the direction of the arrow.
When the earhook is too tight,
remove the adjuster of the earhook,
and replace it with the supplied
adjuster (Large).
Press H in the direction
of the arrow using the
supplied adjuster (Large)
to pull out the attached adjuster.
Insert the both side of supplied adjuster
(Large) until it clicks into place. (l 9)
≥ Do not touch the lens or pull the cable while attaching or removing.
≥ When you adjust the adjuster, do so slowly without applying too much force.
≥ If the adjustment knob comes off, attach it as indicated
in the right figure.
VQT4X90 14 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Power supply
Charging the battery
When this unit is purchased, the battery is not charged. Charge the battery fully before
using this unit for the first time.
≥ This unit has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Do not remove except when
disposing of this unit. (l 26)
≥ The battery will not be charged if this unit is turned on. Connect it with the PC to charge
the battery after turning it off.
≥ It is recommended to charge the battery in a temperature between 10 oC and 30 oC.
A: LOCK switch
B: USB cable (supplied)
C: Unlocked when the red indicator is visible
Slide A to the left to unlock the side cover and slide the side cover
downward to open it.
Connect the USB terminal of this unit to a PC with the USB cable B
≥ Insert the USB cable securely all the way.
≥ The Power lamp will flash red at an interval of 2 seconds (approximately 1 second on, 1 second
off), indicating that charging has begun.
It will turn off when the charging is completed.
≥ Do not use any other USB cables except the supplied one. (Operation is not guaranteed with any
other USB cables.)
≥ Do not heat or expose to flame.
≥ Do not leave the unit (including built-in battery) in a car exposed to direct sunlight for a long
period of time with doors and windows closed.
≥ If operating time is short even after fully charging the battery, the battery is worn out and needs to
be replaced. Please contact your dealer.
≥ When the PC is in a power saving mode such as a standby state, the battery may not be charged.
Cancel the power saving mode, and connect this unit again.
≥ Operation is not guaranteed when devices are connected through USB hubs or by using
extension cables.
≥ Operation cannot be guaranteed on all devices having a USB terminal.
VQT4X90 15 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Charging and recording time
∫ Charging/Recording time
≥ Temperature: 25 oC/humidity: 60%RH
Charging time
Recording mode
Actual recordable
2 h 30 min
2 h 20 min
1 h 15 min
1 h 10 min
2 h 45 min
2 h 55 min
1 h 25 min
1 h 30 min
2 h 15 min
1 h 10 min
2 h 30 min
1 h 15 min
4 h 30 min
Maximum continuous
recordable time
≥ These times are approximations.
≥ The indicated charging time is for when the battery has been discharged completely.
Charging time and recordable time vary depending on the usage conditions such as high/
low temperature.
≥ The actual recordable time refers to the recordable time when repeatedly starting/stopping
recording, turning this unit on/off, etc.
≥ The main unit heats up after use or charging. This is not a malfunction.
≥ The power lamp flashes (Flashing with approx. 0.5 second period) when the remaining battery
time becomes low. The remaining battery capacity is displayed on the screen when using Image
App (l 19).
≥ For information about charging with a mobile USB charger or an AC adaptor, check the support
(This site is English only.)
The mains plug is the disconnecting device. Install this unit so that the mains plug can be
unplugged from the socket outlet immediately.
When the Power lamp is flashing during charging
Flashing with approx. 0.5 second period (off for approx. 0.25 second, on for approx. 0.25 second):
≥ Check that the USB terminals of this unit or the connecting device, such as PC are not dirty or
covered with a foreign object, and reconnect correctly. If a foreign object or dirt is present, turn off
this unit before removing.
≥ The environment is at an extremely high or low temperature. Wait until the temperature has
returned to an appropriate level and try charging again. If you are still unable to charge, there may
be a fault in this unit or the connecting device.
Flashing with approx. 2 second period (off for approx. 1 second, on for approx. 1 second):
During charging normally (l 14)
Flashing with approx. 4 second period (off for approx. 2 seconds, on for approx. 2 seconds):
≥ When the battery is over discharged or the temperature of the battery is too high or low. It can be
charged, but it may take a few hours to complete the charging normally.
≥ It will flash in approx. 2 second intervals when normal charging resumes. Even in such cases, it
may start flashing in approx. 4 second intervals until charging is completed depending on the
conditions of use.
VQT4X90 16 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Recording to a card
This unit can record motion pictures or still pictures to a microSD card.
Cards that you can use with this unit
Use microSD Memory Card (512 MB/1 GB/2 GB) or microSDHC Memory Card (4 GB/8 GB/
16 GB/32 GB) conforming to Class 4*2 or higher of the SD Speed Class Rating*1 for motion
picture recording.
≥ Operation of microSD cards other than described above is not guaranteed.
SD Speed Class Rating is the speed standard regarding
continuous writing. Check via the label on the card, etc.
Use microSD cards conforming to Class 6 or higher of the SD Speed Class Rating for
“Slow motion mode”. If you use microSD cards conforming to Class 4 or less of that, the
recording may stop suddenly.
≥ Please check the latest information on the support website below.
(This website is in English only.)
≥ Keep the Memory Card out of reach of children to prevent swallowing.
Inserting/removing a microSD card
Check that the access lamp A has gone off.
≥ When this unit is accessing the microSD card (such as recognition, recording, playback and
deletion), the access lamp lights up.
C: Unlocked when the red indicator is visible
Slide the LOCK switch B to the left to unlock the side cover and
slide the side cover downward to open it and then insert (remove)
the microSD card into (from) the card slot.
≥ Face the terminal side D upward and press it straight in as far as it will go.
≥ Press the centre of the microSD card and then pull it straight out.
Close the side cover and slide the LOCK switch B to the right to lock it.
≥ Close the side cover and slide it upward and then lock it.
≥ Securely close it until it clicks.
VQT4X90 17 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
When using a microSD card not from Panasonic, or one previously used on other equipment, for
the first time on this unit, format the microSD card. When the microSD card is formatted, all of
the recorded data is deleted. Once the data is deleted, it cannot be restored.
≥ When the microSD card is removed, a notification sound rings, and the access lamp flashes fast.
(a state in which a microSD card is not inserted)
≥ Do not touch the terminals on the back of the microSD card.
≥ Do not apply strong shocks, bend, or drop the microSD card.
≥ Electrical noise, static electricity or the failure of this unit or the microSD card may damage or
erase the data stored on the microSD card.
≥ Do not expose the terminals of the microSD card to water, dirt or dust.
≥ Do not place microSD cards in the following areas:
j In direct sunlight
j In very dusty or humid areas
j Near a heater
j Locations susceptible to significant difference in temperature (condensation can occur.)
j Where static electricity or electromagnetic waves occur
≥ About disposing of or giving away the microSD card.
(Refer to the Operating Instructions (PDF format))
∫ About the access lamp
≥ When the access lamp is lit, do not:
j Remove the microSD card
j Turn this unit off
j Insert and remove the USB cable
j Expose this unit to vibrations or shock
Performing the above while the lamp is on may result in damage to data/microSD card or this
Turn this unit on/off
Press the power button to turn on this unit.
The power lamp is turned on.
To turn off this unit
Hold down the power button until the power
lamp goes off.
Proceed to “Connecting directly with a
smartphone” (l 19) and “Setting up
with Setup Wizard” (l 21) to finish the
setup of this unit.
You can enjoy the functions of this unit
after finishing the setup.
VQT4X90 18 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Wi-Fi® function
∫ Use this unit as a wireless LAN device
When using equipment or computer systems that require more reliable security than wireless LAN
devices, ensure that the appropriate measures are taken for safety designs and defects for the
systems used. Panasonic will not take any responsibility for any damage that arises when using the
camera for any purpose other than as a wireless LAN device.
∫ Use of the Wi-Fi function of this unit is presumed to be in countries
where this unit is sold
There is the risk that this unit violates the radiowave regulations if used in countries other than those
where this unit is sold, and Panasonic takes no responsibility for any violations.
∫ There is the risk that data sent and received via radio waves may be
Please note that there is the risk that data sent and received via radio waves may be intercepted by
a third party.
∫ Do not use the camera in areas with magnetic fields, static electricity
or interference
≥ Do not use this unit in areas with magnetic fields, static electricity or interference, such as near
microwave ovens. Radio waves may not reach the camera.
≥ Using the camera near devices such as cordless telephones or any other wireless LAN device
that use the 2.4 GHz radio wave band may cause a decrease in performance in both devices.
∫ Do not connect to the wireless network you are not authorised to use
Do not attempt to connect to the wireless networks that you are not authorised to use (SSID*) as it
may be considered as unauthorised access.
* SSID refers to the name of device that is used to identify a network over a wireless LAN
connection. If the SSID matches for both devices, transmission is possible.
∫ Before use
To use a Wi-Fi function with this unit, you need an access point or destination device equipped with
a wireless LAN function.
≥ Do not connect to the wireless LAN connection via unknow wireless access point.
≥ Use a IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.11g or IEEE802.11n compatible device when using an access
≥ When using an access point, we strongly recommend that you set a encryption to maintain
information security.
≥ Before sending motion pictures or still pictures, we recommend you charge the battery fully.
≥ When sending data on a mobile network or tethering, high packet communication fees may be
incurred depending on the details of your contract.
≥ This unit may not connect to an access point depending on the radio wave condition.
≥ When using the Wi-Fi function, do not cover the Wi-Fi transmitter with your hand.
≥ The Wi-Fi transmitter may become warm when using the Wi-Fi function; however this is not a sign
of a malfunction.
VQT4X90 19 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Connecting directly with a smartphone
Installing Image App
The Image App is an application for the smartphone provided by Panasonic.
Required Operating Systems for Image App
The following Operating Systems of the smartphone are supported.
AndroidTM device:
iOS device:
Android 2.2 to Android 4.2
iOS 4.3 to iOS 6.0
≥ The service may not be able to be used properly depending on the type of smartphone being
used. For compatible devices, see the following support site. (This Site is English only.)
Connect your device (Android or iOS) to a network.
Enter “Panasonic Image App” into the search box.
Android device: Select “Play Store”.
iOS device: Select “App StoreSM”.
Select “Image App” and install it.
≥ The icon will be added to the menu.
Connecting this unit with a smartphone
Connecting with a WPS-compatible smartphone
Please read the manual of your smartphone and check if the smartphone is compatible with WPS*.
≥ If your smartphone is not compatible with WPS, connect this unit with the smartphone according
to “Selecting SSID of this unit to connect with a smartphone”. (l 20)
* WPS stands for “Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM”.
Press the Wi-Fi/WPS button continuously to
change the Wi-Fi mode lamp to [ ].
≥ The Wi-Fi mode lamp [
] flashes.
Set the Wi-Fi function to ON on the smartphone
setup menu.
≥ Refer to the manual of your smartphone.
Press and hold the Wi-Fi/WPS button for 3 seconds or more.
≥ The Wi-Fi mode lamp [
] flashes faster.
Select the connection using the WPS button (or WPS function) in the
Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone within 3 minutes.
≥ Wi-Fi mode lamp [
] will turn on when the connection is completed.
VQT4X90 20 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Selecting SSID of this unit to connect with a smartphone
Select this unit's SSID (Wireless network name) on a smartphone and enter password to connect
with the smartphone.
≥ Change the default SSID and password after completing the first setting. (l 21)
Press the Wi-Fi/WPS button continuously to change
the Wi-Fi mode lamp to [ ].
≥ The Wi-Fi mode lamp [
] flashes.
Set the Wi-Fi function to ON on the smartphone
setup menu.
≥ Refer to the manual of your smartphone.
Tap the SSID of this unit (below) on the Wi-Fi network screen of the
≥ Password entry screen is displayed.
Enter password (below).
≥ Wi-Fi mode lamp [
] will turn on when the connection is completed.
Default setting
≥ Wi-Fi mode and Wi-Fi mode lamp will turn off if this unit cannot be connected with the
smartphone in approx. 30 minutes. Retry the connection setting from the Step1.
≥ If this unit and the smartphone are too far apart from each other when making the settings, the
connection may not be established. Move the devices closer to each other before making the
≥ Even if you have changed the SSID/password, the default SSID/password (above) are restored
when you initialise the network settings. We recommend you keep this manual in a safe place.
Starting Image App
Start Image App.
≥ When the [Date & time] screen appears, perform the clock setting. (l 22)
VQT4X90 21 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Setting up with Setup Wizard
After making the settings according to the setup wizard screens, you can use the main functions of this unit.
Proceed to complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions.
≥ The setup wizard is displayed at the time of purchase and after a long period of non-use during
which the battery ran down.
Synchronize the time of this unit with that of smartphone.
≥ Once the clock is set, recording, live broadcasting, and other functions of this unit can be used correctly.
≥ It may take approximately 60 seconds to synchronize the time of the smartphone with that of this unit.
Change the SSID and password for this unit.
≥ If the default SSID and password for this unit are used, a third party may obtain
compromised information or use the SSID and password for unlawful purposes. Make
sure to change the SSID and password.
≥ We recommend you periodically change the SSID and password for this unit.
≥ Set a password different from an SSID. Avoid setting a password that can be easily
guessed, and set the one consisting of both alphabetic and numeric characters.
≥ If a new SSID and password have been written down on a piece of paper, etc., manage
them so that they will not be compromised.
≥ When the SSID and password for this unit are set to the default ones, the setup wizard is displayed.
≥ Change the SSID and password for this unit.
j Enter an SSID consisting of alphanumeric characters and/or symbols. The length must be
between 1 to 32 characters.
j Enter a password consisting of both alphabetic and numeric characters. The length must be
between 8 to 64 characters.
j When connecting to the smartphone after changing the SSID and password, connect with a
new SSID and password.
Make the connection settings for the access point mode to use
devices connected to a wireless router, etc.
≥ Enter the SSID and password (authentication key) of the access point.
∫ When connecting by
(If the device is Android)
1 Tap
2 Tap the wireless access point to connect.
3 Enter password.
≥ This allows you to operate this unit via an access point using your smartphone.
Make the connection destination settings for a live broadcast.
≥ Enter the SSID and password (authentication key) of the access point.
Up to three access points can be registered. Register the access point you use, such as the
wireless router in your home or the mobile router you use outside.
≥ The settings can also be made from the Image App menu.
≥ You can perform a live broadcast by setting the following.
j Make the live broadcast settings.
For detail, refer to the Operating Instructions. (PDF format)
For compatible access points, see the following support site. (This Site is English only.)
VQT4X90 22 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Acquire a USTREAM ID/Password/Program using a smartphone or a PC.
About the USTREAM
With this video-sharing website, you can stream and watch motion pictures this unit is recording.
Refer to the USTREAM site for details.
Refer to the “LUMIX CLUB” site for details.
To use the Live broadcast, access following website.
≥ Refer to the Operating Instructions (PDF format) for how to play back on a DLNA-compatible TV
or broadcast a motion picture.
Setting date and time
The clock of this unit is synchronised with that of the smartphone.
Synchronise to adjust the clock, etc.
When you start Image App connecting with this unit for the first time, a message asking you to
set the date and time will appear. (This message will also be displayed if this unit remains
unused for a long period of time.)
Perform Steps 2 below to set the date and time.
Connect this unit with the smartphone and start Image App. (l 19)
# [Camera setup].
Tap [Date & time].
≥ When you want to adjust the clock, change the time of the smartphone first, and then synchronise
the time with this unit.
≥ It may take approximately 60 seconds to synchronize the time of the smartphone with that of this
≥ When the built-in clock battery runs down, the clock setting returns to the default state. When the
battery of this unit is in a charged state, the built-in clock battery is also charged automatically. If
you leave the battery in this unit in a charged state for approximately 24 hours, the built-in clock
battery stores the clock setting for approximately 4 months.
≥ The setting range from 1 January 2013 through 31 December 2039 is available for time
synchronisation with the smartphone.
VQT4X90 23 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Record motion pictures or still pictures using the smartphone as a remote control.
≥ For details, refer to the help of the Image App.
Connect this unit with the smartphone and start Image App. (l 19)
Angle of view
Select Standard or Wide
Live view
Displays an image from the
camera of this unit.
≥ Also outputs sound from
the microphone of this
Motion picture recording
Still picture recording
Recording motion pictures
≥ This unit is set to the recording mode.
Tap the motion picture recording icon to start.
≥ Starts recording.
Tap the motion picture recording icon again to stop recording.
≥ Stops recording.
Recording still pictures
≥ This unit is set to the recording mode.
Tap the still picture recording icon to record still picture.
≥ Updating Live view images may stop while recording still pictures.
∫ About recording with this unit
You can record images using this unit without any connection with
this unit, turning the Wi-Fi mode off.
≥ Motion pictures and still pictures cannot be recorded at the same
Recording start/
stop button
Photoshot button
VQT4X90 24 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Motion pictures or still pictures stored in this unit are played back with the smartphone.
≥ For more information, refer to the help of the Image App.
Connect this unit with the smartphone and start Image App. (l 19)
≥ Thumbnails of motion picture or still picture stored in this unit are displayed.
∫ For playing back motion pictures
Tap MP4.
Tap the thumbnail of motion picture you want to play back.
≥ Motion picture playback screen is displayed.
Tap the playback icon on the screen to play back motion pictures.
≥ Tapping or dragging the slide bar will start playback
from the desired position of a motion picture file.
A: Slide bar
∫ For playing back still pictures
Tap the thumbnail of still picture you want to play back.
≥ Still picture playback screen is displayed.
≥ Dragging (Flicking) to right or left will play back the next or previous still picture.
∫ To copy the data stored in this unit to the smartphone
Copy using "Picture Share" settings.
≥ For "Picture Share" settings, refer to the Operating Instructions. (PDF format).
VQT4X90 25 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Recordable time/Number of recordable pictures
microSD cards are only mentioned with their main memory size.
Recording modes/approximate recordable time
≥ The default setting is [1920k1080/25p] Mode.
≥ The stated times are the approximate recordable times for continuous recording.
≥ The recordable time may be reduced if recording with a lot of action is recorded or recording of
short scene is repeated.
≥ Maximum continuously recordable time: 6 hours
≥ The recording is paused once when the continuous recording time exceeds 6 hours, and the
recording will automatically resume after a few seconds.
A: Favours image quality, B: Favours Recording time
Normal shooting
Picture size/
Frame rate
Transfer rate (VBR)
4 GB
microSD card
Max.28 Mbps Average 15Mbps Average 15Mbps Average 9Mbps Average 3Mbps
19 min
35 min
35 min
8 GB
40 min
1 h 10 min
1 h 10 min
16 GB
1 h 20 min
2 h 20 min
2 h 20 min
4 h 10 min
12 h
32 GB
2 h 40 min
4 h 40 min
4 h 40 min
8 h 20 min
25 h
Slow motion mode
Picture size/
Frame rate
Average 15Mbps
Average 9Mbps
Average 3Mbps
4 GB
15 min
13 min
21 min
8 GB
30 min
27 min
45 min
16 GB
55 min
1 h 30 min
32 GB
1 h 50 min
Transfer rate (VBR)
microSD card
Approximate number of recordable pictures
≥ The number of recordable pictures depends on the subject being recorded.
Picture size
5.3M (3072k1728)
3M (2304k1296)
4 GB
8 GB
microSD card
16 GB
32 GB
VQT4X90 26 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Requests when disposing of this unit
When disposing of your used products, remove the battery built into this unit after
initialising the network settings, and please cooperate in recycling of the battery. Please
refer to page 27 about how to remove the battery.
≥ Please make sure that the battery is disposed of at an officially assigned location, if there is one in
your country.
Do not disassemble this unit other than when disposing of this unit.
This is the rechargeable battery for this unit.
Do not use other than with this unit.
Do not charge the rechargeable battery
when it has been removed.
≥ Do not place in fire or heat it.
≥ Do not puncture with nails, subject it to
impact, disassemble or modify it.
≥ Do not touch metal to the r and s terminals.
≥ Do not store or carry together with necklaces
or hairpins, etc.
≥ Do not heat in microwaves or ovens, etc.
≥ Do not charge, use or leave in hot places
such as next to fires or in extremely hot
≥ Do not put into water.
This may cause leaking, overheating, fire or
≥ If a leak should occur, by no means touch the
liquid with bare hands.
If the liquid gets on the body or clothes, wash
well with water. If the liquid gets into your
eyes, there is a danger of blindness. Do not
rub the eyes; after washing immediately with
clean water, consult your physician.
Keep removed screws etc. out of the reach
of small children.
If accidentally ingested there will be adverse
physical effects.
≥ Should you suspect that such an object has
been ingested, consult your physician
Battery used for this unit
Nominal voltage:
Lithium ion (Li-ion)
rechargeable battery
DC 3.7 V 27 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
How to remove the battery
When disposing of your used products, delete
personal information from this unit by initialising
the network settings.
Remove the 4 screws indicated in
the figure below, and remove the
heatsink E.
This figure describes the disposal of this
unit, it is not instruction for repair. If
disassembled, repair is not possible.
≥ Disassemble after the battery runs out.
≥ If it cannot be removed smoothly, contact
Panasonic’s Service Centre.
≥ Keep disassembled parts out of reach of
Remove the connector F of the
camera unit, and lift up the circuit
Open the side cover, and remove
all of the 6 screws indicated in the
figure below.
≥ Use a cross-slot screwdriver (commercially
Remove the circuit board on the
front side (button side) of this unit,
and remove the flexible circuit
board A.
Remove the battery by using a
Regarding the handling of used batteries
≥ Insulate the terminals with cellophane tape or
≥ Do not disassemble.
After pulling out the built-in battery
connector B, pull out the flexible
circuit board C, and pull out the
speaker connector D upwards.
 
VQT4X90 28 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Wearable camera
Information for your safety
Power source:
3.7 V (When using battery)/5.0 V (When using USB)
Power consumption:
Recording; 3.8 W
Charging; 5.3 W
Motion picture recording format
(Normal shooting mode/Slow motion mode):
MPEG-4 AVC file format compliant (.MP4)
≥ For picture size, recordable time and transfer
rate of a motion picture, refer to page 25.
Motion picture compression:
MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Audio compression:
AAC, 128 kbps
Still picture recording format:
JPEG (Design rule for Camera File system,
based on Exif 2.2 standard)
≥ For picture size of a still picture and number
of recordable pictures, refer to page 25.
Recording media:
microSD Memory Card (512 MB/1 GB/2 GB),
microSDHC Memory Card (4 GB/8 GB/16 GB/32 GB)
Image sensor:
1/4.1 type (1/4.1z) 1MOS image sensor
Total; Approx. 3320 K
Effective pixels (Motion picture/Still picture);
Approx. 2800 K (Wide mode), Approx.
1620 K (Standard mode/Image stabilizer:
Off), Approx.1310 K (Standard mode/Image
stabilizer: On)
F2.5 mm Focal length; 1.68 mm
Field of view;
Approx.160° (Wide mode)
Approx.117° (Standard mode/Image
stabilizer: Off)
Approx.104° (Standard mode/Image
stabilizer: On)
Minimum focus distance;
Approx. 30 cm
Shutter speed:
1/25 to 1/12000
Image stabilizer function:
Electronic image stabilizer
Level shot function:
Minimum required illumination:
Approx. 6 lx
Approx. 1 lx with the Color Night Rec function
Wireless transmitter:
Compliance standard; IEEE802.11b/g/n
Frequency range used;
Central frequency 2412 MHz to 2462 MHz
Encryption method; Wi-Fi compliant WPA™/
Access method; Infrastructure mode
Reader function
microSD card; Read only (No copyright
protection support)
Battery charging function (Charges from USB
terminal when the main unit is off)
Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0), USB terminal Type
Camera unit;
26 mm (W)k26.5 mm (H)k66 mm (D)
Main unit;
59.5 mm (W)k94 mm (H)k25 mm (D)
Camera unit;
Approx.30 g (Excluding the cable portion)
Main unit;
Approx. 117 g
[without a microSD card (optional)]
Mass in operation:
Approx. 167 g
[with a microSD card (optional)]
Operating temperature:
0 oC to 40 oC
Operating humidity:
10%RH to 80%RH
Waterproof/Dustproof performance:
Equivalent to IEC 60529 “IP58”
Battery operation time:
See page 15 29 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
About copyright
∫ Carefully observe copyright laws
Recording of pre-recorded tapes or discs or
other published or broadcast material for
purposes other than your own private use
may infringe copyright laws. Even for the
purpose of private use, recording of certain
material may be restricted.
∫ Licenses
≥ microSDHC Logo is a trademark of SD-3C,
≥ Microsoft®, Windows® and Windows Vista®
are either registered trademarks or
trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the
United States and/or other countries.
≥ Microsoft product screen shot(s) reprinted
with permission from Microsoft Corporation.
≥ IBM and PC/AT are registered trademarks of
International Business Machines Corporation
of the U.S.
≥ Intel®, Pentium®, Celeron® and Intel® Core™
are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the
U.S. and/or other countries.
≥ AMD Athlon™ is a trademark of Advanced
Micro Devices, Inc.
≥ iMovie, Mac and Mac OS are trademarks of
Apple Inc. registered in the U.S. and other
≥ App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
≥ Android and YouTube are trademarks or
registered trademarks of Google Inc.
≥ Facebook® is a trademark of Facebook, Inc.
≥ The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Logo is a certification
mark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.
≥ The Wi-Fi Protected Setup Mark is a mark of
the Wi-Fi Alliance.
≥ “Wi-Fi”, “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”, “WPA” and
“WPA2” are marks or registered marks of the
Wi-Fi Alliance.
≥ DLNA, the DLNA Logo and DLNA
CERTIFIED are trademarks, service marks,
or certification marks of the Digital Living
Network Alliance.
≥ Other names of systems and products
mentioned in these instructions are usually
the registered trademarks or trademarks of
the manufacturers who developed the system
or product concerned.
This product is licensed under the AVC patent
portfolio license for the personal and
non-commercial use of a consumer to (i)
encode video in compliance with the AVC
Standard (“AVC Video”) and/or (ii) decode AVC
Video that was encoded by a consumer
engaged in a personal and non-commercial
activity and/or was obtained from a video
provider licensed to provide AVC Video. No
license is granted or shall be implied for any
other use. Additional information may be
obtained from MPEG LA, LLC.
This product incorporates the software licensed
under the GNU General Public License Version
2.0 (GPL V2.0), the GNU LESSER General
Public License Version 2.1 (LGPL V2.1) or the
other open source software licenses. A copy of
the corresponding source code licensed under
GPL V2.0 or LGPL V2.1 is available to you in
response to your request. For the detailed terms
and conditions thereof and the contact
information, please refer to the Operating
Instructions shown in the attached Operating
Instructions CD-ROM.
VQT4X90 30 ページ 2013年1月22日 火曜日 午後8時8分
Limited Warranty (ONLY FOR AUSTRALIA)
Panasonic Warranty
1. The product is warranted for 12 months from the date of purchase. Subject to the conditions of this warranty Panasonic or its
Authorised Service Centre will perform necessary service on the product without charge for parts or labour, if in the opinion of
Panasonic, the product is found to be faulty within the warranty period.
2. This warranty only applies to Panasonic products purchased in Australia and sold by Panasonic Australia or its Authorised
Distributors or Dealers and only where the products are used and serviced within Australia or it's territories. Warranty cover only
applies to service carried out by a Panasonic Authorised Service Centre and only if valid proof of purchase is presented when
warranty service is requested.
3. This warranty only applies if the product has been installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations (as
noted in the operating instructions) under normal use and reasonable care (in the opinion of Panasonic). The warranty covers normal
domestic use only and does not cover damage, malfunction or failure resulting from use of incorrect voltages, incorrect installation,
accident, misuse, neglect, build-up of dirt or dust, abuse, maladjustment of customer controls, mains supply problems, thunderstorm
activity, infestation by insects or vermin, tampering or repair by unauthorised persons (including unauthorised alterations),
introduction of sand, humidity or liquids, commercial use such as hotel, office, restaurant, or other business or rental use of the
product, exposure to abnormally corrosive conditions or any foreign object or matter having entered the product.
4. This warranty does not cover the following items unless the fault or defect existed at the time of purchase:
(a) Cabinet Part(s)
(e) DVD, Blu-ray or Recordable Discs
(b) Video or Audio Tapes
(f) Video / Audio Heads from wear and tear in normal use
(c) SD cards or USB devices
(g) Information stored on Hard Disk Drive, USB stick or SD card
(d) User replaceable Batteries
(h) DTV reception issues caused by TV Aerial / Cabling / Wall socket(s)
5. Some products may be supplied with Ethernet connection hardware. The warranty is limited on such products and will not cover
(a) Internet and or DLNA connection / setup related problems
(b) Access fees and or charges incurred for internet connection
(c) The use of incompatible software or software not specifically stipulated in the product operations manual;
(d) Any indirect or consequential costs associated with the incorrect use or misuse of the hardware, its connection to the internet or
any other device.
6. To claim warranty service, when required, you should:
Telephone Panasonic’s Customer Care Centre on 132600 or visit our website referred to below and use the Service Centre
Locator for the name/address of the nearest Authorised Service Centre.
Send or take the product to a Panasonic Authorised Service Centre together with your proof of purchase receipt as a proof of
purchase date. Please note that freight and insurance to and / or from your nearest Authorised Service Centre must be arranged
by you.
Note that home or pick-up/delivery service is available for the following products in the major metropolitan areas of Australia or the
normal operating areas of the nearest Authorised Service Centres:
Plasma/LCD televisions / displays (screen size greater than 103 cm)
7. The warranties hereby conferred do not extend to, and exclude, any costs associated with the installation, de-installation or
re-installation of a product, including costs related to the mounting, de-mounting or remounting of any screen, (and any other
ancillary activities), delivery, handling, freighting, transportation or insurance of the product or any part thereof or replacement of and
do not extend to, and exclude, any damage or loss occurring by reason of, during, associated with, or related to such installation,
de-installation, re-installation or transit.
Panasonic Authorised Service Centres are located in major metropolitan areas and most regional centres of Australia, however,
coverage will vary dependant on product. For advice on exact Authorised Service Centre locations for your product, please telephone
our Customer Care Centre on 132600 or visit our website and use the Service Centre Locator.
In addition to your rights under this warranty, Panasonic products come with consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the
Australian Consumer Law. If there is a major failure with the product, you can reject the product and elect to have a refund or to have
the product replaced or if you wish you may elect to keep the goods and be compensated for the drop in value of the goods. You are
also entitled to have the product repaired or replaced if the product fails to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a
major failure.
If there is a major failure in regard to the product which cannot be remedied then you must notify us within a reasonable period by
contacting the Panasonic Customer Care Centre. If the failure in the product is not a major failure then Panasonic may choose to repair
or replace the product and will do so in a reasonable period of time from receiving notice from you.
If you require assistance regarding warranty conditions or any other enquiries, please visit the Panasonic Australia
website or contact by phone on 132 600
If phoning in, please ensure you have your operating instructions available.
Panasonic Australia Pty. Limited
ACN 001 592 187 ABN 83 001 592 187
1 Innovation Road, Macquarie Park NSW 2113
PRO-031-F11 Issue: 4.0
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Pursuant to the applicable EU legislation
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
Panasonic Testing Centre
Winsbergring 15, 22525 Hamburg, Germany
Panasonic Corporation
Web site:
© Panasonic Corporation 2013
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