Tech Rider - Live On Stage
Season: 2017-2018
Equipment Rental May Be Required
All deviations from this rider must be approved.
Each presenter should receive a minimum of two telephone contacts from the ARTIST or
ARTIST’S representative before the arrival of the ARTIST. A representative of the ARTIST should contact
the local presenter and/or the Venue Tech Director approximately two weeks prior to each engagement,
and the ARTIST should contact the Venue Tech Director again approximately 48 hours before the
performance date to reconfirm.
If no contact by ARTIST is received, please contact the Live On Stage offices at (615) 672-7060 and
we will arrange for an ARTIST representative to contact you.
Upon initial contact, ARTIST to provide the actual arrival time.
Number of people in touring company:
Number of people performing on stage:
STAGE REQUIREMENTS: Standard concert set-up. Stage should be swept clean and cleared of all
equipment, debris, etc., prior to ARTIST’S arrival.
AbbaFab girls requires area for quick costume change either stage left or right in the wings of theater.
Privacy is essential and require full length mirror, chair, clothes rack, small table or stand, electrical
outlet and work light.
One (1) 8’ X 8’ riser (18” to 24” high) for drums with rug.
Computer stand (a sturdy music stand or small table)
A small fan for vocalist and a medium to large fan for the drummer.
Two (2) backless barstools
Backdrop: If a choice of backdrops exists, a cyclorama (cyc) that can be washed with any
combination of reds, greens, and blues with some “breakups” on it would be most appropriate. If there
is no cyclorama, a black traveler or backdrop would be acceptable. Please check with the ARTIST
upon initial contact. If a Grand curtain exists, the curtain should be “open” as the house is open.
DRUM KIT: A professional five piece drum kit with at least four or more cymbals plus high-hat (Tama,
Yamaha, Pearl, etc. are acceptable), with a chain-drive double-bass pedal and drum throne and
BASS AMP: GK 800 head and cabinet or similar and a bass guitar stand.
GUITAR AMP 1: A Fender Deluxe or similar and guitar stand.
GUITAR AMP 2: An acoustic guitar amp or DI through the monitors and a guitar stand.
KEYBOARD 1 or GRAND PIANO: A Yamaha Motif (88 key) or similar. The keyboard should come
with a keyboard stand and have a sustain pedal attached. A grand piano will suffice for keyboard 1.
KEYBOARD/SYNTH 2 (If available): A Korg Krome (64 or 88 key) or similar. The keyboard should
come with a keyboard stand and have a sustain pedal attached.
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AUDIO REQUIREMENTS: ARTIST will not provide audio equipment. ARTIST will use “Venue” audio
system, which should include appropriate and professional audio console, power amps, equalizers, speakers,
and monitors for venue dimensions.
House audio console with open monitor and FX sends (24 channel minimum).
Two (2) wireless vocal microphones (SM58 or equivalent) on straight stands.
Five (5) wired vocal microphones (SM58 or equivalent) on boom stands.
Appropriate drum mics for venue size (Kick, Snare and 2 overheads at a minimum) on stands.
Six (6) direct boxes for bass, keys, acoustic guitar and computer. (Minus 1 if acoustic guitar amp is
Two (2) instrument mics (SM57 or equivalent) for guitar amps with short boom stands.
ARTIST will use all outboard gear and processors that are available including EQ, reverbs and delays.
Additional straight mic stand for iPad mount.
Seven (7) monitor speakers required.
Two (2) monitor mixes at an absolute minimum (up to seven mixes preferred).
LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Good concert lighting is required. Usually a general color stage wash with an
overhead and “front of house” electric suffices.
A lighting “special” for each performer would work very nicely with some “color” added.
A “knowledgeable” venue representative should be available to open
doors (usually the Venue Stage Manager). The time to have the theatre open should be discussed between the
ARTIST or ARTIST’S representative and the venue representative upon initial contact.
A Master Electrician (lighting board operator) should be there to make sure the lighting focus suffices
and to operate the show.
A PROFESSIONAL Audio Engineer is required.
Number of crew needed for Load-in: 2
Load-out: 2
How many hours prior to performance is load-in: 3 Hours
REHEARSAL REQUIREMENTS: Auditorium and concert piano should be available for load-in and rehearsal
for approximately three hours on the day of performance. ARTIST or ARTIST’S representative to contact
presenter approximately two weeks prior to engagement and again approximately 48 hours before ARTIST’S
arrival to schedule rehearsal time, if necessary.
DRESSING ROOM REQUIREMENTS: Two (2) private dressing rooms on the same floor and with easy
access to the stage, furnished with chair, table, mirror, clothes rack with adequate hangers, and wastebasket.
The dressing room should have access to a private bathroom (for ARTIST only) with hot and cold running
water, adequately supplied with fresh soap and clean towels, tissue and paper towels.
HOSPITALITY: ARTIST would greatly appreciate bottled water, and other various beverages and any
assortments of small snacks such as a fruit, veggie or sandwich tray at approximately 2 hours before show
time. Please verify this with the ARTIST during the initial contact conversation.
A hot meal would be greatly appreciated. Please verify food options upon initial contact.
Hot water for tea and coffee with lemon and honey would also be appreciated.
RECEPTIONS: The ARTIST will be happy to attend receptions, however due to the rigorous tour schedule;
sometimes the ARTIST may not be available. Before attending a reception, the company may also need to
complete their touring duties and equipment load-out. Please clear all receptions in advance with the
representative of the tour upon initial contact. The ARTIST will ALWAYS try to accommodate.
MERCHANDISE: The ARTIST may have merchandise for sale. If so, Presenter agrees to provide table(s)
and volunteer(s) to sell merchandise before the concert, at intermission, and after the concert, if ARTIST
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PARKING: PRESENTER agrees to obtain all permits and authorizations where necessary to allow ARTIST’s
vehicle with direct access to loading doors for the duration of the load-in, running of productions, and load out.
I have read and accept the terms of this Technical Rider:
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SIGNATURE: ____________________________________________
CONCERT ASSOCIATION: _________________________________
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Stage Plot
Additional Notes:
See Audio Requirements.
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