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500 Series
* TubeBox
* MBC502
- PEQ505
* JuiceBlock 3
* JuiceRack 1
* JuiceRack 3
* JuiceRack 8
DI Boxes
- Q-DI
* TRANZ System
* DIDock
* DIDock Live
* Dock Control
« DI-1
Studio & Live Tools
« OC8E
+ P-Control
« Q-Rack
+ VU800
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Monitor Controllers
+ M-Patch 2
+ M-Patch V2
* M-Patch 2.1
* M-Patch 4M
* M-Patch 5.1
* NanoPatch Plus
* Active Speaker Starter Set
Headphone Amps
+ HP6E
« HP12E
* О-Атр
* XPH4
Mixing & Recording
* IN5E
- PM8
Microphones & More
- MCO1
- MCO3
* Mini Mic Thing
* Mic Thing
* PS1
Microphone Preamps
+ EP84
* О-Рге
* TCO1
* TC02
« XPM1
* ХР200
Studio & Live Tools
* BlueBox
* СО15
* СОЗ1
* СТ-2
* Jackaroo
+ V-Machine
E 500 Series
Tubebox: 500 Series Preamp Module
* Suitable for use in all 500-series-
compatible systems
* 12AX7 electron tube
* Class A transformless high voltage signal path
* Adjustable optical compressor
* Switchable phantom power
* Switchable phase invert
* Switchable -20dB pad
* Dual-function VU meter: master volume / gain reduction
* Input gain control
* Output volume control
Two years ago, the SM Pro Audio engineering team embarked on
an extensive research and development program to design and
launch a professional range of 500 series products. Introducing...
Tubebox - a single-slot 500-series tube microphone preamp that
boasts pristine audio output, superior-quality high-end design,
and a value price. The small but mighty device features a Class A
tube preamplifier, switchable phantom power, phase invert, se-
lectable -20dB pad, and a super fast in-line optical compressor.
The front panel includes a TRS microphone input — a standout fea-
ture typically not found on 500-series preamps.
The easy-access interchangeable 12AX7 preamp tube allows you
to experiment with a variety modern and vintage tubes to cus-
tomize the Tubebox's sound and performance to your taste. The
switchable (in/out) compressor provides adjustable attack and re-
lease, and when it's in use, the on-board VU meter automatically
changes from displaying master level to amount of gain reduc-
tion, so you can view the exact results of the compression being
applied. Editing is done using our smooth, responsive (and eye-
catching!) hand-machined controls. And last but not least: The Tu-
bebox audio circuit uses LME 49720 ultra-low distortion/low noise
Op Amps, for suberb audio output.
Think you can’t get a full-featured, great-sounding 500-series mic
pre for an exceptional price? Think again!
MBC502: Multi Band Optical Compressor | sooseres E
The MBC502 is a custom-designed, optical multi-band compressor
in a dual-slot 500-series format. Each channel - low-frequency and
high-frequency — offers control over level, compression amount,
and attack and release times. Switches allow you to mute one of
the compression channels so that the other can act as a fifilter, with
the filter's center frequeny determined by the setting of the front
panel Frequency selector knob. The VU meter displays the master
output level, while gain reduction is shown on the LED meters.
Editing is performed via a complement of dedicated oil-damped
rotary controls, with each compression band sporting indepen-
dent controls. The exception is the Master Level knob, which gives
you convenient, simultaneous control over the output levels of
both compressor bands. Finally, like the Tubebox, the MBC502
audio circuit uses the LME 49720 ultra-low distortion/low noise Op
bia т A Amps, for uncompromised audio output.
/ >. Whether youre taming vocal peaks, getting a bass to sit in the
A № 3 pocket, or looking to do serious sound-sculpting, our MBC502 is
more than ready to lend a hand.
и ГР аа
« Suitable for use in all 500-series-compatible systems
« Dual-channel multi-frequency-band optical compressor * 16-stage frequency range selector
* Linkwitz-Riley 4th-order (24dB/octave) crossover slope * Independent compression, attack time, and release time controls
« Master level display: VU meter w/ -20dBu - +3dBu range * Circuit bypass switch
* Gain reduction LED display * Independent channel mutes
* Dual input gain controls * Master output level control
ll PEQ505: 5 Band Parametric Equalizer
« Suitable for use in all 500-series-compatible systems
- Five independent fully-parametric EQs
* Level, frequency, frequency range, and bandwidth per EQ
* On/off switch per EQ
* Master bypass switch
* LED output level display w/ peak indicator
* Master output level control
We know it's hard to believe, but there really are five bands of fully
parametric equalization packed into this dual-slot 500-series
Each of the PEQ505's identical channels features continuously
variable level, frequency, and bandwidth controls, an off/on
switch, and a switch for selecting the channel's frequency opera-
tion range (as labeled, divide by 10, and multiply by 10.) The
Master output includes a level control, bypass switch, and an LED
level meter with peak indicator.
With a panel layout designed to maximize flflexiblilty of operation
in a minimum amount of space, the PEQ505 is a joy to use, with
oil-damped hand-machined rotary knobs and clearly labeled con-
trols. Like our other 500-series modules, the PEQ505’s circuitry fea-
tures the LME 49720 ultra-low distortion/low noise Op Amps, for
superb, professional quality audio performance.
Try it, listen to it, consider it for your next project. You'll gain a new
appreciation for the phrase “good things come in small packages.”
JuiceBlock 3: 3 Slot 500 Series Power Block | sooseries KM |
JuiceBlock3 is a portable, stand-alone power block designed to
house up to three 500-series modules (3 x single-slot modules, or
1 x single-slot plus 1 x dual-slot module) in a vertical configura-
tion. A 48V phantom power switch is mounted conveniently on
the front of the block, and the back panel includes three slots of
balanced XLR inputs and outputs, as well as unbalanced1/4"
inputs and outputs.
Like the JuiceRack3, the JuiceBlock3 features heavy-duty all-metal
construction and full compatibility with 500-series modules. It
also includes the elegantly powerful internal patching system,
which allows you to:
« FEED: Send the audio output from one module to anothers
* LINK1: Split a single balanced input and send it into multiple
modules simultaneously
* LINK2: Split a single unbalanced input and send it into multiple
modules simultaneously
On-board LEDs indicate which modules are using the FEED/ LINK
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{8 500 Series
JuiceRack 1 & JuiceRack 3: 500 Series Power Racks
JuiceRack 3 is 1u 19” 500-series power rack designed to house up
to three single-slot 500-series modules in a horizontal configura-
tion. A 48V phantom power switch is located on the back of the
rack, which also features three slots of balanced XLR inputs and
outputs and three slots of unbalanced 1/4” inputs and outputs.
Durable, all-metal construction and full compatibility with the
500-series format are at the heart of the unit, but the JuiceRack3's
standout feature is its built-in, flexible signal routing—a revolu-
tionary internal patching system that sets it apart from all
other 500-series power racks currently available. The on-board
audio routing lets you do the following:
JuiceRack1 is a single-slot power source for operating a one 500-
series module. The back panel includes both balanced XLR and un-
balanced 1/4” inputs and outputs; a 48V phantom power switch
is located on the front. JuiceRack1 is a half-rack format, and in-
cludes a connector that allows two units to be mounted into a
single 1u 19” rack.
Features all-metal construction and full compatibility with the
500-series format. The external AC power supply design, which
keeps the power transformer separated from your 500 module's
sensitive electronics, ensures reduced hum and signal interference.
«FEED: Send the audio output from one module to anothers
* LINK1: Split a single balanced input and send it into multiple
modules simultaneously
* LINK2: Split a single unbalanced input and send it into multiple
modules simultaneously
JuiceRack 8: 8 Slot 500 Series Power Rack | sooseries KM |
JuiceRack 8 is a 19” rack-mount power source designed to house Features:
up to eight 500-series modules in a vertical configuration. The rear
panel sports eight slots of balanced XLR inputs and outputs along
with eight slots of unbalanced 1/4” inputs and outputs. A 48V phan-
tom power switch is located on the front of the rack for easy access.
« 110V -240V selectable Voltage operation
- Digitally controlled switching system with memory
* Sturdy metal contstruction
Like the JuiceRack3, the JuiceRack8 boasts rugged, all-metal con-
struction, is designed to be fully compatible with the 500-series
format, and features the uniquely powerful and flexible onboard
signal routing:
« FEED: Send the audio output from one module to anothers Onboard LEDs indicate which mod-
* LINK1: Split a single balanced input and send it into multiple ules are using the FEED / LINK fea-
modules simultaneously tures, with each slot’s status inde-
* LINK2: Split a single unbalanced input and send it into multiple pendently configurable.
modules simultaneously
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M Monitor Controllers
M-Patch 2: Passive Volume Controller / Switch Box
a 7 O
“and overall the M-Patch 2 is a real bargain!”
Sound On Sound
“Excellent monitor controller at a great price.”
-10 -
Take control of your studio volume level; A/B source signals, switch
between two pairs of monitors; perform stereo-to-mono sum-
ming and more with this elegantly simple, sonically transparent
attenuator/switcher. Use with computer audio interfaces and
soundcards, mic preamps, CD players, or just about any audio
device where precise level control is needed.
Don't ruin your signal-to-noise ratio by turning down your DAW's
master fader...let M-Patch 2 do the job for you and maintain your
pristine audio!
* Passive volume attenuation control
* А/В multiple outputs
* A €: B output destination selector
* Independent main 8: aux controls
* Built in headphone amp
- 3.5mm input for soundcard matching
< Balanced and unbalanced input (XLR, RCA)
« Stereo/mono summing switch
* Mute function switch
* 2 x stereo input sources
* 2 X stereo output
* Rack mount adaptors included
M-Patch V2: Passive Volume Controller / Switch Box
The new M-Patch V2 is a compact high quality passive attenuator
and speaker switcher that builds on the success of the original and
best-selling M-Patch series of products.
The M-Patch V2 utilizes pure passive attenuation to maintain sonic
clarity and offer the purest path from your audio source to your
active monitors or amplifiers. The result is clearer audio with more
dynamic detail.
One of the most notable changes we have made with the M-Patch
V2 is the replaceable encoder socket. The unit ships with two re-
placeable master stereo encoders, a standard rotary potentiometer
for easy, smooth operation, and an extremely detailed 12-step at-
tenuator for maintaining precise stereo imaging across a wide range
of volume levels.
Go 1 [|
ed Wf ey yf
ide а! ALI
« Interchangeable Master Volume to a high end switch attenuator
« Passive volume attenuation control
* А/В multiple outputs
* A €: B output destination selector
+ Independent main 8: aux controls
* Built in headphone amp
* Mini jack input for soundcard matching
* Balanced and unbalanced input (XLR, RCA)
* Stere0o/mono summing switch
* Mute function switch
* 2 x stereo input sources
* 2 x stereo output
* Rack mount adaptors included
Monitor Controllers Mm
M Monitor Controllers
The mighty M-Patch 2 takes a giant leap forward with the MPatch
2.1 model, specially designed for monitoring with a subwoofer.
Featuring a new chassis suitable for desktop or rackmount use,
the MPatch 2.1 performs a variety of volume control, level-match-
ing, mixing, and monitoring functions—all without adding any
coloration or noise, thanks to its 100% passive circuitry.
The MPatch 2.1 features the ability to return the signal from the
subwoofer back into the unit MPatch 2.1 and control it, along
with the left/right monitors, from the master volume attenuator.
Plus dedicated mute switches make it easy to A/B mixes with and
without the subwoofer.
"IES no doubt that both the manufacturing quality and the audio quality of this unit are fantastic.”
Beat 01/2011
MPatch 2.1: Passive Controller with Subwoofer Connection
« Dual L/R balanced combination XLR-1/4"TRS inputs
* Dual L/R unbalanced RCA inputs
« Dual 1/8” (3.5mm) TRS stereo inputs
+ Dual balanced XLR master outputs
« Dual balanced XLR L/R outputs
* Balanced XLR subwoofer output
* L/R balanced sub/crossover returns
* Stereo volume controls
* 1/4" TRS stereo headphone output with volume control
* 1/4" TS remote mute input
* Five output selector switches with mutes
« Stereo/mono summing switch
* Master mute switch
M-Patch 4M: Passive Controller/Switcher with Talkback æ
For busy studios, the M-Patch 4M delivers an ideal all-in-one solu- Features:
tion: monitor control with mute, mixing, level-matching, head-
phone monitoring, stereo- to-mono summing, and talkback. - Dual L/R Combination Balanced XLR - 1/4"TRS Inputs
« Dual L/R Unbalanced RCA Inputs
« Dual 1/8” (3.5mm) TRS Inputs
Control room outputs are automatically ducked 20dB when talk- .3 x L/R Balanced XLR Outputs
back is engaged; use the built-in mic or plug in your own, and con- - L/R 1/4" TRS Outputs
trol it from the front panel or a remote switch. . | /В Unbalanced RCA Outputs
« Precision Stepped Film Resistor
Master attenuator features a discrete film-resistor network for ex- * Master Rotary Volume Control
ceptional accuracy at all volume levels. Designed for desktop or * 1/4" TRS Headphone Output with selectable source
* Built-in Talkback Mic
+ External Microphone Input
* Talkback w/Auto-Ducking
“The build-up and the sonic quality are also without any flaws.” * Dual Output Selector Switches
Beat 03/2012 + Stereo/Mono 8 All Mute Switches
* Rackmount Ears Included
rackmount use.
M Monitor Controllers
Designed to provide true analog control over surround-sound
studio monitoring systems, the M-Patch 5.1 employs a custom-
designed multi-gang passive switching attenuator that delivers
sonic accuracy and performance previously available only in units
costing thousands of dollars.
Balanced input for six surround (5.1) and two stereo channels is
provided via a convenient 25-pin D-Sub connector. Unbalanced
input is available via RCA jacks. Dual stereo inputs (balanced and
unbalanced) allow for easy accommodation of line level signals
from DVD/CD/MP3 players, DAWs, and the like. Surround output is
available at both D-Sub and TRS balanced jacks; L/R balanced XLR
outputs are provided for stereo monitoring. Sources and outputs
are freely selectable from front-panel switches.
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M-Patch 5.1: Passive Surround Monitor Controller
* 5.1 balanced inputs (25-pin D-Sub)
* 5.1 balanced slave outputs (25-pin D-Sub)
+ 5.1 balanced TRS outputs
« 5.1 unbalanced RCA inputs
* L/R balanced TRS inputs
« L/R unbalanced RCA inputs
* L/R balanced XLR outputs
* Rotary stepped master analog volume control
< Independent output selector switches
+ -20dB pad switch
* Stereo/mono switch
* L/R-Mono sum switch
+ Master mute switch “There is nothing to complain about the
sonic quality — the signals are passed-
through neutrally. Also the manufactu-
ring quality does not raise any issues.”
Keys 02/2011
LT Dal Bd ERT a] La /
asd | РЕ
- 14 -
Nano Patch*: Passive Volume Controller
Monitor Controllers Mm
Welcome to Nano Patch? the best little passive volume control-
ler money can buy, with a price that matches its size!
The Nano Patch* really comes into its own when connected be-
tween the master outputs of your computer audio interface and
a pair of active monitor speakers. Now you can make precise level
adjustments totally in the analog domain without the loss of bit-
resolution-and corresponding loss of audio quality — associated
with lowering your software's master volume fader. Simply grab
the NanoPatch+ volume knob and control your levels cleanly,
quietly, and with no coloration or added noise.
No active circuitry, buffers, transistors, batteries, or power sup-
plies of any kind are present to interfere with the audio output of
the Nano Patch+. Thanks to its totally passive design, all you get
is pure, transparent sound.
Simple is good.
: i
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« Compact two-channel passive volume control
« Completely transparent operation
* No power required
* L/Reombination balanced XLR - 1/4” TRS inputs
* L/R balanced 1/4” TRS outputs
* 3.5mm unbalanced TRS mini jack input
+ 3.5mm unbalanced TRS mini jack output
* Mute button
< Available in black or silver
Nano Patch
M Active Speaker Starter Pack
If you own a pair of active studio monitors, then this pack is perfect
for you.
Our Active Speaker Starter Pack will improve the sound quality
of your home or project studio with a pair of isolation pads for
your monitors, our Nano Patch+ passive volume controller, and
four three-meter cables for connecting your audio source and
monitors to the Nano Patch+. This is truly one of the best invest-
ments you could make to quickly and easily realize genuine en-
hancements to your studio sound and operation.
« Perfect for anyone who owns active studio monitor speakers
* Improve the sound quality of your audio system
+ Exceptional value
* Nano Patch+ ours
- Two acoustic foam monitor speaker isolation pads | Ei EEE
- Four XLR to TRS cables; three meters each Active Speaker TE Pack
Active Spoaker Starter Pack
EP84: 8 Channel Microphone Preamp
Microphone Preamps A
Expand your recording capabilities with this fully loaded eight-channel
microphone preamplifier. Boasting a modular PCB design to ensure an
ultra low noise signal path, the EP84 features eight discrete channels,
each with continuously variable gain control, switchable -20dB pad,
phase invert, 80Hz low cut filter, peak indicator, and +48V phantom
power, along with transformer-isolated balanced combination XLR-
1/4" inputs, 1/4" TRS inserts, and both +4dB balanced and -10dB 1/4" TS
Add the optional SMADAT ADAT Output Module and the EP84 becomes
an input expander for any ADAT-equipped computer audio interface.
ADAT expansion or not, we suggest you take advantage of the EP84's
built-in features and mic up the whole band!
ar“ fe atada:
Da optional ADAT E
* 8 х discrete microphone preamplifiers
* Modular PCB design
* XLR and TRS inputs and outputs
* Insert points per channel
* Ultra-wide dynamic range
+ Low-noise operating levels
* Peak light per channel
+ 48V phantom power per channel
* Phase reverse per channel
* -20dB pad per channel
* Gain control per channel
- 80Hz low cut filter per channel
+ Optional ADAT module (SMADAT)
“Let’s come to the sensation: the price. When Jou need a good sounding
and extremely low priced multi channel solution it is a must to try out
the EP84. In that price range this unit stays unbeatable.”
Keys Magazine
a Microphone Preamps
Compact, simple, clean and powerful — this eight-channel workhorse
is an easy way to add multiple high quality/low noise mic pres and DI
inputs to recording systems, mixers, and audio interfaces.
Tailored to suit a wide variety of applications, the PR8E is perfectly
suited for use as a front-end device for many hard disk recording sys-
tems, as well as adding additional mic pre's to digital mixers and
sound cards.
Each pre-amp features it's own XLR/TRS jack ‘Combo’ input connector,
48v phantom power switch for the mic-pre and a built-in -20dB pad in
the 1/4" (6.5mm) TRS line-in jack sockets. Individual phase reversal
switches are provided next to the eight balanced 1/4" (6.5mm) TRS
output sockets on the rear panel. All this is housed inside a hardened
steel chassis, complete with rack mounting panels.
Each mic-pre provides some 60dB of gain with a massive 23db of
maximum output! Ultimately however, the quest is about sound qual-
ity. To this end, the PR8E is certainly designed to deliver and will out-
perform just about any other device in it's class.
LA @
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PR8E: 8 Channel Microphone Preamp
- 8 x discrete microphone preamplifiers
* Ultra-wide dynamic range
+ Low-noise operating levels
+ Balanced XLR/combo inputs and TRS outputs
- 48V phantom power per channel
* Phase reverse per channel
* Gain control per channel
* Peak light per channel
“The preamplifier PR8E plays in the league of top-notch units.”
Professional Audio
6 © ee ERE
Q-Pre: 4 Channel Microphone Preamp A
The Q-Pre is an affordable way to add high quality mic preamps Features:
to your recording setup; a convenient half-rack size module, |
easily rackmountable using the optional Q-Rack rack-mount tray. * 4 XLR inputs
* Gain control per channel
к : * Peak Light indicator per channel
Features four balanced XLR microphone preamps with phantom - Phantom On/Off per channel pair (182)
power switchable in pairs, 60dB range gain control, and peak in- - 4TRS outputs
dicator. « Rack mountable (with the optional tray Q-Rack)
wes fabial ©
gach-moinit Adaptor
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a Microphone Preamps
TCO1 / TCO2: Microphone Tube Preamps / DI Boxes
Together at last: The analog warmth of true tube preamplification
with the silky-smoothness of optical compression — times two!
Each of the TC02's channels features a Class A tube preamplifier
complete with continuously variable input and output gain con-
trols, selectable -20dB pad, switchable +48V phantom power,
phase reverse switch, analog VU meter and a full-featured optical
With XLR microphone, 1/4” line, and 1/4” instrument inputs, the
TC02 and TCO1 are ready to work its magic on virtually any signal.
“The TC02 features an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio —
and that with a good sound quality.”
Keys magazine
+ Hand tested 12AX7 tube
* Class A transformless high voltage signal path
Switchable phantom power per channel
+ Switchable phase reversal per channel
+ Adjustable optical compressor per channel
* Level display: VU meter -20dBu - +3dBu
* Input gain control
* Switchable -20dB pad per channel
* Output volume control
* Also available as single channel version (TC01)
Also arcilable as 79
channel version
EEE ia TT El EE „те
XPM1: Microphone Preamp
Microphone Preamps A
XP200: Phono Preamp
The XPM1 is a compact DC powered microphone preamplifier
offering 50dB of adjustable gain and phantom power.
With an extremely compact form factor, rugged steel chassis, and
high quality components, the XPM1 is sure to provide years of
trouble free operation under the most challenging conditions.
The XPM1 features both XLR and TRS jack inputs on the front
panel allowing for the connection of all types of microphones.
The switchable 12V phantom power facilitates the powering of
condenser microphones.
< Input connectors: 1/4" stereo TRS and XLR
* Phantom Power: +12VDC
* Max Gain: +50 dB
- Power: 12-18V DC adapter
< Output connectors: 1/8" stereo TRS and RCA
* Size: 88 X 54 X 38 mM
- 21 -
The XP200 is a portable stand-alone phono preamplifier de-
signed to convert any turntables audio output to a suitable line
level signal for recording or playback.
With an adjustable preamplifier gain control and perfectly de-
signed RIAA EQ, the XP200 is one of the only phono preamlifiers
on the market that can accept both moving coil (MC) and
moving magnet (MM) cartridges. The adjustable gain allows for
both low and hot input signals!
Taking its power from either a 9V battery or DC adaptor (optional
accessories, not included), the XP200 is immediatley ready for
use in any situation.
* Input / Output Connectors: RCA
* Frequency Response: + / - 1.5dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz
* Input Sensitivity: 47k Ohms Input Z (with Gain control)
+ Conforms to RIAA Equalization Curve
* Input Capacitance: 5pf + cable capacitance
- Power: 12VDC adapter or 9V battery
* Size: 88 X 54 X 38 mM
It is not often that you would come accross a product and say ....
WOW | need one of these!" The DISE is such a product with it's
multiple features and high quality components.
If you are a keyboard player, electronic drummer, PA/Studio
owner, pro musician or a hobby player, the DI8E will find a place
in your rack. Imagine running your 4 keyboard or modules on
stage directly onto the DI8E and being able to send off balanced
signal to the front of house rig while providing your own dedi-
cated monitoring mix...all on a single rack-mount direct injection
box/line mixer!
You will be amazed at how often you would utilize the DISE. We
even included a LINK function so that multiple DISE units can be
linked to a single stereo output, so if you have more than 8-16-
24... inputs of unbalanced signal they can all be routed and moni-
tored through the one output pair!
DISE: 8 Channel DI Box with Line Mixer
+ 8 channel DI Box
+ Master Volume control
+ 8 channel Mixer
+ Headphone amplifier
* Stereo Line Out
* Each input has a link and a Balanced output
* Stereo Link Input
* Earth lift per channel
* 20dB pad per channel
* Pan control per channel
Q-DI: 4 Channel DI Box With Line Mixer |
Get multichannel DI/line mixer functionality in a convenient Features:
compact rackmount format with the Q-DI. Plug in up to four gui-
tars, keyboards, or other instruments and send the balanced out- * 4 channel DI box
+ Master volume control
« 4 channel mixer
Stereo line out
puts to the main console while at the same time adjusting the
level and pan of the signals to create a mix for your monitors or
headphones. + Each input has a balanced output
« Headphone amp
Attenuation and ground lift switches top off user controls. - Earth lift per channel
* 20dB pad per channel
Housed in a stylish extruded aluminium chassis designed to fit * Volume control per channel
the Q-Rack single-space rackmount adaptor. - Pan control per channel
* Rack mountable (with optional tray)
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Make Virtually Any Audio System Wireless!
Wish you could use active monitors in your surround system, but
the wiring is just too messy? Does your band’s singer have visions
of a flying stage, but cables are keeping her grounded? Tired of
running a giant snake to the front of house console, when all you
really need is to send a direct line from the bass rig?
Get unwired with the TRANZ-T / TRANZ-R stereo wireless DI
system and untangle your cable problems once and for all.
TRANZ System: Wireless Stereo DI System
+ 2.4GHz operation
* 2-Channel automatic frequency hopping
* Ор to 30 meter operating range
* L/R balanced XLR inputs
* L/R unbalanced RCA inputs
* L/R balanced XLR outputs
* L/R unbalanced RCA outputs
+ Continuously variable input control
< Peak / power / system check LED indictors
+ Channel select switch
* Power on/off switch
« Connect multiple TRANZ-R receivers to a single TRANZ-T
* Transmitter / receiver sold
@) TRANZ-A fig
Gi EU 18 RE TL ie |
DiDock & DiDock Live: DI Box for Apple iPod/iPhone/MP3 Player
DI Boxes |
Designed to support portable audio devices in the field, the
DiDock delivers audio signal conversion from connected devices
to a fully balanced transformer isolated stereo output pair.
A must have tool for roadies, engineers, or musicians wishing to
integrate portable audio devices!
« Apple iPod/iPhone compatible docking station (up to iPhone 45)
« 3.5mm line input connector
« Headphone output and rotary level control
* Transformer isolated outputs
» Individual channel GND lift switches
« Rugged metal construction
« Powered by phantom power or 12V external adaptor
+ "Charge" mode for iPod/iPhone
< Available in black or white
Now you can easily mix external signals with your iPod/iPhone
audio stream. Bring in a click track for live performance; blend in
the feed from your monitor system; combine the output of your
mixer with your MP3 backing tracks.
The DiDock Live's front-panel controls let you quickly create inde-
pendent master and monitor/headphone mixes.
* Easily mix external signals with your iPod/iPhone (up to iPhone 4S)
* Bring in a click track for LIVE performance
- Blend in the feed from your monitor system
« Combine the output of your mixer with your MP3 backing tracks
+ Create independent master and monitor/headphone mixes
* Balanced transformer-isolated XLR outputs
* Left/center/right output select switch
* "Charge" mode for ¡iPod/iPhone
* Remote control input (Dock Control) for operating the iPod/iPhone
* Available in black and white
— 0.
Dock Control: Control your
tracks on your Pod/iPhone
with your feet
table in Sack!’
- 25 -
Also of
т DI-1: Single Channel Active DI Box
DJDI: 2 Channel Passive DI Box
Get classic direct box functionality in a small, low cost package!
Active circuitry turns unbalanced output from electric guitars,
basses, keyboards and more, into low noise, console-ready, bal-
anced signals.
DI-1: Tough, reliable, and ready to work.
- Level-matching function
* Signal pass-through connector
* Output connector: XLR balanced
« Battery LED indicator
* TS and XLR inputs and outputs
+ Attenuation control
* Phantom power: +18 V DC to +48 V DC
* Ground lift switch
* Main/standby: 9 V battery
DI-1 > | O
т ii L
DJs, keyboardists, computer musicians take note: The direct box
you've been waiting for is here!
Sporting two channels, the DJDI easily and inexpensively solves the
problem of converting unbalanced signals into balanced output
suitable for use with mixers, PAs, recording consoles, and more.
Continuously variable rotary input signal attenuator allows the DJDI
to accommodate virtually any source signal level; passive design
means clean, quiet, uncolored operation with no power required.
- Dual channel
« 2x 1/4" unbalanced TS inputs
< 2 x XLR transformer-isolated
+ Balanced outputs
+ Continuously variable input attenuator
* Passive circuit design
HP6E: 6 Channel Headphone Amplifier =)
Excellent frequency response, high output volume, and a digital-
ly-controlled input section are only the tip of the feature list of
this sturdy 1U rackmount device.
A flexible input scheme lets you route a stereo signal, such as a
full mix, to all six headphones, while four independently-select-
able stereo pairs feed each individual headphone channel. A
blend control on each output lets you customize the mix of the
selected and master inputs — just the thing for individual vocal-
ists to custom-tailor their personal mixes.
Top things off with built-in in flash memory for last-state recall of
each channels input selection, and you have the perfect piece
for studio and live monitoring, in-ear individual mixing, signal
distribution, and more.
» High-quality, powerful, flexible, and reliable headphone amplifier
« 10 TRS inputs
* 5 stereo channels
* 6 class A headphone amplifiers
* Mix control for each amplifier output
* Source selection per output
* Built in flash memory for last state memory recall
* Loud output levels with a variety of headphone types
* Link function: Link multiple HP6Es and/or HP12E together
* Built in power supply
pon dunction includes
() EZ HP12E: 12 Channel Headphone Amplifier
Schools, labs, training centers, lecture halls, and houses of wor-
ship take note:
Now you can minimize the gear and maximize the number of
users with the HP12E headphone amplifier.
Easily accommodate 12 users with each of six output channels
feeding two sets of headphones; A/B source monitoring is select-
able per channel.
Multiple HP12Es can be daisy-chained, making it a breeze to
design and set up large multi-user systems.
+ High-quality, powerful, flexible, and reliable headphone amplifier
* 6 x class A headphone amplifiers
* 12x 1/4" TRS headphone outputs
* L/R balanced XLR inputs
* L/R balanced 1/4” TRS inputs
«2x L/R 1/4"TRS link outputs
* Level control per output
* А/В source selection per output
* Loud output levels with a variety of headphone types
* Built-in power supply
‘ di
E jake Function inclede
a m
a + BT : = A Te
NX J e (A Oe à Re à 7. A ve LA 7 4
Q-Amp: 4 Channel Headphone Amplifier
XPH4: 4 Ch. Headphone Amplifier e
An ideal solution for small studios, demo stations, schools and
more, the Q-Amp provides powerful, clean headphone amplifi-
cation in a compact halfrack format.
Features four unbalanced inputs and four output channels, each
with volume control, A/B source selection, and both 1/4" and 1/8”
TRS jacks.
Housed in a stylish extruded aluminium chassis designed to fit
the Q-Rack single-space rackmount adaptor.
> gag = sourit Adapter wc
2 stereo TRS inputs
«4 headphone amplifiers
« Volume control per channel
* 2 stereo TRS outputs
* Selector switch for each output 1-2
al LT
- 29 -
Housed in a hardened steel chassis, this robust little beast fea-
tures 4 high-powered independently controllable headphone
amplifiers. A handy Stereo/Mono switch is also provided to for
use when required.
The XPH4 gives you an a very flexible affordable solution to take
care of all your headphone monitoring needs.
* Input Connectors: stereo 3.5mm mini TRS and RCA
+ Max gain: 19dB/Channel
* Output connectors: 1/4” stereo TRS phone
« Output impedance: Minimum 10 ohms each output
+ Power: 12-18V DC adapter
* Size: 88 x 54 x 38 mm
es Mixing & Recording
INSE: USB Audiointerface & Dual Bus Mixer
Get a flexible computer audio interface and stand-alone mixer in a
convenient single-space rackmount device. The IN5SE features three
balanced microphone inputs, each with a low noise preamp, gain
control, switchable +48V phantom power, insert jack, and peak LED
indicator; dual stereo line inputs, each with gain control and -20dB
pad switch; and a selectable line/phono input with gain control and
switchable RIAA EQ - just the thing for performing DJs or for anyone
seeking a professional solution for digitizing their vinyl collection.
Dual mix buses allow audio to be routed to the main or to the re-
cording outputs, with zero-latency monitoring available at the press
of a button. And connecting to your Mac or PC is as easy as plugging
in a USB cable.
« Also works as stand-alone unit
* 3 mic preamps
* 3 independent phantom powers
* 3 inserts
* 1 CAT5 connector (Violet Audio TST3)
«4 x mono or 2 x stereo inputs (TRS)
« 1 stereo input (phono/line)
* 2 headphone amplifiers
* 2 rec inputs (RCA)
* 2 rec outputs (TRS)
* 1 USB connector
* 2 balanced XLR outputs
* 2 unbalanced TRS outputs
* 24-bit/48kHz converter
573 and
nat Violet Audio 7573
di ene rnd fe Er
3 tE met A
= ; J azdio from à remote FECHTEN :
T5 sta Sar A Lo re TAGE EA
e Pant Ban ot Pech SE
PM8: Passive 8 Channel Summing Box
Merge up to eight analog audio streams into a perfectly clean,
clear stereoa output, with no loss in sonic detail or dynamics. Mix
individual output channels from your DAW. Combine subgroups
and stems. Control a multi-keyboard rig.
The possibilities are endless!
Each of the PM-8's input channels features its own pan, mute, and
level controls. Three independent outputs make it a snap to route
your stereo mix signal. Output one is passive, offering the purest
possible signal path.
Outputs two and three are active, allowing you to restore any gain
lost through passive attenuation.
Working with more than eight channels? Simply link multiple
PM-8s via the on-board 5-pin DIN connector.
* Pristine 8 x channel passive mix bus
+ 8 x combo TRS/XLR inputs
* 2 x stereo output pairs
< 1x 25 pin DSUB input (Protools/Tascam format)
* 1х 5 pin link connector for chaining multiple PM8's
* 2 stereo mix volume controls
+ 8 X mute switches
* 8 x rotary pan controls
* Max. entrance volume: +42 dB
* Frequency response: 20 Hz - 100 kHz with 0.5dB
< Cross modulation @ 1 kHz - 90 dB
* Max. output volume: +24 dB
* Output impedance: 50 ohms balanced
“Without doubt the PM-8 is an awesome
tool to avoid some of the problems occuring
when mixing in the digital field.”
Tools4Music e E
Mixing & Recording ee
a Blue Box: Bluetooth / MP3 Player
The Blue Box is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless audio receiver and Features:
media player. Don't be fooled by it's compact size. With a host of |
input and output options, this little beast packs a serious punch! * Bluetooth receiver
- MP3/WMA media player
в я i | *6 Iti functi trol switch
Bluetooth: Receive high quality audio from any Bluetooth-enabled Dc fees MEDIO ACME
) Las: + Back-lit LCD
device and output it via the Blue Box's balanced or unbalanced » SD card / USB Inputs
audio outputs. Connect the Blue Box to a studio or live performance + IR receiver
system and listen to audio stored on your mobile/cell phone or * IR remote control
computer on professional audio equipment. Now you can easily * Stereo auxiliary analog input
add a Bluetooth receiver to your home stereo or mix system! * Stereo XLR balanced out
* Stereo RCA unbalanced out
MP3/WMA Media: USB and SD Memory Card input options allow O TD CON CTO TD
direct connection of digital media to the Blue Box. Browse and
play your media via the convenient front panel controls (with
generous back-lit LCD) or the included IR remote control. [=] 2% [=]
The Blue Box features analog outputs in XLR, RCA, and 3.5mm for-
mats. Additionally it accommodates an analog AUX input if you wish
to use the unit as a standard DI (direct injection unit) to convert un-
balanced audio signal to XLR balanced output format.
Built for toughness and reliability, the Blue Box will undoubtedly
make a great addition to your audio equipment, equally useful in
professional audio environments or around the home.
CQ15: Stereo 15-Band Graphic EQ / Compressor
What could be more fundamental to your live rack than a rugged,
hardworking graphic equalizer? Now you can tame even more de-
manding environments with the addition of dual built-in optical
Each of the CQ15's two channels features 15 bands (2/3-octave)
of EQ with selectable +6dB/+12dB range.
The compressors suita variety of tasks, from harnessing trouble-
some peaks to putting a tight low end on a stereo DJ mix.
* 2 x 15-band EQ channels
* Selectable +6dB/+12dB fader range per channel
+ Optical compressor per channel, with adjustable comp amount, attack,
and release input level
- Comp amount, attack, and release
- 80Hz low cut filter (per channel)
* 2 x balanced XLR inputs
* 2 x balanced 1/4" TRS inputs
* 2 x balanced XLR outputs
+ 2 x balanced 1/4” TRS outputs
* 2 x Euro block input / output
When fine band-resolution is required, turn to the CQ31, with a full
31 bands (1/3-octave) of EQ with selectable +6dB/+12dB range.
Topped off by a fully adjustable optical compressor, the CQ31 is
ready for the challenges of live sound, fixed installations, DJ racks,
and more.
Double ‘em up for the ultimate in stereo EQ control.
» Optical compressor with adjustable input level, comp amount, attack,
and release
* 31 bands of equalization
* Selectable +6dB/+12dB fader range
« 80Hz low cut filter
+ Balanced XLR input
* Balanced 1/4” TRS input
+ Balanced XLR output
« Balanced 1/4” TRS output
* Euro block input / output
CQ31:31-Band EQ / Compressor EXA A
a CT-2 & CT-3: Multi Format Cable Tester
Quickly and efficiently test a wide variety of standard audio Want to Improve on a Great Cable Tester? Break it in Two!
cables and connectors with this handy multi-format device.
The CT-3 advances testing capabilities by allowing you to split the
unit into two parts, making it simple and easy to check cables over
Built to withstand the use (and abuse) meted out by the most long distances and in fixed installations.
hardened road crews, the CT-2 is a must-have for roadies, con-
tractors, studios, and live sound providers.
Easy operation, reliable results, great price!
Features: Features:
* 6-position rotary selector * 2 x MIDI (5-pin DIN) Ji
* 2 х XLR * 2 х В№С [=]
- 2 x RCA Phono «2x RCA В
«2x BNC «2x XLR
* 2 х MIDI (5-pin DIN) « 2x DMX
* 2 x DMX (5-pin) * 2 х Speakon
* 2 х Speakon « 2X V4" (6.5mm) TRS/TS
* 2 x Banana * 2 x RCA Phono
«2x 1/4" (6.5mm) TRS/TS *2X RJ45
* Banana connector continuity tester *2X RJ11
with beeper and LED indicator
* Internal battery life check
* Super rugged construction
Far long cable distances’ J =
The CT=3 Split Mode
Jackaroo: The-Just-Test-Everything-Unit
The Jackaroo combination cable tester, signal generator, splitter,
combiner, “gender-bender, and more, is an indispensable audio
“Aussie Army Knife" for studios, PA companies, repair shops, and
Packaged in a sturdy 2U rack-mount format, the Jackaroo boasts a
wide assortment of front-panel inputs and outputs, including Neu-
trik XLR, 1/4” TRS, 1/8” TRS, RCA, 5-Pin MIDI, BNC, RJ11, and RJ45.
Any input can feed any output, making it a snap to test cables,
split signals among multiple devices, separate left/right stereo
signals, and connect equipment with dissimilar 1/0 configura-
tions. Transformer-isolation, on-board continuously-variable pas-
sive attenuators with true switched bypass, and banana plug
connections for continuity testing are also included.
The unit also sports a 100Hz/1kHz/10kHz signal generator, select-
able output voltage power supply (AC and DC), ground lift, and a
monitor speaker. The unit can function simultaneously as two
separate devices, and for users who can’t get enough of a good
thing, multiple Jackaroos can be linked via a standard RJ45 cable.
* 2 x Neutrik XLR Male
* 2 Xx Neutrik XLR Female
* 2 x DMX 5-Pin
* 2 X Speakon
«4 x 1/4" TRS
«4x 1/8" (3.5mm) TRS
«4 x RCA
«2 x 5-Pin DIN/MIDI
«2 x BNC
«2x RJ11
* 2 х RJ45
* 2 х Rotary Attenuators
+ DC Voltage Generator
« Banana Plug Continuity Tester
* Signal Generator 100HZ/1kHz/10kHz Tones
« Monitor Speaker
* Ground Lift
La E ИЕЬ |
Studio & Live Tools A
a lei EEK ET
Take total control of your multitrack recording levels with eight Features:
channels of silky-smooth electro-optical compression. Each chan-
nel features adjustable attack, release, threshold/ratio, and output
gain controls.
* 8 x fast electro-optical compressor channels
* 8 x compression ratio controls
+ 8 x attack & release controls
+ 8 x output level controls
Visually monitor compression with the individual analog VU - 8 x output VU level indicators
meters and multi-stage LEDs. * Tri-state LED indicator
+ Bypass/on switch
The perfect companion for the EP84 microphone preamp! * Low noise, wide bandwidth and superior transient response
* Class A transformerless high voltage signal path
* ADAT output option available (SMADAT)
р. | -
P-Control: Adjustable Phase Controller A
Eliminate phase problems with the sweep of a dial!
P-Control lets you precisely manipulate the phase of your signal,
so the warmth, depth, and body of your recording shines through.
Tame frequency peaks and dips even complete cancellation when
working with two similar source signals, such as the miked and
direct signals from an instrument, or two microphones on the
same instrument. Adjust for subwoofer placement in your room.
Works great in-line or on an insert!
+ Balanced XLR input
+ Balanced 1/4” TRS input
* Balanced XLR output with switchable transformer isolation
+ Balanced 1/4” TRS output
+ Rotary 180% phase control
* Phase invert switch
* Low cut filter
+ Analog VU meter
* Output level control
* True bypass on / off switch
* Ground lift
~~ gr bapa. Adapter FE
y дент
a Q-ADAT: Analog To ADAT Converter
Convert eight streams of analog line-level audio into ADAT Features:
format with this value-priced half-rack unit.
«8 x 1/4" analog line inputs
- Compact of 9,5" housings
< 1 x ADAT output interface
- Delta-sigma 24-bit / 96 kHz A/D converter
Features 1/4” TRS inputs, switchable 44.1/48kHz operation, 24-
bit/96kHz A/D converters, and BNC word clock with selectable
slave/master status. » Noiselessly, high range
+ Low noise, wide bandwidth and superior transient response
The unit is housed in a stylish extruded aluminium external chassis - Excellent response mode
that can be rack-mounted using our Q-Rack rack-mount adaptor. - Ultra-compact construction
* Housing: Metal
- i
pri Adapter aa“ fable.
SMADAT: Optional ADAT Board
Q-Rack: Rack-mount Adaptor H
The SMADAT provides pristine 24 bit digital conversion of your
EP84 or OC8E analog preamplifiers to an ADAT digital format
stream. Perfect for use with ADAT compatible mixers, multitrack
recorders, ADAT PC audio cards, or other professional ADAT com-
patible devices.
The SMADAT offers internal or external sync selectors, word clock
I/O connections, and a sample reate selector switch (44.1/48kHz).
« Installs into EP84 and OC8E
+ 8 channel ADAT format output A/D converter
* 44.1 КНг & 48kHz selectable sample rates
+ Word Clock 1/0
* Internal/external sync
* Simple to install
The Q-Rack gives you the possibility to integrate the Q-Series
products into your studio setup.
So you can decide yourself, if you like to use the Q-Series as desk-
top units or in a 19 inch rack.
Suitable for:
+ P-Control
+ Q-Amp
- Q-DI
* О-Рге
a VU800: Multi-Channel Passive VU Meter
Designed for studio, broadcast, live performance, or virtually any
audio production situation, the VU800 delivers simple and immedi-
ate analog multi-channel visual metering in either Peak or Average
modes (easily selectable from the front panel).
All passthru electronics are completely passive, ensuring that your
audio remains clean and unaltered, while at the same time being ac-
curately represented by the meters.
A convenient headphone amplifier is also provided,with input pairs
selectable for audio monitoring at the headphone output.
« Simple and immediate multi-channel visual metering
* 8 x balanced combination XLR — 1/4” TRS inputs
« 8 x VU meters
« Selectable peak or average metering
« Feed impedance: 25 kOhm
« Load Impedance: 1.300 Ohm
« Output impedance: 50 Ohm balanced
- Meters set to -10dB as standard configuration
* 8 x Peak light indicators
+ Metal housing
- Headphone amplifier
MC01: Studio Condenser Microphone
Give your studio a sonic boost with this precision-made condenser
mic designed to work on virtually any source material vocals, acous-
tic guitar, drums, piano, and more.
Features a 1” gold-sputtered diaphragm, discrete Class A FET elec-
tronics, transformer-coupled balanced output, -10dB pad, low cut
filter, and shockmount.
“Good sound, well made, low price — ... in
combination with a tube preamp the
sound is pleasant and full of character.”
Keys Sonderheft
« Large 25mm diaphragm capsule condenser
- Low noise & high overload capacity
- 30Hz-16kHz polar pattern
* Multi-use application
*-10dB PAD switch
+ Max. sound pressure with 0.5% THD: 130 dB
*-10dB 85Hz bass roll off switch
* Frequency response: 30 - 16 kHz
- 48Volt +4V phantom required
* Shock mount included
* Robust construction
* Leather carry pouch
- 41 -
$ MC03: Tube Microphone
When Only the Best Will Do!
1” gold-sputtered diaphragm, superb electronics, and classic
warmth courtesy of a hand-selected 12AX7 tube. Features nine se-
lectable polar patterns from omni through hypercardioid; apply
phantom power and get nine more with “FET” style tone.
“Direct open mids with very clear and non
obtrusively highs and a warm, round bass
show that the MCO3 is an excellent choice
for all kinds of signals. In the near field the Ai ep ute aia: e
valve enriches vocals with nice saturation E
effects, apart from that clarity and bal- e Eo Li
ance specify the impressions.”
Music & PC
Includes windscreen, shockmount, power supply, roadcase, and
custom cable.
* Nine selectable polar patterns, including omni, cardioid, figure 8, and hypercardioid
* Max. SPL for 0.5% [email protected]: 138dB
« Dedicated AC power supply
* Special multi-pin mic cable included
* Valve model: 12AX7
* Frequency response: 20Hz — 20kHz
* Rugged shock mount included
* Aluminum finish road case included
Mini MICTHING: Portable Microphone Isolator | |
Introducing the Mini MIC THING acoustic absorption and isolation
panel - designed for recording musicians looking for a portable
acoustic solution that gets the job done without breaking the bank.
Contending with troublesome acoustic environments can cer-
tainly be a challenge. The Mini MIC THING provides both an effi-
cient and portable solution to help bring unwanted room acoustic
artifacts under control. The Mini MIC THING effectively creates a
small treated acoustic space around your microphone that mini-
mizes problematic sonic artifacts, such as excessive room reflec-
tions, without the expense of having to create or use a profession-
ally-tuned recording facility.
The Mini MIC THING can be attached to a mic stand or used free-
standing. With its unique flexi-angle stand system, the Mini MIC
THING can be adjusted to fit every application with ease. It is also
perfectly at home when used free-standing on a desktop. It even
fits in a suitcase for travellers looking to create a recording space
on the road!
* Small and light yet extremely effective
- High-density fire-resistant foam Manufactured using an extremely durable ABS plastic compound
- Flexi Angle system and high-density acoustic foam, the virtually indestructible Mini MIC
"ООД Сет THING will provide you with years of acoustic support both in the
- Suitable for attachment to any microphone stand
* Flexible enough to fit into your suitcase studio and on the road.
Mini MIC THING: Quite simply the easiest, most cost-effective
way to improve the quality of your recordings.
- 43 -
$: Microphones & More
Mic Thing: Portable Microphone Isolator
4 ¡nclitded:
* Unique variable angled wings
* High density fire resistant, UV and ‘Ultra
Fresh’ anti-bacterial treated foam
* Great for all microphone recordings
* Sturdy steel frame
The Mic Thing is a portable multi-purpose acoustic treatment panel
suitable for minimizing room artifacts and improving separation
during microphone recording sessions. It's ideal for recording vocals,
guitar, percussion, or for any other recording application that de-
mands a controlled or temporary mixing environment.
The supplied "high frequency reflection grills" help counteract ex-
cessively dry sound. Super easy to install, the Mic Thing V2 has dedi-
cated connection holes right on the front of each wing.
The Mic Thing V2 features four independent screws for rotational
alignment of the two side wings. This offers much greater stability
and flexibility when adjusting the panel to any desired angle - no
matter how acute - bomb-proof.
Two sturdy low profile slide retainers allows the Mic Thing to be con-
nected to mounting brackets by simply sliding the unit onto each
corresponding bracket posts. This solution is perfect for quick as-
sembly whilst maintaining rock-solid stability. Being able to lay the
panel completely flat when extended to 180° also saves precious
space in your studio when storing or for transportation!
“Thanks to the flexible wings and good isolation results the
Mic Thing plays in the first row of mobile isolation panels.”
Musik & PC
* Quick and easy angle adjustment of panel wings
= ta] * Suitable for attachment to any microphone stand
a * 2 metal mesh reflection grills included
EI » Heavy-duty microphone stand included
- 44 -
PS1: Pop Shield
PS2: Pop Shield
Our PS1 microphone popshield helps to improve you your vocal
recordings whilst also protecting your valuable microphones.
Manufactured using high-quality aluminum mesh the PS1 is built
to last.
« Fine aluminium mesh
- Effective reducing of s- and p-sibilants
« Protects the microphone from spittles
« Easily washable
« Flexible goose neck
« Robust contruction
The PS2 has two layers of nylon and that fact - compared to one
layer pop shields — helps reducing s- and p-sibilants even more ef-
fectively. This guarantees a clean microphone recording.
With its flexible goose neck the PS2 loves every microphone stand.
And thanks to its detachable head mounting has never been easier!
* Two layers of nylon
* Effective reducing of s- and p-sibilants
* Protects the microphone from spittles
* Flexible goose neck
« Detachable head mounting
« Robust contruction
V-Machine: Portable VST Hardware Player
Break free from your computer
with this powerful stand-alone hardware host for your VST plug-
ins. Carry your synths, samplers, effects, and signal processors
with you from studio to stage and leave your computer behind.
Perfect for musicians, DJs, engineers, and producers on-the-go!
Make Music Right Out of the Box
The V-Machine comes loaded with an array of gig-ready instru-
ment and FX plugins, so you can start playing right away. Plus help
yourself to a host of free downloads at
он fac!
h Ar 100 Ploy ns Supporte
Use the V-Machine host software (available for Mac & PC) to con-
figure your plugins, then transfer your banks and presets via USB
to the V-Machine for performance.
Supports virtually unlimited creation of custom banks and libraries.
- 46 -
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