4. Function of Keyboard Buttons 5. LED Indicators 6.Using Air

4. Function of Keyboard Buttons 5. LED Indicators 6.Using Air
4. Function of Keyboard Buttons
1) Please use the
button to select the mouse mode.
The mode switches in a cycle (enable 3D mouse/
disable mouse function).
2) Press the power key for 1.5 sec. to switch the function of
8-way D-pad and J1.(works only in PC game mode.)
6.Using Air Keyboard Conqueror for Play Station 3
Activated with dongle plugged on PS3.
SELECT button
L2 button
L1 button
Under 3D mode:
Move Air Keyboard to control the gyro mouse and use
the mouse left click and mouse right click buttons for
left/right click.
Definable Button
Definable Button
Definable Button
Definable Button
Mode Switch:
1.Enable 3D mouse function
Power Key / PS Button
5. LED Indicators
1) Connecting: Blue LED flashes once for each command.
2) Power Key
Sufficient power: Green LED on.
Low battery: Green LED flashes slowly.
3) Charging indicator
Charging completed: Green LED light stays on.
Charging: Red LED on.
completed before shipment
START button
R2 button
R1 button
Light stick/
L3 button
Right stick/
R3 button
Middle mouse
PS button
3) The pairing between Air Dongle and Air Keyboard was
If the above steps do not solve your issue, it might be
that the pairing was lost, perform the following pairing
steps again:
1) Connect Air Dongle to the computer.
2) Bring Air Keyboard next to Air Dongle within 30cm.
Press the “Windows”
and “mouse right click”
buttons at the same time for 5 seconds. Air Keyboard
will search for Air Dongle and the Air Dongle LED
indicator will be blinking.
When the pairing is completed, Dongle LED will no longer
blink and you can start using Air Keyboard.
If Air Keyboard does not work correctly after the above steps
*The L3 and R3 buttons function when the sticks are pressed.
are performed 3 times, please consult your dealer.
If Air Keyboard does not work properly, please follow these
troubleshooting methods.
1) Make sure the battery is properly installed and the battery
contain enough power.When the remaining power is insufficient,
the power status indicator will be blinking; the battery needs
to be charged otherwise the Air Keyboard will power off
2) If Air Keyboard does not work properly even with sufficient
power, make sure Air Keyboard is turned on and try these steps:
a) Remove Air Dongle. Then, reconnect Air Dongle and try
b) Try a different port or environment:
Try to connect the Air Dongle to a different USB port.
Then, check the operation of Air Keyboard. By trying
Air Dongle in a different port, you can eliminate any
issues caused by the port.
c) Test the device on a different computer
If the issue continues to occur, test the keyboard on a different
computer in a different environment.
Warranty Information:
Air Keyboard comes with 2 year limited warranty. Please
contact your dealer for details in case of warranty claims.
The warranty will void in the case that the defect has been
caused by misuse, neglect, improper installation, repair,
alteration or accident. Cideko bears no responsibility for
failure or defect caused by any third party product or
components whether authorized or not.
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