EPSON Perfection 4180

EPSON Perfection 4180
Start Here
Connect the power cord and the AC adapter.
Connect the power cord to the scanner, and then
plug the other end of the power cord into a
grounded electrical outlet.
AC adapter
Power cord
Using the Scanner Buttons
The scanner cover has a built-in transparency unit. To scan negative strips, slides, or
transparencies, you need to remove the document mat from the cover and insert the film in
a holder.
The scanner comes with 3 different film holders: one for negative strips, one for slides, and
one for medium-format transparencies.
The scanner buttons make scanning easy. Just place your document face down on the
scanner and press the button for the type of scan you want. Smart Panel automatically
opens and scans your documents. Then follow the easy on-screen instructions to finish
your task.
• If you are using Mac OS X, make sure Smart Panel is installed in a Mac OS X
environment, not Classic mode. Otherwise, Classic mode may start when you press
a scanner button.
• To learn more about the function of
each button, see the Online
Reference Guide.
Unpack Your Scanner
Scanning Film
Make sure you have all the accessories shown below for your EPSON scanner:
Power cord and AC adapter
Perfection 4180 Photo
scanner (cover includes
transparency unit)
Printed in XXX
film holder
Slide holder
Scan driver, software,
and electronic manuals
Transparency holder
Caution: It is not possible to change the AC adapter’s input or output voltage. If the label
on the AC adapter does not show the correct voltage, contact your dealer. Do not plug in
the power cord.
Connect the cover cable for the built-in
transparency unit.
Use the USB cable that comes with your
scanner. Plug the square end of the USB
cable into the scanner’s USB port. Then plug
the flat end into any available USB port on
your computer or hub.
USB cable
Adobe® Photoshop®
Elements 2.0 CD-ROM
Wait! You must install your software before connecting the scanner to
your computer. The installation process may take several minutes. Be sure to close
all open programs and turn off any virus protection programs.
If you do not already have Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements on your computer,
install Photoshop Elements from the CD-ROM included with your scanner.
• These instructions are for Windows 98 SE or later, Macintosh OS 9.1 or later, and
OS X 10.2.x or later.
• EPSON Scan does not support the UNIX File System (UFS) for Mac OS X. You must
install the software on a disk or in a partition that does not use UFS.
• Mac OS X 10.3 users: Do not use the Fast User Switching function while using the
Insert the scanner software CD-ROM in the CD-ROM or DVD drive. The installer
starts automatically.
If it does not start, do the following:
• Windows XP: Click Start, double-click My Computer, and then double-click
• Windows 98 SE, Me, and 2000: Double-click My Computer, and then doubleclick EPSON.
• Mac OS X: Double-click the EPSON CD-ROM icon.
2 For Macintosh users: (If you are using Windows, skip this step and go on to the next
Select the appropriate OS icon in the EPSON folder, and then double-click it.
3 If a message appears to prompt you to disable your virus protection program, click
4 Read the license agreement, and then click Agree.
5 If you are prompted to select a language, select your preferred language.
6 On the Software Installation screen,
click Install. Enter your Administrator
name and password if necessary.
Note: If you are installing the
software on Mac OS 9, you may see
a prompt to update your Carbon
Library. After the CarbonLib
installation is complete and you
restart your system, double-click the
Click Install
appropriate OS icon in the EPSON
folder, and then click Install to
continue the installation.
7 Follow the on-screen instructions to install each program. Note that EPSON Smart
Panel™ installs in several steps.
8 At the end of the installation, click Exit or Restart Now.
Go on to the next section, “Connect the Scanner.”
35-mm negative or film strips
If you are scanning slides, place the holder on the scanner first, then place the slides
in the holder, as shown at the bottom of the sheet.
Note: We recommend that you handle your film by taking its edge gently, or you may
wear gloves when touching your film; otherwise you may damage it.
Place the film holder on the document table
so that the triangle mark on its tab is aligned
with that on the document table. The
projection on the tab then go into the holes
on the document table naturally.
Note: Make sure the narrow calibration
space at the top of the film holder is
uncovered to ensure an accurate scan.
If you are scanning slides, place the holder on the
scanner. Then place the slides in the holder, with its face
(the side you can see the image correctly) down.
Your First Scan
When not using the film holder, you can store it inside the document cover. After scanning,
remove the film from the film holder and then follow the steps below.
Note: The document cover can store only two of the three film holders that come with this
scanner. Therefore, store the film holders that you frequently use here and keep the other
one elsewhere.
Raise the scanner cover and place your photo
face down on the glass. Make sure the top
right corner of the photo is aligned with the
top right corner of the scanner.
Then gently close the cover so that your
fingers do not get caught under it.
After your software is installed, it is time to get connected.
1 Remove the sticker from the back of the
Click the
Scan and Save icon.
The following screen appears. Select a location and file
type for your scanned image, and then click the Scan
and Save button.
• To scan the image with option, click the Scan with Options button.
• In Home Mode or Professional Mode, you can scan a color faded photo or dirty
photo using the Image Adjustments (or Adjustments in Professional Mode)
settings. For details on changing mode and other functions, see the Online
Reference Guide.
Replace the reflective document mat.
Scanning a Multi Page Document
The optional Automatic Document Feeder (B81334✽)
allows you to automatically load multi-page documents
into your scanner. For more details, refer to the Online
Reference Guide.
Select a file format
Click Scan
and Save
Open the document cover and remove the reflective
document mat.
While referring to the illustration below, slide the film
holder into the scanner cover.
Press the ] Start button on your scanner.
Specify the path to
the folder where you
want to save your
scanned image
Note: In Windows XP, you may see a message the first time you press the
] Start button. Select EPSON SMART PANEL, click Always use this program for
this action, then click OK.
EPSON Smart Panel opens on your computer.
Close the scanner cover.
Storing the film holders
The ] Start button on your scanner automatically opens Smart Panel, making it easy for
you to scan your images for many different uses. Here’s how you can use the ] Start
button and Smart Panel to scan photos and save them as files.
EPSON Scan automatically starts. It then scans the document and saves the image
to the specified folder.
Perfection 4180 Photo provides you with various useful functions to get the finest quality in
scanning. See the Online Reference Guide for more information.
Flashing green
Warming up or scanning.
Ready to scan.
Flashing red
Make sure the transportation lock is unlocked (see
“Connect the Scanner”).
Try restarting your computer and turning the scanner off
and then on again.
If the red light is still flashing, contact your dealer.
Make sure the scanner is connected to your computer
and the power switch is turned on.
If your problem is listed here, try these suggestions.
The New Hardware Wizard
appears on your screen.
Click Cancel and follow the steps in “Install the
Software” on this sheet. Disconnect the scanner before
installing the software.
The scanner makes a grinding Make sure the transportation lock is unlocked (see
noise when it is turned on.
section 3).
Scanner Basics
Connect the Scanner
Locate the transportation lock on the
back of the scanner and slide the lock to
the left, as shown below.
• The interface cable connectors have only one correct orientation. Ensure the
correct orientation of a connector before inserting it into the appropriate port.
• Your scanner may not work correctly if you use a USB cable other than the one
supplied by Epson or if you connect your scanner through more than one hub.
Turn on the power switch on the side of the scanner.
The scanner turns on and the ] Start button
flashes green. It stops flashing and turns green
when the scanner is ready.
Medium-format transparencies: Slide the film
into the holder as shown. Then lower the
cover and press the tab to lock it in place.
First, check the ] Start button light on the scanner.
Scan and Scan to
Install the Software
Follow the instructions for the type of film you are
If you are scanning negative strips or medium-format
transparencies, slide the film into the corresponding
holder, with its face (the side you can see the image
correctly) down.
Cover tab
Note: The contents may vary in certain locations.
Remove all the packing tape, but leave the
large sticker in place until you are instructed
to remove it.
Leave the sticker in place until
you are instructed to remove it
Make sure the transparency unit cable is connected to
the scanner (see step 5 in “Connect the Scanner”).
Lift the scanner cover all the way up and slide the
reflective document mat up and off of the scanner
Scanning Multiple Photos
The optional Multi Photo Feeder (B81337✽) allows you
to automatically load multi-page photos and business
cards into your scanner. This easy-to-install option gives
you great opportunity. For more details, refer to the
Online Reference Guide.
You see an error message
when you try to scan, or the
scanner does not scan.
Make sure the scanner is connected to your computer
and plugged into a power source.
Uninstall and reinstall EPSON Scan.
Here is where to look for more answers:
• Double-click the PERF4180P Reference Guide icon on your desktop. (If you did not
install it, insert the scanner software CD-ROM in the CD-ROM or DVD drive. At the
Custom Installation screen, select Scanner Reference Guide, then click Install.
• On-screen Help for Smart Panel and EPSON Scan: Click the Help button or
question mark that appears on the screen when you are using these programs.
Safety Instructions
Read all these instructions and save them for later reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on
the scanner.
Caution: Be sure the AC power cord meets the relevant local safety standards.
Place the scanner close enough to the computer for the interface cable to reach it easily. Do not place or store
the scanner or the AC adapter outdoors, near excessive dirt or dust, water, heat sources, or in locations subject
to shocks, vibrations, high temperature or humidity, direct sunlight, strong light sources, or rapid changes in
temperature or humidity. Do not use with wet hands.
When connecting this product to a computer or other device with a cable, ensure the correct orientation of the
connectors. Each connector has only one correct orientation. Inserting a connector in the wrong orientation
may damage both devices connected by the cable.
Place the scanner and the AC adapter near an electrical outlet where the power cord can be easily unplugged.
Power supply cords should be placed to avoid abrasions, cuts, fraying, crimping, and kinking. Do not place
objects on top of power-supply cords and do not allow the AC adapter or power-supply cords to be stepped
on or run over. Be particularly careful to keep all power-supply cords straight at the ends and the points where
they enter and leave the AC adapter.
Use only the AC adapter model A311B/E that comes with your scanner. Using any other adapter could cause
fire, electrical shock, or injury.
The AC adapter is designed for use with the scanner with which it was included. Do not attempt to use it with
other electronic devices unless specified.
Use only the type of power source indicated on the AC adapter’s label, and always supply power directly from
a standard domestic electrical outlet with the AC power cord that meets the relevant local safety standards.
Avoid using outlets on the same circuit as photocopiers or air control systems that regularly switch on and off.
If you use an extension cord with the scanner, make sure the total ampere rating of the devices plugged into
the extension cord does not exceed the cord’s ampere rating. Also, make sure the total ampere rating of all
devices plugged into the electrical outlet does not exceed the electrical outlet’s ampere rating. Do not place
multiple loads on the electrical outlet.
Never disassemble, modify, or attempt to repair the AC adapter, power cord, scanner, and option by yourself
except as specifically explained in the scanner’s guides.
Do not insert objects into any opening as they may touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts. Beware
of electrical shock hazards.
Unplug the scanner and the AC adapter, and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following
The power cord or plug is damaged; liquid has entered the scanner or the AC adapter; the scanner or the AC
adapter has been dropped or the case damaged; the scanner or the AC adapter does not operate normally
or exhibits a distinct change in performance. (Do not adjust controls that are not covered by the operating
Unplug the scanner and the AC adapter before cleaning. Clean with a damp cloth only. Do not use liquid or
aerosol cleaners.
If you are not going to use the scanner for a long period, be sure to unplug the AC adapter from the electrical
If your AC adapter is equipped with a polarized alternating-current line plug (a plug having one blade wider
than the other) and a polarized power inlet, you must insert the plug into a power outlet in a specific way. This
is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the plug properly, try reversing the plug. If this fails again, contact
an electrician to replace your outlet. Be sure to use only the polarized power cord that comes with the scanner.
Warning: Refer to the rating plate for the voltage and check that the appliance voltage corresponds to the
supply voltage.
Important: The wires in the mains lead fitted to this appliance are coloured in accordance with following code:
Blue - Neutral, Brown - Live
If you have to fit a plug:
As the colours of the mains lead of the appliance may not match the coloured markings used to identify the
terminals in a plug, please observe the following:
The blue wire must be connected to the terminal in the plug marked with the letter N.
The brown wire must be connected to the terminal in the plug marked with the letter L.
If damage occurs to the plug, replace the cord set or consult a qualified electrician.
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