TinyAlarm Manual

TinyAlarm Manual
Originally by Ryan Leigland, Updated by Mark Fleming
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TinyAlarm is a tiny alarm clock for your menu
bar. It will play your chosen sound/music at
some time in the near future. All of the
configuration is done using the status menu
item. Clicking around should reveal just about
everything there is to know about Tiny Alarm.
TinyAlarm is good for when you're gaming or
programming, but still have to get to class. It
will also help you avoid missing your bus, or
burning your pizza, or showing up late for
TinyAlarm requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
TinyAlarm is shareware. After 30 days of trying it out please purchase the software to support its
continuing evolution. Purchase here.
Main Menu
Most of the functionality of TinyAlarm is accessed from the main menu. Choose a time from the
menu to set the alarm.
Other Times
To choose a different time, select the custom time picker from
the Other menu. Drag the minute hand of the clock to the desired
time. By default, the clock hand jumps in 5 minute increments. To get
1 minute precision, hold the Option key while dragging the minute
You can also pick a custom time using the date picker, or by choosing
the number of minutes.
In the preferences window, you can change
the alarm sound using the Alarm
Sound menu. You can choose from System
sounds or sounds in your personal library (~/
Using the Number of Rings menu, you can choose how many chimes
sound when the alarm goes off.
The alarm speed can be set to fast or slow in the Alarm Speed menu.
Choose the Use Text Reminders option to enable text reminders on
alarms. This functionality is described below.
To edit the list of alarm times, click the Edit Alarms button. This
functionality is described later.
When an alarm goes off, TinyAlarm will sound the chimes according to your preferences. If you
use the Repeat Until Cleared option, the alarm must be cleared when it goes off. If you do not
clear the alarm, it will periodically chime again until it is cleared. By default, clicking the alarm
icon in the menu bar will clear the alarm, and a control-click will snooze. You can reverse this
setting (click to snooze, control-click to clear) by selecting the Control-click to Clear option.
To automatically start TinyAlarm when
you login, check the Launch at
Startup checkbox.
Text Reminders
You can optionally add a text reminder
to alarms. When you set an alarm, you
will be prompted to enter the reminder.
This will be displayed in the alarm menu
and when the alarm goes off. In addition,
this text will be displayed in
a Growl notification if you have Growl
Growl is available here.
When the alarm goes off, you have the opportunity
to snooze. This will reset the alarm to a short time in
the future. By default, the snooze time is 5 minutes.
The snooze time can be changed in preferences.
To snooze, you can control-click the alarm
icon (or click the alarm icon, as described
earlier). In addition, TinyAlarm will show
a window where you can either clear the alarm or snooze.
To clear the alarm, click the X. To snooze, click the Z.
Edit Alarms
You can edit the list of alarms that are presented in alarm menu. Push the Edit Alarms button in
the preferences panel (described above) to enter the alarm editor.
You can add or remove alarms, or rearrange them.
Alarm times that are "Exact" will simply add the minutes or hours to the current time. Alarm
times that are "About" (for example, "About 15 minutes"), are rounded off. The shorter alarms
("About 5 minutes") are rounded off to the nearest 5 minutes, and longer alarms are rounded off
to progressively larger intervals. The longest alarms ("About 3 hours") are rounded off to the
nearesrt hour.
You can also add default reminder text. If you have text reminders enabled, this will be the
default choice. If not, then this will automatically become the reminder text with no further input.
TinyAlarm can be tried out for 30 days. After that, please take your time and consider purchasing
the program. If you like TinyAlarm then your purchase helps push forward development to make
the program even more useful. Purchasing quantities reduces the price in our store automatically.
In addition to TinyAlarms other features registered users receive 4 important additions:
A key to remove the reminder dialog and the startup screen.
The knowledge that you are participating in the evolution of TinyAlarm.
Free upgrades throughout the year.
Email Tech Support (if ever necessary).
After purchasing you will use your email and a registration key to register. If you use Apple mail
there is a link in the email you are sent that will register you automatically. To register manually
copy and paste the info we send you into registration dialog (right) that is found in the
TinyAlarm Preferences.
Thanks for supporting shareware.
The folks at Plum Amazing.
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