Holding the Camera Correctly
Your images will not come out
clearly if you move the camera
when you press the shutter
button. When pressing the
shutter button, be sure to hold
the camera as shown in the
illustration, and keep it still by
pressing your arms firmly
against your sides as you shoot.
Holding the camera still,
carefully press the shutter button
and take care to avoid all
movement as the shutter
releases and for a few moments after it releases. This is especially important when
available lighting is low, which slows down the shutterspeed.
• Hold the camera securely in your left hand, with
your fingers around the grip on the right front of the
• Take care that your fingers and the strap do not
cover any of the areas indicated in the illustration.
• To protect against accidentally dropping the
camera, attach the wrist strap and make sure it is
around your fingers or wrist while you are operating
the camera.
• Never swing the camera around by its strap.
• The supplied strap is intended for use with this
camera only. Never use it for any other purpose.
• When the "Auto Rotate" setting is turned on, the camera will detect whether it is
being held vertically or horizontally when a snapshot image is shot. When you
display an image shot with the camera held vertically, the image is rotated
automatically 90 degrees when displayed on the monitor screen.
• Take care to ensure that your fingers are not blocking or
are not too close to the flash. Fingers can cause unwanted
shadows when using the flash.
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