Cruise Control

Cruise Control
Cruise Control*
Maintain a constant vehicle speed without having to keep your foot on the
accelerator pedal. Use cruise control on freeways or open roads where you
can travel at a constant speed with little acceleration or deceleration.
CANCEL button
–/SET button
CRUISE button
n Activating and Setting the Vehicle Speed
1. Press the CRUISE button. The
CRUISE MAIN indicator appears.
2. Accelerate to the desired speed
(above 25 mph/
40 km/h). Press the –/SET button
and take your foot off the pedal
to set the speed. The CRUISE
CONTROL indicator appears.
*if equipped
n Adjusting the Vehicle Speed
Press the RES/+ button to increase
speed or the –/SET button to
decrease speed.
Each time you press the button,
the vehicle speed is increased or
decreased by about 1 mph (1.6 km/h).
If you keep the button pressed, the
vehicle speed increases or decreases
until you release it.
To increase speed
To decrease speed
n Canceling Cruise Control
Press the CANCEL button, CRUISE
button or the brake pedal. The CRUISE
CONTROL indicator goes off.
After cruise control has been
canceled, you can still resume the
prior set speed by pressing the RES/+
button while driving at a speed of at
least 25 mph (40 km/h).
Press the CRUISE button to turn the
system off.
Improper use of cruise control can lead to a crash.
Use cruise control only when traveling on open highways in good
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