Cisco Wireless LAN Voice Planning and Design Service

Cisco Wireless LAN Voice Planning and Design Service
Service Overview
Cisco Wireless LAN Voice Planning and Design Service
Enhance the performance and reliability of the voice applications running on your wireless LAN
Businesses today are using voice over wireless LAN (VoWLAN) to give
employees immediate access to the mission-critical applications and
communications tools they need to do their jobs. By adding voice services
to the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, businesses can enable their voice
communications systems with mobility and flexibility. Designed to
complement a variety of voice clients, services optimize the network to
deliver high-quality voice traffic that improves collaboration while creating
opportunities to reduce costs.
Integrating the wireless LAN with Cisco’s Unified Communications solution
helps organizations meet the changing needs of an increasingly mobile,
collaborative, and virtual workforce. By delivering a consistent mobile
collaboration experience across wired and wireless networks, devices, and
Achieve your vision for voice over
wireless LAN with design expertise
and leading practices from Cisco and
our Wireless LAN Specialized
Partners. Complementing your team,
we help you to:
● Assess your environment’s
readiness to deliver secure wireless
LAN access
● Manage your technical and
applications requirements by
proposing architectural options
● Configure your voice over wireless
LAN solution
● Verify that your system is operating
in accordance with the design
applications, organizations can reach new levels of productivity and
responsiveness while decreasing corporate cell phone usage by offloading
calls from the cellular network to a wireless LAN network while on campus.
Cisco and our Wireless LAN Specialized Partners offer a broad portfolio of
end-to-end services based on proven methodologies for planning,
designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing the performance of a
variety of secure voice and data wireless network solutions, technologies,
and strategies. Wireless LAN experts can work with your business to
design, build, and operate a voice system that is secure, yet highly
available to designated users, and that offers the lowest possible total cost
of ownership.
Experienced engineers can help you integrate your wireless voice
solutions transparently with your wired networks. They help you reduce the complexity and any risks associated with
voice implementation by providing proven tools, processes, and methodologies.
When architecting, designing, and deploying a wireless voice solution, it is critical to take into account business
requirements, including current needs and future projections for the number of users and the applications the solution
will need to support. The goal is to provide users convenient access to business applications and data while
maintaining the high level of reliability to which voice users are accustomed.
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Service Overview
The Cisco Wireless LAN Voice Planning and Design Service delivers an integrated solution that includes five
components that Cisco has identified as essential for successful deployment of a secure wireless voice solution:
Wireless LAN architecture design
Wireless LAN network assessment
Wireless LAN RF assessment
Wireless LAN configuration and implementation
Wireless LAN post deployment validation
Wireless LAN Architecture Design
The first steps in deploying a secure wireless LAN solution are translating business application requirements into
solution requirements and aligning those solution requirements to the multitude of technologies available. The Cisco
Wireless LAN Architecture Design Service offers a comprehensive set of methodologies based on Cisco and industry
best practices that help you manage your technical and applications requirements while providing various
architectural options. Cisco builds upon the solution requirements established through the requirements assessment
by translating them into a comprehensive voice service design.
Wireless LAN Network Assessment
The Cisco Borderless Networks Assessment Service for Wireless LAN, formerly known as Cisco Wireless LAN
Network Assessment, and Cisco Wireless LAN Performance Analysis services provide a comprehensive approach
to assessing the architecture, performance, and security of your wireless network. These services are delivered by
experts who draw on extensive experience in wireless network architecture design and RF engineering to help you
prepare for business-critical mobility that relies on a high-performance wireless network. Supported by best-in-class
tools, methodologies, and superior access to Cisco product engineers, these experts analyze how your network
compares with Cisco leading practices and provide actionable recommendations to help improve wireless LAN
network throughput, reliability, and security.
Wireless LAN RF Assessment
The packet loss and jitter requirements of voice over IP and the increased mobility of VoWLAN handset users place
demands on connection quality, coverage, and user expectations that are beyond those a of a typical wireless LAN
data deployment. This assessment helps you determine your environment’s ability to deliver secure wireless LAN
access in the desired coverage area. It helps you understand the current state of your network and future needs so
you can make informed decisions about how to reliably predict coverage and call capacity and protect your wireless
architecture. The assessment, which includes a site survey, enables Cisco to make recommendations for placement
of access points, establishing their frequencies, antenna selections, and power and cabling specifications
Wireless LAN Voice Configuration and Implementation
This activity provides onsite support to configure a voice over wireless LAN solution and wireless controllers,
recommend device configuration, and integrate with your Cisco Unified Communications infrastructure. We work with
you to help ensure the proper deployment based on Cisco leading practices and to validate accurate installation of
software releases and updates. Implementation of the VoWLAN solution includes configuration of Call Admission
Control (CAC) to help ensure quality of service (QoS), transparent mobility, and fast secure roaming over mobility
groups and channel strategies to improve performance and user call experience.
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Service Overview
Wireless LAN Post Deployment Validation
This activity verifies that the system is operating in accordance with the design by surveying the RF environment,
validating configurations, and reviewing general performance of the VoWLAN. In providing onsite and remote
wireless LAN post deployment validation, our team of specialists assesses coverage, measures interference,
evaluates overall wireless LAN network capacity, and makes recommendations for improvement to help ensure
optimal performance.
Cisco Wireless LAN Voice Planning and Design Service helps you enhance the performance and reliability of the
voice applications running on your wireless LAN by designing and implementing the system in alignment with your
business requirements. In addition, this service helps you to:
Improve productivity for your mobile employees by building a secure, scalable, optimized, and reliable
VoWLAN that is completely integrated with the wired network
Increase the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of your VoWLAN deployments by applying leading practice tools
and processes
Increase your network security, reliability, throughput, and performance by optimizing your infrastructure
Reduce support calls to your IT staff by designing a wireless LAN architecture that reduces coverage holes
and improves application performance
Reduce network operations costs and enhance network reliability by identifying potential performance
problems and making recommendations to proactively address them
Why Cisco Services
Today, the network is a strategic platform in a world that demands better integration between people, information,
and ideas. The network works better when services, together with products, create solutions aligned with business
needs and opportunities.
The unique Cisco Lifecycle approach to services defines the requisite activities at each phase of the network lifecycle
to help ensure service excellence. With a collaborative delivery methodology that joins the forces of Cisco, our skilled
network of partners, and our customers, we achieve the best results.
Cisco and Partner Expertise: Better Together
Cisco engineers and Cisco Certified Partners are among the industry’s elite in providing integrated, collaborative,
adaptive solutions. Jointly with our partners, we form the largest collection of industry certified experts in the world
supporting the most complex networks to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Cisco teams can collaborate
with partners to foster consistency and alignment with Cisco methodologies, tools, and leading practices.
For More Information
For more information about Cisco Wireless LAN Services, visit or contact your
local account representative.
For more information about Cisco Wireless LAN products and solutions go to
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Service Overview
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