Banks Monster® Exhaust System

Banks Monster® Exhaust System
with Installation Instructions
Banks Monster
Exhaust System
2000-06 Toyota Tundra 3.4L, 4.0L & 4.7L
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012/21/05 PN 97059 V.4.0
General Installation Practices
Dear Customer,
If you have any questions
concerning the installation of
your Banks Monster Exhaust
System, please call our Technical
Service Hotline at (888) 839-2700
between 7:00 am and 5:00 pm
(PT). If you have any questions
relating to shipping or billing,
please contact our Customer
Service Department at
(888) 839-5600.
Thank you.
1. Before starting work, familiarize
yourself with the installation
procedure by reading all of the
2. The exploded view (Figure 1)
provides only general guidance. Refer
to each step and section diagram in
this manual for proper instruction.
3. Throughout this manual, the left
side of the vehicle refers to the
driver’s side, and the right side to the
passenger’s side.
stands, ramps or a commercial hoist.
Follow the manufacturer’s safety
precautions. Take care to balance the
vehicle to prevent it from slipping or
falling. When using ramps, be sure the
front wheels are centered squarely on
the topsides; put the transmission in
park; set the hand brake; and place
blocks behind the rear wheels.
Caution! Do not use floor jacks to
support the vehicle while working
under it. Do not raise the vehicle
onto concrete blocks, masonry or
any other item not intended
specifically for this use.
7. During installation, keep the work
area clean. Do not allow anything to
be dropped into intake, exhaust, or
lubrication system components while
performing the installation, as foreign
objects will cause immediate engine
damage upon start-up.
Tools Required:
• 1⁄ 2" and 3⁄ 8" drive ratchets with
standard and metric sockets and 1⁄ 2"
and 3⁄ 8" drive extension
• Standard and metric combination
or open-end wrenches
4. Disconnect the negative (ground)
• Standard screwdriver
cable from the battery (or batteries, if
there are two) before beginning work.
• Clean shop towels or rags
5. Route and tie wires and hoses a
minimum of 6" away from exhaust
heat, moving parts and sharp edges.
Clearance of 8" or more is
recommended where possible.
6. When raising the vehicle, support it
on properly weight-rated safety
97059 v.4.0
• Pry-bar
Highly recommended tools and
• Foot-pound torque wrench
• Penetrating oil or light lubricant
97059 v.4.0
Figure 1 General Assembly Diagram
Item # Description
Clamp, V-Band, 3"
Intermediate Pipe, Flare
Clamp, 3"
Monster 3" Muffler
Hanger Clamp, Muffler
Banks Urocals
Part # QTY
92880 1
53185 1
52465 1
54005 1
53187 1
53188 1
96009 2
Monster Exhaust System Installation
1. Disconnect the negative (ground)
cable from the battery (if there is more
than one battery, disconnect both
negative cables). Secure the cable so it
cannot accidentally come in contact
with the post.
2. Raise the vehicle and support it
securely with properly weight-rated
safety stands, ramps or a commercial
hoist. Take care to balance the vehicle
to prevent it from slipping or falling.
When using ramps, be sure the wheels
are centered squarely on the topsides.
Place the transmission in park
(automatic), set the parking brake and
securely block the wheels that are on
Figure 2
97059 v.4.0
the ground. CAUTION: DO NOT WORK
3. From under the vehicle remove the
factory exhaust starting at the front of
the muffler. Remove the tailpipe and
muffler assembly by removing the
factory band clamp on the muffler to
y-pipe connection.
NOTE: Spray lubricant may assist in
hanger pin removal.
4. Remove the factory tailpipe hanger
pin from the rubber grommet. Remove
the dual rear muffler hanger pins from
the rubber grommets. Remove the
muffler and tailpipe assembly from the
vehicle. If applicable, remove the
muffler gasket and the factory clamp,
these will no longer be used.
5. Install the Banks 3" V-band clamp
onto the flare of the Banks
intermediate pipe. Install the Banks
intermediate pipe to the factory Y-pipe
outlet. Align the V-band Clamp over the
flare and y-pipe adapter. Lightly tighten
the 3" V-band clamp (see Figure 2).
6. Install the 3" exhaust clamp onto
the inlet of the Banks Monster Muffler
(Note the inlet labeling of the muffler).
Orient the “Monster” logo such that it is
parallel with the frame rail. Install the
Banks Muffler inlet onto the intermediate
pipe and lightly tighten the 3" hanger
clamp (see Figure 2).
NOTE: All clamps should be positioned at
the beginning of the slots (on the 1⁄2
circle punch) and evenly tightened.
7. Install the 3" dual hanger clamp
onto the Banks Muffler outlet such that
the hanger pins are facing forward.
Install the two (2) clamp hanger pins
into the corresponding vehicle rubber
grommets (see Figure 2).
8. From the vehicle rear, route the
tailpipe over the rear end. Start the
tailpipe hanger pin into the
corresponding vehicle rubber hanger.
Install the tailpipe into the Banks
Muffler outlet. Lightly tighten the rear
muffler hanger clamp to secure the
tailpipe (see Figure 3).
Figure 3
97059 v.4.0
9. Adjust the Tailpipe Tip under the
12. Your system includes two (2)
rear fender such that the tip position is
aesthetically pleasing.
Banks Power logos designed to
complement the Toyota Tundra
emblems on the vehicles front doors.
Use the provided measurements for a
clean factory look (see Figure 4).
10. With the exhaust positioned
properly, begin to tighten the clamps
starting with the ones closest to the
front of the vehicle and working your
way back. Torque the V-band clamp to
12 ft-lbs. Torque the remaining exhaust
clamps evenly to 35 ft-lbs. Make sure
that each slip is fully inserted (+/- 1⁄ 4").
11. Remove the protective covering
from the tailpipe tip. Caution: the
protective covering may ignite and
burn if not removed prior to
running the engine.
Figure 4
97059 v.4.0
13. Re-connect the negative battery
cable. Start the engine and listen for
exhaust leaks. Tighten the exhaust
clamps as necessary. Whenever
possible, tack weld slip connections to
prevent disengagement is
recommended. The Banks Monster
Exhaust installation is now complete.
97059 v.4.0
Gale Banks Engineering
546 Duggan Avenue • Azusa, CA 91702
(626) 969-9600 • Fax (626) 334 -1743
Product Information & Sales: (800) 438-7693
Customer Support: (888) 839-5600
Installation Support: (888) 839-2700
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