Motorized Miter Box Saw

Motorized Miter Box Saw
Motorized Miter Box Saw
 1. Motorized miter boxes should be grounded.
 2.
You should always check the guard on the motorized miter box before you
use it to be sure it works correctly.
 3.
The saw should not be forced into the work, but the saw should do the
cutting at a safe pace.
 4.
The motorized miter box saw should be anchored securely before use.
 5.
Round stock is cut the same way as square stock on the motorized miter
 6.
Stock shorter than 12” long can be safely cut on the motorized miter box
 7.
Protective safety glasses are needed to operate the miter box saw.
 8.
Before operating the miter box saw, you should make sure the miter clamp
knob is tightened securely.
 9.
Stock must touch both the fence and table when cut.
 10. When cutting, cut through the material, then release the power switch
WITHOUT bringing the blade out of the wood. Wait for the blade to stop before
returning to the original position.
 11.
When changing blades on the miter box saw, you need to unplug the saw.
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