1. I walked away from my phone and stopped getting text and call alerts. Why?
 Your TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 app utilizes Bluetooth Smart technology to dispatch
text messages and caller ID information to your activity band. Bluetooth Low Energy
requires you to keep your band pretty close to the Smartphone to maintain connection
(approximately 5 meters). Once the initial BLE connection has been made, check the
Time of Day screen to see the status of the Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth icon stays
solid when Smartphone is within range and connected or Bluetooth icon flashes when
you have traveled too far from your Smartphone).
2. My device is no longer receiving text messages or caller ID information, how do I fix it?
 You need to break the Bluetooth connection between your TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20
and your Smartphone.
o Access the Bluetooth settings in your Smartphone
o Forget the TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 activity band
 Make sure the Bluetooth function stays on
o Press and hold the Home button to turn off the Pairing function on your activity
o Press and hold the Play button on your Move x20 to turn the Pairing function
back on
o Access the TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 app
o Press the ‘I HAVE IRONMAN MOVE x20’ button to reconnect your activity
tracker to your Smartphone
3. How are my sleep metrics calculated?
 Your TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 utilizes a 3D accelerometer to monitor your movement
during the night. The companion app will display total sleep (amount of time your
activity band was in sleep mode), deep sleep (no movement detected), light sleep (slight
movements detected) and awake time (heavy movement).
4. What are the definitions of “deep and light” sleep?
 Deep sleep is when your activity band detects no movement. Light sleep is when your
activity band detects slight movement (tossing and turning).
5. Where does the weather data come from?
 Your TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 gathers weather data from Yahoo™ Weather.
6. What do the weather icons mean?
7. When I walk I don’t see the steps always updating, how often is this done on the band?
 Your TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 is always gathering information about your steps and
distance, however the display may not always update immediately. Your activity band
filters out other movement that could be misread as steps, so there may be times you
see the number of steps not increasing even though you know you are walking. Don’t
worry; your device will catch up with you. Give it time to filter out those movements
that weren’t steps.
8. My step count differs from other activity trackers, why?
 Although most activity trackers on the market use the same 3D accelerometer
technology to track steps and distance, every manufacturer works to fine tune the
software to give the most accurate data. Timex worked tirelessly to give you the best
representation of total steps, distance and calorie expenditure.
My distance is off, how can I make that better?
 The TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 app allows you to calibrate your activity tracker which
will give you better distance accuracy. Please see the app section of the owner’s manual
for full details.
I calibrated my TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20, but my distance still seems to be off.
 Most users will find improved distance accuracy after doing one calibration, but there
may be scenarios that require two calibrations (one for walking and one for running).
Each calibration you do on the activity band will update the stride length to provide
more accurate distance data and since your stride length is different when moving at
different speeds you may need to calibrate for each activity type. See the owner’s
manual for details on performing a calibration; make sure to do a running workout and a
walking workout to ensure you have a running stride length and a walking stride length
tied to your activity band.
How do I activate the vibrating alarm?
 The vibrating wake-up alarm is only available when using auto sleep settings. You must
first turn on auto sleep (see app instruction section of the owner’s manual). The TIMEX
IRONMAN Move x20 activity band will use the wake-up time as your alarm time; your
band will vibrate to wake you up.
Can I store my workouts/sleep data somewhere else besides the device/app?
 Currently there is no way to export your data from the TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 app.
How is BMI calculated?
 BMI is automatically calculated when you input your height and weight data to the
TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 app. Timex uses a standard method for determining BMI,
details can be found on the CDC™ website.
I am concerned about privacy, where is my data stored? Does Timex retain any of it and is it
15. Why are you asking for my email address?
16. Why does the app registration ask for my zip code/postal code?
17. How will I know there is an update available on the app?
 The TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 app works the same way other apps work on your
Smartphone. You will either get an alert on your phone that an update is ready to be
downloaded or the phone will automatically download the updated app (based on your
phone settings).
18. How long should my battery last?
 The battery life of your TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 is approximately 7 days (with
normal usage).
19. I am selling/giving away my Timex IRONMAN Move x20, how do I break the connection between
my Move x20 and my Smartphone?
 In your TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 app:
o Access the Menu
Select Device
Click the following buttons:
 Unlink Device: unlinks the device from your phone
 Unlink Device To My Account: unlinks the device from your app
 Clear All Data: Will ensure the new owner gets a device with no data
What happens when I record more than one workout or sleep activity within one day?
 You will see a cumulative total for the day.
Can I see anything other than cumulative time while doing a workout?
 Yes. While recording a workout, simply press the Play button to scroll through the
available workout screens (time, distance, pace, calories and steps). See the Workout
section of the owner’s manual for details.
Can I use my TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 to track my cycling activities?
 No, the TIMEX IRONMAN Move x20 is designed to track your running and walking
activities only. You can use your activity tracker to record the timing of other activities,
but you will not get steps, distance, pace, or calorie information.
I recorded a workout, but I don’t see it on my app. Where is it?
 After ending a workout, make sure to press and hold the Play button on the activity
band to save the workout. Once a workout is saved, it will be automatically uploaded
when you open the app. See the Workout section of the owner’s manual for details.
My band keeper got broken or lost. What do I do?
 Contact Timex customer support for replacement (888-727-2931).
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