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Welding Accessories
millermatic dVi2
NEW! Angled, dual-gear driven, cast aluminum drive system features no-tool, quick-change reversible drive rolls and an easy-to-set, scaled tension knob. Six taps provide
wider welding range of 30 – 175 amps with superior performance throughout its operating range. Welds from 22 gauge up to 3/8 in (9.5 mm) thick on 230 VAC power and
22 gauge to 3/16 in (4.8 mm) thick on 115 VAC. NEW! Thermal overload protection shuts down unit and activates over temperature light if airflow is blocked or duty cycle
is exceeded. Automatically resets when fault is corrected and unit cools. NEW! Patent-pending EZ-Change ™ Low Cylinder Rack allows operators to easily roll cylinders on
and off of rack — no need to lift cylinders. Less weld cleanup with Active Arc Stabilizer ™ —patented Miller design provides excellent starts proven superior to the competition. NEW! EZ-Access™ Consumable Compartment and Parameter Chart — set weld parameters right the first time with convenient new flip-down compartment that provides fast access to parameter chart and consumables. Millermatic DVI (DUAL VOLTAGE INPUT): This unique system allows you to connect to 115 V or 230 V power receptacles without any tools. With Miller’s exclusive MVP™ (multi-voltage plug) power cord adapters, just pick the MVP that matches the power receptacle, connect it to the
power cord and you are ready to weld.
cSt 280
Portable in the shop or at the job site —at 41 lb the CST 280 is easily moved from location to location. Superior Stick arc performance even on the difficult-to-run electrodes like E6010. Adaptive Hot Start ™ for Stick arc starts automatically increases the output amperage at the start of a weld should the start require it. Prevents the
electrode from sticking and creating an inclusion. Remote amperage control provided through 14-pin receptacle on front of the machine. This permits use of standard
remote amperage control devices. Tweco® or Dinse-style connectors are available on the CST 280. 6 ft power cable included. Easy To Install with a new switch on the
outside of the package, the machine can be changed between low and high input voltage ranges. Also, since the switch is on the back, input voltages can be changed
without removal from inverter racks. Optional 4- or 8-pack racks are available for multiple operator applications. These are commonly used in construction and shipyard applications. All CST controls including the power switch are located on front of the machine for easy access. Lift-Arc ™ start provides TIG arc starting without
the use of high frequency.
delta-Fab SyStem
Large analog volt and ammeters for easy viewing. Solid-state weld contactor provides longevity to match the ultra-durable and reliable reputation of the Delta-Fab. Large
output voltage range provides more flexibility on a variety of wire diameters. Also aids operator with voltage losses that occur when operating long distances from power
source. Adjustable material output studs provide the flexibility to produce the optimal arc characteristics for aluminum, stainless steel and all other materials. 115 VAC
duplex receptacle provides 15 amps of auxiliary power. Four-Drive-Roll feeding system with independent tension control handles small and large diameter wires. (Drive
rolls and guides ordered separately.) Remote voltage control is standard. Parameter adjustments can be made in weld cell or at a remote location. Run-in standard on 24A
for better arc-starting performance on a variety of wires. 14-pin select is easy to set up with no external switches to put in the wrong position. 14-pin receptacle provides
quick, direct connection to wire feeders and accessories.
These items are available for rent!
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