Voicemail Setup - System Integrations

Voicemail Setup - System Integrations
How do I configure my local voicemail greeting and navigate the interactive voice menu from my
(1) Press the Messages button on your phone (If you do not have a messages button on your phone, press the star key * followed by
98 on the keypad)
(2) The phone will immediately prompt you to enter your voicemail password, followed by the # key.
(Your initial voicemail password is 12345) After entering your password the phone will tell you how many new/saved messages you have. It
will then start listing the menu of options as follows:
Main Menu
Menu Option 1
Press 1 to Listen to new messages
Listening Options (After selecting option 1)
After listing to a message, you may press 1 to listen to it again, press 2 to save it, press 7 to delete it, press 5 to return the call immediately,
or press 8 to forward the message to another user on the system.
If you choose to forward the message by pressing 8, you may choose to record and introduction by pressing 1. To send it without an
introduction press 8. Then enter the extension number you wish to transfer the message to, and press # to complete the transfer.
Menu Option 2
Press 2 to listen to saved messages (same controls as menu option 1)
Menu Option 3 (Note that menu option 3 is the 5 button on the keypad)
Press 5 for Advanced Options (see Advanced Options Menu Section below)
Menu Option 4
Press # to exit (This will exit the messages menu)
Advanced Options Menu (After pressing 5 at the main menu)
AO Menu Option 1 – Record Greetings
Press 1 to Record a voicemail greeting (you may have up to 9 greetings)
Then choose a greeting number 1‐9
Record your greeting at the tone and press # to end the recording.
Now, you can press 1 to playback what you just recorded, press 2 to save it, or press 3 to re‐record it
AO Menu Option 2 – Choose Active Greeting
Press 2 to choose your active greeting (Select one of your previously recorded greetings using the keypad)
AO Menu Option 3 – Record Your Name
Press 3 to record your name (After recording, 1 to listen to it, 2 to save, 3 to re‐record it)
AO Menu Option 4 – Change Password (Note that menu option 4 is the 6 button on the keypad)
Press 6 to change your password
AO Menu Option 5 – Return to Main Menu (Note that menu option 5 is the 0 button on the keypad)
Press 0 to return to the Main Menu
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